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Two things, before I get to the entry:

- Anyone into Star Wars comics/books, which would be the best to start with? I have a fairly basic idea of the EU and I'm starting to crave more stories about the verse.

- I found a pile of D&D, BSG and Serenity RPG player's guides in Barnes n Nobles, and then searched and found all these dice shop sites and OMG, I need a meetup group for this stuff immediately. I WANT TO PLAY.

I saw Tropic Thunder yesterday and I've been thinking about it ever since. I loved it and thought it was much better than Pineapple Express. Since Reality Bites I haven't really enjoyed a movie under Ben Stiller's direction. The Cable Guy was too dark at the time for me (it's pretty hysterical now) and I only saw Zoolander because of Lance Bass's cameo. By the way, is he good friends with Stiller? What's up with that?

I'm sorry a dingo ate your baby! )

I also somehow managed to see the movie, feed myself and buy two magazines (Out with NPH on the cover and Rolling Stone with RDJ on the cover) on $30. Both had interesting articles. I'd read the NPH article a week ago online. I've always been really impressed with how NPH handles himself in interviews, and this wasn't much of an exception. RDJ, on the other hand, broke my heart at one point in the RS article. But my comments on that could be an entirely new entry (true story: I had written three paragraphs on it that I just deleted from this entry), so I'll save that for another day. Or, you know, whenever you guys are interested.

Gay men's magazines are almost as interesting as straight men's magazines, in terms of articles. Although Out is much more thought-provoking, GQ and Esquire are still my favorite magazines to buy when there's a celebrity on the cover I adore.

Also, I'm really behind on podcasts but I just watched TRS and damn those boys. I want to play TV tag now. I would be epic at it.

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Dan Trachtenberg seems to be the go-to guy on RDJ news lately, so I give you link 1 and link 2.

And reading this in this week's EW made me a bit misty. The reason most comedians suck is they get an act, and they do the same act for the rest of their lives.

Get Smart-- the movies )

In short, it was fun and I'm so glad it didn't shred the shit out of the show but leave the characters alone now and give Nate Torrence a role on Heroes!!! Or his own show or something. And where is the rest of this?!


P.S. I am finally caught up on Burn Notice-- but now I can't decide which TV show to catch up on next...
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Not a good day.

But there is this:


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This weekend has ended on a good note.

Leo (my cockatiel) is back to singing, although he's not really eating anything more than millet (which is essentially snack food) and still hangs out with his mirror image. I miss the chorus of the two but it's good to hear the song again. He's totally anti-social though, because I went by the cage to chirp at him and he just turned his back to me.

And right now I guess every Psych fan on here is at, but if you're not, GO! They have goodies from the S2 DVDs that are out on Tuesday (I'm getting mine Monday night). USA is finally playing promos for the new season and I'm so excited. I have to go buy pineapples soon, so I can make some Lassies.

I couldn't NOT talk about this. The sad thing is I'm already envisioning stalking the sets (because they have to shoot on location, mmkay?) and the LJ communities and the fandom in general. The pilot isn't even in production and I'm all excited. I'm determined that this will be more Entourage than John From Cincinnati in terms of ratings and stuff. HBO, I trust you can do it. JASOOOONNNNN. And Funny People starts shooting soon! *glee*

Since this entry is basically focused on "males that Lia loves" um... crap. Nothing exciting in Downey-land lately. Here? *fails*

WAIT. [ profile] kkissbbang started up a newsletter that focuses on news about Val Kilmer, RDJ and Michelle Monaghan and it's pretty awesome. The new "issue" is here. Not so much about RDJ this time but whatever. Like I said, it's quiet in Downey-land this weekend.


P.S. My iTunes LOVES me today!
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For the last two weeks I've had "JULY 2ND AT 1:40AM" written on the top of both my white boards. And of course, I didn't remember to turn on the TV until half past 2am. So instead of watching Short Cuts which is what that memo was referring to, I watched Heart And Souls. To be fair, I was already half way through the DVD before I realized I'd missed the showing of Short Cuts. But I enjoyed Heart And Souls, mainly because the kid who plays the younger Thomas is SO CUTE. I almost wish Thomas would've spent the whole movie as a little boy. But then I'd be robbed of the hysterical comedy of RDJ when the souls are inhabiting him. The more I watch these old movies, I can't help but notice that the man tries his best but he really is an "eccentric bisexual" at heart (which made the "Walk Like A Man" sequence all that more hysterical). The movie was also evenly paced which was very nice.

