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I've been meaning to make a post since Friday. I'm horrible.

- I cut my hair! I really meant to make a post asking for options on which cut to get, but I never got around to it and settled on this, which translated to my salon as Rihanna meets Halle Berry. It didn't come out as epic as that girl's, but I like it. It's so much easier to maintain when I wash it and the breeze when it's windy is AWESOME.

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- I'm going to Boston this weekend! Divya and I are going to the comic con. I'm cosplaying Ramona Flowers again just because I don't have anything else ready. But Boston! I love you and have missed you. The four hour bus ride I have not, but what can you do!

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- In other news, my sister and I are slowly working through the Harry Potter movies (she'd only seen the first three), and by slowly I mean we watched SS and COS on Sunday, POA and GOF Monday, and OOTP and HBP this last Sunday. It's fun to watch them grow up and it's almost impossible for me to not get wrock songs with lyrics that are direct quotes stuck in my head.

- Speaking of HP, if you're just getting Pottermore, add me! I'm fireboltlight136. I'm not on much, but I plan to be once the next book opens up! Or if you want to duel, because... points, amirite.

Oh, also this happened and is possibly the greatest cover of my new favorite song.I didn't think they could make that song work, but they did and it's still classic Goot and Sugg dorkiness and I love it a lot. #friendship!
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Today was a beautiful day. I went with my mom, sister and nephew to go see Diary of a Wimpy Kid and I forgot why, but there was an awkward silence in the car. So I just focused on the people walking on the sidewalks as we drove. I used to do that so much when I was younger-- just watch people and wonder what their day was like: did they just have a bad argument with someone, did they remember to feed their dog last night, where were they off to looking so lost in thought or walking so sadly... I remember my freshmen English teacher telling us that was one of the things about growing up-- you stop noticing the clouds and when the seasons change, you lose contact with people you thought were your best friends in high school, etc. I'd like to think I still spend time watching the "wildlife" or the clouds but I've kind of lost contact with humans. It's odd. Back then I figured that would be the last thing to go.

Wow. ANYWAY. The movie was good, but it left out a few of my favorite parts of the book, and my nephew was clearly bummed that it didn't follow it exactly (lol I don't think he's ever read a book before seeing the adaptation). Tomorrow we're supposed to go see How to Train Your Dragon and I think my sister said Kick-Ass might be Saturday, but IDK. I want to see She's Out Of My League by Thursday though, because after that I know I might as well give up on it. And I refuse to not see a Nate Torrence movie in theatres (I haven't gotten around to seeing that one with Dane Cook and Jason Biggs but shhhhh).

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Someone needs to tell me where is a good site to make playlists you can then listen back, because once you make it on you can't listen to them and doesn't have that expansive of a catalogue.

P.S. What was everyone's favorite pranks today? I haven't gotten tricked in ages, but I do enjoy how the websites change on us. I think YouTube's was better last year, and Google is losing their touch, but I liked and And on Twitter, the psychwrites account changed to mentalistwrites and started posting things like "did you spot the papaya in the last episode?" XD I LOVE THOSE GUYS SO MUCH.
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I'm in such a weird mood lately. Some days I just want to faceplant in my bed, others I want to go out and be with people except I have no peeps (not even marshmallow ones) or money, and others I just want to sit and read comment threads on other people's journals from entries I find while searching for things like "supernatural rps filk" and various keywords for fan fiction and make a night of laughing at things and making inside jokes with myself.

And then some days I drag myself out to be social with my family, even though I really wanted to sit home and read Big Bangs (which I've come to realize is totally my substitution for summer/beach reading/chick lit, except I don't leave my room). Like today I went to the Intrepid museum with my sister and nephew since she had discounts (and so did I, apparently, for being a college student) and between my mind going "I'm on a boat!" the whole time or going into the submarine thinking, "Hey can they take to craphole island!?" and my nephew randomly spouting things he learned on and discussing how Disney is darker than you'd think, it was a good time.

