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Cut for spoilers for a three year old episode/specials )

I am holding off on Eleven because I need to focus at work and I know I'd try and weasel out of things just to get home and watch more episodes. But I did watch Party Animals and Matt Smith is adorable (I've seen him in at least one other thing before, though), if nothing else.

NYC Pride (the ~March~ as it's now called) is tomorrow. Excited is an understatement.
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Remember when I used to talk about TV ALL THE TIME? Remember when LJ was something YOU HAD TO CHECK EVERY DAY? Yeah, well, I'm finally giving up. Well not entirely, but today I went to catch up on three shows and without MU around, it is next to impossible to get any episode more than two days old. So I have 3x11 of Modern Family and all of Leverage and... I guess whatever I can find OnDemand. Otherwise, unless it's something I'm currently caught up on (Whitney, Sherlock, Archer, Grimm, Hell on Wheels, American Horror Story) I don't know what's going on in my shows anymore. And I don't really have anything else to post about, heh.

I'm also starting to accept that LJ is dying. I still don't enjoy DW enough to go there, and Tumblr is too fast for me to keep up with at a normal pace (as much as I LOVE the Sherlock fandom I'm finding there), so I'll still be on LJ from time to time. But I barely check my flist, and when I do, I use my filter which isn't fair to those who aren't on that filter. I haven't read some of your posts since the summer.

So I'm doing some cuts, and nudging others. I'm also doing cuts elsewhere, but that's for the next post. The best place to keep in contact with me--in order of effectiveness--is Twitter, Tumblr, LJ, FB, Email, IM. I'm trying to get into Soundcloud, Youtube, and Streamzoo with mixed results. Oh, and AO3 but that's a whole other beast (a wonderful fic-vomiting rainbow beast of love, but still a beast). Also, if you feel like we have nothing in common anymore because our fandoms changed, defriend away! That tends to go without saying, but for the sake of thoroughness, I had to.
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So much to talk about, so little time.

Robert Schwartzman at Webster Hall )

THE WEEKEND WAS THE GREATEST. World Cup of Quidditch V. It started out already exhausting because I really needed rest after being at work all of Thursday and then having to wake up early Friday. Saturday (and sometimes Sunday, if I can get away with it) is my day to really enjoy sleeping in with nowhere to go. Instead I woke up at 7am, and left to pick up [ profile] splits_thesky at Penn Station. We walked up to Times Square, where they were re-creating Super Mario Land for the day. It was still pretty early so the crowd wasn't ridiculous and we were able to observe and leave quickly. I didn't realize until later that they were actually giving away the Tanooki tails and ears the volunteers were wearing. I wanted a pair. :(

Then Quidditch happened )

I'm like an episode away from being caught up with American Horror Story. THE HELL IS GOING ON.
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I'm doing a job search and trying to make business cards but I just scrapped the whole design I had spent a month on because I think I should wait until my production company has a legit name. And now I'm fighting between making cards just to give out to friends and people I meet and business cards for when people stop me when I'm on a shoot and wonder what I'm doing. Then I have to shop around for the best deal on printing a bunch of these babies. And possibly getting some cards, too. It's like being productive in the most off-handed way possible.

While I'm doing that, I'm also going through all the new shows I have been wanting to check out. So far Revenge and Person of Interest and 2 Broke Girls are out (sorry Kat Dennings, I can't deal with how unfunny this is), Whitney is my new My Boys in terms of characters I relate to (also hai, Chris D'Elia, plz to be more places) and I'm thisclose to getting back into HIMYM and Psych because I miss the shows. Rather, I keep seeing ads for HIMYM while watching FX Shows and it kills me to not know what's going on with those crazy NY transplants and I saw a Psych trailer and I got angry that I wouldn't be seeing the new episodes it featured. Also out: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I watched six episodes back to back and didn't laugh once.

Next up is catching up on HBO shows: Hung, How To Make It In America and Bored to Death tomorrow, then Wilfred, Leverage and Alphas next week.
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More things:

- Diggnation is ending in December. I know most don't care, but I posted most of my thoughts via Twitter yesterday. I'm behind by almost a year, but I'm glad there were more episodes. It was supposed to end last December and when it didn't, I was glad. They probably won't come back to NYC, but I'm glad they at least made it here--they always talked about doing tours, college or otherwise, around the US/world and never did. I'm much more okay with it ending now than I was when they announced last year that they were going to stop soon. And with that chapter of their lives closing, so does mine. It's time for me to move on and maybe be more of a producer of entertainment and not so much a consumer.

