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I haven't had time to look at things online this week. It's so strange that now that I'm out of school I have even less time to do things. I have to be in bed by 10/11pm at night if I want to be up in time for work in the morning. But when I'm getting home at 6/7pm at night, that doesn't leave a lot of time for anything--once I get eating and catching up with the family out of the way (that's worded wrong, but you know what I mean). I've also sort of stopped watching TV until I'm caught up with my podcasts, which will probably take another two weeks. Somehow I'm more disciplined about keeping up with my TV shows than with my podcasts--maybe because I can't get spoiled about my podcasts since exactly three of you watch the same ones.

I've been listening to the Aida soundtrack for the past week. It used to be connected to really strong feelings for me, but I've realized it no longer is. I made a list of songs that were connected to memories/feelings that sting on Saturday and just listened to them in a row. It's partly sadistic, partly therapeutic and I do it every so often to analyze what songs are still on my shitlist and which I can associate with better memories now. I only have a few from the last year to deal with now, and I'm glad. There was a time when I couldn't listen to Rooney's entire first album, actually. But that's obviously not an issue anymore.

I had some weird dreams lately that I've been meaning to share because I thought they were pretty cool (forgive the grammar, it's too late for me to worry about tenses atm):

Cut because they're long paragraphs and rambly )

Finally, TEAM TROY FOR THE FANDOM MARCH MADNESS WIN. Dudes, I don't even watch Doctor Who (I've tried, I don't get it) or Community (I also tried, it's not funny at allll) but I loooove Donald Glover. True story, he and his internet comedy troupe were on an episode of The Totally Rad Show when they played Apples to Apples and I thought he was hysterical and decided that even though I don't like his show I was a fan of his. Matt Smith is also cool and I really like him too (and Party Animals is on my list of shows to watch this year), but when I saw someone from Community was winning all the rounds I went, "It better not be Joel McHale!" and just as I was waiting for Google to return my search on Troy Barnes I went, "Actually, if this is Donald Glover's character, I'm totally on board with this." I knew Eleven would get this far. Well, I also expected Spock to make it further than he did and I AM SHOCKED, WHAT IS HAPPENING, I THOUGHT YOU NU!TREK FANS WERE STILL OUT THERE? I mean, FUCKING BUFFY SUMMERS won last year and her show hasn't been on in years! But at least this year, whoever wins, I'll be happy.

But yeah, if you haven't yet decided... Troy. :D
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I'm so behind on TV. I'm like a month behind on Sunday shows, a week behind on everything else. I spend all my time at school and I feel like every time I do anything extracurricular someone goes "LOL UNDO" and I have to waste another three hours of my time doing something that will be undone the next day.

The one light in my life was that this weekend was the World Cup of Quidditch and despite others telling me they would go, the only one who actually came along was [ profile] splits_thesky. She needed that weekend as much as I did, and it was joyous, omg. I uploaded pictures and videos (there are eight videos but only four are showing up right now?) on Facebook. I think I would enjoy hanging out at Quidditch matches from now on. I'm going to look into helping out with some local Quidditch Club. Something to do with my spare time (lol says the girl with none). Also I uploaded pictures from Boston and my visit to the Statue of Liberty in August because they were all on my camera and I just only found the USB cable this weekend. Eventually I will have time to think for myself and actually post that Boston entry I've had waiting in the wings.

I've decided I want to go to a midnight showing of Deathly Hallows on Thursday, despite having to work the next day. It'll just make my Friday harder but damn it, I get so little time to myself. I haven't chosen a theatre but two people who said they'd come with me. LET'S SEE WHO ACTUALLY SHOWS, EH? And I now have a Ravenclaw tie so heck yes, there will be reppin' happening. Or something.

Also, BTR is releasing a holiday EP or something and one of the songs is "All I Want For Christmas Is You" which is my FAVORITE MODERN CHRISTMAS SONG. Also releasing a holiday EP? Rooney. This Christmas is like eargasm central for me, CLEARLY.
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I feel like I should make an entry about TV this last week but I don't really have anything to say. White Collar was ADORABLE, Psych was decent and everything else was enjoyable for what it was. Actually, I haven't watched my Sunday shows yet. If there's anything to say about them, I'll update again. I doubt it.

