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I've been meaning to make a post since Friday. I'm horrible.

- I cut my hair! I really meant to make a post asking for options on which cut to get, but I never got around to it and settled on this, which translated to my salon as Rihanna meets Halle Berry. It didn't come out as epic as that girl's, but I like it. It's so much easier to maintain when I wash it and the breeze when it's windy is AWESOME.

Instagrammed photo under here )

- I'm going to Boston this weekend! Divya and I are going to the comic con. I'm cosplaying Ramona Flowers again just because I don't have anything else ready. But Boston! I love you and have missed you. The four hour bus ride I have not, but what can you do!

And now a bunch of local music reccs from my workplace )

- In other news, my sister and I are slowly working through the Harry Potter movies (she'd only seen the first three), and by slowly I mean we watched SS and COS on Sunday, POA and GOF Monday, and OOTP and HBP this last Sunday. It's fun to watch them grow up and it's almost impossible for me to not get wrock songs with lyrics that are direct quotes stuck in my head.

- Speaking of HP, if you're just getting Pottermore, add me! I'm fireboltlight136. I'm not on much, but I plan to be once the next book opens up! Or if you want to duel, because... points, amirite.

Oh, also this happened and is possibly the greatest cover of my new favorite song.I didn't think they could make that song work, but they did and it's still classic Goot and Sugg dorkiness and I love it a lot. #friendship!
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I feel like there are things I should talk about but nothing I really want to discuss. In general I've been feeling moody and unwanted, and that's never good. When I get home I just plop onto my bed until 1) I need to tend to Starly 2) Someone texts me and I have to reach for my phone 3) I remember something I needed to do on the computer I can't do at work 4) dinner or 5) I need to get ready for bed, if I get home past 10PM.

It's not good for all the plans I had to be productive this month, but what can you do.

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The other exciting thing this week was the idea that "Fifty Shades of Grey" is on the NYTimes Bestsellers lists. And I don't actually care for Twilight or this book in general, but I love that it was a fanfiction story that was re-chopped and turned into a publishable novel and now it's getting a movie deal. That's HUGE! I wish it was another fandom because the Twilight fandom is enough facepalm and current media darling for even MORE attention on it. But I also feel like fanfiction is still looked upon as this dirty, smutty secret of the internet written by sad, little denizens of their parents' basements. And then this sort of validates fanfiction as a decent hobby. I mean, this old Naomi Novik article (I HAVEN'T READ TEMERAIRE BUT I PROMISE TO [...[ profile] splits_thesky], AS SOON AS I'M DONE WITH THE HUNGER GAMES, WHICH IN TURN IS HAPPENING WHEN I'M DONE WITH SHERLOCK CANON) and the comments represent the war I imagine happening between fandom and the mainstream media, and I think the success of "Fifty Shades of Grey" is a giant leap forward for fandom. Also, the fact that it's not even readily in print format, but still hit the bestseller list? AWESOME. I almost want to read it except that it doesn't sound like an AU I'd go for in a fandom I was in. Is it bad that I'm championing this? Whatever.

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A while ago I planned on dyeing my hair bright red. I researched how much that would cost at a decent salon near me and realized my cousin dyes her hair crazy colors all the time, and asked her advice in DIY kits.

Help me decide a color! )

The whole washing out thing isn't going to be much of an issue because I plan on chopping all my hair off in April (or May, I want to have it for at least a season so it depends on how fast I finally get to dyeing).
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Tomorrow is Halloween and I don't have more than an idea for a costume. I'm past giving a shit at this point. With the recent snow I doubt it'll be warm enough for what I was planning, and given how it rains every time [ profile] splits_thesky and I meet up, it'll probably be wet, too.

There's so many movies out I want to see but I don't have the will to get up and go see them or the attention span to bother downloading older movies to watch here. This weekend has been pretty depressing for me. I've been productive, but I feel hopeless and lame. I'm looking forward to drinks tomorrow because I sort of need that right now.