But once I got home I sequestered myself in my room and continued reading. I'm finally up to this year's Big Bang stories and I've just finished The Seahorse and Palace of the Brine, which are fantastic J2 MPREG AU stories that you've probably heard of already (The Seahorse is from 2008, and Palace of the Brine is the 2009 sequel), since it seems every search I made over the past five months has brought up links for them. I saved them for last in my original list of "toreads" because I figured they'd be adorable. I kinda wish they were movies. They read like a cross between Scrubs and Night at the Museum and Nine Months and Just Like Heaven (that last one in tone only) and I could definitely see it cinematically in my head. Too bad there's only like two MPREG movies in actual existence, because I think it would be amazing.

But then again, I'm never correct on the big movie fandoms, either. I expected Iron Man, and maybe Star Trek for the slashers but the others really surprised me when they exploded. The big fandoms do tend to be from May premieres, though. Star Trek, Iron Man, X-Men: The Last Stand, etc. all came out in May. Although the first Transformers came out in July and I remember there being a small explosion for that one.

There should be a community like [ profile] fandom_secrets but for broadcasting things you want done. Because there's a few things I want to be like, "WHY DOESN'T THIS HAVE A MORE ACTIVE FANDOM?" but I'm not embarrassed by it so I don't feel like posting to [ profile] fandom_secrets. There's a lot of those broadcasting secrets sometimes, but I hate seeing them even if I agree because they're not really secrets.

Anyway, in terms of fanfiction, these are things I want to see happen.
- A Harry Potter AU of HSM. I just want to see Troy and Chad playing Quidditch.
- A HSM AU of J2. That damn "The Boys Are Back" segment in the third movie looks so much like Bobby's junkyard, but SPN!HSM doesn't work as well, so I want J2.

This post is so oddly shaped, idek. It's late? And this place is on fire tonight. NOSTALGIA!


P.S. Sometimes I think I'm secretly a music video director in disguise, because between this song I'm listening to and Lady Gaga's Poker Face I keep coming up with great concepts for the music video and then get frustrated there's no way to actually make a video unless I get super-crafty and pick apart videos from other artists over the years and make a fanvid.
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I've been too pensive lately. It's not a good look for me. But I did happen to do a bunch of first drafts on WIP fics, so there's that. I also read a bunch of fanfic and saw a few movies (that last one's a huge surprise, no?).

One of the movies was Up, which was okay, but like my nephew said, nothing really "jumped out of the screen and metaphorically kissed me on the cheek."

I also saw Brideshead Revisited, which was never on my "must see, omg" list until I had a dream that related to it. And now I kinda want a J2 Brideshead AU that isn't complete crack and "lol, guest starring all their RL friends!" like most AUs tend to be.

OH BTW: Shia doesn't want to be in Y: The Last Man anymore. THANK HECK. Seriously, if it isn't Bryan Greenberg, Ming-Na and Tracie Thoms in the end, I'm gonna be pisseeddddddddddddddd.

This post had no real point. Don't you just love those? Here, try and get this song out of your head.

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Today was so random. Before I went to sleep last night Bijou puked about six different times and by the time I cleaned them all up, the sun was up and I had to listen to Robert Downey Jr's album to fall asleep faster before the sun kept me up.

And then I woke up this morning and my mom was asking my dad about Eminem's music. Apparently she read that article about him in Entertainment Weekly and that turned into a Eminem 101 course from my dad and I, with both of us naming songs and him playing them on his computer. It didn't last too long because a few minutes later my dad played some version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and my mom started complaining about modern music and all the rap with the same beats.

TV's winding down for the season, apparently. And USA doesn't bring back Psych until August? WTF is this insanity? It's always been in July! I don't like this. And I can't wait that long to marathon the seasons again. LLAMA FACE.

My Boys pulled a How I Met Your Mother. And yet again, I say "called it." Although I was on that wagon way before Barney/Robin. And I like how they also didn't pull a How I Met Your Mother by keeping the whole thing secret the whole season! :O I love this show.

The Unusuals came back tonight. I still love the show, the network still doesn't.