- To that end, my fall schedule isn't much. Right now I'm just downloading all the aired episodes of new stuff to see if I like them but I'm not keeping up with a lot of my old shows. It's weird, but the only ones I'm keeping are It's Always Sunny, Archer, and Modern Family. Well, I'm keeping others that don't really adhere to summer/fall seasons too, like Leverage and my USA shows (not Psych, though, I've finally given up on that one). But I'm testing out 2 Broke Girls, Whitney, Person of Interest, Revenge, Suburgatory and Once Upon A Time. I was going to watch Playboy's Club but it's already canceled so TROLOLOL MAKE MY LIFE EASIER. Hopefully I'll have time to watch them all on Friday!

- Alex Goot is my herrooooo. I don't think I knew he covered this song, but STARS IN MY EYES FOREVER, GOOT. <33333 (Youtube is being weird, so you only get a link. :/ )
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I AM SO BEHIND ON EVERYTHING. It's almost 10pm and I have a laundry list of shows I need to catch up on. Ridiculous. I blame Burn Notice and Falling Skies for being more than an hour each (Fall of Sam Axe and the premiere, the 2-hour premiere and the third episode).

The starling is doing fine. I still haven't decided on a name but I think I'm going with Starly. I liked Bronx Strong but it's an awkward name for a bird. When he's a few months older I might change the name to Staravia. Staraptor is just an awkward name all around. I was thinking of calling it Starbuck (my Starly in Pokemon is named Starbuck and she is MY FAVORITEEEEEEEE on my team) but I am not a big fan of BSG and can't with good conscience call this adorable bird Starbuck. Today was a fun day. I decided he was big enough to learn to eat by himself and put him in a cage with food and water. Mostly I wanted to make sure I could leave for hours/days at a time and know he'd be able to feed himself if my mom couldn't get to him immediately. He didn't understand what the food was, but found the water and tried to take a bath in it. So my mom and I cleared the kitchen sink, covered it with a paper towel so he wouldn't slide about and let the water filter drip like it was a showerhead. He's dry and happy again now, but boy, did he enjoy that bath.

My phone just went haywire. The battery was stuck at 84%, the time at 5:54pm (it was 8:42pm), nothing was downloading and I wasn't getting any calls and texts. A reboot seems to have fixed it, but I'm due for an upgrade in November and it can't get here fast enough. The good news: while looking for my replacement charger cable (turns out my PS3 controller wire also connects to my phone), I found my camera's cable. I will get to uploading pictures from the last two weekends now, since it's too late to think of starting my TV catchup now.
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So the starling is still with us (and let me know if you can't see those). I still don't know if it's a male or female and won't for a while. I try to stay neutral with "it" but always default to "he," and I'm still undecided on names. I posted a Question on Facebook and so far all that's there is "Feathers." It'd be nice if it was the only bird we had... but it's not. [ profile] splits_thesky optioned "Cricket," which is scarily accurate to what it sounds like when it's chirping for food. It sort of looks like a Macaroni Penguin or Pidgey the Pokemon right now, but I know it won't always. Other suggestions were Andy, Larry (from Three Stooges), Charlie, Bronx Strong, and Avenue (a nearby street is named Starling Avenue). Give me ideas!

I'm so behind on everything. This weekend I was out all day and then I'd get home and just want to collapse. I haven't been on Tumblr in five days, Livejournal in four, and I'm behind on my shows. I saw Suits, which was awesome and makes up for how I feel about Fairly Legal and Covert Affairs (I tried, but it wasn't working for me), but I still have to watch The Fall of Sam Axe and the premiere of Burn Notice, all of Falling Skies, Leverage's premiere and I'm assuming an episode or two of Men Of A Certain Age and In Plain Sight. I'm starting to get angry at being so far behind. I enjoy these shows and having life intervene, funtimes though they may be, gets to me after a while. I got on the computer at 8pm today and have been meaning to catch up on SOMETHING. And... now it's almost midnight and I haven't even touched VLC yet.

