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I've been meaning to make an entry for a while. Can't remember what my proposed topics were.

I did want to showcase some youtube videos I adored lately. If you're friends with me on Facebook (you should be, if you aren't), you've probably seen the posts that go through when I like or favorite a YT vid.

Youtube videos under here )

Anyone have any suggestions for digital cameras? I'm not buying one anytime soon but I really am due for an upgrade and DSLR cameras are still quite out of my price range. I would look at reviews but other than brand loyalty I wouldn't know where to start.

Also, I am just realizing that Rock Band 3 is out, and while I got over the fascination of the rhythm games, I DO WANT THE PRO EXPERIENCE so I'm looking into saving up for that game, too. Also I hear the customization is killer on the create-a-character thing, so that's always fun. *forever a Sims girl*

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When I was younger, I used to get stuck doing quizzes on Quizilla, OKCupid and all those quiz/meme sites for hours. I guess that has been replaced by I almost never click on links because I know I will be there for longer than I actually have time for, just by going through the random articles at the bottom of each page.

Last night was one of those nights. Here are some of the ones I read.

The 6 Creepiest Places on Earth.
The 5 Creepiest Unsolved Crimes Nobody Can Explain. (The #2 and #1 are the least weird, in my opinion. #1 is obviously some sort of a cult.)
15 Grossly Mis-leading Movie Posters. I just... what.
20 Baffling Foreign Movie Posters.
6 Horrifying Implications of Awesome Fantasy Movie Universes. I NEVER EVEN THOUGHT ABOUT LOTR LIKE THAT. D:

Also, etymology is one of my interests, so the Online Etymology Dictionary is another time-sucker for me. Most of the time I'll look up a word there and end up clicking on all the related words and their related words.... you get the idea. But the etymology of "fuck" is confusing as all hell.

Enough about last night. Today was the start of E3 (for me--yesterday was Microsoft, but I don't have an Xbox so why would I care?), and my mind is BLOWN. All I was expecting from Nintendo was Zelda and some ridiculous casual games, but we got some amazing games announced. A new Metroid? Donkey Kong Country? KIRBY? KID ICARUS? MARIO HOCKEY?!!? (it's packaged with other sports but I WILL TAKE IT, REGGIE, SIR.) I never played Goldeneye, but if people wanted Goldeneye now, they could just play Halo or COD4. I think people are excited anyway, but it's kind of too late to get people on the Wii. And I have never even heard of Golden Sun, and the title sounds like a Twilight rip-off. *ducks* Next year, Nintendo? I expect some Battletoads.

I was hoping for Beyond Good and Evil 2, but so far nothing. I haven't seen Sony's press conference yet, which is when I'd assume that would be announced, but I'd have heard about BG&E2 through Twitter if it had been announced. Twisted Metal and Killzone 3 is sweet though... I guess.

Speaking of BG&E2, Revision3 is re-launching their site as a sort of social network hybrid. I don't really understand it, but I updated my stuff and started following people. I'm going to add it to my contact entry, but here's my profile anyway.

And now I will go catch up on my TV shows. :)

P.S. Do I usually end up using my Zelda icon for E3 posts? I feel like I do.
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Sometimes I get a hankering to play an MMO or a RPG pen and paper game, and I spend a day or two looking up games. Inevitably it turns out all the cool MMOs I'm interested in are either paid or only for PCs, and pen and papers always look too daunting. I'd play LJ/forum-style RPGs but I always seem to be the game-killer and I'd much rather the strategy and point system of a real RPG (despite the fact that I cannot stand turn-based RPGs). I also regret not delving further into the realm of Magic: The Gathering. I have a Portal starter set and I never did anything with it after my dad and I played two games. It's frustrating.

(Also, I have just found out about the world of dressing room RPGs. Will investigate that in depth later.)