Wait, isn't this year the Olympics? Why are they still doing trials? It's already July! Wow, NBC is just not on their A game this year. Or I suck at paying attention to when the Olympics actually start.

Anyway, the point of this post was actually to ask: How often do you speak to your friends? Because if I hear from a friend on Monday, I generally don't think to call them again until a week and a half later. Whether I do or not is another story, but is that too long between communicating? Generally I factor in talking online, phone conversations and hanging out in the same category. If I called a friend on Monday and we hang out on Thursday, then chat for three days online after that, I don't call them again until approximately two weeks after I last heard from them, so a week and a half after that last IM conversation. Does that make sense? I've been told that's unusual, but the only time I've ever called someone more than twice a week is because I was dating them-- and only because if I didn't, they would. And I feel better ending phone conversations when I do the calling than when someone else calls me. In the end, if you're calling me more than three times a week, I'm probably going to freak out.

Wow. I am a control freak. D:

Um. So, who's excited for Psych in two weeks! YAY! Pineapples for all!

Also exciting (but mostly for me)! Our new 42" HDTV is being delivered on Monday. Our next big purchase (as far as I'm concerned) is a PS3 and I already know the first movie I want on BD. And then, of course, Planet Earth and Meerkat Manor, because those shows/series are what every BD player should be broken in with. XD

In related news, USA should really start putting out a certain show in BD sets. *hint hint* I want to see every crevice on those pineapples, people!

And I just uploaded my first Kiss Kiss Bang Bang fic. And it's actually Harry/Perry. I know, I know. But it just fit well with the prompt I was given.


P.S. Happy belated Canada Day and early July 4th-- in case I'm not on later this week.

ETA: RDJ, how can you get more awesome than that. XD
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Alexander is the longest movie ever. I started watching it last Tuesday and it just went on forever. 39 chapters, and by chapter 24 there was still an hour and a half to go. Suffice it to say that no, I do not care for Oliver Stone, Platoon aside. Never bothering with him again. Sorry, Elizabeth Banks, I'm not going to be in line for 'W'.

Memes )

My Boys )

Fear Itself )

And it was Jason Schwartzman's birthday, but now it's Drake Bell's birthday. I was going to do a picspam but I'm too lazy/hungry/sleepy/uninspired and it's hard to find anything new of either since they both disappeared into oblivion this year. So uh, yeah. *confetti*

I can has July? And some S3 promos for Psych?

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Last night I was out of my mind with boredom. I think my instant gratification disease is attacking again. There's so many things I want to do but all of them take more time than I'm willing to spend on a single thing. I want entertainment right here, right now. Eventually I gave up just wasting time and ended up-- at 4am, mind you-- making a background for Twitter, re-doing my LJ layout and staring at my Twitter pic wondering whether I should change it, too. I had a few dreams but they're all jumbled right now since everyone kept waking me up about every five minutes and I don't know which dream was which.

Something is wrong with the world when Downey and Hugh Jackman receive stars on the Walk of Fame in the same year. I don't know what the criteria is, but is Hugh Jackman really that deserving so soon? As far as I can tell he's only been around since 2000. I awww'd about Macy and Huffman getting stars the same year. And lol @ Tinkerbell and the Village People.

I don't know why I was so late to the party but this (seemingly) dead fic-a-thon is pretty interesting to go through. I feel odd with films like Zodiac, Good Night, Good Luck and Fur which are about real people. You'd think it'd be like RPF and that it wouldn't be weird to me because I don't mind RPF, but just the idea of there being fics about these movies is weirding me out. Especially Fur since that in itself was an AU fanfic on celluloid. I wonder how Arbus's family feels about that movie. My views on fan fiction have changed lately, anyway. I'm more interested in anything that's not slash. And my flist being what it is, that is very hard to find! Not that I'm frustrated by it, it's just an amusing fact.

Now that I'm reminded of other creepy subject matter, I was having a conversation with my dad the other day about the CGI in The Incredible Hulk and I mentioned the uncanny valley and had to explain the theory to him. We started talking about how it's creepy when animals show signs of intelligence like when you go to the zoo and the gorillas wave or wink at you or when you're trying to squash a roach and it plays dead so you leave it alone. And I figure that the reason humans find humanoid robots and animals so creepy is because we have a superiority complex. Dad mentioned this Nat Geo program we watched in March about how gorillas have faster memory than humans and I said that that's not creepy because we assume it's a necessary skill for whatever they do in the wild. Kind of how squirrels always remember where they put their nuts but I can't remember my password for GMail when my notifier conks out on me. It's the same way we are amazed and not scared by birds or platypi. But when animals show signs of genius at human levels-- like the roach that tried hiding under a glass container so I wouldn't send him to his maker-- it's weird because we think, "Wait, we're supposed to be the ultimate beings here, not you. How does a mouse, a simple rodent outsmart me, a human!" And I think that's part of the reason why that beach scene in Planet of the Apes is so scary because it's like evolution denied us what we're supposed to be. Does that make sense?