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The funny thing about this whole reboot business is that now they want to re-do Buffy and everyone's calling foul (on Twitter anyway) because it won't have to do with Whedon. I never got into Buffy but if someone said they wanted to bring back my beloved franchise I'd be excited. It was a risky thing to do with Star Trek because for so long these characters had been portrayed by those actors and the audience seemed to have given up after Nemesis among other things. And to see that fans will accept other people playing the characters they love gives it that sort of Sherlock Holmes/James Bond thing where Star Trek can go on forever and not die out with the actors. I know I worded that very romantically, but hopefully that made some sense. The only original Whedon characters I care for are the characters from Firefly (and Dr. Horrible, but I don't have illusions about that becoming a franchise) and it'd be hard to watch anyone play Mal and the crew besides Fillion and them, but if it brought Firefly back, I'd be so happy. And then again, Firefly only got a movie and two comics. Buffy got all those seasons, a spin-off and another season in comics.

DUDE. It's 2am and I haven't read anything today. Off to do that now.

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Yesterday was an awkward day. I went shopping with my sister and I realized how much my taste in clothes has changed since we last went shopping. It made me kind of sad, because I wish I was still determined to be more feminine with my clothes, but my depressive state of mind is so all-encompassing that I don't even care what I look like anymore. That said, I really liked a few things at Wet Seal, but I'd already bought three tees at Express and Aeropostale, so I was already over budget in my mind. My sister was apparently paying for it all, but I don't like when people pay for my purchases. Which is one of the reasons I hate traditional dates. I also hate buying clothes that I don't really need, and all I ever buy is tees to begin with.

And then later on, the red carpet for the Oscars was on and my mom was like, "let's watch it together!" But I don't care about dresses and fashion (there was a time when I said I wanted to be a fashion designer but that was a cover for another interest), so I stayed in my room. Of course, between my grandmother's snoring, the steam rising from my room's heater and the damn howling wind, I barely heard any of the telecast. Good thing I always have closed captioning on.

The awards themselves were okay. I only really gave a damn about Boyle winning, only because I've been a fan since about 2002. I've seen all his movies. He deserved that award, if not for Slumdog Millionaire, then for everything else.

And now we've come to this. I had a ton of things I wrote down to do when I turned on the computer this morning. It always happens that I make a list in my head and then get distracted by Twitter or YouTube or a file I downloaded to watch. And nothing gets done. But today I made a list and put it right in front of my keyboard. Then I turned on the computer and decided I should finally upgrade it to Leopard. But I also wanted to start from scratch. So right now I'm sending all the application files and music folder and such over to my external drive and then I'll re-install everything. But the estimation is that it'll be done copying in 36-99 hours. There's 48Gb to move and only 2.66Gb done so far. It's gonna be a while, lol

Lastly, I finally gave up on Photoshop CS and upgraded to CS3. I forgot why I didn't immediately upgrade when I got the damn thing before (and they're up to CS4 now, right?) but now I'm in the mood to get back into iconning. I know [ profile] vampira34 wants Psych icons, and I owe [ profile] taintedangel80 a Logan/Veronica .gif and icon. But everyone else, pick 3-5 of your interests or send me pictures and I'll make some headers and icons or even wallpapers if you want. My skills aren't the greatest, and I don't have a particular style but I can pretty much fake other ideas pretty well. I mean, I did my own headers and default icon on the new layout I've got up, if you're questioning my skill level. So... humor me?

...This is totally not the post I came here to make! Maybe I'll post again later tonight after Chuck, but before I talk about Big Love and Chuck.


P.S. I almost completely forgot! New buddies! There's a large round-up of contact info, a few polls and an introduction post over here. I completely overhauled the introduction post earlier today, in case any of my older friends have missed those oh so important details going on in my life, lol

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My cold isn't completely gone, but it's at least in recession. It sounds much more exciting than it is.

Yesterday I watched all of Extras, and today I watched season one of Big Love. I'm somewhere in the middle of Battlestar Galactica season three and Life on Mars UK season two, but as much as I'm determined to finish them, neither series is pulling at me. Life on Mars has been relegated to the two hours a day I spend commuting, and BSG is for Mondays during my break and Wednesdays all day long. Now I can move on with the other series during with the rest of my free time without the slow ones thwarting me!