Royal Pains and Burn Notice premiered today. I caught up with In Plain Sight, too. I love USA Network. Although I did a bit of "soul searching" after Lost ended, because I was just sitting there looking at the list of shows I watch and was like, "Which of these really matter to me the way Lost did?" I decided that I don't actually care that much about In Plain Sight or Royal Pains. But Royal Pains has enough mystery (lol sharks and daddy issues, Losties would be right at home) to keep me around, and well, IPS has Mary and Marshall.

I did a bit of link cleaning, too. I finally deleted my old blackdiamants site, for those of you who even know what that was. I tried importing it to my Wordpress but it didn't work out so well. I'm still not sure what to do with Wordpress though. I might just delete that too and revamp Tumblr. We'll see.
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I didn't post on Saturday but it was James Roday's birthday. I usually make a picspam, but the man himself joined Twitter last week, so I just tweeted him a birthday wish. I kinda feel bad breaking a tradition, but it's a picspam, not a holiday parade. Also, it may not exactly be Jason Schwartzman (it's allegedly him and two staffers at Young Baby Records, although I wasn't aware they had staff), but @CoconutRecrds is on Twitter, so that's something.

I realize that there's a bit of a Twitter backlash lately and I realize that it might be because of the LoudTwitter posts. I know how annoying those can be, since I'm on Twitter and don't feel like reading everything twice. I usually skip the LoudTwitter posts, but it still takes up space on my flist. So for those Firefox users tired of those posts, I wanna point you to a Greasemonkey script called LJ-Twitterless. It doesn't get all of them, at least not for me. But it helps.

I saw Monster Vs. Aliens this weekend, and everyone in the house keeps quoting B.O.B.'s lines. :D I want an animated icon of B.O.B. with the jello at the end but I have no idea where to get caps or an icon. Coincidentally, I'm now in a Seth Rogen phase now, so I decided that this first week of spring break (it starts Wednesday and goes until the 20th) will be about the Apatow crew and finally watching all of Freaks & Geeks and Undeclared and then watching The Spiderwick Chronicles and Horton Hears A Who for Seth's V.O.s. :) Next week will be wrapping up Mad Men, Touching Evil, and starting either Queer As Folk or Friday Night Lights.

It turns out that I don't have much to say about TV. But here's thoughts on HIMYM, Big Bang )

I haven't even gotten around to re-watching Lost. BUT THE GAME, HAHA OMG. I got Via Domus because it was the cheapest game they had that I wanted at Toys R' Us, even if it was bad. The first moment you see Michael, I was like, "Hey, I'm going to ask him about Walt." So I walk up to him and click the button and he immediately goes, "I can't find my boy. Waaaaalllttt!" I about died laughing. The acting is okay, it just doesn't go with the stunted animations worthy of early PS2 games, so everything sounds like... the Resident Evil 1 school of acting. Or Iron Man. "TONY! MEN! WITH GUNS! OUTSIDEEE." "STAY. INSIDE! PEPPER." lolol, licensed games will never not be funny. I still want Watchmen: The End Is Nigh, Rorschach's rage burst and all. Don't judge me.

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I want to apologize in advance if I don't comment too much in the coming weeks. This cloud over me doesn't seem to be going away and I need to combat it somehow. I don't want to end up taking it out on you guys, but if I do, I'm sorry.

Big Love )

Big Bang Theory )

Chuck )

Lost )

And because I spent a good twenty minutes trying to get the pictures off the PS3, you get to look at all my favorite LBP costumes.

A lot of pictures, but also really low-res and tiny )

I just started getting relaxed and now I have twenty minutes before I should be in bed. WTF. This is the worst school schedule I've ever made in terms of sleeping. At least other semesters I had days that started late. All three days I have classes, I have to be up at 7am. GRRRR.

