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Didn't go to that party from my last post. I couldn't find the address so after walking around for almost an hour and getting unhelpful texts from a co-worker I went home. My sister was gone this weekend though, so I had the room to myself. OBVIOUSLY THIS MEANS NETFLIX TIME.

Things wot I've seen so far:
Black Books
The IT Crowd (first season, gave up)
Stephen Fry in America (first three, will get back to eventually)
To The Ends of the Earth (I... fell asleep twice)

And a bunch of movies I half-paid attention to while I ran around AO3 a bit just to get them off my queue. Some I ended up really enjoying like Different for Girls, even if by that time of the night--after the really chase but also adorable The Decoy Bride--I just wanted to see them bone.

Speaking of The Decoy Bride (I didn't even know he was in it until he was the first one to pop up) I'm obsessed with finding everything Dylan Moran. I dug out Shaun of the Dead, which I own, and the S2 features of Black Books which I also own (randomly, thanks old job of my dad's) and downloaded Yeah, Yeah because it was the only complete Moran-related thing on the ihearts. BUT I NEED MORE. As for Black Books itself, I have so much love for it. I'm amazed at how funny and charming it was. I expected IT Crowd to be more of the same, but that one seems more like the sitcom from Extras. And while I don't exactly ship them, I would not be adverse to Bernard/Fran fic. Or more crappy puppet shows like the Black Dolls extra.

Why am I just getting into series that no one on Tumblr cares about anymore. It's like I don't even know my dashboard anymore. :(

I feel like I haven't spoken about other things I've done this summer because Torchwood/Doctor Who/NETFLIXXX so... bullets:

- Saw Brave, Magic Mike, and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. All great for their own reasons, even if Magic Mike showed me more of Olivia Munn than I wanted to see. And McConaughey. WHO EVEN LIKES HIM. I DON'T UNDERSTAND. PUT IT AWAY. Brave was sort of a B-list Pixar movie. It was nice but not their best. And AL: VH was fun and ridiculous and HE THREW A HORSE AT HIM.

- Went to Boston the weekend after July 4th because it was the only vacation my sister could afford and I have been there twice so I was their tour guide. By day two my sister had the hang of the transit system (coming from NYC, ANYTHING is decipherable). We heard "Payphone" almost three times a day so that was the theme song of the trip.

- Saw LeVar Burton at the Bronx Zoo a couple of week ago. He was introducing the Reading Rainbow app and posing for pictures. I wanted to talk to him but the line was long. I went around the zoo to all my favorite spots and rides instead.

- Saw The Amazing Spider-Man; it was cool. Refuse to see The Dark Knight Rises. I don't care.

- Tried learning basic Welsh phrases and changed my FB into Welsh for a while. Was confused as all fuck all around. I'm going to keep trying. I've always wanted a basic knowledge in Welsh, Gaelic and Mandarin. Japanese is slightly like Russian so I've got a foot in that door. I just need to decide on a Nordic language to complete my bucket list of languages.

- Went to The New World's Fair 2012 in Queens Saturday solely because it was at Flushing Meadows and I've always wanted to go to the park because of Men in Black. And then this year MIB3 came out and I felt like I just needed to go. But it wasn't like the grand expo my mind imagined the original to be. It was basically four tents and a stage and completely conspiracy theorists and hippie agendas. So I sat by the Unisphere for a while and then left. I'd tweeted/FB'd asking if anyone wanted to come to The Way Station but no one replied so I stayed in Queens and tried to go to the bar that was the Firecracker from The Black Donnellys. It ended up being packed so I went next door to a Thai shop for curry.

That's been my life lately. I can't complain. Now to get around to commenting everywhere!
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So Saturday was amazing--met up with a bunch of Sherlock fans over at the Way Station--where I have never been, but always wanted to try out. Apparently it's less of a Doctor Who bar and more steampunk bar with a TARDIS bathroom. But it gets more press from the bathroom than anything steampunk. Anyway, I had a great time and hello to new people from that day! I hope I don't scare any of you away. Thanks to [ profile] apis_cerana for organizing it. It was fantastic from start to finish.

If anyone wants to learn more about me, there is a sticky post on my journal, and also my page. Have at 'em!

