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So much to talk about, so little time.

Robert Schwartzman at Webster Hall )

THE WEEKEND WAS THE GREATEST. World Cup of Quidditch V. It started out already exhausting because I really needed rest after being at work all of Thursday and then having to wake up early Friday. Saturday (and sometimes Sunday, if I can get away with it) is my day to really enjoy sleeping in with nowhere to go. Instead I woke up at 7am, and left to pick up [ profile] splits_thesky at Penn Station. We walked up to Times Square, where they were re-creating Super Mario Land for the day. It was still pretty early so the crowd wasn't ridiculous and we were able to observe and leave quickly. I didn't realize until later that they were actually giving away the Tanooki tails and ears the volunteers were wearing. I wanted a pair. :(

Then Quidditch happened )

I'm like an episode away from being caught up with American Horror Story. THE HELL IS GOING ON.
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That could've been a great series finale for Chuck. Now they have a whole season to go.

HIMYM and BBT aren't funny anymore--I just watched two episodes of each and didn't laugh once.

One episode into the three Modern Familys I had dl'd and I was hysterical.

Game of Thrones isn't interesting.

The Killing is, but I don't care for any of the characters.

Breakout Kings is adorable but it's just Leverage all over again. Undecided.

In Plain Sight is on the rocks, but I really love Mary a lot.
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Okay, so now it is time to talk about mah shows, or really, the shows that I vaguely have something to say about!

Being Human UK )

White Collar )

How I Met Your Mother )

Being Human US )

I went to catch up on The Cape and Off the Map and saw they were in danger of being canceled (haha WELL). As much as The Cape is totally on my list of things I need to see wrapped up, I'm not bothering with it at the moment. And Off the Map was on after Mr. Sunshine this week and I could follow along even though I was five episodes behind and that's not a good sign for me. I should feel like I missed things. Not like in Lost where you miss a minute of an episode and are like, "WHAT HAPPENED, WHY ARE FIVE PEOPLE DEAD, I WAS JUST GETTING A DRINK OF WATER," but something.

Anyway, I'm finishing up the last four episodes of Big Love now, so the next post might reference that if there's anything OMG that happens. I hope so, but I haven't heard anything big... from the four people I know that watch it, too.

ETA: Does anyone have a Mac and play any Nintendo 64 ROMS? I can't seem to get them to work on my laptop. T_T
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Doot doot doooooo, catching up on TV I missed last/this week.

Big Love )

How I Met Your Mother )

Chuck )

The Cape )

Being Human UK )

Being Human US )

Mr. Sunshine )

Off the Map )

I got my dad hooked on Archer with last week's episode, he got the first season yesterday and he's all caught up today. MY FAMILY WINS AT MARATHONING.
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The next two days are going to be very long days for me, so I figured I'd just post this now, even if I'm still one episode behind on Being Human UK.

Misfits )

Being Human UK )

Being Human US )

No seriously, my iPod playlist right now is just Ke$ha and Iwan Rheon-related songs.
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I woke up Friday feeling sluggish and by yesterday I was decent. Gargling with salt water, drinking a lot of vitamin C-enriched orange juice and eating/drinking anything with more than 30mg of protein equal = my new remedy. Honestly, all I ate this weekend: chicken soup, protein shakes, orange juice, egg yolks. It was a very yellow weekend on my plate.

But I woke up today and the remnants of the cold are trying to escape through my nose.

Anyway, I promised my new friends a meme that got to know me better. Except I didn't really have any I hadn't done so I googled (lol remember when I was like, "I LOVE YAHOO!, I WILL NEVER CALL SEARCHING "GOOGLING"--good times!) that seven layer meme thing and did that.

Seven layer Meme )

Anyone know when Chuck comes back? I keep seeing March 1st at 8pm but that's a Tuesday, Chuck has always been on a Monday and I think most of my flist would go berserk if they moved it.

How I Met Your Mother )
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I'm so behind on my TV shows. Or just Treme and In Plain Sight. (What I will say about Burn Notice is "OH SNAP!")

Thursday I went to see Big Time Rush at a concert/filming for the show. I'll upload some pictures to Facebook eventually (what is this thing called free time?), but it was pretty funny how many people walked past the line for the event and asked who was performing. Uh, check the stage? Their name's written all over it! The weather was schizo, too, going from cloudy to scorchingly sunny to rainy to sunny to cloudy and windy--in the span of five hours.

I'm watching the series now since I always wanted to, but could never find the episodes until recently. Human Target was boring me, so it has to wait until I'm done with Big Time Rush.