I saw the Psych Christmas special yesterday. Something about it bothered me, but I don't want to get into it. I thought the whole Shawn/Henry ending and the mention of the cat was cute. And I think Sister Guster would be a great addition to the show. The new promo made me laugh though. Enjoy your hepatitis!

I had more to say but now it seems unimportant.

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EDIT: DUDE! I mentioned on Twitter a while ago that my dad did the filecard artwork for these toys. But I found a Flickr photo of the firehouse he painted on, too! I remember sitting in a beach chair at his feet reading magazines and having a snow cone for the first time that day. :)

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This weekend has ended on a good note.

Leo (my cockatiel) is back to singing, although he's not really eating anything more than millet (which is essentially snack food) and still hangs out with his mirror image. I miss the chorus of the two but it's good to hear the song again. He's totally anti-social though, because I went by the cage to chirp at him and he just turned his back to me.

And right now I guess every Psych fan on here is at, but if you're not, GO! They have goodies from the S2 DVDs that are out on Tuesday (I'm getting mine Monday night). USA is finally playing promos for the new season and I'm so excited. I have to go buy pineapples soon, so I can make some Lassies.

I couldn't NOT talk about this. The sad thing is I'm already envisioning stalking the sets (because they have to shoot on location, mmkay?) and the LJ communities and the fandom in general. The pilot isn't even in production and I'm all excited. I'm determined that this will be more Entourage than John From Cincinnati in terms of ratings and stuff. HBO, I trust you can do it. JASOOOONNNNN. And Funny People starts shooting soon! *glee*

Since this entry is basically focused on "males that Lia loves" um... crap. Nothing exciting in Downey-land lately. Here? *fails*

WAIT. [ profile] kkissbbang started up a newsletter that focuses on news about Val Kilmer, RDJ and Michelle Monaghan and it's pretty awesome. The new "issue" is here. Not so much about RDJ this time but whatever. Like I said, it's quiet in Downey-land this weekend.


P.S. My iTunes LOVES me today!
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Last night I was out of my mind with boredom. I think my instant gratification disease is attacking again. There's so many things I want to do but all of them take more time than I'm willing to spend on a single thing. I want entertainment right here, right now. Eventually I gave up just wasting time and ended up-- at 4am, mind you-- making a background for Twitter, re-doing my LJ layout and staring at my Twitter pic wondering whether I should change it, too. I had a few dreams but they're all jumbled right now since everyone kept waking me up about every five minutes and I don't know which dream was which.

Something is wrong with the world when Downey and Hugh Jackman receive stars on the Walk of Fame in the same year. I don't know what the criteria is, but is Hugh Jackman really that deserving so soon? As far as I can tell he's only been around since 2000. I awww'd about Macy and Huffman getting stars the same year. And lol @ Tinkerbell and the Village People.

I don't know why I was so late to the party but this (seemingly) dead fic-a-thon is pretty interesting to go through. I feel odd with films like Zodiac, Good Night, Good Luck and Fur which are about real people. You'd think it'd be like RPF and that it wouldn't be weird to me because I don't mind RPF, but just the idea of there being fics about these movies is weirding me out. Especially Fur since that in itself was an AU fanfic on celluloid. I wonder how Arbus's family feels about that movie. My views on fan fiction have changed lately, anyway. I'm more interested in anything that's not slash. And my flist being what it is, that is very hard to find! Not that I'm frustrated by it, it's just an amusing fact.