I got a virus or something from something I ate and was laid out most of Sunday for it. But then towards the nighttime I trekked over to [ profile] splits_thesky's place and we made Memorial Day into MIB weekend. We watched the first two movies, then some of the special features and then went to see MIB3 the next day. We were so well-versed in everything MIB that we were pretty excited. BUT ALSO they threw in some things about the lore from this companion book I have from the first movie and akfhjdskalfas. And every time I was like, "BUT NO, THIS IS WRONG DON'T SAY THAT," they'd say something that made sense with the other movies/cartoon/book again. And for as much as people were excited that they were shooting the movie in the Bronx, there was ONE LOCATION that I recognized ("Cosmic Lanes" because I only pass that place every day on the way to work). Everything else was like, Queens, the street outside the Apple SoHo temporary store, random Hollywood backlot from Simone and other movies, etc. The diner might've been the Pelham Bay Diner, but I haven't been inside so I couldn't say for sure.

Anyway, I loooove that movie. And it so made up for the second one. I enjoyed the second one. But this one felt more like a MIB movie. :3 I just wish Will Smith had done the song for it, because I love Pitbull in theory, but wtf is that track.

And then today I went to see Battleship with my sister. I like Michael Bay movies, generally. I'll always defend him because I like explosions and dumb action sometimes! But I was really bored during this one. I did enjoy the fact that the bombs were legit pegs that landed on the boat and that they had to resort to using a grid to fight the aliens. And bringing in the veterans. But the stakes weren't there, it was only their ship out there, I didn't care about any of the subplot characters (or the leads which might've been because I don't care for Kitsch or ASkars like the internet does), "dumb shit" (my nickname for the blonde kid with the frog) actually made it through, and the stinger scene was lame. Also I zoned out during two battle scenes, one of which was the final one so it felt like: "BOMBS ASLODE! ...Okay, medal time!" which would've given me whiplash if I wasn't slouched halfway down my seat wondering why this movie wasn't over a half-hour ago.

Funnily, I was wondering to myself why anyone cares about Kitsch (I assume it's because of FNL, but everyone from that show I cannot stand in future endeavors, so...), and The Covenant popped into my mind. And I was thinking, "Wow, that movie was such a bomb. I wonder what happened to those dudes from that movie. They were so poised to be action stars and NO ONE CARED. It was like, only Steven Strait got a maybe-ish career." Then I got home. Look up The Covenant. Some of the other dudes were Sebastian Stan, Chace Crawford and Taylor Kitsch. LOL WHOOPS. I mean, we got a nice Bucky out of Stan, but I honestly don't care for any of those dudes. I'm going to go have a Chris Evans marathon to cleanse my palette, now that I own, you know, even more of his movies than I did already.
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Just finished (honestly: the credits are still rolling and this song is hauntingly beautiful /tedmosby) my Anton Yelchin marathon, or as I call it my Can Get Zat (and if you get that portmanteau reference, you win ten points) marathon. It included his episodes of Criminal Minds, Law and Order: CI and Fright Night, The Beaver and Like Crazy. Criminal Minds was the more entertaining of the episodes; he was barely in Law and Order and L&O just bores me to tears unless it's SVU. Fright Night was poorly characterized at first, and the story was very much, "hey, so, here are the characters--keep up, the action starts NOW!" And then Christopher Mintz-Plasse stole the movie yet again. And I just ordered the BD edition from Amazon, so there is that recommendation.

The Beaver I almost bought on a whim back when I was buying my mom's birthday gifts in October. I'm so glad I didn't. It was basically equal parts The Squid and the Whale (which I found painfully awkward) and Lars and the Real Girl (which I just found flat). The only redeeming part was when I started to notice that the entire movie was filmed in and around The Bronx. It's something I think I already had known about, but forgot.

