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Remember when I used to talk about TV ALL THE TIME? Remember when LJ was something YOU HAD TO CHECK EVERY DAY? Yeah, well, I'm finally giving up. Well not entirely, but today I went to catch up on three shows and without MU around, it is next to impossible to get any episode more than two days old. So I have 3x11 of Modern Family and all of Leverage and... I guess whatever I can find OnDemand. Otherwise, unless it's something I'm currently caught up on (Whitney, Sherlock, Archer, Grimm, Hell on Wheels, American Horror Story) I don't know what's going on in my shows anymore. And I don't really have anything else to post about, heh.

I'm also starting to accept that LJ is dying. I still don't enjoy DW enough to go there, and Tumblr is too fast for me to keep up with at a normal pace (as much as I LOVE the Sherlock fandom I'm finding there), so I'll still be on LJ from time to time. But I barely check my flist, and when I do, I use my filter which isn't fair to those who aren't on that filter. I haven't read some of your posts since the summer.

So I'm doing some cuts, and nudging others. I'm also doing cuts elsewhere, but that's for the next post. The best place to keep in contact with me--in order of effectiveness--is Twitter, Tumblr, LJ, FB, Email, IM. I'm trying to get into Soundcloud, Youtube, and Streamzoo with mixed results. Oh, and AO3 but that's a whole other beast (a wonderful fic-vomiting rainbow beast of love, but still a beast). Also, if you feel like we have nothing in common anymore because our fandoms changed, defriend away! That tends to go without saying, but for the sake of thoroughness, I had to.


Dec. 11th, 2011 06:14 pm
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Guys, I follow way too fucking many people on Tumblr. But I don't want to unfollow my LJ friends and some of your Tumblr names aren't the same as on LJ. So give me your Tumblr names, so I know not to unfollow--or refollow if I did accidentally (I tend to go through every few months and unfollow blogs who haven't blogged in months).

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I did a few Kanye memes yesterday and two of them seem to be finding their way around Tumblr and a few others are garnering comments on an LJ comm and it's making my day.

Also Tumblr people keep posting pictures of Evan Rachel Wood from various phases of her life and her version of "It Won't Be Long" has been stuck in my head all day. I've never really had an opinion on her, but her voice is lovely.

There's so much I want to do this week (see Taking Woodstock finally before it disappears! See The Final Destination with sis! Finish the five things I have going on! Re-stock various supplies! Research new job direction! Clean!) but so little time. Arghhhh.

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I'm in such a weird mood lately. Some days I just want to faceplant in my bed, others I want to go out and be with people except I have no peeps (not even marshmallow ones) or money, and others I just want to sit and read comment threads on other people's journals from entries I find while searching for things like "supernatural rps filk" and various keywords for fan fiction and make a night of laughing at things and making inside jokes with myself.

And then some days I drag myself out to be social with my family, even though I really wanted to sit home and read Big Bangs (which I've come to realize is totally my substitution for summer/beach reading/chick lit, except I don't leave my room). Like today I went to the Intrepid museum with my sister and nephew since she had discounts (and so did I, apparently, for being a college student) and between my mind going "I'm on a boat!" the whole time or going into the submarine thinking, "Hey can they take to craphole island!?" and my nephew randomly spouting things he learned on and discussing how Disney is darker than you'd think, it was a good time.

But once I got home I sequestered myself in my room and continued reading. I'm finally up to this year's Big Bang stories and I've just finished The Seahorse and Palace of the Brine, which are fantastic J2 MPREG AU stories that you've probably heard of already (The Seahorse is from 2008, and Palace of the Brine is the 2009 sequel), since it seems every search I made over the past five months has brought up links for them. I saved them for last in my original list of "toreads" because I figured they'd be adorable. I kinda wish they were movies. They read like a cross between Scrubs and Night at the Museum and Nine Months and Just Like Heaven (that last one in tone only) and I could definitely see it cinematically in my head. Too bad there's only like two MPREG movies in actual existence, because I think it would be amazing.