Anyway, My Boys is about to start, I need to load up The Sims 2 and I'm looking into other simulation/strategy games. I'm thinking about getting Black & White or the latest Civilization since I loved the demo so much on my old computer. There also needs to be a new bar-tending simulator. I missed my chance to own Last Call back then as well. Anyone play any of these god games? I really want Spore as well, but that's not shocking news.

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I was talking to an old friend on AIM yesterday and she recommended a movie to me because she knows I like "those gay movies." And I realized that I've taken a complete 180˚ turn from the person she once knew. LJ is so over-populated with slashers that I guess I changed. I'm amused by this.

I just registered for fall classes, but the only way for me to get certain classes in the fall was for me to take two summer courses, so I guess I'm going to school year round this year! True fact: there's a teacher named Quarrell and I thought it said Quirrell and immediately thought, "lol NO." The classes they're teaching are AWESOME, but don't fit into my schedule, anyway.

Speaking of movies... there's a bunch of movie trailers and technical equipment truck by my school again, and the posters say "SET" with the words "Nick and Norah" in tiny letters in the corner. So I'm assuming it's this movie, even though it says they're in post-production. Kat Dennings... no wonder I was quoting Charlie Bartlett today.

Strange. Generally, I think my movie reviews are pretty objective. I see movies with people I adore in them and can pretty much admit if they're crappy movies (I'm looking at you, recent career of Ewan McGregor), or movies with people I can't stand and say they're pretty awesome (hi, Cruel Intentions). But my fascination with Robert Downey Jr (... at least I don't think. lol, stalkers?) isn't well known outside of LJ and yet no one takes me seriously when I tell them, "OMG JUST GO SEE IRON MAN NOW." It can't be the geek side of me, because I was able to send people away from seeing Fantastic Four, X-Men: The Last Stand, and Spider-Man 3 (although I saw that one so late I probably couldn't save everyone).

(My proudest moment as movie geek/comic geek stands as the time my friend and I got into an argument about X3 in the middle of a comic store and by the end, I had a whole group of geeks passing by me essentially going, "Dude... she's right, wtf.")

And still, I don't really know how to deal with the wank surrounding this. I expected RDJ to clear it up yesterday on Kimmel, but he didn't. I feel like it's this all over again (except that ended in a viral video classic). What I like about RDj is how brutally honest he is, so I guess it comes with the territory, and he does have that weird Steve Carellish type of humor.

I updated my contact post with my Wii friend codes, and I put them on my profile too. I also love the new Nintendo channel on the Wii. I'm going to go try some DS demos, and then maybe a movie or two.

Aaand it's dinner time!


To peace!

May. 2nd, 2008 03:22 pm
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Believe the hype about Iron Man.

Especially if you are a fan and stay until the end. I'm not exactly happy about the last scene before the credits, because pairing that with the scene after the credits leads me to believe they already know what arc they want to do with these characters down the line. That's especially cryptic, but if you're a Marvel fan of recent history you'll understand what I mean.

Stark here is much more snarky than I recall him ever being in the comics-- he's almost Peter Parker, the older billionaire version. There are moments where I forgot it was a superhero movie. That's how realistic these characters feel on screen, even if they really don't really flesh out anyone besides Stark. I'm not sure a lot of younger kids are going to enjoy it, because there's very few action sequences. But it's hard to say anything else without being too spoilery, so JUST GO SEE IT.

It's not the perfect comic book movie, but it's pretty darn close. There was only about four things I could find fault with, but they were minor and easily forgivable.

My dad and I decided to cast the rest of the Avengers, but we can't think of a decent Thor or Captain America. I think the best casting methods would be to scour Nordic countries for Thor and find someone who looks like they're from the 1940s for Cap. The Pyms are probably the two casting directors should be least worried about getting right, but hell if I can think of who to play them even decently. My dad is more concerned with getting Thor and Cap's costumes to look practical-- damn those wings!