BUT LIKE CRAZY. I saw the trailer when I went to see Our Idiot Brother and felt very, "NOT SURE IF WANT" because it looked like a non-musical 500 Days of Summer... with Anton Yelchin. But eventually I thought it might be more along my lines and put it on my list of things to watch. Because if it wasn't... HEY, ANTON YELCHIN TO STARE AT FOR MOST OF THE MOVIE. And when it started I thought it WAS 500 Days of Summer, but then it gets good and ugh, guyssss. It's a movie that gets you in the heart. Maybe more so for me because I would ultimately like to know what that's like, to have someone I care about that much and I would do crazy things for, but at the same time I'm very "INTIMACY? WHAT IS THAT. DO NOT WANT." I... am very much a robot, who knew. Anyway, this is going on my Amazon list, so there's that rec.

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Accidental hiatus! Sorry, last week I don't even remember what happened, and then we had the day off on Monday so I was enjoying that and cleaning out my bookmarks and Instapaper links and that kind of stuff. I think I mentioned that. Then it was my mom's birthday Thursday so I was running around looking for another birthday idea because our plan to get an iPad crapped out (my dad told me he didn't have enough saved up--which, wait, WHY NOT, how much is he actually getting here, I hope it's more than me; I can't believe that my sister is actually carrying us all here). Then my mom got sick and I had to go to the New York Comic Con to do camera for my job (I wanted to go, obviously. It was supposed to be shoot Thursday and Friday, enjoy the next two days. It ended up being shoot Thursday, Friday and half of Saturday because of one panel they wanted me to cover. I ended up interviewing the guy from The Group That Shall Not Be Named, the HP Meetup group from NYC that I have yet to actually officially join, the CGI Supervisor, an actor from Red Tails, this Lucasfilm movie on the Tuskagee Airmen that looks AWESOME, etc. We got some cool footage and I got some free stuff from the Rockstar booth and random shirts from I had planned on seeing panels all day Saturday and Sunday but work and my underestimation of the popularity of Bone and Miku Hatsune interfered.

Read more... )

And I was going to catch up on Tumblr and TV but trololol I have to go to bed now.
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I hope everyone had a great weekend! I spent mine with [ profile] splits_thesky since Hurricane Irene ruined our plans last weekend. Actually, it still ruined our plans this weekend because the hiking trail we were supposed to go on was still closed because of it. And the movie we wanted to see, Fright Night, wasn't playing anymore at the theatre we were planning on going to. We saw Cowboys & Aliens instead, and it was fun even if it didn't explain ANYTHING about the aliens.

We also went shopping at Wegman's, a grocery store I had never been to before but is AWESOME and has almost everything in one spot. I loved the ethnic food section, not only because there was one, but because the Spanish section was entirely Goya brand beans, rice and seasoning. *dies* I bought a Malta though, because I hadn't had one in a while and I like them, lol. I don't think I've ever had Goya's Maltas, but it was decent. Also the vegetable section was crazy large. Wegman's is basically what happens when you put Stop & Shop, the hot food section of Key Food and the dry goods section of a bigger Manhattan Duane Reade together. Food you can feel good about, indeed.

Other things we did included planning out our entire trip to Chicago next week, watching The Perfect Score (I fell asleep, but it's okay because I own it and have seen it before) and some National Geographic documentaries on Dinosaurs with terrible graphics and horrible decisions when it came to dinosaur reactions to events (I also fell asleep here, different night, but the cliffhangers were boring). Earlier that same day we cooked ourselves lunch (everything we had bought at Wegman's) that consisted mostly of vegetables: vegetable soup with carrots, celery, mushrooms, onions, broccoli, spinach, parnips, etc. and portobello mushroom sliders with avocado pieces in a sandwich. I even had roasted garlic hummus as a spread. And then for dinner we went to a barbecue with delicious vegetables and watermelon. We also took [ profile] splits_thesky's dog to the dog park where we got bit by the most mosquitoes I have seen since I was eight. I'm sure it was a mix of the barbecue and the dog park, but my legs are currently sporting 14 different bites. :(

Also, neither of us got our Pottermore emails yet and we are highly frustrated about that. POTTERMORE, WHAT ARE YOU DOING.