I'm just sort of in a bummer mood. Work is over and there aren't any more summer events at my school. There's my trip to DC with [ profile] splits_thesky coming up, but three days seems so far away when you take it an hour at a time. And my legs hurt from all the running/walking/dancing/etc. I did this weekend. I've been lying around listening to music--which is the least active activity in my repertoire--and staring at the calendar.

/cool story bro
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This spring weather is doing amazing things for my sanity. I find myself smiling a lot more lately than I have in a while. I'm a lot less stressed, much more invigorated (although part of that's probably the spring break, too), etc. I want to do internet spring cleaning, but I don't have time right now.

Those of you who watch/know anime/manga, what does it mean when you can't see the character's eyes? Like this? Does it mean anything? I can't find anything on tvtropes about it. I'm reading it as they're shady or ashamed, but there's other tropes for that, and in that particular scene Kazahaya is just walking neutrally, so I'm confused.

Wow, remember when I didn't even care about anime? WHAT IS THIS YEAR? I've got three series on my laptop to watch this weekend alone along with five manga series bookmarked on my phone's Manga Browser. It's like 2010 hit and Japanese culture invaded my heart. Anyway.

I got my instructions for graduation next month and now I can't help seeing the end in sight. It's exciting!

And I finally got myself a new layout! It's been up for about two weeks, but I only just decided on a header I liked. I was going to do rotating headers, but I like my rotating headers to have a similar theme and the ones I was making were all over the board. It's been a while since I had a Psych-only header, anyway.

Oh, and Bijou is sick, lol. She had a vet appointment on Thursday and I guess they gave her kennel cough accidentally via the shot used to prevent it, because she's got a runny nose (lol idk dogs with running noses are kinda still adorable, even if I'm the one constantly cleaning her nostrils) and keeps coughing (which we all thought was just her retching at first, because it's the same sound). I've never had a dog get their version of the common cold before and it's kind of hysterical and adorable at once. I think it's stupid that they even have bothered giving her that shot, because she doesn't go anywhere or go near anything that would give her kennel cough anyway.

How To Make It In America )

Lost )

V )

Here, have some super-short but cool videos I saw on The Digg Reel (which I'm also still behind on) )
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hsdjkfahdfds there's a [ profile] psychland now! I AM EXCITE. AND YOU SHOULD JOINNNN.

Lost )

The Pacific )

Supernatural )

AND NOW I AM ON SPRING BREAK FOR A WEEK. This basically means I don't have school, but still have the same amount of work as if I did! But it's okay. I'll take my joy in the little things, like my back not hurting from my bookbag and waking up later than usual. And the fact that when I get back there's approximately six weeks left to my college career. :DDDDD
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I prefer criticism to compliments, but today a classmate of mine asked for a copy of my poem that we went over in class Tuesday, and it's buoyed the rest of my day, lol. But this entry isn't about poetry.

For my screenwriting class I'm making a horror movie. Generally I don't watch horror movies unless they're super-gory or have some actor I like in them. It's usually the latter, although I've been known to see horror movies with actors I can't stand specifically to watch them in pain (I'm horrible, I know).

Anyway, now I'm in a pickle because I really like this one story I'm doing, but the teacher is discouraging making movies that rely too heavily on genre tropes. So that only makes me, in my naivete and hardheadedness, want to prove myself. But I'm not a horror movie buff. He also wants us to watch a movie a week and analyze the plot points and three-act structure. I usually do that kind of thing anyway during movies (I focus on imagery and writing more though), but I barely have time to relax, much less watch movies.

So I'm thinking, to help myself out, I'm going to make my one movie a week movies in my genre. So here's where y'all come in! I need horror/thriller/psychological movies, especially with possessed objects like cars and houses. Here's my list so far:

The Shining
Cold Creek Manor
The Changeling
Saturday the 14th
13 Ghosts
Monster House
The Others
Burnt Offerings
The Haunting
Legend of Hell House

Aaaand SPN episodes: phantom traveler, women in white, route 666 (stfu)...

I asked Tumblr last night, but there's more people on here. :p

So rec away!