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I woke up and just sat there with all my birthday cards, which were pretty cool. Total of $130 dollars and $55 in AMC and BNN giftcards, Three's Company season five, Aqua Teen Hunger Force season one, a few samples from Sephora (lol, sister), a Happy Bunny notepad that says, "not listening!" and some scrunchies and banana clips because mine are always snapping (thick, curly hair will do that). Also Guitar Hero World Tour, obviously. And I might add that I'm already on medium difficulty on guitars, and expert on voice, due to all the Karaoke games. Drums... a bit harder, which is weird because they're my favorite rock instrument! I wanna be in an online bandddd, why does no one have a PS3 (don't answer that)!

A huge thank you, as always, to everyone who sent me wishes. I love you guys a lot.

Also, why aren't the Jonas Brothers in that Disney Sing It game? FAIL, DISNEY. I would've bought that up if it had "Burning Up" on it. :/ Camp Rock my butt, "Play My Music" isn't even as good as their worst song. Anyway, the real decision '09: Should I save for a Blu-Ray/DVD player or just buy a few games for the PS3? I'm thinking BioShock, GTAIV, and Little Big Planet. But I'm lazy and don't want to continue having to turn on the computer just to watch a movie-- because then the internet always distracts me and it takes five hours to watch one movie, unless I cut all ties to the internet for two hours-- which can't happen, apparently.

I would do that Target sale of HIMYM S1-3 for $45, but the reruns just started on Lifetime today, so really, it's not necessary.

SciFi is giving this week-long, ends-at-5pm-and-starts-too-early-the-next-day-for-an-insomniac" type of SGA marathon and they played some kick-ass episodes today. I forgot that it came back last Friday, but I'm not going to watch it until Friday, so I can cry like a baby during the (now, for me) two-hour finale and then (hopefully, omg it better be a happy episode) get cheered up by Psych.

I'm still hungry, though.

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It's times like yesterday that I remember how much I depend on the internet.

Everyone here at LJ was either freaking out for or laughing at the release of the new Twilight book a few days ago. So when my parents and I went shopping yesterday, I was a bit hesitant to venture into Barnes N Nobles for fear of the crowds. We ended up there anyway and BNN was just as empty as it usually is. Most of the preteen girls were in the manga section as usual. It was amusing, but also a sad reminder of how un-fandomy my county is. We get big crowds for movies, Harry Potter books and the Yankees. Anything else, move along.

And I'm really upset with my Harold & Kumar movies. My dad bought the R-rated first movie for me in March and yesterday we got the unrated version of the sequel-- but the one-disc edition. Of course I never noticed the differences until after I'd opened them. So, that's fun. Once I track down the correct editions, I'll sell these two at Hollywood Video.

I had dreams full of puzzles and riddles last night. It was annoying, but I plan on having many more restless and frustrating nights because this game is too addicting. Damn you, Layton! And Nintendo needs to correct this only-WEP thing. Am I a person who wants to be hacked? No, and I won't compromise that just to play with my DS online!

I'd also like another version of this game, but until then this flash rip-off will do.


P.S. In Plain Sight was amazing yesterday! Loveskies.
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The last two days were the conferences at E3, which continues for the rest of the week. I ignored Microsoft completely but I saw bits and pieces about it on Twitter. Today was Nintendo and Sony's turns. Nintendo was lame. When the best thing Nintendo has to offer is a new Animal Crossing, that's bad. I've never played Animal Crossing before but I wanted the Wii version for a long time. The Wii Music and Wii Sports Resort are okay but they're not decent games. Everything else was already coming out and wasn't a big surprise. I missed the part about Wii Speak or whatever, but since I want Animal Crossing I'll probably hear about it in depth later. It was kind of nice seeing Shaun White's game but I don't really play sports games on the Wii and as much as I will buy it without questions asked, the GTA: Chinatown Wars game seems a bit odd. The graphics will be worse than the PSP games!

