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Tomorrow is Halloween and I don't have more than an idea for a costume. I'm past giving a shit at this point. With the recent snow I doubt it'll be warm enough for what I was planning, and given how it rains every time [ profile] splits_thesky and I meet up, it'll probably be wet, too.

There's so many movies out I want to see but I don't have the will to get up and go see them or the attention span to bother downloading older movies to watch here. This weekend has been pretty depressing for me. I've been productive, but I feel hopeless and lame. I'm looking forward to drinks tomorrow because I sort of need that right now.

There are some bright spots at work, but other things make it not so great. But what else is new.

Have a video:
Read more... )

Happy Halloween!
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More things:

- Diggnation is ending in December. I know most don't care, but I posted most of my thoughts via Twitter yesterday. I'm behind by almost a year, but I'm glad there were more episodes. It was supposed to end last December and when it didn't, I was glad. They probably won't come back to NYC, but I'm glad they at least made it here--they always talked about doing tours, college or otherwise, around the US/world and never did. I'm much more okay with it ending now than I was when they announced last year that they were going to stop soon. And with that chapter of their lives closing, so does mine. It's time for me to move on and maybe be more of a producer of entertainment and not so much a consumer.

- To that end, my fall schedule isn't much. Right now I'm just downloading all the aired episodes of new stuff to see if I like them but I'm not keeping up with a lot of my old shows. It's weird, but the only ones I'm keeping are It's Always Sunny, Archer, and Modern Family. Well, I'm keeping others that don't really adhere to summer/fall seasons too, like Leverage and my USA shows (not Psych, though, I've finally given up on that one). But I'm testing out 2 Broke Girls, Whitney, Person of Interest, Revenge, Suburgatory and Once Upon A Time. I was going to watch Playboy's Club but it's already canceled so TROLOLOL MAKE MY LIFE EASIER. Hopefully I'll have time to watch them all on Friday!

- Alex Goot is my herrooooo. I don't think I knew he covered this song, but STARS IN MY EYES FOREVER, GOOT. <33333 (Youtube is being weird, so you only get a link. :/ )
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I've been meaning to make an entry for a while. Can't remember what my proposed topics were.

I did want to showcase some youtube videos I adored lately. If you're friends with me on Facebook (you should be, if you aren't), you've probably seen the posts that go through when I like or favorite a YT vid.

Youtube videos under here )

Anyone have any suggestions for digital cameras? I'm not buying one anytime soon but I really am due for an upgrade and DSLR cameras are still quite out of my price range. I would look at reviews but other than brand loyalty I wouldn't know where to start.

Also, I am just realizing that Rock Band 3 is out, and while I got over the fascination of the rhythm games, I DO WANT THE PRO EXPERIENCE so I'm looking into saving up for that game, too. Also I hear the customization is killer on the create-a-character thing, so that's always fun. *forever a Sims girl*

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Livejournal, you have returned! Except that.... you haven't. I can post but I can't read my flist. Boo.

This week flew by but was also interesting. Since everything I usually do is related to LJ in some way, down to watching TV that isn't live, I was on YouTube finally getting around to watching a bunch of things like A Very Potter Musical/Sequel and Echo Base CA-related videos, like all the guys' VEDAs and most of the music videos.

Let's talk about Starkid for a second. Darren Criss is cool, and I enjoy his dorkiness and creativity, but I don't really enjoy a lot of his original songs outside of AVPS/AVPS. His fans tend to annoy me on Tumblr and Glee is another issue. Joey Richter on the other hand is a beautiful, beautiful man that I prefer to just stare at while he speaks. He sort of reminds me of Samm Levine mixed with Jared Padalecki and a dash of teddy bear. Just look at him:

Under here )

Ugh, I love.