P.S. Ugh, I can't pick icons on this thing. Android fail!
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Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist was amazing. Everything I have to say is echoed by the TRS crew, so in an effort to get more people to watch, I say go watch their review (also stay tuned for their thoughts on Heroes, which I agree with as well). In other Revision3 news, Alex Albrecht got engaged and omfg, Alex/Heather forever. Easily the only real couple that I admire in this world.

I do have to add that I'll be running up and down the Old Gym building stairs at my school going, "OMG KAT DENNINGS REALLY WAS HERE IN MAY," come Monday.

In other filming-near-Lia news there was a filming crew about ten blocks from my house over the summer and my mom is convinced that it was Life On Mars. So now I have to watch at least a few episodes to see if I spot anything super familiar.

The Office )

Brothers & Sisters )


TV attack

Sep. 9th, 2008 12:13 am
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So I missed the VMAs, but I was watching HBO. HBO > MTV.

I don't know what I'm going to do each Monday this semester with this six hour break. Thank my father for getting me Gabe, for sure. But besides that, I'm totally bored. I can't watch TV for six hours straight. My attention span wanes.

The school's wi-fi keeps me from going on AIM and Y!IM, as well, so I have to use AIM Express. I don't speak to anyone on Y!IM as of late, so I don't worry too much about that when I can't get on.

Psych )

True Blood )

Entourage )

Sons of Anarchy )

I'm not sure if this constitutes as a casting spoiler for SCC or Fringe/Lost, but )

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I was talking to an old friend on AIM yesterday and she recommended a movie to me because she knows I like "those gay movies." And I realized that I've taken a complete 180˚ turn from the person she once knew. LJ is so over-populated with slashers that I guess I changed. I'm amused by this.

I just registered for fall classes, but the only way for me to get certain classes in the fall was for me to take two summer courses, so I guess I'm going to school year round this year! True fact: there's a teacher named Quarrell and I thought it said Quirrell and immediately thought, "lol NO." The classes they're teaching are AWESOME, but don't fit into my schedule, anyway.

Speaking of movies... there's a bunch of movie trailers and technical equipment truck by my school again, and the posters say "SET" with the words "Nick and Norah" in tiny letters in the corner. So I'm assuming it's this movie, even though it says they're in post-production. Kat Dennings... no wonder I was quoting Charlie Bartlett today.

Strange. Generally, I think my movie reviews are pretty objective. I see movies with people I adore in them and can pretty much admit if they're crappy movies (I'm looking at you, recent career of Ewan McGregor), or movies with people I can't stand and say they're pretty awesome (hi, Cruel Intentions). But my fascination with Robert Downey Jr (... at least I don't think. lol, stalkers?) isn't well known outside of LJ and yet no one takes me seriously when I tell them, "OMG JUST GO SEE IRON MAN NOW." It can't be the geek side of me, because I was able to send people away from seeing Fantastic Four, X-Men: The Last Stand, and Spider-Man 3 (although I saw that one so late I probably couldn't save everyone).

(My proudest moment as movie geek/comic geek stands as the time my friend and I got into an argument about X3 in the middle of a comic store and by the end, I had a whole group of geeks passing by me essentially going, "Dude... she's right, wtf.")

And still, I don't really know how to deal with the wank surrounding this. I expected RDJ to clear it up yesterday on Kimmel, but he didn't. I feel like it's this all over again (except that ended in a viral video classic). What I like about RDj is how brutally honest he is, so I guess it comes with the territory, and he does have that weird Steve Carellish type of humor.

I updated my contact post with my Wii friend codes, and I put them on my profile too. I also love the new Nintendo channel on the Wii. I'm going to go try some DS demos, and then maybe a movie or two.

Aaand it's dinner time!

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Holy hell, it took me three hours to catch up with my flist. I'd been gone a while and it felt like forever, but the usual amount of catching up is two hours. Um.

Whatever, spring break is coming up. I'm excited. Mostly because the week after it ends is the week Iron Man comes out. I'm sad that I haven't seen ads for it anywhere, whereas Speed Racer and Made of Honor are everywhere, but MSG does have an Iron Man ad along the hockey rink and 7-11 has 3D cups. I got the cups on Monday, and every time I watch a Rangers game (like now) I'm begging someone to do a body check into the wall where the ad is. I'm sick, we all know this.