And those statistics about girl gamers bothered me, because Nintendo is too focused on the amount of girls playing video games. I don't want more cutesy children's games disguised as games aimed at women. The best thing any corporation could do to invite more girl gamers is make stronger heroines like Samus and Lara Croft without the T&A that so strongly veers to the male demographic. I don't mind the T&A but I'm sure that alienates more girls (or their parental units) than the shooting and blood.

Nothing about a new DS (DS Lite is still selling strongly) so I guess my new black one is mine for a bit while longer.

Sony was amazing though. If I didn't want PS3 already... and the PSP games actually look enticing. I only use my PSP for mobile Twittering and quick access to the internet. If I had bought a iPod touch in January instead of the classic I would've sold my PSP already. But then again, I love Infected and Loco Roco too much to lose them. This is why I still have my Game Gear-- I still like the three games I have for it.

Felicia Day twittered about Dr. Horrible breaking the internet and I was pleased. I can't wait for tonight. And look! I'll wait until the last act before deciding which side I'm on ;) but the Captain Hammer tee looks kinda awesome. And the Hammer groupie shirt seems to be winning in popularity so far, based on the shirts left in stock.

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Last night I was out of my mind with boredom. I think my instant gratification disease is attacking again. There's so many things I want to do but all of them take more time than I'm willing to spend on a single thing. I want entertainment right here, right now. Eventually I gave up just wasting time and ended up-- at 4am, mind you-- making a background for Twitter, re-doing my LJ layout and staring at my Twitter pic wondering whether I should change it, too. I had a few dreams but they're all jumbled right now since everyone kept waking me up about every five minutes and I don't know which dream was which.

Something is wrong with the world when Downey and Hugh Jackman receive stars on the Walk of Fame in the same year. I don't know what the criteria is, but is Hugh Jackman really that deserving so soon? As far as I can tell he's only been around since 2000. I awww'd about Macy and Huffman getting stars the same year. And lol @ Tinkerbell and the Village People.

I don't know why I was so late to the party but this (seemingly) dead fic-a-thon is pretty interesting to go through. I feel odd with films like Zodiac, Good Night, Good Luck and Fur which are about real people. You'd think it'd be like RPF and that it wouldn't be weird to me because I don't mind RPF, but just the idea of there being fics about these movies is weirding me out. Especially Fur since that in itself was an AU fanfic on celluloid. I wonder how Arbus's family feels about that movie. My views on fan fiction have changed lately, anyway. I'm more interested in anything that's not slash. And my flist being what it is, that is very hard to find! Not that I'm frustrated by it, it's just an amusing fact.

Now that I'm reminded of other creepy subject matter, I was having a conversation with my dad the other day about the CGI in The Incredible Hulk and I mentioned the uncanny valley and had to explain the theory to him. We started talking about how it's creepy when animals show signs of intelligence like when you go to the zoo and the gorillas wave or wink at you or when you're trying to squash a roach and it plays dead so you leave it alone. And I figure that the reason humans find humanoid robots and animals so creepy is because we have a superiority complex. Dad mentioned this Nat Geo program we watched in March about how gorillas have faster memory than humans and I said that that's not creepy because we assume it's a necessary skill for whatever they do in the wild. Kind of how squirrels always remember where they put their nuts but I can't remember my password for GMail when my notifier conks out on me. It's the same way we are amazed and not scared by birds or platypi. But when animals show signs of genius at human levels-- like the roach that tried hiding under a glass container so I wouldn't send him to his maker-- it's weird because we think, "Wait, we're supposed to be the ultimate beings here, not you. How does a mouse, a simple rodent outsmart me, a human!" And I think that's part of the reason why that beach scene in Planet of the Apes is so scary because it's like evolution denied us what we're supposed to be. Does that make sense?

Anyway, My Boys is about to start, I need to load up The Sims 2 and I'm looking into other simulation/strategy games. I'm thinking about getting Black & White or the latest Civilization since I loved the demo so much on my old computer. There also needs to be a new bar-tending simulator. I missed my chance to own Last Call back then as well. Anyone play any of these god games? I really want Spore as well, but that's not shocking news.