I also took video of the cooking portion of the weekend, so we shall see if I can turn it into a vlog. I meant to vlog more and kept forgetting. This is the problem with not vlogging and then really wanting to start. You don't remember to start.
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So I'm about to go shopping online for some new essentials (external passport hard drive, monitoring headset, new cage for my birdy, etc) but I wanted to pass these things along:

- I am now part of Pottermore? I wasn't even going to try to bother until October, and then [ profile] splits_thesky got all excited about it yesterday and made one for me today! My username is FireboltLight136. Now to wait for my owl welcome letter.


A few months ago a director was on the show I work on and spoke about his new film about Latinos in The Bronx that was shot in The Bronx. I was really excited to hear anything about it, and [ profile] justspaz may remember me flipping out when they gave out flyers at Pride. Now there's a trailer, I understand why they were at Pride. And I'm even more excited because the director, Rashaad came back today to promote the opening of the film--the premiere is tomorrow at my favorite movie theatre in The Bronx and brought Esai Morales along. It was a big event and we pulled it off. I'm pretty excited and plan on seeing the movie as soon as I can--hopefully this weekend, because as they say, money talks on opening weekend. If you're in or around NYC and can see it, you should! And if it's not playing anywhere near you, request a screening! I know it worked for Paranormal Activity and that movie wasn't nearly as important as this one (in terms of topics, subject matter, etc), so I KNOW it can happen for GRH.
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Saw Deathly Hallows part 2. I liked it. I'll refrain from saying I loved it because it didn't feel like a full movie. It just started where we left off and continued. And I only saw DH1 once, at midnight with a foggy brain. And I figured everyone would enjoy it and couldn't wait to see what everyone had to say online. When I got online and saw all the negative comments I ended up agreeing, too. So not a perfect movie and not a great translation of the book but a nice ending.

Snape made me tear up and all my emotions for him, Remus, and Neville came back. So I'll probably be annoying for a while just getting wrapped up in this world again. Being late to the fandom, I can't say I'm devastated that it's all over. I caught myself yesterday saying something about how DanRad needs to stop yelling spells so much and I went, "Well, next movie! ....waaaaaaait." But besides that, I'm actually okay. I'd read more things in the universe but I think I'm okay with just the epilogue. And I actually thought that part was cute, although Ginny still looked oddly young. I want to go back and watch all the movies again, read the books again, read Shoebox, watch AVPM (which I'm finishing today--why is the first act SO LONGGGGGGGGG), watch AVPS, catch up on Wizard Rock and start paying attention to when artists I like are nearby, go to at least a few HP cons nearby... and that's about it. I sort of want to join a land comm or RP but I'm horrible at remembering a lot of things from this universe and wouldn't be accurate or much help. We'll see how long I can resist.

Also just bought the remaining bits of my Ravenclaw uniform. For at least one day for NYCC I will dress up like that.

Didn't go out last night. The bus took forever to get me where I was going and I would've been a half hour late to the play. But I have somewhere to go tonight and the play is only running Sat/Sun/Thurs. So I hope I can go Thursday night. Instead I watched Act 1 of AVPM. Tumblr has converted me into a Darren Criss fan. I won't watch Glee. But anything else D.Criss related, send my way.

Also, related to nothing else in this entry but it needed to be said: I'm officially done with my sims legacies. I haven't updated them in forever and no one cares about Sims 2 anymore. I still play them now and then, but I also have other families I started so it'd be 2022 before I reached the 10th generation on either legacy.
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Jonah Hill is losing weight "to be healthier." I called it. If it's really to be healthy, good on him, but it really just makes me hate Hollywood. You don't need to be a size 2 to be healthy.

Anyway, yesterday I saw X-Men: First Class. I didn't want to see it and some of you know how I am really not a fan of James McAvoy or Fassbender (good actors, but the fangirls have killed them for me over the years). I knew they would destroy continuity as they have been with every X-Men movie so far. From what I can recall, X2 may have been the most faithful of them all. I know I had "nerdy rage," as [ profile] squoctobird says, over the first and third films and completely dismissed the Wolverine movie (the PS3 game, though, is awesomeee!), and didn't pay attention to anything surrounding this movie at all. But it was supposed to be a day out with some friends and I decided I'd go. It ended up just being me and one friend who showed up, saw the movie and then went our separate ways. But whatever, it was a night I wasn't sitting at home.