Speaking of sickness, my obsession with older men continues. And evidently my long train of actor/musician obsessions as well. Because now I'm crazy about Dermot Mulroney (and his band-- "Life Is A Pain" FTW). I like actor/musicians fine, but I'm tired of everyone putting out albums because someone told them, "Oh hey, your voice is good." And they're all in genre groups, too. Like Bruce Willis and Russell Crowe have rock bands and all the pretty young'uns are pop tartlets. And now there's the singer/songwriter tag for people like Jason Schwartzman and Zooey Deschanel and Scarlett Johansson (although bringing Tom Waits to the masses is probably something I can get behind). And don't get me started on singers who want to act. Can't anyone ever just stick to one career anymore?

Which reminds me-- my dad taped an episode of "After Film School" with Jason Reitman on it. And I had no idea that Robert Rodrigeuz wrote a book. I looked at my dad when he came home and went, "Clearly, a trip to BNN is in order this weekend!" I don't even know why I try. I could read fifty books on directing and writing and making movies, but without friends to cast in them, what can I possibly do? Still, Jason Reitman is pretty awesome, even if I am among the few who enjoyed Thank You For Smoking more than Juno. I love when directors give actual advice and aren't all gloom.

Maybe I should listen to this meme and do writing instead. )

Speaking of actor/singers, a spoiler for any HIMYM fans on my flist.


P.S. I'm highly amused that the name of the judge in the Jo Rowling vs. the HP Lexicon case was Robert Patterson.
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I apologize in advance. This is going to be really rambly, because it's just a bunch of things I felt like I needed to comment on and they all really don't go together at all.

It is also a very lengthy post! )

My mom's hinting to the fact that she wants to see one of these movies with me tonight, so I should make myself available to this suggestion. Ciao.

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Two and a half classes done! I'm going to miss my Geography and English teachers, but not the time the classes started and ended. I also got a lovely compliment on my speaking voice that just about made my night.

Today on my way home I saw a truck that read "SCHWARTZY'S MOVING CO." and I just about died. And my bus stop had an ad for Nation Treasure 2, and I couldn't stop looking down at John Schwartzman's name in the DOP section and grinning like a weirdo.

Year in review meme )

And that handwriting meme.

Now I'm going to get started on those spams I promised y'all (I cannot stop saying this lately! Even in class today), and your X-mas gifts. Then comes catching up on all the two weeks of TV I've missed. I think I have everything, but if you still want something or if I forgot something, let me know. I'm kinda excited about all this. It's kind of sad.

Holiday gifts
Psych Xmas fanfic, drabble, icons, banner and profile layout for [ profile] vampira34
Bandom header for [ profile] splits_thesky
Jam drabble for [ profile] rateth

Fandom spam
How I Met Your Mother


P.S. This cover owns my mind today. You can hardly hear Robert over Rufus, who's gobbling his mic up, and Sean who's the only one with a solo (rightfully so, regardless) but I love it. And Sean randomly looks like Masi Oka during the solo...
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Today was one of those days that started out disappointing and turned pretty good. Haha, as [ profile] splits_thesky knows I had planned on going downtown today. I actually did wake up at 7:45am, but I did one of my "ah, it's a free concert and going alone isn't really that fun and hey this dream kicks reality's ass" moments and went back to sleep. I woke up at 1:13pm.

I wanted to watch the first two Bourne movies, but with the constant interruption in my house it took three hours to just watch one. So I washed my hair (the whole process from wash to done is five hours) and then just watched TV with my mom. She couldn't find the Yankees game, and while I understood her anger at not being able to watch it, this meant I wasn't bored to tears and could stay in the living room longer. But around 11pm I did get bored and found two (TWO!!) Mac Life magazines my dad had not shown me. So I read those cover to cover and realized that I am a true techno-geek. (Really, their article about the Apple TV of the future gave me goosebumps-- and not just because the "TV" was showing The Departed.)

So anyway, when I'm alone to my thoughts on days like this without a earworm (I tried washing some Toby Keith, Jason Mraz and Amy Winehouse in, none stuck) I think A LOT. Sometimes it gets me emotional, sometimes it gets me angry and sometimes I just come to a revelation. Today was all three.