My camera cable is still missing (I'm going to re-order one from Amazon) so I can't post the majority of pictures from my last weekend in Philly or Pride on Sunday, but Pride was simply amazing. I met up with [ profile] justspaz in Penn Station and we found a spot along the beginning of the parade together--conveniently outside a Walgreen's that we ducked into a few times--and eventually enough people had left for us to be right along the barricade. The people were phenomenal, the floats and groups were wonderful (a few made me tear up from happiness, especially the ones waving "Thank You Governor Cuomo" signs) and [ profile] justspaz made me laugh a few times with commentary, especially towards the end when the bloggers were marching and she said, "the internet is coming!" Afterwards we walked down the parade route to find my friends Carlos and Zev who had taken the Megabus in from Connecticut and tried to find somewhere to eat/a festival Zev said was somewhere on Hudson Street. Eventually we gave up and found somewhere to eat as Zev trekked onwards towards the festival (by the time she found it it was ending). We ended up at Jekyll & Hyde, where I haven't been in forever. The Butler was awesome though, and we had a huge laugh when he asked where we all knew each other from. THERE'S THIS THING CALLED THE INTERNET, MAYBE YOU HAVE HEARD OF IT. He pretended (or maybe he was being truthful) about never hearing about Livejournal, Diggnation or podcasts in general. But we all had a good time, Zev eventually re-joined us, I bumped into a friend of a friend from work, we got on the 2 train to Penn for free, everyone got to their bus on time and my feet were done with me way before I got home. I checked on the starling, who was sleeping soundly, and then crashed.
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Happy Easter, if you're celebrating. Happy end of the weekened/spring break/Sunday to everyone else. Back to work tomorrow?

Meme from [ profile] hatsugami

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Right now I'm watching old SNL episodes that I'd been meaning to watch. I say "old" but I mean from the last two years. I haven't really laughed at many of them except Jesse Eisenberg's, but that was mostly laughing at him being adorable than the episode itself. I'll never understand people who say he's the poor man's Michael Cera because his films tend to be higher class/more pretentious than Cera's. And I think he's the better actor. SRY, CERA LOVERS.
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Since I haven't been watching TV I've noticed the only shows I'm really missing are How I Met Your Mother, Archer and Psych. Archer just makes me genuinely laugh out loud each week. I stopped following the Psych accounts on Twitter and I don't miss it. However, someone mentioned watching Psych to me recently and I interpreted that as "watching the new season" and for a second I went, "IT STARTED WITHOUT ME?" before I realized they meant catching up on DVD. But I'm not excited for the new season and I haven't watched a new episode at 10pm in a while. I haven't marathoned it in ages and I don't really care about doing anything besides collecting it on DVD and waiting for it to finish/get canceled.

Eventually I will catch up with all my shows again--probably sometime within the next two weeks--but it's been interesting that the only spoilers I've been upset about reading (besides the Being Human UK finale because that was a big one and I inevitably won't react the same once I get there myself) are HIMYM spoilers.

In other media news, I downloaded Pulse for my phone. I realized that I get most of my news from Twitter now, but I never follow any news accounts because they invariably have a link to a story/video and I'm not following people to click on links (pictures, ok. videos with descriptions more detailed than "what", maybe). I want my news to be a one click progress. Pulse will download stories the night before and when I get up in the morning, yes it's one more thing to check, but it's also informative! I don't seem to take up more than half an hour just reading from Pulse and, if in the middle of the day I find myself constantly refreshing other sites to look at, I'll pull out my phone and read some NYTimes articles or the top stories from Digg or the headlines from Esquire or GQ. It's pretty cool. I'm still trying to decide how to function in this new world I live in that has no summer and winter breaks, long work days and small windows of time to unwind. Where TV, comics, movies, writing, fandom, games, web surfing, graphics, reading etc falls has yet to be seen.