Random Diggnation-related videos )

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Twitter has finally taken over my life. I knew it would, eventually but I charged up my PSP today just to check it. I hadn't even checked LJ yet. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.

A week ago Leterrier was all but confirming Cap's appearance on AOTS. And now this. FAIL, whomever's involved. Still, I AM EXCITED FOR FRIDAY, OMG. For someone who was never really a Hulk fan in the slightest, I'm really excited. The Ultimates Bruce is so much more a pathetic Jekyll & Hyde story than the original Bruce-infused-with-gamma-rays that I think it makes for better drama. Although the logic behind the whole replicating-the-serum-while-still-battling-the-original-Hulk-effects is lost on me.

And now I go into comic book geek mode, where I explain EVERYONE SHOULD TRY READING Y: THE LAST MAN and talk about The Surrogates and Watchmen )

I finished the Lego Indiana Jones storyline and omg, that last level in Crusade was so annoying and hard that I didn't even care about the True Adventurer status anymore. Now just to play free play (with my custom characters, bwahaha) and collect everything else! I want the guest characters, especially. Luke and R2-D2 really, but Han Solo just sounds redundant. :/

And speaking of games, I recently tried the demo of Cooking Mama 2 on the Wii's Nintendo Channel and thought it wasn't as bad as it sounded. I still can't help but find the whole idea of the game really demeaning, but it's actually somewhat addicting. My competitive nature also does not jibe well with it. It keeps giving me silver medals and a score in the 90s. WTF. And I love when it says "That came out so well!" and then gives me a bronze and a score of 50. Really? But it is semi-informative. I never knew that both beef and pork were in meat-loaf. And I never want to deal with fish in real life. The de-scaling and filleting tasks gross me out. And this is a cartoon! I also find the Japanese accent really annoying (and the PeggySims2 menu style is ghastly). Maybe that's just me being an arrogant American, but I feel that if they're going to localize it, at least get someone audible. "Terrific, even better than Mama!" should not sound like "Ter-fic! Emo butter than Mamah!"

Okay, I gave up on SPN so I'm not as mad as I was when I had my idea for a SPN video set to Christina Aguilera's "Hurt"... and then another video came out right as I was ripping the clips for it. But there's two versions of the Sammy song on YouTube now. You know what? I still have the Spencer song, so I'll just go along with that one-- without the music and I'll be happy. Psych needs the viral fandom love and I need to get back to all those stalled videos and fics I have in my WIP folders, anyway. This Psych video is oodles of fun though. UGH, FOR IT TO BE JULY!

IN OTHER TV NEWS, TOMORROW IS THE SECOND SEASON OF MY BOYS, HURRAH HURRAH. And there's an awesome picspam and quotespam here that illustrates why these characters are so awesome. READ IT.

Damn. This is ubër-long. My bad.


P.S. Someone please tell my ears to work correctly. I keep hearing music blasting from my headphones and I think a video started on some tab, only to put the headphones back on and hear nothing. Also, I just heard my dad sneeze and he's not home yet. O.o
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But this is good news.

[ profile] enchanted_black, I think you of all would be excited by this, and I'm not sure if you've seen it?

I miss Pey'J's original voice.

If anyone has a GameCube or PS2 you should definitely pick up the first game. It starts off a little slow, but picks up at the end and UGH. I'm simply ecstatic that they even are making this sequel.

It's like the Firefly of games, honestly. It didn't do well retail-wise but everyone who's played it through loves it.

Semi-related: Lego Indiana Jones is fun stuff. I'm not a fan of Indiana Jones (but I'm not not a fan either) but the way they infuse the series with jokes is funny. Like Willie's screams breaks glass and Indy can't go near snakes. I think it's safe to say I'd play any Lego game, so yeah, I'll be buying the Lego Batman too.

And if anyone hasn't seen the Revenge of the Brick or Raiders of the Lost Brick shorts they made to tease these games, you should.