As for others, I only half-jokingly decided Daniel Dae-Kim should be Sub-Mariner, even if he was in Spider-Man 2 for a second.

Oh, I saw Lost at 5am last night/this morning. lol, talk about shipper wars.

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Dear powers that be at Nintendo, please stop making Mario Party games. I can't take much more of them. I don't know what I did to anger the Nintendo god (...Mr. Game & Watch? Jumpman? or just Mario?) that made you punish me with Mario Party DS, but I'm SORRY.

In other news, please continue with the Mario Kart and Smash Bros. series. They are top-notch gaming titles (although I miss the multi-player Grand Prix, and my best character in Brawl is actually not even a Nintendo character). And thank you for continuing to put Daisy, clearly the smarter princess, in these games.



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I have discovered the creature that is dialogue fic. If someone had told me sooner that bunches of dialogue alone could constitute a fic, I'd have rolled out bunches more Psych fics by now. Anyway, I read this Barney/Robin fic and it was epic. Yeah, I think at this point this entire week is dedicated to How I Met Your Mother. I even decided I'm going to go see Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay on Friday, because of NPH. Although whether I want to spend the money to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall instead of Speed Racer is still debatable. The other $20 I have until I'm flat broke goes to Iron Man and Made Of Honor (my new girl!obsession, let me show you her).

Today's movies were Tombstone, Casablanca and Martian Child. The last one was the only one I truly liked. Even though I can't look at stars anymore without thinking of Psych. The other two movies were okay, but then again they were a western and a romance (so people say, I didn't see any chemistry at all), so my indifference was to be expected.

Speaking of romances (and Iron Man, haha) I've been reading the new interviews linked from and this one MELTED ME, OMG. I've never figured SJP to be an attractive woman but I respected her even during my fascination with Matthew Broderick. But lordy, the paragraph about SJP and Matty made my heart shatter. And then it repaired itself and got bigger so it could love Susan Downey & Indio even more. N'awwww. *draws hearts around the Downeys*

And then I read an old article from Blender about Britney Spears that almost made me cry when I realized Felicia no longer works for Britney. I don't want to talk about it, but that part made me sad.

So then I re-watched this adorably un-techie video, and that got me back on my happy feet. I MISS SCHWARTZY. He needs another movie or something. Did I mention that Rooney's coming back to NYC the same day that Kevin Rose is in town? FAIL, Robert Schwartzman, FAIL.


P.S. Psych casting spoilers. Discuss?

P.S.S. I'm the last person to care about Harry/Perry but seeing as there's no other fic in the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang fandom, they will have to do. And if this isn't spot-on Harry I don't know what is.
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Holy hell, it took me three hours to catch up with my flist. I'd been gone a while and it felt like forever, but the usual amount of catching up is two hours. Um.

Whatever, spring break is coming up. I'm excited. Mostly because the week after it ends is the week Iron Man comes out. I'm sad that I haven't seen ads for it anywhere, whereas Speed Racer and Made of Honor are everywhere, but MSG does have an Iron Man ad along the hockey rink and 7-11 has 3D cups. I got the cups on Monday, and every time I watch a Rangers game (like now) I'm begging someone to do a body check into the wall where the ad is. I'm sick, we all know this.

Speaking of sickness, my obsession with older men continues. And evidently my long train of actor/musician obsessions as well. Because now I'm crazy about Dermot Mulroney (and his band-- "Life Is A Pain" FTW). I like actor/musicians fine, but I'm tired of everyone putting out albums because someone told them, "Oh hey, your voice is good." And they're all in genre groups, too. Like Bruce Willis and Russell Crowe have rock bands and all the pretty young'uns are pop tartlets. And now there's the singer/songwriter tag for people like Jason Schwartzman and Zooey Deschanel and Scarlett Johansson (although bringing Tom Waits to the masses is probably something I can get behind). And don't get me started on singers who want to act. Can't anyone ever just stick to one career anymore?

Which reminds me-- my dad taped an episode of "After Film School" with Jason Reitman on it. And I had no idea that Robert Rodrigeuz wrote a book. I looked at my dad when he came home and went, "Clearly, a trip to BNN is in order this weekend!" I don't even know why I try. I could read fifty books on directing and writing and making movies, but without friends to cast in them, what can I possibly do? Still, Jason Reitman is pretty awesome, even if I am among the few who enjoyed Thank You For Smoking more than Juno. I love when directors give actual advice and aren't all gloom.

