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This entry was better planned before but I'm sucked into Netflix right now, so you get the "HEY I NEEDED TO MENTION THIS. GOTTA GO BYE." version.

Thing the first: It's like an hour away (told you, better planning is not the strong point here), but if you get the Cooking Channel (it's the same as the Food Network for me, apparently--I don't watch those channels ever), at 10PM EST The Culinary Adventures of Baron Ambrosia premieres! YOU SHOULD WATCH IT. Baron's from the Bronx and actually has a show on the channel I work for called Bronx Flavor that is basically the local version of what he aims to do on CABA. I saw it described on GetGlue as "like if Adult Swim decided to do a cooking show" and... I guess, yeah, that is a good description. We are really proud and want the best for Baron because he's actually a great guy and just won a New York Emmy in March for Bronx Flavor. So if you are around, WATCH IT. Especially if you like those shows that feature weird foods and exotic stuff.

Thing the second: Tomorrow I'm going to Philly again! This time for Wizard World Philly, which will be the second time I've gone. [ profile] splits_thesky is cosplaying as Captain Jack from Torchwood and my Twilight Princess Link cosplay isn't done, so in a last ditch effort, I am going as Ianto Jones! I've never seen Torchwood before, but I needed fancy work clothes anyway and it seemed like a good reason to buy bright colors and a new tie and vest. Well, I just sat down and watched the first episode of TW and really enjoyed it, but I promised myself and [ profile] splits_thesky I'd get through Primeval first, so that's what I'm aiming for tonight and next week. ...after I watch this Janeane Garofalo special that was featured in (A)sexual.

Thing the third: The (A)sexual documentary is on YouTube. I don't know if I mentioned this before, and I have nothing to do with it (other than being asexual) but I watched it finally and it was heart-breaking but good! If anything it's a good introduction to the world of asexuals. I did wish it went further into the asexual spectrum, because they sort of skirt around the fact that some asexuals willing do have sex. Each of the couples they feature is like "yeah, we stopped." Also my heart aches for David Jay. I KNOW THAT FEEL, BRO. Come here and be my cuddle buddy. Anyway, I'm not sure that it's an official release as the filmmaker and David himself haven't mentioned it on Twitter, but I've waited long enough to watch it and promote it, so all the people I wanted to see it are getting alerted. When it's available for buying, I will put up the money for it as well.

ETA: Bah, apparently it wasn't an official release. According to the Facebook group it comes out on June 5th, so I'l re-link to it then.

Thing the fourth: I bought tickets to see Frankenstein encore screenings on Wednesday and Thursday downtown at AMC Empire 25. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this on Tumblr, but all I got back was "oh, but Sherlock NYC is seeing it Saturday!" Well, as I said above, I'm out of town tomorrow. And I'll willingly go alone, but I thought I'd mention it if anyone here wanted to come along. I promise I won't bite--either day. ;)

Also, this song has been in my head alll week, IDEK. I am not even technically Cumberbatched anymore.
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So I'm about to go shopping online for some new essentials (external passport hard drive, monitoring headset, new cage for my birdy, etc) but I wanted to pass these things along:

- I am now part of Pottermore? I wasn't even going to try to bother until October, and then [ profile] splits_thesky got all excited about it yesterday and made one for me today! My username is FireboltLight136. Now to wait for my owl welcome letter.


A few months ago a director was on the show I work on and spoke about his new film about Latinos in The Bronx that was shot in The Bronx. I was really excited to hear anything about it, and [ profile] justspaz may remember me flipping out when they gave out flyers at Pride. Now there's a trailer, I understand why they were at Pride. And I'm even more excited because the director, Rashaad came back today to promote the opening of the film--the premiere is tomorrow at my favorite movie theatre in The Bronx and brought Esai Morales along. It was a big event and we pulled it off. I'm pretty excited and plan on seeing the movie as soon as I can--hopefully this weekend, because as they say, money talks on opening weekend. If you're in or around NYC and can see it, you should! And if it's not playing anywhere near you, request a screening! I know it worked for Paranormal Activity and that movie wasn't nearly as important as this one (in terms of topics, subject matter, etc), so I KNOW it can happen for GRH.
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Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist was amazing. Everything I have to say is echoed by the TRS crew, so in an effort to get more people to watch, I say go watch their review (also stay tuned for their thoughts on Heroes, which I agree with as well). In other Revision3 news, Alex Albrecht got engaged and omfg, Alex/Heather forever. Easily the only real couple that I admire in this world.

I do have to add that I'll be running up and down the Old Gym building stairs at my school going, "OMG KAT DENNINGS REALLY WAS HERE IN MAY," come Monday.

In other filming-near-Lia news there was a filming crew about ten blocks from my house over the summer and my mom is convinced that it was Life On Mars. So now I have to watch at least a few episodes to see if I spot anything super familiar.

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