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I've been meaning to make a post since Friday. I'm horrible.

- I cut my hair! I really meant to make a post asking for options on which cut to get, but I never got around to it and settled on this, which translated to my salon as Rihanna meets Halle Berry. It didn't come out as epic as that girl's, but I like it. It's so much easier to maintain when I wash it and the breeze when it's windy is AWESOME.

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- I'm going to Boston this weekend! Divya and I are going to the comic con. I'm cosplaying Ramona Flowers again just because I don't have anything else ready. But Boston! I love you and have missed you. The four hour bus ride I have not, but what can you do!

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- In other news, my sister and I are slowly working through the Harry Potter movies (she'd only seen the first three), and by slowly I mean we watched SS and COS on Sunday, POA and GOF Monday, and OOTP and HBP this last Sunday. It's fun to watch them grow up and it's almost impossible for me to not get wrock songs with lyrics that are direct quotes stuck in my head.

- Speaking of HP, if you're just getting Pottermore, add me! I'm fireboltlight136. I'm not on much, but I plan to be once the next book opens up! Or if you want to duel, because... points, amirite.

Oh, also this happened and is possibly the greatest cover of my new favorite song.I didn't think they could make that song work, but they did and it's still classic Goot and Sugg dorkiness and I love it a lot. #friendship!
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I feel like there are things I should talk about but nothing I really want to discuss. In general I've been feeling moody and unwanted, and that's never good. When I get home I just plop onto my bed until 1) I need to tend to Starly 2) Someone texts me and I have to reach for my phone 3) I remember something I needed to do on the computer I can't do at work 4) dinner or 5) I need to get ready for bed, if I get home past 10PM.

It's not good for all the plans I had to be productive this month, but what can you do.

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The other exciting thing this week was the idea that "Fifty Shades of Grey" is on the NYTimes Bestsellers lists. And I don't actually care for Twilight or this book in general, but I love that it was a fanfiction story that was re-chopped and turned into a publishable novel and now it's getting a movie deal. That's HUGE! I wish it was another fandom because the Twilight fandom is enough facepalm and current media darling for even MORE attention on it. But I also feel like fanfiction is still looked upon as this dirty, smutty secret of the internet written by sad, little denizens of their parents' basements. And then this sort of validates fanfiction as a decent hobby. I mean, this old Naomi Novik article (I HAVEN'T READ TEMERAIRE BUT I PROMISE TO [...[ profile] splits_thesky], AS SOON AS I'M DONE WITH THE HUNGER GAMES, WHICH IN TURN IS HAPPENING WHEN I'M DONE WITH SHERLOCK CANON) and the comments represent the war I imagine happening between fandom and the mainstream media, and I think the success of "Fifty Shades of Grey" is a giant leap forward for fandom. Also, the fact that it's not even readily in print format, but still hit the bestseller list? AWESOME. I almost want to read it except that it doesn't sound like an AU I'd go for in a fandom I was in. Is it bad that I'm championing this? Whatever.

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I was trying to wait until I finished reading all the Sherlock Holmes stories, but I couldn't wait any longer. I'm only through to The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes and Tumblr and Twitter were driving me mad.

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Right. I'm going to go watch Leverage's half-season that I missed.
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I'm doing a job search and trying to make business cards but I just scrapped the whole design I had spent a month on because I think I should wait until my production company has a legit name. And now I'm fighting between making cards just to give out to friends and people I meet and business cards for when people stop me when I'm on a shoot and wonder what I'm doing. Then I have to shop around for the best deal on printing a bunch of these babies. And possibly getting some cards, too. It's like being productive in the most off-handed way possible.

While I'm doing that, I'm also going through all the new shows I have been wanting to check out. So far Revenge and Person of Interest and 2 Broke Girls are out (sorry Kat Dennings, I can't deal with how unfunny this is), Whitney is my new My Boys in terms of characters I relate to (also hai, Chris D'Elia, plz to be more places) and I'm thisclose to getting back into HIMYM and Psych because I miss the shows. Rather, I keep seeing ads for HIMYM while watching FX Shows and it kills me to not know what's going on with those crazy NY transplants and I saw a Psych trailer and I got angry that I wouldn't be seeing the new episodes it featured. Also out: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I watched six episodes back to back and didn't laugh once.