I finished Lucky Star, which was funnier but also weirder at the end. It still had no real plot.

Chuck, S3 )
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Meme from [everyone ever]:
Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper on their journal.
Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!
Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on!

I just changed it last night? IDK, I was getting bored of the Awesome smiley and I'd used the Awesome smiley for the last month or so so it reminds me of school. And I need new wallpapers... But Scott Pilgrim is cool, too! I plan on finishing the other two volumes now that I have time to myself. And yes, those are all the things I plan on watching today (except for Happy Town, I saw those. I'm just converting them for my mom).

Onto TV!

Brothers & Sisters )

How I Met Your Mother )

The Big Bang Theory )

Lost, although mostly just theorizing )

lol, idk about V. I was watching and I saw things happen, but I was too busy theorizing Lost to care. Although I guess the Vs can show emotion when they feel it!

Party Down )

Gravity )

In Plain Sight )

And now I will go enjoy some anime because I cannnnn.
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I missed one episode of Brothers & Sisters so I'm all out of the loop there. UGH.

How I Met Your Mother )

The Big Bang Theory )

Lost )

V )

~WARNING~ Those of you with severe attachments and delicate sensibilities to SPN may not want to read below.

Supernatural, the last three weeks )
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Supernatural )

Someone explain where the whole idea to call Supernatural "show" came from? It always gets on my nerves but apparently it's the new thing to do and I cannot understand why. And it's not because it's not my favorite show either, because I can't bring myself to even call Psych "show." IT NEEDS A DEFINITE ARTICLE BEFORE IT.
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I should probably wait until tomorrow to post TV shows but I'm pulling the "my journal, my rules" card.

The Pacific )

In Plain Sight )

Icon meme )

Questionnaire meme )

What American accent do you have?
Created by Xavier on

Southern. Love it or hate it, your accent says you're probably from somewhere south of the Ohio River.

If you're not from the South, you probably were overanalyzing the questions. Take the quiz again but don't think so hard next time.

Take this quiz now - it's easy!
We're going to start with "cot" and "caught." When you say those words do they sound the same or different?

south of the Ohio River LOOOOOOOL, okay then.

ETA: Even at it's highest point I'm still above it.
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Because I haven't seen a DL of Friday's Late Night yet.

How I Met Your Mother )

Melrose Place )

Accidentally On Purpose )

In Plain Sight )

Supernatural )

I'm really disappointed Lost keeps getting forgotten when I do these posts. I come home on Tuesday and it's already on so I have to wait a while before I get to see the episode, and right after that I'm doing homework so I never get the time to write anything down to comment on. Then again, a lot of this season has been answers to things I've sort of figured out or theorized enough to understand to my own satisfaction, so it's not the "WTF WTF" that it seems to be for most people. I don't really feel like I need to write things down and/or discuss it. But the last episode was a Hurley one, so I did enjoy that one. And the guest stars. ;)
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Last Friday I played The Sims 2 and lost a whole day to that damn game. It threw me off my schedule so bad that I'm still paying for it. I caved on Monday night (to sleep, it was 3am) and didn't finish my homework for Screenwriting, but class was over before we got to me. WIN.

Sandra McCoy has a new business. The web site's adorably horrible, but I find it amusing that she's helping others when her career itself could use some boosting. But then again, I've heard of every one of the girls on the testimonials page so she might be onto something here.

Onto last week's TV:

In Plain Sight )

Supernatural )

And this week, so far:

Brothers & Sisters )

The Pacific )

Jonas )

Tremé was good too, but I can't say I'm intrigued by much of what's going on just yet. I'll probably watch it as it gets uploaded on OnDemand.

TBBT and V were okay, and HIMYM is giving me problems, so I don't know when I'll be watching that one. Aaaaand I just realized I missed AOP typing this. But now is Modern Family, so I will go watch that, then HIMYM if it works.
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This spring weather is doing amazing things for my sanity. I find myself smiling a lot more lately than I have in a while. I'm a lot less stressed, much more invigorated (although part of that's probably the spring break, too), etc. I want to do internet spring cleaning, but I don't have time right now.

Those of you who watch/know anime/manga, what does it mean when you can't see the character's eyes? Like this? Does it mean anything? I can't find anything on tvtropes about it. I'm reading it as they're shady or ashamed, but there's other tropes for that, and in that particular scene Kazahaya is just walking neutrally, so I'm confused.

Wow, remember when I didn't even care about anime? WHAT IS THIS YEAR? I've got three series on my laptop to watch this weekend alone along with five manga series bookmarked on my phone's Manga Browser. It's like 2010 hit and Japanese culture invaded my heart. Anyway.