Also, I am addicted to "Stutter" and Joe Walker's Umbridge. I'm not sure why that's the character I walked away with the most amount of love for, but it happened. I do like Snape and Draco (LAUREN LOPEZ IS REALLY HOT, I DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW A WIG CHANGES THAT), too, but UMBRIDGE. <33 And I'm not sure if this is an unpopular opinion but I think the sequel is better if only because the songs are nicer and there are a lot more human moments in it than in the first one, which was sillier. And it is my plan this weekend to learn the dance moves to this:

Stutter at LeakyCon )

Now wizard rock. I'm really upset that I got this into wizard rock this late. I should've been paying more attention when I started downloading things back in 2007/2008. The Remus Lupins are apparently disbanded now and Alex is now in Ministry of Magic (my favorite group, so not all that bad?) and the Harry and the Potters are still going strong, but I just missed the Con Tour in early July and I feel like all the bands might be stopping now that the movies are over and there isn't more canon to come in any respect (except for Pottermore, maybe?). I mean, I can't even find the MySpaces of some of my older faves. At least I got to see a bunch of them at the Wizard Rock Festival in November and I'm seeing Harry and the Potters tomorrow. And I really wish I could go to wrockstock but it's too far. My consolation prize is that people like Jason Munday and Alex Carpenter are still making nerdcore music, so I have that, if I don't have wizard rock. I wish more fandoms had their version of wizard rock. Doctor Who has trock but I have tried various times to watch Doctor Who and it didn't grab me. I don't even have a major fandom right now, but I would dive into one if there was a music scene, probably. So right now, my biggest fascination is the guys from Ministry of Magic/Echo Base LA and their friends.

I can't even go through all the favorite parts from their vlogs, but basically, here are their Youtube channels: < who is also friends with Ray William Johnson of =3? Weirdddd.

Some of them have channels strictly for their vlogs and/or music.

I also watched all of My Drunk Kitchen, finally and now I sort of want to vlog myself cooking. Not necessarily drunk, but she makes it look hysterical and fun...

I've spent today thinking of new layouts for all my social network accounts. I went and found fonts for a logo, color palettes from, design schemes from various Google searches, the dimensions and size of each image file I'd need.... and now I realize I don't really use Youtube, Twitter doesn't really need a professional background, LJ and Tumblr I just recently re-did and Vimeo doesn't do customizing. :/ So I just made backgrounds for Youtube and Twitter for whenever I decide I need to start using them. I did re-do my page and I'm still thinking of a better, more personal and unique background for that one, so it's just an artsy, hipster background for now.
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Happy early Memorial Day to my fellow Americans.

My weekend has been okay. Mostly me sitting around wishing I could go shopping but ending up just watching movies that were ultimately boring in every way. I'm craving tofu and I'm about to hop off the computer and just read. I've been meaning to read more this year and none of my other hobbies are pulling at me, so I might as well return to writing and reading. Maybe Sundays and every other night hopefully. I'm going to make it a habit to jump into the kitchen at least twice a week and make a meal for everyone, too. They may not enjoy it, because it'll be mostly vegetarian dishes, but it's a start. A start at doing things for others finally and not always being all about me.

I have a few ideas for stories, too. Mostly based on RPF ships but AUs... which is basically original fiction anyway. So it comes full circle.

This post isn't really much of anything. Uh, for your time: my nephew turned me onto Ray William Johnson and his Equal Three show on YouTube and then onto Your Favorite Martian songs and this is one of my favorites from him. I've probably posted it before but I've been listening to Childish Gambino's "Rolling in the Deep" remix and this all weekend, so...
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NSFW video--but funny! )
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Like I expected, not much to say on TV other than My Boys was hysterical. Bobby <333

I leave for Washington DC in a few hours! Technically first I have to meet up with [ profile] splits_thesky and then tomorrow we leave for DC. But I'll be gone until Sunday afternoon/night. I'm not sure of the internet situation but I'll most likely drop in a few voice posts and tweets through the weekend. I also have my phone so I should be able to get comments/texts/etc. if you need to reach me.

*is excited*

Not-really-related video )
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This spring weather is doing amazing things for my sanity. I find myself smiling a lot more lately than I have in a while. I'm a lot less stressed, much more invigorated (although part of that's probably the spring break, too), etc. I want to do internet spring cleaning, but I don't have time right now.

Those of you who watch/know anime/manga, what does it mean when you can't see the character's eyes? Like this? Does it mean anything? I can't find anything on tvtropes about it. I'm reading it as they're shady or ashamed, but there's other tropes for that, and in that particular scene Kazahaya is just walking neutrally, so I'm confused.

Wow, remember when I didn't even care about anime? WHAT IS THIS YEAR? I've got three series on my laptop to watch this weekend alone along with five manga series bookmarked on my phone's Manga Browser. It's like 2010 hit and Japanese culture invaded my heart. Anyway.

I got my instructions for graduation next month and now I can't help seeing the end in sight. It's exciting!