Maybe I should listen to this meme and do writing instead. )

Speaking of actor/singers, a spoiler for any HIMYM fans on my flist.


P.S. I'm highly amused that the name of the judge in the Jo Rowling vs. the HP Lexicon case was Robert Patterson.
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It's April 4th you say?

According to, it's also Heath Ledger's birthday, so I thought I should mention that first.

But it is also James Roday and Robert Downey Jr's birthdays (what are the odds really?), and so I put together a minispam of sorts, since that's how we celebrate birthdays in fandom-- showing you pictures of the person(s)!

So onto the spam! )

Here's to many more years for both of them. *raises Capri Sun*


Okay, now I'm going to go back to my movies, lalalala.


P.S. All pictures from and, and my own trailer caps.

ETA: According to ET (yes, I watched it specifically for the Birthday Quiz today, stfu) Robert Downey Jr is the first SNL cast member to be nominated for an Oscar.
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There has to be someone who's aware of a band called Yes. Does anyone know any really good songs by them, besides "Your Move"? That was one of my favorite Robert Downey Jr. songs and I didn't realize it was a cover.

This weekend was all about movies! And through next month will continue to be about movies! I've decided that if I finally watch all the movies I've bought, rented or downloaded and never watched by April 18th (when my spring break starts), I will treat myself to a movie marathon of my three favorite movies and then try to get through two movies that used to be important to me. And if I succeed in that I'll treat myself to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang again. :D Let's see how well this goes. So far I've seen Alpha Dog, Inside Man, 3:10 To Yuma, Notes On A Scandal, Reign Over Me, Bandits and Proof.

I was going to watch Festival Express tonight but my mom's still awake and watching TV where the DVR is so I can't even watch tonight's shows that I missed so I could do my homework. So I'm going to cuddle up with Schwartzy (my iPod) and watch Bobby until I fall asleep and watch the rest tomorrow-- along with two other movies.

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Does anyone else get embarrassed when they start a new obsession? Most of the time I thought I didn't... but then I thought about it and wrote down all the obsessions of mine since 2005... and I've been embarrassed at the onset of at least 75% of them. I'm shocked. And most of them were the slow burns.

I just went through my entries on certain movies and added a Robert Downey Jr. tag, and hell if this wasn't a slow burn. I saw Zodiac in September. Then again, I saw Once Upon A Time In Mexico during the summer of that year and it took me until after Christmas when I saw POTC1 to go crazy over Johnny Depp... and by the time Finding Neverland came out it was over.

But obsessions also get you to watch movies you never thought you would. Like for instance, tonight I plan on watching Lucky You and I added The Shaggy Dog to my queue. Please, make it stop. Or at least, give me RDJ's (yes, that's his nickname) The Incredible Hulk cameo.


P.S. Um, wow. It's official. I'm dead.
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There's an unpopular opinion meme going around. And well, if you want to give me a fandom you can. But FUCK. If I could just once get into a fandom and not be overloaded by the slashers? There's a severe lack of tinhattery in the femmeslash in all of my fandoms, but in the newer ones especially... there's hardly any het.

Damn slashers... )

*brightens a bit* Hey, there's at least a few fanvids on YouTube.

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I am so wiped out! But I've got to be up at 7am so I can't be too much longer on here. Thankfully there's not much to do for tomorrow.

I have finally discovered how to write interrobangs (see ‽). And I am excited. The code that works for me is #8253. If only the irony mark worked as well.

And speaking of language (somewhat), why do we pronounce "who" like that? The word "ho" and the "wh" sound, are nothing like all three letters put together. And why are "female" and "woman" used interchangeably, but not "male" and "man"?

As for silent movies, I always considered myself a Chaplin fan. I remember seeing one of his movies as a kid and thinking there was no way anyone could top him. And then later I heard about Buster Keaton and thought, "No way, Chaplin is so much better." I hadn't seen anything of Keaton's work before last week though. In my history of cinema class we watched Keaton's The Navigator and Chaplin's Easy Street. And well, Chaplin is funny. But Keaton was a genius. I highly recommend watching The Navigator. It's actually on YouTube, in seven parts.