I got my instructions for graduation next month and now I can't help seeing the end in sight. It's exciting!

And I finally got myself a new layout! It's been up for about two weeks, but I only just decided on a header I liked. I was going to do rotating headers, but I like my rotating headers to have a similar theme and the ones I was making were all over the board. It's been a while since I had a Psych-only header, anyway.

Oh, and Bijou is sick, lol. She had a vet appointment on Thursday and I guess they gave her kennel cough accidentally via the shot used to prevent it, because she's got a runny nose (lol idk dogs with running noses are kinda still adorable, even if I'm the one constantly cleaning her nostrils) and keeps coughing (which we all thought was just her retching at first, because it's the same sound). I've never had a dog get their version of the common cold before and it's kind of hysterical and adorable at once. I think it's stupid that they even have bothered giving her that shot, because she doesn't go anywhere or go near anything that would give her kennel cough anyway.

How To Make It In America )

Lost )

V )

Here, have some super-short but cool videos I saw on The Digg Reel (which I'm also still behind on) )
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Spoilers! )
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Today was a beautiful day. I went with my mom, sister and nephew to go see Diary of a Wimpy Kid and I forgot why, but there was an awkward silence in the car. So I just focused on the people walking on the sidewalks as we drove. I used to do that so much when I was younger-- just watch people and wonder what their day was like: did they just have a bad argument with someone, did they remember to feed their dog last night, where were they off to looking so lost in thought or walking so sadly... I remember my freshmen English teacher telling us that was one of the things about growing up-- you stop noticing the clouds and when the seasons change, you lose contact with people you thought were your best friends in high school, etc. I'd like to think I still spend time watching the "wildlife" or the clouds but I've kind of lost contact with humans. It's odd. Back then I figured that would be the last thing to go.

Wow. ANYWAY. The movie was good, but it left out a few of my favorite parts of the book, and my nephew was clearly bummed that it didn't follow it exactly (lol I don't think he's ever read a book before seeing the adaptation). Tomorrow we're supposed to go see How to Train Your Dragon and I think my sister said Kick-Ass might be Saturday, but IDK. I want to see She's Out Of My League by Thursday though, because after that I know I might as well give up on it. And I refuse to not see a Nate Torrence movie in theatres (I haven't gotten around to seeing that one with Dane Cook and Jason Biggs but shhhhh).

Lost )

Melrose Place )

In Plain Sight )

Someone needs to tell me where is a good site to make playlists you can then listen back, because once you make it on you can't listen to them and doesn't have that expansive of a catalogue.

P.S. What was everyone's favorite pranks today? I haven't gotten tricked in ages, but I do enjoy how the websites change on us. I think YouTube's was better last year, and Google is losing their touch, but I liked and And on Twitter, the psychwrites account changed to mentalistwrites and started posting things like "did you spot the papaya in the last episode?" XD I LOVE THOSE GUYS SO MUCH.
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hsdjkfahdfds there's a [ profile] psychland now! I AM EXCITE. AND YOU SHOULD JOINNNN.

Lost )

The Pacific )

Supernatural )

AND NOW I AM ON SPRING BREAK FOR A WEEK. This basically means I don't have school, but still have the same amount of work as if I did! But it's okay. I'll take my joy in the little things, like my back not hurting from my bookbag and waking up later than usual. And the fact that when I get back there's approximately six weeks left to my college career. :DDDDD
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It's already Monday and I haven't even posted about last week's TV. I barely remember what happened. Let's see...

TBBT was a one-trick that was stretched for the whole episode and simultaneously the most mainstream geeky they could get, I didn't watch HIMYM, The USA network finales continued to be mind-meltingly good (I said I was going to revisit the last two Psych episodes on here but by now they're irrelevant) and I'm wondering where Lost is going with all this. Big Love was over too soon but on the right note, Modern Family wasn't as hilarious or sweet as it usually is, but I'm awaiting the episode they filmed recently. I didn't realize how much I missed Melrose Place until a link showed up in my inbox (insert ship glee here and lol at the ending) and Archer and Important Things were just okay.

The Pacific started yesterday on HBO but I was still doing things when it started so I missed a bunch. How To Make It was good but it seems to be mini-tv shows in one bigger show. Rene's in the Sopranos, Ben and Cam are in Entourage, Rachel's in Sex and the City or summat.

I was watching Aoi Hana but it's boring me, so I'm going to work on my writing... and making playlists for abstract ideas since I've lost my fandom muse altogether.


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