Now that I'm reminded of other creepy subject matter, I was having a conversation with my dad the other day about the CGI in The Incredible Hulk and I mentioned the uncanny valley and had to explain the theory to him. We started talking about how it's creepy when animals show signs of intelligence like when you go to the zoo and the gorillas wave or wink at you or when you're trying to squash a roach and it plays dead so you leave it alone. And I figure that the reason humans find humanoid robots and animals so creepy is because we have a superiority complex. Dad mentioned this Nat Geo program we watched in March about how gorillas have faster memory than humans and I said that that's not creepy because we assume it's a necessary skill for whatever they do in the wild. Kind of how squirrels always remember where they put their nuts but I can't remember my password for GMail when my notifier conks out on me. It's the same way we are amazed and not scared by birds or platypi. But when animals show signs of genius at human levels-- like the roach that tried hiding under a glass container so I wouldn't send him to his maker-- it's weird because we think, "Wait, we're supposed to be the ultimate beings here, not you. How does a mouse, a simple rodent outsmart me, a human!" And I think that's part of the reason why that beach scene in Planet of the Apes is so scary because it's like evolution denied us what we're supposed to be. Does that make sense?

Anyway, My Boys is about to start, I need to load up The Sims 2 and I'm looking into other simulation/strategy games. I'm thinking about getting Black & White or the latest Civilization since I loved the demo so much on my old computer. There also needs to be a new bar-tending simulator. I missed my chance to own Last Call back then as well. Anyone play any of these god games? I really want Spore as well, but that's not shocking news.

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I apologize in advance. This is going to be really rambly, because it's just a bunch of things I felt like I needed to comment on and they all really don't go together at all.

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My mom's hinting to the fact that she wants to see one of these movies with me tonight, so I should make myself available to this suggestion. Ciao.

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My nephew just got a new puppy and he named her Amber. She's a live wire though. They bring her over when no one is going to be at their house so my mom can take care of her. She chases Bijou through the house. LMAO she's probably the size of two rats on top of each other and just as black. And then we have Bijou, practically the length of a ruler and twice Amber's size, and she's running away. Amber already scratched me across the nose too. I look like Remus Lupin right now. I wish I was joking. Amber's too loud at night they say, so she's actually spending the night here. What dog gets a sleep over? What spoiled, spoiled dogs we have!

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WTF. SAW IV?!?! ARE YOU JOKING?! WTHHHH. LOL, no one got the memo that torture porn was out? Rofl, Hollywood.


P.S. I'm sure y'all sbp'ers saw it but there's a new post of sorts! This is like my first real part since I read HP in full. *glees*

TV blurbs

Aug. 21st, 2007 12:39 am
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I finally own a Wii. An hour before I left for the sleepover at my cousin's house, my parents came home with it. Granted, I've played both Wii Play and Wii Sports a bunch of times already, so when I came home today I just played enough to enter high scores and then shut it off. Now if we could focus on getting my school books, that'd be awesome. Then I can focus on buying Red Steel, Twilight Princess, Wario Ware, etc.

Oh, I changed my notification sounds on my phone to Navi's voice from Ocarina of Time and now whenever I get a text she goes "Hey!" I scared my cousins yesterday with it, lol. Voicemail is "Listen!" and Picturemail or an alert is "Look!" Funny, I always heard "Link!" but I guess it's "Look!"

BTW, Premonition is a crazy movie but the ending is hilariously fcked up. I'm weird. Moving on.

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P.S. World Weekly News is going out of print! I'd laugh but I'm really sad at how many publications are relegating to online. It's better for the trees, but I'm not too keen on certain changes.
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My dad almost bought me a Ravenclaw tie yesterday. He remembers my house! That's pretty cool. And I swear I haven't been all "OMGHP" to him, like I usually am with my fandoms. I know he's the least likely (besides my nephew) to ever read the books so I take pity. I don't know why I didn't think of going to FAO Schwarz to check out the HP stuff. I still want that Neville and Snape shirt from Hot Topic. I want to hold off on the tie and scarf until we know when the movies premiere, because I'm not going to wear a tie no one will see under a coat and I'm not going to wear a scarf in the summer. And then I have to track down fans that will actually be obsessive-fan with me, all decked out, so I don't feel alone.

And BTW, thanks to everyone for all this Wizard Rock. Which... I'm not listening to now, because this DAMN SONG IS IN MY HEAD. But when I skadaddle in two minutes, I shall revel in all the non-Muggleness.