But then again, I'm never correct on the big movie fandoms, either. I expected Iron Man, and maybe Star Trek for the slashers but the others really surprised me when they exploded. The big fandoms do tend to be from May premieres, though. Star Trek, Iron Man, X-Men: The Last Stand, etc. all came out in May. Although the first Transformers came out in July and I remember there being a small explosion for that one.

There should be a community like [ profile] fandom_secrets but for broadcasting things you want done. Because there's a few things I want to be like, "WHY DOESN'T THIS HAVE A MORE ACTIVE FANDOM?" but I'm not embarrassed by it so I don't feel like posting to [ profile] fandom_secrets. There's a lot of those broadcasting secrets sometimes, but I hate seeing them even if I agree because they're not really secrets.

Anyway, in terms of fanfiction, these are things I want to see happen.
- A Harry Potter AU of HSM. I just want to see Troy and Chad playing Quidditch.
- A HSM AU of J2. That damn "The Boys Are Back" segment in the third movie looks so much like Bobby's junkyard, but SPN!HSM doesn't work as well, so I want J2.

This post is so oddly shaped, idek. It's late? And this place is on fire tonight. NOSTALGIA!


P.S. Sometimes I think I'm secretly a music video director in disguise, because between this song I'm listening to and Lady Gaga's Poker Face I keep coming up with great concepts for the music video and then get frustrated there's no way to actually make a video unless I get super-crafty and pick apart videos from other artists over the years and make a fanvid.
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Year One was less funny than I expected, but I can't pass up Jack Black (and certain cameos, omg). I'll probably get to see Transformers 2 on Tuesday. I'm trying not to let the Bay haters get to me, because I know I'll enjoy it, but everyone's making me nervous on Twitter.

Anyway, I got a Tumblr. No one seemed to be able to properly explain the appeal, so I decided to see for myself.

I don't get it. It's like a Twitter version of Livejournal? You make posts that people can't comment on and there's new things to see every day? And you can import feeds from Twitter and Vimeo and YouTube and etc. like Friendfeed, but there's the added pressure that it gets broadcast to your friends (like Xanga? LJ flists?) so it's like Facebook's public thing-y? Everyone I'm following I know on either Twitter or Livejournal (or read feeds through Google Reader) so unless something amazing happens soon (or people rec me things/people/whatever), it feels like I'm getting the same things twice from everyone I know.

I already have Twitter, Insanejournal, Dreamwidth (a openID, anyway), Vox, Livejournal, Wordpress... It's ridiculous.

And just to throw in another unpopular opinion (which I seem to be the Queen of lately) I like Kristen Stewart. I haven't seen Twilight (tried reading the books and couldn't get through Twilight), but I want to because I've liked her since I saw her in Panic Room. I saw Cold Creek Manor only because she was in it.

As for TV, In Plain Sight was AMAZING this week. Royal Pains not as much, but I'm still on board. And Burn Notice was sweet.

Per usual, more recs
[ profile] aynsless: Fence & Pool (RPS, J2, NC-17)
Sneaky J2 being hot and sneaky. I LOVE quicky!fic.

[ profile] laceandgrace: Sleep In Heavenly Peace (RPS, J2, PG-13)
Schmoopy sneaky Xmas-y fic. :D

[ profile] dev_earl: (We're Going Down) Only This Way (RPS, J2, R)
This gets a bit repetitive with the poetic rhythm, but it's sweet and gentle. It works-- for a "Jen's birthday" fic.

[ profile] dev_earl: This, Right Here (RPS, J2, NC-17)
Jared using LJ against Jensen! Bwahaha. I was actually thinking of this fic last week when I turned on my computer. I love how angsty it starts out, that you almost forget there's porn coming on the way and then it finishes ends beautifully.

[ profile] kickabouttheart: Up Close and Personal (Supernatural RPS, J2, NC-17)
I was way into my con fic before I found this one, which does it more justice than I ever could. But it's also more PWP than I would write, so I didn't give up completely on my own fic.



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