But I do have some faults with this movie too:

But I'm nice and cut them )

These are more spoilery/reactionary )

But the movie itself, once you put all of that aside, was really good! I wasn't invested in the characters and didn't really care but I didn't feel like it dragged and hit all the plot points when it needed to and tied itself up nicely.

I also just saw Super, which was really dark and The Green Hornet which was more entertaining than I expected. I've been on a movie bender lately, but I haven't been impressed with the majority of them. It just makes me want to keep going and hopefully find a new movie to put among my favorites. But so far, no dice. :/
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I saw Thor last night and I don't really have anything to say about it. I read a free comic book I got at Free Comic Book day all about the Saga of Thor and it was pretty much the only reason I decided I was actually interested in seeing the movie. I mean, besides Portman and Dennings and the wannabe!Michelle Monaghan that is Jamie Alexander.

Uh, but I do want to read everyone's reviews now but the movie's been out for two weeks in other parts of the world and LJ doesn't have a "search your friends' journals for this one term" search yet (afaik? if it does, link that too?), so uh, if you can kindly link me to the entries that contain your thoughts on the movie/experience?

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Today was a beautiful day. I went with my mom, sister and nephew to go see Diary of a Wimpy Kid and I forgot why, but there was an awkward silence in the car. So I just focused on the people walking on the sidewalks as we drove. I used to do that so much when I was younger-- just watch people and wonder what their day was like: did they just have a bad argument with someone, did they remember to feed their dog last night, where were they off to looking so lost in thought or walking so sadly... I remember my freshmen English teacher telling us that was one of the things about growing up-- you stop noticing the clouds and when the seasons change, you lose contact with people you thought were your best friends in high school, etc. I'd like to think I still spend time watching the "wildlife" or the clouds but I've kind of lost contact with humans. It's odd. Back then I figured that would be the last thing to go.

Wow. ANYWAY. The movie was good, but it left out a few of my favorite parts of the book, and my nephew was clearly bummed that it didn't follow it exactly (lol I don't think he's ever read a book before seeing the adaptation). Tomorrow we're supposed to go see How to Train Your Dragon and I think my sister said Kick-Ass might be Saturday, but IDK. I want to see She's Out Of My League by Thursday though, because after that I know I might as well give up on it. And I refuse to not see a Nate Torrence movie in theatres (I haven't gotten around to seeing that one with Dane Cook and Jason Biggs but shhhhh).

Lost )

Melrose Place )

In Plain Sight )

Someone needs to tell me where is a good site to make playlists you can then listen back, because once you make it on you can't listen to them and doesn't have that expansive of a catalogue.

P.S. What was everyone's favorite pranks today? I haven't gotten tricked in ages, but I do enjoy how the websites change on us. I think YouTube's was better last year, and Google is losing their touch, but I liked and And on Twitter, the psychwrites account changed to mentalistwrites and started posting things like "did you spot the papaya in the last episode?" XD I LOVE THOSE GUYS SO MUCH.
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I prefer criticism to compliments, but today a classmate of mine asked for a copy of my poem that we went over in class Tuesday, and it's buoyed the rest of my day, lol. But this entry isn't about poetry.

For my screenwriting class I'm making a horror movie. Generally I don't watch horror movies unless they're super-gory or have some actor I like in them. It's usually the latter, although I've been known to see horror movies with actors I can't stand specifically to watch them in pain (I'm horrible, I know).

Anyway, now I'm in a pickle because I really like this one story I'm doing, but the teacher is discouraging making movies that rely too heavily on genre tropes. So that only makes me, in my naivete and hardheadedness, want to prove myself. But I'm not a horror movie buff. He also wants us to watch a movie a week and analyze the plot points and three-act structure. I usually do that kind of thing anyway during movies (I focus on imagery and writing more though), but I barely have time to relax, much less watch movies.

So I'm thinking, to help myself out, I'm going to make my one movie a week movies in my genre. So here's where y'all come in! I need horror/thriller/psychological movies, especially with possessed objects like cars and houses. Here's my list so far:

The Shining
Cold Creek Manor
The Changeling
Saturday the 14th
13 Ghosts
Monster House
The Others
Burnt Offerings
The Haunting
Legend of Hell House

Aaaand SPN episodes: phantom traveler, women in white, route 666 (stfu)...