And this is the revelation. I'm 21. (OMG NO WAI!) But seriously, instead of amassing years in stores like GameStop or Barnes N Nobles like I was aiming for, I think I should start focusing on internships. I'm one of those people who want to work in a cubicle, with my own computer, own desk, own phone. I want to wear business attire and look grown up for once in my life with some semblance of professionalism. Let's forget the fact that I own no business attire for the moment.

Tomorrow I'm heading to my school (I have the urge to call it uni or university but damnit, CUNY isn't a university) to figure out why there's a stop on my account so I can register for fall classes and then stopping by the nail salon to hopefully see that hot guy and then going job hunting for serious. My nephew is almost done with school and the house is crowded as it is, they don't need my useless face around. I'm better off at work being productive.

Any ideas on places to intern in the journalism or film production fields?

Enough about me. What post of mine would be complete without randomness?

1. This Jacket video is amazing. Even if you don't watch Lost, the editing is amazing.

2. What the frak, there's some WEIRD *NSYNC fic out there. The ones I'm trying to find are pretty tame in comparison. OH MY POOR EYES. You know, it's funny. As much as I adored him, Lance was the only one I could read slash about back then. But not with Joey. That would be awkward. And did you know that my dad still thinks I don't care for the boys anymore. Because my fangirling over Joey on DWTS wasn't obvious? Dane Cook Zach Braff, Matthew Broderick... maybe. I will never stop loving *NSYNC (haha win, that put TWO *NSYNC songs in my head.)

3. AWW Ben and Matt.


P.S. Rec me some music! I obviously need some new tunes.
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So, I finally got online to get my grades. I passed Algebra! I'm not transferring from now on. Freak missing the city. I'm not taking that class ever again. My grades were as follows:


I feel bad for not thinking Sow would actually get away with giving me a D like he said, after listening to my sob story of taking the course numerous times. That makes him the first Math teacher I've had that stood by his word. Still doesn't mean he was a good teacher, but I felt like sending him a thank you card or the like.

Anyway, I finally saw Ocean's Thirteen, Knocked Up, Spun and Slackers.

Slackers )

Spun )

I was originally supposed to see Ocean's Thirteen on Friday, and Knocked Up earlier this week. But my plans went out the window this week and Friday's weather was in the 90s (and I'm really not waiting for a bus in that heat.) Then a friend reminded me that today, Sunday, was the Puerto Rican Day Parade. That's the one day I don't go outside because people get ridiculous over here. My dad has delusions of taking me to the parade one day before he dies, he says. The parade is basically a life experience equivalent to my not watching Titanic. I have no desire at all to go to it. But I'm a daddy's girl so if he wants to drag me one year and if it'll make him happy... I... might go. /end tangent

Back to the point. I decided to double-feature both movies Saturday. And just as I was leaving, my dad said he wanted to go shopping in the same area. So we left together. During the day I was explaining internet memes, engrish (that also included Spanglish and reminiscing about The Ketchup song), macros and lolcats to him (when we got home last night I showed him some lolruses and lolhamsters) and I got a few new shirts out of it. Really just some plaid shirts, the new Old Navy July 4th ts-hirt (lol mom and I collect them every year since 2002,) and a GREEN POLO! I HAVE A GREEN POLO. IS IT JULY 13TH YET?

Ocean's Thirteen )

Knocked Up )

Oh yeah, and the poster for Knocked Up is basically the poster of The Forty Year Old Virgin. Get a new ad agency! But I love the fact that it makes Ben look like a sex offender or something. "What if this guy got you pregnant?" Oh NOES! lol. They both remind me of McDonald's for some reason... o_O

Also, zomg tonight is the finale of The Sopranos but Brandon's sleeping over so I can't watch it live, unless he conks out in the next half hour. He brought the Wii over too, but won't let me play it... and something's wrong with the second controller so we can't even play two players. But it looks like he and my dad are still messing around with their "Lego Star Wars masterpiece" on the computer, so I may go steal the Wii and hook it up in my room. I want one so damn bad!!!!!!!!!!!! :(


P.S. Damn, I'd been writing this entry since 6pm! Talk about interruptions...
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Surprise, surprise! I can actually post an entry about randomness, not just TV. Life's been boring anyways.