At least music is something I'm always up on since I gave up on being current and following what I like a while ago. To be fair, listening to music has sort of fallen by the wayside as I catch up on all the video podcasts, but I generally still listen to at least an hour of music a day. Except that lately I've been all about songs from Film Riot's customized sponsor skits. All the Revision3 shows have their own sponsor bits, but most of them are just copy they read on camera. Sometimes they'll go into witty banter that the fans love (Dan reading about Netflix on TRS, Kevin not understanding how to read numbers on Diggnation/messing up codes), but Film Riot is unique in that they tend to make them into silly sketches. I think every Film Riot fan has their own favorite sponsor bits, but the Ford Fiesta one has been in my head the last two days.

Under here )

Also, I'm not sure I've ever shared this, but I'm upset that Inst Msgs was canceled and I've always loved this segment from it, so I finally threw it on my iPod.

Other stuff I'm into recently include the new Britney Spears and The Strokes albums (but anyone who knows me knows that's a given), Lykke Li's albums and Childish Gambino's stuff. This weekend was kind of blah for me, so I am glad to be done catching up with podcasts. I need to zone out to music.
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I'm so behind on TV. I'm like a month behind on Sunday shows, a week behind on everything else. I spend all my time at school and I feel like every time I do anything extracurricular someone goes "LOL UNDO" and I have to waste another three hours of my time doing something that will be undone the next day.

The one light in my life was that this weekend was the World Cup of Quidditch and despite others telling me they would go, the only one who actually came along was [ profile] splits_thesky. She needed that weekend as much as I did, and it was joyous, omg. I uploaded pictures and videos (there are eight videos but only four are showing up right now?) on Facebook. I think I would enjoy hanging out at Quidditch matches from now on. I'm going to look into helping out with some local Quidditch Club. Something to do with my spare time (lol says the girl with none). Also I uploaded pictures from Boston and my visit to the Statue of Liberty in August because they were all on my camera and I just only found the USB cable this weekend. Eventually I will have time to think for myself and actually post that Boston entry I've had waiting in the wings.

I've decided I want to go to a midnight showing of Deathly Hallows on Thursday, despite having to work the next day. It'll just make my Friday harder but damn it, I get so little time to myself. I haven't chosen a theatre but two people who said they'd come with me. LET'S SEE WHO ACTUALLY SHOWS, EH? And I now have a Ravenclaw tie so heck yes, there will be reppin' happening. Or something.

Also, BTR is releasing a holiday EP or something and one of the songs is "All I Want For Christmas Is You" which is my FAVORITE MODERN CHRISTMAS SONG. Also releasing a holiday EP? Rooney. This Christmas is like eargasm central for me, CLEARLY.
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So next weekend [ profile] splits_thesky and I are off to Boston! It's her birthday the following week, and she wanted to go to Boston? So... we're... doing that. IT SOUNDS SO WEIRD BUT THAT'S BASICALLY IT. We have a fairly loose itinerary planned for Friday and Saturday (Sunday is when we return) that includes the New England Aquarium, the MIT Museum, a picnic/lunch at Boston Public Garden (Beacon Hill!) and maybe a movie tour or visit to the Zoo or some other museum. Those of you from/frequent visitors to Cambridge/Boston, what are good places to eat lunch/dinner? We're generally going on Yelp! ratings and pictures but after DC we're wary of things going to complete hell on us. So any advice in that area (or tips on far more interesting museums/sites to see) are welcome.

I watched some pilots: Hellcats, Nikita and Terriers. Terriers was the only one that really hooked me. Nikita seems intriguing enough but it didn't focus too much on her. I don't want to judge the show so harshly from one episode, but everyone else was more intriguing to me. Every time it went back to Nikita I was like, "Yeah, whatever, cut back to the other characters!" Hellcats is too teenager-drama-catty for my tastes. Terriers is supposed to be an hour-long dramedy, but it feels much more dramatic than comedic. The only comedy stems from its Psych-meets-Bored to Death premise of LOL THESE GUYS ARE JUST WINGING THIS DETECTIVE JOB, but since I watch both Psych and Bored to Death it feels a bit tired to me. Still, I love Donal Logue enough to keep watching even if it hadn't pulled me in.

I also wanted to start watching Sons of Anarchy again and catch up with Human Target. I can do that within a week, right? >.>
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I feel like I should make an entry about TV this last week but I don't really have anything to say. White Collar was ADORABLE, Psych was decent and everything else was enjoyable for what it was. Actually, I haven't watched my Sunday shows yet. If there's anything to say about them, I'll update again. I doubt it.