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It is so hot for no reason! And my TV's volume continues to die down when Entourage starts, but blares back up when FotC comes on. Not on, I don't care about those dudes!


P.S. The Sims 2 Seasons is kind of boring. At least the summer season, I haven't gotten to the others yet. I tried killing Eileen Prince with hot cocoa in the summer but she stayed alive. I'm not really a fan of the whole gardening thing either... I have Harvest Moon for that.
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I just realized Jake Hoffman is in I Heart Huckabees for a second. I love him. If Click wasn't so depressing, I'd buy that movie for him alone. Plus Isla Fischer is the second Huckabees girl, but when I saw it the first time I didn't know who she was. Anyhows, the movie was better this time. It was funnier even if I still don't see what it was supposed to be "about" or if it had anything to it at all.

I don't know... should I watch the MTV Movie Awards tonight or Sopranos and Entourage? All are inevitably going to repeat over and over. I just don't know what to watch first. OK, The Departed was represented which is all I really cared about. The rest of the nominees are puerile. So I'm switching over to HBO at 9pm. I'll get my Silverman fix later.

I just added maybe ten artists to my MySpace friends. And I was looking through Coconut Record's pictures and apparently Zooey Deschanel sings on some track. I'm assuming it's "This Old Machine," because the lyrics to "Mama" are in front of that Jen girl (from Seawolf?) in another one of the photos. This is one of those times that a physical CD with linear notes is useful. I'm so clueless when it comes to indie stars. It's never been my favorite genre (even back when it was called emo) to keep track of. I do love Zooey though. Where's HER CD?

Riley Smith is playing a show at the end of June too, WHAT THE CRAP. I do not have this money, nor the friends for all these shows OK! Awesome musicians, please stop playing so close together when I'm trying to start being more concert-going-like. I was always under the impression tickets were generally $50 and everything I'm finding is in the $10-$30 range. Why was I not notified of this earlier and furthermore who put that ridiculous amount in my head? And please find me more friends who are of the concert-going ilk in real life.

Yesterday was cool. Fun day at the BBQ where I realized I'm not weird and I have the same musical tastes as my cousins. One nearly fell over when I told her I knew of (and love) Avenged Sevenfold. And the CCL show where my dad finally met Glo (first person I met from online, back in 2005) and Glo committed identity theft (she said her name was Lia and I was Glo during an audience participation part). Also, between the Scottish girls who came to America solely to shop cheaply and then go back home and the various bits about Scotland Glo and I could not stop referencing Ewan McGregor. I swear, the world revolves differently (around Wang- our code name for Ewan) when we're together.

New movies to watch (Celebrity and Sexual Life.) Once I'm done with these, I can get my Schwartzman fix. *glee* There's not enough time left in Sunday! I need to get these out before the postman comes by Monday at 3.

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I must be spoiled. I started thinking dinner would actually be waiting for me every time I came home from school. LOL What was I thinking? A guaranteed breakfast ended in high school and lunch ended last year some time back. Dinner was just around the corner.

The Class )

Heroes )

The Black Donnellys )

Also, on my way home today I saw a HUGE trailer parked on the street that said Paramount on the side. So I need to find out what's filming around here, from Paramount. Anyone know any good sites to find out?

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I really wasn't going to update until I saw Psych. And Monk. But I just realized I never mentioned this today. This is my new jacket. My mom didn't want me wearing my cream fabric one anymore and she just pulled this one out of nowhere. I think it's a bit too bulky for my taste, but it's a brown leather jacket. And it's a bit worn (it was my sister's). I need a plaid shirt people. And I need hoodies. So tomorrow I think I will go shopping! For hoodies and plaid shirts and then buy a certain amulet online (finally). I wanted to wait until we knew what the amulet *meant* but I want one now. :(

Anyway, here's a picture of Bijou! LOL, I love my lazy bum. She's hiding under old paychecks that I was sorting out.