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I was talking to an old friend on AIM yesterday and she recommended a movie to me because she knows I like "those gay movies." And I realized that I've taken a complete 180˚ turn from the person she once knew. LJ is so over-populated with slashers that I guess I changed. I'm amused by this.

I just registered for fall classes, but the only way for me to get certain classes in the fall was for me to take two summer courses, so I guess I'm going to school year round this year! True fact: there's a teacher named Quarrell and I thought it said Quirrell and immediately thought, "lol NO." The classes they're teaching are AWESOME, but don't fit into my schedule, anyway.

Speaking of movies... there's a bunch of movie trailers and technical equipment truck by my school again, and the posters say "SET" with the words "Nick and Norah" in tiny letters in the corner. So I'm assuming it's this movie, even though it says they're in post-production. Kat Dennings... no wonder I was quoting Charlie Bartlett today.

Strange. Generally, I think my movie reviews are pretty objective. I see movies with people I adore in them and can pretty much admit if they're crappy movies (I'm looking at you, recent career of Ewan McGregor), or movies with people I can't stand and say they're pretty awesome (hi, Cruel Intentions). But my fascination with Robert Downey Jr (... at least I don't think. lol, stalkers?) isn't well known outside of LJ and yet no one takes me seriously when I tell them, "OMG JUST GO SEE IRON MAN NOW." It can't be the geek side of me, because I was able to send people away from seeing Fantastic Four, X-Men: The Last Stand, and Spider-Man 3 (although I saw that one so late I probably couldn't save everyone).

(My proudest moment as movie geek/comic geek stands as the time my friend and I got into an argument about X3 in the middle of a comic store and by the end, I had a whole group of geeks passing by me essentially going, "Dude... she's right, wtf.")

And still, I don't really know how to deal with the wank surrounding this. I expected RDJ to clear it up yesterday on Kimmel, but he didn't. I feel like it's this all over again (except that ended in a viral video classic). What I like about RDj is how brutally honest he is, so I guess it comes with the territory, and he does have that weird Steve Carellish type of humor.

I updated my contact post with my Wii friend codes, and I put them on my profile too. I also love the new Nintendo channel on the Wii. I'm going to go try some DS demos, and then maybe a movie or two.

Aaand it's dinner time!

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Dear powers that be at Nintendo, please stop making Mario Party games. I can't take much more of them. I don't know what I did to anger the Nintendo god (...Mr. Game & Watch? Jumpman? or just Mario?) that made you punish me with Mario Party DS, but I'm SORRY.

In other news, please continue with the Mario Kart and Smash Bros. series. They are top-notch gaming titles (although I miss the multi-player Grand Prix, and my best character in Brawl is actually not even a Nintendo character). And thank you for continuing to put Daisy, clearly the smarter princess, in these games.



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Ha, that's what you get when you mess with my viewing habits. Your team fails.

My nephew put my card back in my DS. Whoops. I honestly didn't think to check there first. You'd think he'd have mentioned where he put it. A bit about the game itself... )
I haven't gotten around to watching "Heroes" but gorramnit, my stupid LJ Add-ons spoiled me (it opens entries without respect to LJ-cuts) or at least I think I know two things that happened. Whatever, I have an early class tomorrow and won't be home until 7pm so I guess I'll watch it then. And "Life is Wild", "House" and "Aliens in America" must wait until then too.

I like how I just want it to be Thursday so I can watch "Sunny". My mind has decided that Rob McElhenney is my new crush, as he's been in every dream I've had since Thursday. He wasn't even playing himself in any of them.

How I Met Your Mother )

The Big Bang Theory )

K-Ville )

Chuck )

Cane )

BTW, I know I haven't been on AIM in ages. I just don't have the time to sit and maintain a bunch of conversations while doing homework or chatting on the phone (yeah, I started doing that) and I hate keeping people sitting around waiting. So yeah, sorry about that.