I'm just sort of in a bummer mood. Work is over and there aren't any more summer events at my school. There's my trip to DC with [ profile] splits_thesky coming up, but three days seems so far away when you take it an hour at a time. And my legs hurt from all the running/walking/dancing/etc. I did this weekend. I've been lying around listening to music--which is the least active activity in my repertoire--and staring at the calendar.

/cool story bro
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I think I'm slowly going to get out of fandom. I don't seem to care much anymore. I still want to read fanfic sporadically and discuss shows with everyone, but other than that, everything seems more annoying than it used to be. I'm tired of hearing about Lost. That ended three months ago. I don't understand the fascination with Inception. Supernatural and I are on the outs again. Psych is barely hanging on as my favorite series, and only because My Boys is back. Covert Affairs doesn't seem to know what its point is. I don't really enjoy The Good Guys. Entourage isn't what it used to be. Burn Notice is fun but annoying with the damsel-in-distress episodes (Fi's a big girl. Stop it). I haven't seen a Big Time Rush episode since the Jordin Sparks episode. I don't even care about new shows starting up, except for whatever one has Jason Ritter because I will always watch something with JR.

I have to talk in more detail about some shows, but I'm waiting until I can watch the ones that aired tonight. So that'll be tomorrow, most likely.
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From [ profile] sugareey: A LJ/social network user you should not befriend.

I need to change this layout but I have no inspiration other than what font and graphic style I want on the header.

Tomorrow I get to hang out with [ profile] splits_thesky again! And I get to see Rooney in concert again, although I haven't had time to even listen to Eureka all the way through so brb, listening to it in my sleep.

Tomorrow night I will catch up on TV shows. I promise.
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Yesterday I sat myself down and focused on getting through the TV series I keep telling myself I want to get through. I did a bunch of anime yesterday since they go quickly. Got through Moetan (I loved it, but finding the subbed episodes were a killer), and caught up on K-On!! and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann which is boring me. I'll stick with it because I want to know the ending, but I expected it to be more ecchi from all the .gifs of Yoko's boobs I'd seen beforehand. Now I'm going through Lucky Star, which is funny but has no real plot. It's like Kimi Ni Todoke but without the romance/crushes and more TMI (DNW cartoons discussing their cycles~).

Tomorrow and Tuesday I'm going to watch all of Chuck S3, because I only saw about five episodes and that was so long ago I barely remember what happened. And then it's onto Human Target, which is apparently moving to Fridays this fall. That doesn't bode well when it's on Fox, but 12 episodes isn't so bad to wade through.

In the near future: The Mentalist, Friday Night Lights, Bakemonogatari, Durarara!!, and Adventuretime (if I can find it).

Oh, also, I don't know if any of you fancy iPhone/iTouch owners have Miso (and I don't know how friending works on the app but until they port it to Android, I've got the web version), my profile is here. If you don't know what Miso is, think Foursquare and Gowalla. If you don't know what those are, well, it's hard to explain and you should probably Google it.

In conclusion (but not really), this.
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Sometimes I get a hankering to play an MMO or a RPG pen and paper game, and I spend a day or two looking up games. Inevitably it turns out all the cool MMOs I'm interested in are either paid or only for PCs, and pen and papers always look too daunting. I'd play LJ/forum-style RPGs but I always seem to be the game-killer and I'd much rather the strategy and point system of a real RPG (despite the fact that I cannot stand turn-based RPGs). I also regret not delving further into the realm of Magic: The Gathering. I have a Portal starter set and I never did anything with it after my dad and I played two games. It's frustrating.

(Also, I have just found out about the world of dressing room RPGs. Will investigate that in depth later.)

Royal Pains and Burn Notice premiered today. I caught up with In Plain Sight, too. I love USA Network. Although I did a bit of "soul searching" after Lost ended, because I was just sitting there looking at the list of shows I watch and was like, "Which of these really matter to me the way Lost did?" I decided that I don't actually care that much about In Plain Sight or Royal Pains. But Royal Pains has enough mystery (lol sharks and daddy issues, Losties would be right at home) to keep me around, and well, IPS has Mary and Marshall.