And then I watched Chaplin. It's a no-brainer that I'm slowly becoming a Robert Downey Jr. fan. I had seen Chaplin when I was really young when it was on HBO while my friend Joshua was over at my house to play GI Joes or X-Men with me. We had just heard about Chaplin at the time so we decided to watch it. Apparently we didn't watch the whole thing, because I know I would've cried when they got to his elder years-- at least back then. But it's a good movie. A bit long and unnecessary at times, and it falls into the same biographical stereotypes as the other biographical movies do, but it's good. There's one scene when Chaplin picks up the first bit of film that he was filmed on off the cutting room floor and looks at it in the light, and that just melted me. I mean, it's the medium he'd come to be known for and here he was just a mistake in filming... and the way Downey Jr. played that scene so simply...

Anyway, there's a ton of people in the movie too, and it's hard to pay attention when I kept shouting, "MULDER! FOXY MULDER!" every time I saw Duchovny on screen. Mulder, Iron Man, Leeloo, Disney's Hades and a Blues Brother in a movie together. Also whatever happened to Moira Kelly? I loved that girl. (With Honors? Gorgeous movie.) And OMG, I forgot to mention Kevin Kline! As Douglas Fairbanks. sahsjkfsa I love Kline a bit more than need be.

And as luck would have it, I guess I'll be posting the ADIML entry tomorrow. Because now I have only five hours to sleep.

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No one happens to have Robert Downey's CD, do they? I forgot all about that CD until the song popped into my head the other day and I went "OMG, I think I have that song!" But I don't have the CD. And I've grown accustomed to his voice, so... wantie.

I don't think I'll be watching "Dirty Sexy Money" or "Chuck" anymore. "D$M" doesn't seem to interest me, and "Chuck" is just ... there. I want to watch it because of Adam Baldwin, and no one deserves success more than the BDHs, but I don't really care about the show. I'd watch it on Saturdays if NBC always gave it on Saturdays, but then LOL when am I ever at home on Saturdays since the family got Good Vibrations (that's what I named our car)?

I haven't even watched the pilot of "Life is Wild" and "Aliens in America" isn't on the CW site so that makes it a little harder and therefore I don't care if the network doesn't.

Anyway, I saw a movie for $5 today! Well, I had a free ticket and when I redeemed the free ticket, I got free popcorn and my drink was only $5, so yeah. Besides a bagel and chai tea, that's all I've had to eat today too. But obviously I saw The Darjeeling Limited and it was awesome. Some bullets:

1. You really should see Hotel Chevalier first. It tells you more about Jack. I don't know why Jack gets the most development, but that damn iPod, lol.
2. I love the way Wes's movies look. From the first shot to the way the cameras move to that last slow-mo scene, it has Wes all over it. And I love it.
3. Jason is so SHORT! ROFL, how are we to believe these dudes are related? Plus, bare feet, wtf?
4. They robbed me of Natalie Portman, wtf. Anglica Huston however continues to remind me of my mom and I adore her.
5. I want to be Sweet Lime, :(
6. So much better than The Life Aquatic, which leads me to believe that Noah Baumbach should never write a Wes movie again. The Squid & The Whale looked so good, but I didn't feel anything. And I'll be seeing Margot at the Wedding but I'm not expecting anything from Baumbach on the level of Wes's anymore.

I was humming along to my iPod, and I guess I hum louder now because of my ears, so I distracted this one guy. He came up to me and asked what I was listening to. We had a good chat about Glenn Miller and big band music and even saw the same movie, but he left before me. I think that's what I like about NY so much. You can get into a conversation with someone completely random and not be obligated to become friends. We're all complete strangers, but there's always that one connection you can make that makes life here so special. Damn. Why is it that we hold our cities so close to our hearts?

Memes below )

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First off, I don't think I mentioned My Boys recently, but I am totally pulled on that finale. "Penelope"? Who the hell is it? I want it to be Trouty, lol. Gah, I love and hate you Betsy Thomas.

And the rest of them:
Big Brother )

Psych )

Also I've seen a few movies recently. Zodiac was pretty good, I'd recommend it. For anyone who lives where there's been a serial killer in the past, it probably strikes too close to home. Hell, I wasn't even a thought when the Son of Sam did his crap in NYC, but it makes stuff like this that more real. Truly Madly Deeply and The Talented Mr. Ripley were something else. I'm not a Minghella fan, so this is probably why. Truly Madly Deeply is a bit odd, like Drop Dead Fred meets Sixth Sense. The Talented Mr. Ripley is almost two completely different movies. I always saw that as a sign of poor writing, but perhaps it's a stroke of genius.

I also saw My Father, The Hero which I used to love. You miss a lot of things, naturally, when you're a child. Now I see why everyone hated his singing in that one scene. LOL


P.S. Also this.


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