P.S. I'm probably going to go all meme-y tomorrow, so just an FYI.

TV blurbs

Aug. 21st, 2007 12:39 am
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I finally own a Wii. An hour before I left for the sleepover at my cousin's house, my parents came home with it. Granted, I've played both Wii Play and Wii Sports a bunch of times already, so when I came home today I just played enough to enter high scores and then shut it off. Now if we could focus on getting my school books, that'd be awesome. Then I can focus on buying Red Steel, Twilight Princess, Wario Ware, etc.

Oh, I changed my notification sounds on my phone to Navi's voice from Ocarina of Time and now whenever I get a text she goes "Hey!" I scared my cousins yesterday with it, lol. Voicemail is "Listen!" and Picturemail or an alert is "Look!" Funny, I always heard "Link!" but I guess it's "Look!"

BTW, Premonition is a crazy movie but the ending is hilariously fcked up. I'm weird. Moving on.

Psych )

Big Brother )

Entourage )


P.S. World Weekly News is going out of print! I'd laugh but I'm really sad at how many publications are relegating to online. It's better for the trees, but I'm not too keen on certain changes.
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The promos for shows are all out of whack. Chevrolet is sponsoring USA network instead of The CW (Supernatural), and Toyota (Yaris) is sponsoring Smallville instead of Psych.

I got SingStar Rocks! and SingStar Pop. These games are tougher than the Karaoke Revolution series, but they're not technically games. I don't think there's any real point to getting the high scores. Even still, I've spent the whole day playing them.

In art class today we went over Michelangelo's The Last Judgement. Am I the only one who thinks Jesus looks like Kid Rock? Here's a close up of Jesus. And what's with the ladder dude? Is it going through his robe/cloth?

The Sopranos )

Drive )

Asia ≠ me being a PCD fan. If Nicole goes solo, I'm going with her, but that's about it. No one really cares about this, but since I like to hear myself talk/type, there ya go.

Supernatural )

I really, really love ABC's Thursday night ads. JC! *beams*

October Road )

Was that Michael Stahl-David in that Traveler preview? And who gave Logan Green a show? Ewww (LOL but Aaron Stanford's in it apparently. Awwww Pyro, you suck).


P.S. This post is alll over the place. Kinda like my mind. Sorry about that.
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Everyone's doing the movie version too, so here's mine! And here's the answers to the TV ones.

Go to and look up 10 of your favorite movies. Post three official IMDB "Plot Keywords" for these 10 picks. Have your friends guess the movie titles.

1. Obituary / Expatriate / Instant Messaging = Closer (guessed by [ profile] splits_thesky)
2. Arm Blown Off / Corruption / Title Spoken By Character = Shooter (guessed by [ profile] splits_thesky)
3. Stylized / Cannibalism / Katana Sword = Sin City (guessed by [ profile] short_chicka10)
4. Radio DJ / Mexican Standoff / Bleeding To Death = Reservoir Dogs
5. Subliminal Message / Slit Throat / Impalement = Serenity (guessed by [ profile] faith5by5_1013)
6. Wooden Leg / Castration / Exploding Car = Grindhouse (guessed by [ profile] untied_shoe)
7. Psychiatrist / Informer / Text messaging = The Departed (guessed by [ profile] short_chicka10)
8. Russian Mafia / Dam / Flashback Sequence = The Italian Job (guessed by [ profile] short_chicka10)
9. Gay / Restaurant / Documentary Filmmaking = Happy Endings
10. Tentacle Rape / Obesity / Small Town Sheriff = Slither (guessed by [ profile] short_chicka10)

Wow, the keywords make these films look really gory. Some of them are, but wow! Also, LOL I love the keywords for 10. Some of 7's would really give it away, man.

And what? I have to play BG&E again now... and watch a gazillion movies...


