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A fanmix to accompany [ profile] beckaandzac's fic Like We Had a Chance.

There Was One Thing Missing )

Listen to the mix on 8tracks!
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A fanmix to accompany gorgeousnerd's fic My Light is Electric.

Aere Perennius )

Listen to the mix on 8tracks!
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I was completely bored one day and decided to make fanmixes for everything, but this and a small fanmix for Cloverfield are the only ones that actually made it past "idea" phase. There's no real reasoning behind this one, so it's the most random of any fanmix I've ever made. And then I decided to divide them up by each guy, but then some overlapped. And I didn't care enough to choose one over the other.

Also, "He Loves Her" is completely missing because 1) I only have a protected file of that one on my iPod, and 2) I can't find the burned CD of Heather's album at the moment. And that song is basically Alex and Heather's relationship so I had to include it. But you know, I adore her music anyway so you should shell out the money for her "Life of the Party" album on iTunes or Amazon which includes "He Loves Her." :D

Totally Rad Mix: a fanmix )
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This mix came to me after "The Rapture" and I decided there should be a mix about Jimmy. Except then I decided to make it about Castiel and his fall... and his relationships with Jimmy and Dean. And then it evolved into songs about Castiel and Jimmy's relationships with other characters.

Angel Radio: a Supernatural fanmix )
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This fanmix has been incubating on my iPod since I marathoned the entire show last fall. I was trying to get a song for each character and then they kept introducing and taking out characters so I had to stick with the basic Walkers and their prime relationships at this point in time.

...stays together: A Brothers & Sisters mix )
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I'll be honest and say that this one started off as a thousand other Watchmen fanmixes I downloaded and then pieced together to fit all the characters. Then I realized I knew better songs for some of the characters, got really serious about it and then the playlist just sat on my iPod until it sounded right for each one.

Defenders Unseen: A Watchmen fanmix )
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This week/weekend is not what I expected it to be, but it is a good thing. I'll talk about it when it's over but right now, a few things:

I'm almost done with my fanmixes, and I'll post them sporadically since there's six of them. But I really want to replace this one song, but I can't think of another song that fits as well. I think it's because I want more of a male perspective but a bit less acoustic/folky, but still in that "third act of the romantic movie" kind of feeling. Any ideas?

And what are your favorite fonts for text icons? I can't remember if I asked this recently, I've been meaning to.

TV! I tried watching Stargate Universe but I missed a few minutes in the second half-hour and then zoned out somewhere at the hour mark, so I have to re-watch it. But it didn't feel like Stargate to me so I might not get around to watching it again until after Psych ends.

Flash Forward )

The Office )

Supernatural )

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia )

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The other night I couldn't sleep so I got around to finishing a bunch of fanmixes I've had sitting on my iPod forever. Mixes take me forever to do, because like everything else I do, I take them seriously.

My ~*~complicated fanmix process~*~, let me show you it )

In visual media news, I finally saw Brüno and Half-Blood Prince on Monday, but the real highlight of that day was discovering that they've renovated the cheap theatre in my neighborhood. There's actual stadium seating and new seats (the old ones were slashed open and lumpy from 20+ years of usage). The theatre still looks like it's from the '40s, which I always loved about it, but it's comfortable and actually worth the cheap prices now. I think the [ profile] m15m post about HBP sums up my feelings pretty well, and as for Brüno, it could've been a bit more... opaque.

Harper's Island )

I'm just about to start watching Leverage. I love Kane's music, even though I don't have a lot of it (three tracks?), but the minimum of his acting that I've seen has always been hysterically horrible to me. So I'm slightly concerned that he and Aldis Hodge are the main draws in this series for most of the fans, because I suspect it means the same thing as Harper's Island's popularity: It's a show with a bunch of people from Supernatural fandom! Which is a hypocritical thing for me to say, when I'll watch anything with someone from Firefly fandom (except Dollhouse). But I'm willing to give Leverage the benefit of the doubt, even if I wouldn't normally have given it a passing glance. Which says something, I imagine.

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This took me forever-- as my flist can attest to. And then I kind of forgot about it over the summer...

But finally, here it is-- my BrOTP fanmix.

I don't even know what's with the title. It sounded artistic or poetic, I guess but I thought it up too long ago.

Unlikely Guardians of the Heart: A BrOTP Fanmix )
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Are there fanmixes using the artist's own damn songs? I dunno, but since these two have such cryptic songs, they all kind of fit together. If only the chronology of the songs fit together. But who knows, maybe in Bandonia Gabilliam is the equivalent of Elizabeth Taylor.

Encryption: A Gabilliam fanmix )
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My cracky mind strikes again! LMAO, I was actually working on this all week. I made a "on-the-go" playlist as I scrolled through my iPod and then just narrowed it down from the 77 I had (at one point there was four Fiona Apple songs and a Hanson song). :-p And then I separated them into point of views, etc.

And then came the cover art. Which was actually easier than the fanmix itself, which I guess makes sense?

I over-analyze a lot. But it's still fun. Oh, and the bonus track? Started this whole idea. Best find ever.

Vortex: A Dimon fanmix ) I have no shame, why do you ask?



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