And apparently all NYC wildlife ran away for the winter. There's nothing to take pictures of at school! I am mad. But because I'm a moron: a small part of my desk, Renegade from my notebook (LOL from AIM tonight: Glo: Styx? Really? Me: YES IT IS A SPN THING YOU DO NOT GET IT), and my bulletin board which helps me plot out when to do my homework. I love the fact that I wrote "HW Board" on it like I was going to forget.

Also! Before I go posting it at the SPN comms tomorrow. [ profile] roday  and I came up with an idea. Rather it was her idea but I ran with it. I know there's plans to send something along the lines of the Padalecki Project and the Jensen Ackles Project to Eric Kripke. If you're a Supernatural fan from the start, you pretty much have the "saving people, hunting things, the family business" line down to a science. What we were thinking was having people send in video of them saying the whole "22 YEARS AGO" flashback and cutting it together like a fan vid to send to Kripke. That would include the "Saving people, Hunting things" part, the "Dad's on a hunting trip and hasn't been home in a few days", "Take your brother outside as fast as you can, Now Dean! GO!".... you get it? Whichever is your favorite part, all cut together with the fans saying the lines. What do you all think about that?

OKAY. It's officially 3:15am. I should go. Scrubs awaits me. Alas, Supernatural does not!

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Last night my parents pulled out a Entenmann's black n' white frosted cake and called me over to blow out the candles. This has *hopefully* concluded the longest fcking birthday ever. And I know I'm tired of it, so I'm sure you all are.

But um, I stubbed my toe at 5pm. My mom worried I fractured it after ten minutes of me on the floor holding my foot. It is now two hours and a half later, it still hurts and it's swollen and black, blue and red. Suddenly I'm concerned since it isn't moving on it's own. I voiced the concern to my mom and she's all "It's just still hurting you, it was a bad bang. You didn't break/fracture it." Riiight.

It's purple up to the nail and twice its usual size. Ew.

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Oh yeah, I'm watching Repli-Kate now. *feels warm and fuzzy watching floppy-haired James even though I'm a fan of the recent short-n-gel James*


ETA: One more fun moment. The train on the way home was packed. I have never been in a train more packed. I even had to half-smile just to keep some girl's hair out of my face with my cheek. Somehow a homeless person decided it was a perfect time to beg. So to shut him up, a group of kids threw him a dollar bill. But it wasn't a dollar bill. Six stops later, when the bum was long gone the one who'd thrown it realized he'd thrown a $10, not a buck. At this point they're yelling and causing a scene so you couldn't really not listen but you'd still try not to laugh because you don't want to get involved. But the moment they all got off? The whole car erupted in giggles.
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Dudes, I'm sorry. I haven't been around in ages. And I wanted to explain my last post but let's just tack it up to a perplexing day. Sorry about that.

Anyways, I've been so busy lately doing Christmas traditions and such (making DVDs out of the last two Xmases, decorating, wrapping gifts) that I haven't had time to do ANYTHING on my computer but check my flist and mail and then hop in bed for the night. So unfortunately there won't be any Sims holiday posts. But if anything I'll just make another update about them later. I didn't search for, download and decorate the houses for no one to see them! Plus, I haven't posted the latest updates on the families or a number of other things so things are out of wack in that area.

I will have some Christmas surprises for you all tomorrow though. Including some Christmas music. It'll be delayed but there's always next year, yes?

I wasn't in a Christmas mood at all today but I was listening to Home For Christmas by *NSYNC last weekend and it made me feel so Christmas-y. I figured it can't be any holiday music. It has to be my own in order for me to feel the spirit. And right now I've been listening to all three of my iPod's Christmas playlists and zomg how I want it to be tomorrow morning. I can't wait for everyone to open my gifts. I hope they all like them.

About that no time for me? Yeah, today's no different. I have to go to mass at midnight. I haven't been to mass in AGES so it's important to me. And EVERYONE'S GOING! Except Bijou. It'll be her first time at home alone. I feel sorry but damnit, she has to learn. Tough love is sometimes needed, and lordy it's only an hour we'll be gone.


P.S. Dear Sephora and Philosophy, WTF. (Each word's a different link, too!)


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