I'm rather fascinated more and more each day how much the qualities I thought were my own are just passed down from the rest of my family. This whole week has been a hysterical blob of proof. Yes, we all become our mothers-- but since when did we become our sisters? It's more my mom and my aunt than me and my sister, but geeze.

Hey! I had a The Office dream last night. LMAO. Dwight had been replaced with a duck, but Jim couldn't tell the difference until he tried to make fun of him. And then Stanley realized it was his rubber duck, so he yelled at Michael, who fired Pam for allowing Dwight to be replaced without alerting him. And Karen and Andy were making out in an elevator. Ya, I only saw my second Office episode Thursday and a whole bunch of clips last night, so shush. I was barely into sleep when I had to wake up for class today, anyway.

Which, btw ≠ two more classes. Classes end the 17th, but DUHR, there's the final on the 19th. So it's actually three more hell trips to AMS, not two. This also reminded me that May 17th = CW upfronts day. My last art class (final exam or not, it's gotta be an important day) is the 17th. I'm going to have a hell of a day jetting going between MSG, class and the Irish Rogue. God, I miss Pace. I actually cried the other day because I miss Pace University that much. Lehman's just not the same.

Aaannddd I'm moving on before I well up again.

I'll leave you with the videos for my three favorite songs at the moment:Videos! )

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The promos for shows are all out of whack. Chevrolet is sponsoring USA network instead of The CW (Supernatural), and Toyota (Yaris) is sponsoring Smallville instead of Psych.

I got SingStar Rocks! and SingStar Pop. These games are tougher than the Karaoke Revolution series, but they're not technically games. I don't think there's any real point to getting the high scores. Even still, I've spent the whole day playing them.

In art class today we went over Michelangelo's The Last Judgement. Am I the only one who thinks Jesus looks like Kid Rock? Here's a close up of Jesus. And what's with the ladder dude? Is it going through his robe/cloth?

The Sopranos )

Drive )

Asia ≠ me being a PCD fan. If Nicole goes solo, I'm going with her, but that's about it. No one really cares about this, but since I like to hear myself talk/type, there ya go.

Supernatural )

I really, really love ABC's Thursday night ads. JC! *beams*

October Road )

Was that Michael Stahl-David in that Traveler preview? And who gave Logan Green a show? Ewww (LOL but Aaron Stanford's in it apparently. Awwww Pyro, you suck).


P.S. This post is alll over the place. Kinda like my mind. Sorry about that.
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Was there a sale on high horses and sticks for rear ends that I missed? What is with people today?!? Do. not. want.

OK, sorry. So today's the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. Earlier this week was the VTech massacre (obviously), the anniversary of the Titanic and tomorrow's the anniversary of Columbine. I officially FEAR APRIL.

I'm also lightly amused at how many people have been really nice to me at school. I don't own a gun. And am I that scary? I feel really bad about that.


Lost )

This article/column is my new manifesto. :) You know how I know I'm a geek? Because I read that and went "HOW DOES ANYONE NOT KNOW THIS?" Yeah. I don't even watch BSG or DSN but I know the references (then again, I know characters and plots on Grey's Anatomy and The Office and other shows I don't watch too). I even out-geeked my dad with the acronyms. I blanked on ESB but I woke up the next day going "DUH ESB." And points for mentioning The Arrival. I'm with Dalton. Give me sci-fi any day. The difference is I'm totally proud of it. I'm a geek, dork and a nerd rolled into one and I ADORE IT. *waves flag*

Holy hell, that's a totally random post. I feel like I'm missing an emotion, but I think I covered them all O_O


P.S. Tonight look like this: Drive (1/2 pilot), SPN, October Road, Drive (1/2 pilot, episode 3), TBD, PCD (maybe?). OMG! I should look into getting a life. I hear those are really fun. Yes?
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Today was totally a weird ass day. I hope everyone near Virginia is ok. I know some of you live in VA. And for everyone else, just... start building boats. I saw somewhere on the news some lady said it's the most water she's ever seen. Um, sure. You were living under a rock during Katrina then, I guess. It's not torrential here but if I see a honey pot or umbrella float by with some forest animals in them, I'm hopping on.