I did a bit of link cleaning, too. I finally deleted my old blackdiamants site, for those of you who even know what that was. I tried importing it to my Wordpress but it didn't work out so well. I'm still not sure what to do with Wordpress though. I might just delete that too and revamp Tumblr. We'll see.
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It's already Monday and I haven't even posted about last week's TV. I barely remember what happened. Let's see...

TBBT was a one-trick that was stretched for the whole episode and simultaneously the most mainstream geeky they could get, I didn't watch HIMYM, The USA network finales continued to be mind-meltingly good (I said I was going to revisit the last two Psych episodes on here but by now they're irrelevant) and I'm wondering where Lost is going with all this. Big Love was over too soon but on the right note, Modern Family wasn't as hilarious or sweet as it usually is, but I'm awaiting the episode they filmed recently. I didn't realize how much I missed Melrose Place until a link showed up in my inbox (insert ship glee here and lol at the ending) and Archer and Important Things were just okay.

The Pacific started yesterday on HBO but I was still doing things when it started so I missed a bunch. How To Make It was good but it seems to be mini-tv shows in one bigger show. Rene's in the Sopranos, Ben and Cam are in Entourage, Rachel's in Sex and the City or summat.

I was watching Aoi Hana but it's boring me, so I'm going to work on my writing... and making playlists for abstract ideas since I've lost my fandom muse altogether.
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While I waited around for my shows to start tonight, I decided to do some memes. So, first up:

1. Ask and I'll assign you the basis of some show idea.
2. Create the characters you need, including the actors who'd play them. Photos optional but recommended.
3. Come up with a general synopsis of the premise.

Into the Fire )

LOL I DON'T KNOW. I'll be back later with ~thoughts on TV~
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I HAVE NEW FRIENDS, HELLLOO. Um, relevant links for you: a round-up of links, contact info and a introduction post here, a poll for a meetup I'm trying to organize here and the opt-in poll for my J2 writing filter (that will finally go into affect the moment I finish this fic I'm writing now) here.

Only three of my shows are new this week. And I guess Monk, because it's the last one and I have to see how it ends. I'm still not over Psych becoming the oldest show on USA. What is that. And I'm not over the random new move to Tuesdays either. That's Melrose Place/V/Lost night. And My Boys, I think. I never had shows on Tuesdays and then suddenly they're all attacking me that night. D: And the most TV I can watch live without DVR is two hours straight before I zone out so there will be problems with this schedule. DNW.

Anyway, have some memes and then some commentary/review/whatever on TV.

My favorite icon meme )

Month of December meme )

White Collar )

Brothers & Sisters was fun, despite all the melodrama.

Melrose Place )

Okay, I'm going back to writing. I'm determined to get to my J2 epic fic next week so I want to edit all the ones that have been beta'd and then finish this Britney/Justin one. I'm aiming for 12K but so far I have written only 2K in two days and it's only scenes here and there and nowhere near a cohesive story. IDK, I might just turn them into a series instead because it's super sloppy and I'm not sure I can fix it. It depends on what it looks like at the end of the week when I've written the skeleton.


Psych day!

Aug. 7th, 2009 02:59 pm
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I saw Funny People. It could've been deeper but it was just glossy, depressing and long. I still enjoyed it. Although Apatow's daughter can sing pretty well and that one bar scene with EVERY COMEDIAN EVER was amazing.

TV this week-- loved Royal Pains and Leverage. I hate the stacked seasons on USA. Royal Pains is still going on, but Burn Notice is over, In Plain Sight's going to finish on Sunday and Psych and Monk are just beginning. I lik when they'd all end at the same time, right before my fall shows would start. Actually, I haven't seen this week's In Plain Sight yet. I was too busy with my layout to notice the time when they re-ran it yesterday.

Lake Bell's got a new series coming soon!! I love HBO. It's the only paid cable network I bother with, but employing my favorite B and C-Listers doesn't hurt.

Meme )

Changed my layout. It took me forever to do the banner because I wanted it exactly like it looked in my head, so I had to track down effect tuts, textures and brushes I didn't have. And then I changed Castiel's line of vision, but it's so small you can't even tell now.

Psych tonight! I won't be home when it premieres at 10, but I'll be back by the re-run. \o/



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