Next up is catching up on HBO shows: Hung, How To Make It In America and Bored to Death tomorrow, then Wilfred, Leverage and Alphas next week.
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Accidental hiatus! Sorry, last week I don't even remember what happened, and then we had the day off on Monday so I was enjoying that and cleaning out my bookmarks and Instapaper links and that kind of stuff. I think I mentioned that. Then it was my mom's birthday Thursday so I was running around looking for another birthday idea because our plan to get an iPad crapped out (my dad told me he didn't have enough saved up--which, wait, WHY NOT, how much is he actually getting here, I hope it's more than me; I can't believe that my sister is actually carrying us all here). Then my mom got sick and I had to go to the New York Comic Con to do camera for my job (I wanted to go, obviously. It was supposed to be shoot Thursday and Friday, enjoy the next two days. It ended up being shoot Thursday, Friday and half of Saturday because of one panel they wanted me to cover. I ended up interviewing the guy from The Group That Shall Not Be Named, the HP Meetup group from NYC that I have yet to actually officially join, the CGI Supervisor, an actor from Red Tails, this Lucasfilm movie on the Tuskagee Airmen that looks AWESOME, etc. We got some cool footage and I got some free stuff from the Rockstar booth and random shirts from I had planned on seeing panels all day Saturday and Sunday but work and my underestimation of the popularity of Bone and Miku Hatsune interfered.

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And I was going to catch up on Tumblr and TV but trololol I have to go to bed now.
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I thought I'd have more things to talk about this week than I do at this point in time. Um. I saw Our Idiot Brother this week with a friend. It was pretty lame, but we got in for free.

Can you guys start giving me your Pottermore names? I haven't gotten my email yet, but I think it'd be best to have everyone's names handy for when I do get it and can do something with them. This is why I have to be a Ravenclaw. I hear the sorting hat is a joke and potions is the worst, so I'm not looking forward to that. But I'm still mildly excited for the whole experience. I'll probably get in the day before it opens, at this rate.

Bought a bunch of DFTBA artist albums the other day. Luke Conard and Skyway Flyer, All Caps' B Min/E and Lowercase (just for Trainers in Love), singles by Meekakitty and Winter Spring Pro (which turned out to be on Luke's album anyway, he just named it differently).

There was a failure of a flash mob yesterday where I work. They announced it and then waited until the music was turned off, gathered up in a group and started to dance. MISSING THE POINT. But it was cool and I got to hang out with some co-workers while we got free pizza, water and sodas. I was trying to avoid buying lunch for the day. It didn't work, though. I ended up going back out for sushi thirty minutes later.

Also, in two weeks I'm going to Chicago! So city tips, air travel/airplane tips would be awesome. Last time I was on a plane it was 1994, so I'm assuming things have changed A LOT since then--especially after 9/11.
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So I'm about to go shopping online for some new essentials (external passport hard drive, monitoring headset, new cage for my birdy, etc) but I wanted to pass these things along:

- I am now part of Pottermore? I wasn't even going to try to bother until October, and then [ profile] splits_thesky got all excited about it yesterday and made one for me today! My username is FireboltLight136. Now to wait for my owl welcome letter.


A few months ago a director was on the show I work on and spoke about his new film about Latinos in The Bronx that was shot in The Bronx. I was really excited to hear anything about it, and [ profile] justspaz may remember me flipping out when they gave out flyers at Pride. Now there's a trailer, I understand why they were at Pride. And I'm even more excited because the director, Rashaad came back today to promote the opening of the film--the premiere is tomorrow at my favorite movie theatre in The Bronx and brought Esai Morales along. It was a big event and we pulled it off. I'm pretty excited and plan on seeing the movie as soon as I can--hopefully this weekend, because as they say, money talks on opening weekend. If you're in or around NYC and can see it, you should! And if it's not playing anywhere near you, request a screening! I know it worked for Paranormal Activity and that movie wasn't nearly as important as this one (in terms of topics, subject matter, etc), so I KNOW it can happen for GRH.
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I feel like I should make an entry about TV this last week but I don't really have anything to say. White Collar was ADORABLE, Psych was decent and everything else was enjoyable for what it was. Actually, I haven't watched my Sunday shows yet. If there's anything to say about them, I'll update again. I doubt it.

I'm just sort of in a bummer mood. Work is over and there aren't any more summer events at my school. There's my trip to DC with [ profile] splits_thesky coming up, but three days seems so far away when you take it an hour at a time. And my legs hurt from all the running/walking/dancing/etc. I did this weekend. I've been lying around listening to music--which is the least active activity in my repertoire--and staring at the calendar.

/cool story bro


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