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I've been meaning to make a post since Friday. I'm horrible.

- I cut my hair! I really meant to make a post asking for options on which cut to get, but I never got around to it and settled on this, which translated to my salon as Rihanna meets Halle Berry. It didn't come out as epic as that girl's, but I like it. It's so much easier to maintain when I wash it and the breeze when it's windy is AWESOME.

- I'm going to Boston this weekend! Divya and I are going to the comic con. I'm cosplaying Ramona Flowers again just because I don't have anything else ready. But Boston! I love you and have missed you. The four hour bus ride I have not, but what can you do!

- I work in a television station. Two of the shows we produce tend to have artists on the last segment. Most of the time it's just locals or returning oldies. But sometimes there is pure talent that is definitely going places. One of my favorites, JT Maple, is performing on Wednesday night. I keep saying I'd make it out to all his shows and haven't been to one yet, so I'm making it a point this time. The tickets are $15, so if anyone is in NYC that night and wants to come along, let me know. I know I've reblogged his segment from one of our shows on Tumblr, but here is another of his videos:

I pretty much think he's the second coming of John Mayer.

Anyway, there are other great singers that stand out, like Vin Keatin (not really my thing, but it grows on you--and his voice is amazing), Danny Spadaro (who was on X Factor or something, idk, poppy teenage singers are my jam, obviously) and Khalid Rivera (auto-play alert on that link) (LOL [ profile] squoctobird, HE WAS IN POULTRYGEIST).

And today we had Devin Bing, who proceeded to capture the hearts of me and another girl for the rest of the day. We looked him up on YouTube and were like, "BUY ALL THE SONGS." So yeah, here's that rec:

His original stuff online sounds a bit 90s R&B, but his cover/remakes are fun and the song he did this morning was AMAZING (it's the last segment, around 45 mins in). He's playing at a jazz club on the 29th, too. Pros about local talent--they will always be playing nearby! Cons about local talent--THE GIGS STILL COST MONEY.

- In other news, my sister and I are slowly working through the Harry Potter movies (she'd only seen the first three), and by slowly I mean we watched SS and COS on Sunday, POA and GOF Monday, and OOTP and HBP this last Sunday. It's fun to watch them grow up and it's almost impossible for me to not get wrock songs with lyrics that are direct quotes stuck in my head.

- Speaking of HP, if you're just getting Pottermore, add me! I'm fireboltlight136. I'm not on much, but I plan to be once the next book opens up! Or if you want to duel, because... points, amirite.

Oh, also this happened and is possibly the greatest cover of my new favorite song.I didn't think they could make that song work, but they did and it's still classic Goot and Sugg dorkiness and I love it a lot. #friendship!
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