And I finally got myself a new layout! It's been up for about two weeks, but I only just decided on a header I liked. I was going to do rotating headers, but I like my rotating headers to have a similar theme and the ones I was making were all over the board. It's been a while since I had a Psych-only header, anyway.

Oh, and Bijou is sick, lol. She had a vet appointment on Thursday and I guess they gave her kennel cough accidentally via the shot used to prevent it, because she's got a runny nose (lol idk dogs with running noses are kinda still adorable, even if I'm the one constantly cleaning her nostrils) and keeps coughing (which we all thought was just her retching at first, because it's the same sound). I've never had a dog get their version of the common cold before and it's kind of hysterical and adorable at once. I think it's stupid that they even have bothered giving her that shot, because she doesn't go anywhere or go near anything that would give her kennel cough anyway.

How To Make It In America )

Lost )

V )

Here, have some super-short but cool videos I saw on The Digg Reel (which I'm also still behind on) )


Dec. 24th, 2009 11:42 pm
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And I'm finally in the Christmas spirit. Better late than never? That's what midnight mass'll do to you, apparently (they had a donkey and a llama!!!).

Month of December meme )

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Last night I had another random dream.

Dream )

Anyway, I wasn't around last night because I got sleepy at midnight and got excited I was sleepy early. So here's that month meme.

Month of December meme )

Now back to Gunslinger Girl, which is depressing and slightly boring, but intriguing enough to for me to want to finish.


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Because I suddenly have more than one video to link you guys to, an lj-cut, even though it's two embedded videos and a link )

Lost )

The Office )

Supernatural )

Psych )

lol, I'm such a dork. I shuffled to the kitchen and I got a shock from the faucet. I quickly realized it might be because I shuffled in socks and shuffled in place again just to see if that whole sock thing actually works on linoleum. IT DOES.

The internet is pretty quite lately. I don't know what's up. I'm going to spend early Saturday morning partying. And by partying I mean watching a movie.


CYOA 2.0

Nov. 16th, 2008 12:52 am
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I only had one of those Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid-- which was simultaneously the only Goosebumps book I ever owned.

But even I was pretty amused by this:

The Time Machine

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I've been ripping videos for my iPod all day, but the PG versions of Tenacious D's "Classico" and "Beezelboss" are cracking me up. I would think it'd be harder to make PG versions of all the songs than it would be to just bleep stuff out. So I'm enjoying the musical creativity that is the D. I would not be above getting the clean version of the CDs just for the lulz.

One of those quiz memes I've seen around town/LJ )

That picture really makes me ache for my own dice set. I don't even play D&D (yet).

Anyway, I'm cleaning up my icons too, and I really need some new Heroes icons. I only have S1 Hiro and Peter icons and lulzy icons about the rest of the cast. Who are your favorite Heroes iconmakers? Also, perhaps Entourage, if anyone knows of any icon artists in that fandom.

Totally unrelated but I love xkcd. I can't wait for the Ghostbusters game.

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Wow my day sucked and then it didn't... then it did. Then not.

My dad got me Slither! Ahaha I spent the day watching all the extras, but had to stop when my nephew came over since it's rated R. Then I actually played Midnight Club 3 for the first time in the longest because I FORGOT that my Sin City themed ride was an Impala. So I had to copy the car and make a Winchester themed Impala that looks almost like that Metallicar, except the model is a '64 and not '67 like the real one(s) is(are). I played that and then Cars (I was in an auto-mood today apparently).

And then I couldn't find Pets anywhere. So I have to wait another week apparently. Blah. And then I watched a bunch of Supernatural fan vids that made me happy. And then I found out that NBC isn't even going to bother airing the rest of Kidnapped on air, but only online. In which case I'd prefer for the entire network to burn a fiery death. I hate you, NBC, more than I could ever despise The WB. I'm going to watch Heroes and Studio 60 and that is it. No more NBC shows for me. If I like it, I'll torrent it. **** you.

Here's a few YouTube videos that I think rock (some creators have them downloadable, but the majority love that low-quality jazz so...):
The history of dance, LOL
LOTR fanvid by [ profile] ikaci =)
Witchcraft - SPN fanvid
Forever More - SPN fanvid
Make This Go On Forever - SPN fanvid

Those last two videos have the same song, but they're different videos.

LOST. DOUBLE YOU. TEE. EFF. (spoilers for tonight's ep) )


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