P.S. I take back my previous statement about not really caring for Amy Winehouse. I made a sim (sans tattoos sadly and sans Monroe piercing since I somehow don't have it installed anymore) of her so it should be obvious that yes, she's OMG amazing and I love her. Now, if only I could find a decent wrinkle mask, I could upload my Mark Wahlberg sim as well.
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Does anyone use Second Life? I had an account there ages ago when I was looking for a free RPG to play. Anyway, now I hear it's coming into vogue so I'm popping back in with a new account seeing as they've deleted my old one. My new name's Lia Rossen in the game but I haven't edited her to look like me yet. So if you find me don't think I'm lazy and kept the generic avatar.

If you've no idea what the frack I'm talking about, check the link above. But if you're interested in joining, click here.


P.S. 1 7074||y |0v3 my n3w |337 5p34k F1r3f0x 4dd-0n. *6* Ju57 16n0r3 7h15 wh0|3 53n73n(3, un|355 y0u (4n r34d 17, mu4h4h44.....
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I may be the only person who has broken her knee (not really but it's not functioning correctly) by sitting at a computer all day. I usually sit with one leg tucked under me for hours on end. So today I went to stand and just fell immediately because it wouldn't bend. It was hi-larious.

Enough about me. Supernatural starts tomorrow! 24 then is this Sunday and next week is Psych. I am shaking! Not because I'm cold, which I am, but I'm excited too.

[ profile] splits_thesky, I may say "dude" a lot, but these two fuel the fire much more than just Shawn from Psych. Diggnation DUDE.

Also, how does one go about creating a feed for a site? There's a few sites I need to track on my LJ and I have no idea how to do it. *is lost*



P.S.S. Whoa, synchronicity? Look at the time of this update. O_o

ETA: LJ, YOU JUST ATE HALF MY ENTRY, mainly my fcking TO DO LIST! >:-|
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Loco Roco. If you have a PSP, buy it. The music is as addicting as Katamari Damacy. Japanese games ROCK.

I was going to voice post today but 1. I forgot my PIN and 2. I forgot my phone at home.

Anyway, there was a plethora of accidents on the highways today so I/My sister and I got to work a half hour late. Neither really wanted to be there so we didn't stay later to make up for it. I went shopping since I realized I had gotten money and that meant money I was supposed to spend on me. So I was going to get Lost season 1, but I figured I might as well wait to see what's here for my birthday (it was sold out anyway). And then I saw the PSP games and figured since no one buys me anything for the PSP I should do so. So I got WTF and Exit. WTF was worth the price just to see the computer say "WTF $29.99". I should have asked the girl "Wait... which game was $29.99?" just to see how'd she pronounce it, since it stands for "Work Time Fun". But lay (read: music/movie, non-gamer clerks) clerks may not realize such.

I wanted Clerks since I got Clerks II. Sold out. I haven't seen Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back in full yet but they were out of that too. I ALMOST picked up Cry_Wolf and Stay Alive but I figured I most likely can still find them at $5.99 at GameStop. Then I passed Number Two and realized it was the 26th. So I grabbed that. And on the way to the counter I saw Zach Braff. But on a white DVD? OMG Last Kiss came out! So yes, that was my last purchase. I almost went looking for Imogen Heap and Scissor Sisters since they play "Goodnight and Go" and "I Don't Feel Like Dancing" at the store now. I'm so glad "Snow" is dead. No more Rosemary Clooney!

Speaking of snow, it hasn't yet. It rained last night, but more of a mist. It's almost January, what is up with this weather? But don't think I'm complaining. Because I totally love still walking around in a jacket at the end of December.

Now, last night they played Moulin Rouge. I watched that movie 75+ times in one year so I know it inside out. But since it reminds me of something I haven't been able to watch it in full since February. It makes me sick. It's sad because Garden State, Resident Evil 1 & 2 and Donnie Darko are afflicted by the same thing. I have to take time and watch them because I do miss them, especially GS.




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