As for other news, The Imus story is definitely huge in my school so we ended up talking about it yet again today. I want it to be over already. My views don't fit the majority of the class and having strangers pounce me is not on my list of "must do". And I forgot my calculator and we had a test in Math. But we spent so long reviewing that it got pushed to Weds. I love my class.

I spent a good hour and a half out in the rain today just because I wanted to. Ever had one of those days where you just don't want to be anywhere? Yeah. I wanted to be home so badly. And you know how you sometimes think you see something out of the corner of your eye and it's nothing? Well the women in my family (maybe some of you get it too, but it's only my mom, me and my sister that see this) from time to time see like human figures, almost like silhouettes. Sometimes they're dark gray, sometimes white. They're only ever around for 5 seconds at most. But I've been seeing them a lot lately, especially at school and it creeps me out. They're not scary, it's just shapes. But it's maybe three every five minutes at school. It's hard to focus on stuff when there's shapes moving about the campus or the library, disrupting you from whatever you're doing.

My music isn't helping either. I'm highly addicted to Amy Winehouse. I try to listen to one album at a time, and then listen to Chingon or Kane or Marky Mark or something else I adore, but in a few minutes I'm thinking about some song I adore, and scrolling the iPod/iTunes back up to 'A'. Ever get those kinds of ruts? I know it'll blow over eventually and I'll be in some other musical addiction, but it's kind of annoying once you know all the songs by heart but just can't help listening one more time.

And I missed a good half hour of "Dancing...". And obviously now there's three episodes of "Drive" I have too go find. BUT. Coming Soon came from Blockbuster, so screw the shows. It is time for floppy-haired James Roday. Once again, Psych (or it's star) saves the day.

Oh, also:
This wins. Trainspotting was good, but the sequel wasn't too amazing. But that may have been because of the way it was written. It wasn't written in dialect like Trainspotting was. So, maybe the movie will be better. Although the accomplishment of the movie wasn't making a good movie, but knowing which characters from the book would make the best sense in the movie. So that's what I'm looking forward to now. P had a lot of funny characters-- I'd say more than Trainspotting, just not as interestingly written.

This picture is adorable. I don't like paparazzi pictures, but at least you can't see the kids faces well. And this picture is hysterical. I almost woke people up this morning when I saw that. LOL


P.S. And hey, what do you know today's the anniversary of the Titanic sinking. I don't know what that has to do with anything, but I didn't know that. Heh.

And Happy Birthday Sean Maher! *waves Browncoat flag*
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So I saw a video today that showed me pretty much tells me all I needed to know about the state of music today. Yeah, I won't even bother turning on the radio today. I haven't listened to the radio in, oh many two months. I was hoping I was missing out on some really good stuff but apparently it's all still FOB, PATD (seriously, is that ! needed in the acronym? I say nay!) payola and urban crap. Fare thee well Z100, you were good in the 90s. Jack FM and that channel that gets re-invented every five seconds while I mourn when it used to play Loveline eternally aren't even worth it anymore.

Anyway, I realized today when I passed the Armory that I never posted all the pretty pictures of my school and whatever was filming at the Armory (which wasn't Bourne Identity anyway, but I Am Legend). Plus, a few fangirl things I noticed about my most hated hallway in school and my favorite actor. But that's all tomorrow :-p (How's that for tease?)

Dancing with the Stars is premiering now and there's an episode of How I Met Your Mother too. Dilemma much? I'll just watch HIMYM later (it's the finale, right?), because I need to watch Mills make a fool of herself and wonder if Joey has left the ham behind or if Briana still has to deal with a silly daddy. Hopefully one of the guys will come to support the Phat One, but not Ju, because just, no. Dude, was Bobbie at the Oscars? I missed her this year. :-( I still say she and JC were the best couple ever.

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Ekk! I gotta go, DWTS is on, be back later...


P.S. Ballroom blitz? Really?



Mar. 5th, 2007 03:14 pm
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There's a theme to the winter season here: It snows for five hours, covering everything for two days. Then it melts, leaving that crusty black dirty mounds along the street that are almost done melting but still need a week or so. Then it snows again. Repeat.

I just looked outside. All I see is yellow, yellow and the number two white.

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P.S. Now it stopped snowing. 0_0


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