I asked Tumblr last night, but there's more people on here. :p

So rec away!

P.S. Ugh, I can't pick icons on this thing. Android fail!
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Month of December meme )

And Solobob has his own website now! If you sign up for the newsletter, be warned that the mp3 link isn't working. I don't mind so much because I ripped it from MySpace a while back and if this ever gets to being released, I will get that too. But the first email/letter you get for signing up is adorable. Apparently Roman Coppola helped him with the video shoot.

Oh, today I finally saw Fantastic Mr. Fox, and I haven't yet stopped thinking about it. :) It was me, my sister and some random dude at the back of the theatre. When the crowd is that small it's kind of awkward when someone isn't laughing at the same thing, but we were all laughing at the same bits so that was good. I'm still deciding whether I liked it better than Darjeeling, but it was better than Life Aquatic and that was Wes and Noah writing together too. I think I need to re-watch Life Aquatic or something. I know at least three people who say that's their favorite Wes movie and each time I immediately go, "lol. No, wait, really?!" But first, I have a zillion other things on my plate for this week.

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Last night I watched this movie called After Sex. I LOVED IT. It's a series of vignettes of couples talking right after sex. If you liked Waking Life or movies like that where it's all just talk (I call them "straight plays on film" even though most films can technically be called that), I recommend you seek it out. :) It was only on my radar because Emmanuelle Chriqui was in it but the rest of the cast is pretty good, as are the conversations. Also, James DeBello was never really on my radar much before (creeper from Swimfan!), but in this movie I realized he looks like a cross between Seth Rogen and Brendan Fraser and that kinda blew my mind.

THERE'S A NEW PSYCH COMMERCIAL, EVERYONE. Apparently they can't officially upload it until January due to licensing or something but omg, I love this showwwww. I just wish Henry was in it too. There's six people in the original video. :/

White Collar )

Monk )

Month of December meme )

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I know it's not Day 2 anymore where I am, but I woke up uh, rather late and am only now getting to the point where I can work on things. I expect not to sleep at all tonight, yet again.

Month of December meme )

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I've been in the mood to watch movies that I haven't seen a million times, but also things that I don't have to pay attention to.

What I meant to do: make fun of male CW stars and their bad movies.

What I realized: "I've seen all of Welling's movies. I refuse to see Sorority Boys or Christmas Cottage. All the rest of Jared and Jensen's I've seen somehow. And Chad ...all that's left is A Cinderella Story."

What actually occurred: JULIE GONZALO & CMM MOVIE MARATHON!

Eh, it was worth it. I got my laughs in.

I have nothing to say on Melrose, Flash Forward, Modern Family or Sunny.

Supernatural )

The Office )

Psych )

I'll get to SGU after I finish re-watching the pilot... when I'm done with this movie I'm in the middle of now.

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I'll be honest and say that this one started off as a thousand other Watchmen fanmixes I downloaded and then pieced together to fit all the characters. Then I realized I knew better songs for some of the characters, got really serious about it and then the playlist just sat on my iPod until it sounded right for each one.

Defenders Unseen: A Watchmen fanmix )
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My plans to see The Final Destination in theatres keep falling through. I never saw the first one until DVD and my plans to see the second and third in theatres fell through until I missed my chance. Taking Woodstock is already out of theatres, too and I was dying to see that when it first teased during Important Things earlier this year. But seeing a Final Destination movie in the theatres is just not in the cards for me. I JUST WANT TO SEE ONE OF THEM IN ACTUAL THEATRES. IS THAT SO HARD. I DON'T EVEN CARE FOR THE 3D. ZOMG. UGH.

There's other things to talk about, but right now I just want to zone out in Hyrule and collect Poe souls. So here's some reviews while I go do that.

Supernatural )

Psych )

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So I'm planning out this girl!crush spam, right? But it's so difficult because apparently I can't figure out what the definition of a girl!crush is. Generally it's "girls I'd go gay for" or "girls I want to be/be friends with so bad".

But the thing is, with me, as is the case with the male celebrities, there's the people I champion like no tomorrow, there's the ones that I'm totally shallow about and then there's the ones I go see movies for just to support them because I'm a fan of their work elsewhere, but don't really champion them. I always have different levels of attraction and they mostly overlap and I want to represent all of them but I can never get everyone into the right genre or theme or what have you. I will prevail! I just... need to think about it. Picspams are serious business, apparently.

Anyway, I figured I might as well talk about TV. There's other things I wanted to mention but my time is not my own this week, clearly. Tomorrow I plan on hightailing it to the New York Public Library because 1) I don't think I've ever been there and 2) I just need OUT. I doubt there's wi-fi there (and I'm hoping there's tables and outlets to use) so it'll give me an excuse to just write the whole day with no distractions whatsoever. If it goes well that might be my twice-a-week spot for this "semester".

Leverage )

Royal Pains )

Psych )

Also IFC was playing R. Kelley's Trapped in the Closet the other day. What the hell, it's neither indie nor a film! Anyway, I watched it because I'd only ever seen chapters 1-3 and it was 3am and I wasn't sleepy yet. YOU GUYS. I don't think soap operas are that soapy. Plus, after 22 chapters it still ended on a to be continued! WHAT THE HELL.


P.S. Yesterday I saw a bus with a Bored to Death ad plastered on the side and it made my day. MLIA

Movie talk

Aug. 28th, 2009 09:46 pm
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Just got back from seeing Shorts and it was hysterical and adorable. I've seen like three Kat Dennings movies this week (The House Bunny and Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist are on cable TV now :DD). My life is a happy one. My dad and I keep having conversations about Tarantino and Rodriguez and the differences between the two and I think I might just make a picspam about my favorite things about the two. But that's for another time.

I also thought about Inglourious Basterds some more and I think it lands third in my Tarantino list. The list goes Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill, Inglourious Basterds, Pulp Fiction, Death Proof. I haven't seen Jackie Brown and I don't count Four Rooms or that scene in Sin City (also, if we're counting writing-wise, True Romance comes before Inglourious Basterds and Natural Born Killers comes after Pulp Fiction.)

Every time I see the ads for this Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs movie coming out, I bristle. Everyone's clamoring about the Where The Wild Things Are movie, but that book was so short and so devoid of storyline (this is the story: Kid gets sent to bed without supper. Dreams about being the king of monsters. Wakes up) that you could develop the characters in any way and it would probably work. But Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs... that one had a story. It had characters and flashbacks and lessons to learn and I don't care if this is supposed to be a prequel movie. That's not the story in the book. But I don't think I know anyone who even heard of the book. I feel like making a vlog where I read the book but like, "Storytime with Lia" doesn't seem like a fascinating idea when you could just go buy the book if you cared that much.

As for a movie I am really excited for, this movie!! I'm one of the maybe ten people in the world who didn't like Arrested Development, so Michael Cera isn't a big draw usually, but I believe he's the only one who could pull this movie off.

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I love when my favorite podcasters reblog my friends on Tumblr. I also like getting replies on Twitter from Heather Stewart, but that's old (yet amazing) news.

Entourage )

Leverage )

Royal Pains )

Psych )

I saw Fight Club for the first time the other day. I had been spoiled by VH1 for the ending a while ago and tried to forget it but I couldn't. I can't say anything about that hasn't been said, really, but I like how Tyler kept flashing in the background and foreground of different scenes before the narrator met him. And then I saw Inglourious Basterds tonight, but I'm still processing how I felt about it (aka where it falls on my list of favorite Quentin movies). However, Eli Roth has mesmerized me and even though I have no desire to see Hostel, I just may watch Cabin Fever again (I love that movie). >.>

I also read Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist yesterday and it's a great book but nowhere near deserving the great movie they made from it. I just want to re-watch the movie (and tomorrow it's the movie of the day on movieoftheday on Tumblr! kasadsjakfhdadsaf). But first I want to finish reading A Brave New World because this book is AMAZING and I really wish I'd read this instead of like, Catcher in the Rye in high school. Although I can see why they didn't put this one on our list.


P.S. I keep watching HBO in between the movies just to see the Bored to Death promos. It's a problem.


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