There are some bright spots at work, but other things make it not so great. But what else is new.

Have a video:
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Happy Halloween!
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I meant to watch TV today and instead got stuck reading fanfic I've been meaning to read. Then I cleared out my bookmark folders of TLDR links, all the fics I've been recced, organized my instapaper account so I can get to the fics on there faster, and started making a logo/brand for my production company that I've dreamed of making for a while. I'm not going to be able to move to San Francisco for my dream job and internet TV is cool, but what comes after that? So I'm focusing more on becoming a producer for a magazine/talk show or a writer for a comedy. We'll see how things go. Might as well do it myself, right?

Other than that, things are pretty chill. I'm entirely focused on this production company dream right now and clearing out all these stories I've been dying to read. I need to make a budget for:

- Robert Schwartzman CD/Concert (SURPRISE, I KNOW)
- The World Cup of Quidditch (btw, if anyone is coming to NYC for that and wants to make it a fandom meetup I AM ALL FOR THAT)
- Xmas and birthday gifts
- My new phone

...not necessarily in that order, but FALL, Y U SO BUSY.

I need to clear out my flist here, too. Not a cut, just... all the comms I skip lately. I need to do the same at Twitter and Tumblr, too.
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So I'm about to go shopping online for some new essentials (external passport hard drive, monitoring headset, new cage for my birdy, etc) but I wanted to pass these things along:

- I am now part of Pottermore? I wasn't even going to try to bother until October, and then [ profile] splits_thesky got all excited about it yesterday and made one for me today! My username is FireboltLight136. Now to wait for my owl welcome letter.


A few months ago a director was on the show I work on and spoke about his new film about Latinos in The Bronx that was shot in The Bronx. I was really excited to hear anything about it, and [ profile] justspaz may remember me flipping out when they gave out flyers at Pride. Now there's a trailer, I understand why they were at Pride. And I'm even more excited because the director, Rashaad came back today to promote the opening of the film--the premiere is tomorrow at my favorite movie theatre in The Bronx and brought Esai Morales along. It was a big event and we pulled it off. I'm pretty excited and plan on seeing the movie as soon as I can--hopefully this weekend, because as they say, money talks on opening weekend. If you're in or around NYC and can see it, you should! And if it's not playing anywhere near you, request a screening! I know it worked for Paranormal Activity and that movie wasn't nearly as important as this one (in terms of topics, subject matter, etc), so I KNOW it can happen for GRH.
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- -- Originally [ profile] splits_thesky found this, and I got all excited about it but we need more people, I think, to be really sufficient. And now she might not even come? SO GUYS, C'MON, I REALLY WANT TO DO THIS. IF YOU'RE IN THE NYC AREA, LET'S DO IT.

- -- I was ranting at work about how having no insurance has led to sucky vision. I used to get my eyes checked every year, but since I haven't had insurance it's been three years since my prescription was updated. I was about to go to Cohen's Optical and get an eye exam and then use and, but I saw one negative comment about the occurrence of prism in zennioptical glasses and my right eye is already fucked up from being hit head-on in third grade. I don't want to fuck with them anymore. But one of my co-workers swears up and down by, so I think that's a better endorsement. Check them out if you need to!

- Wizard Rock Tour Resource -- There's a Harry and the Potters concert on the 31st and I'm excited. I've been meaning to go to more Wizard Rock concerts and I missed a few in July because I didn't know of a centralized place to look for concerts. I have my favorite groups, but I'm always willing to try out others. I never got around to mentioning the Wizard Rock festival from November but there were so many great bands I'd never heard of before that I need to start keeping track of. WRTR helps a bit. And the Harry and the Potters concert is $10 in advance and only two dollars more at the door.
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Happy early Memorial Day to my fellow Americans.

My weekend has been okay. Mostly me sitting around wishing I could go shopping but ending up just watching movies that were ultimately boring in every way. I'm craving tofu and I'm about to hop off the computer and just read. I've been meaning to read more this year and none of my other hobbies are pulling at me, so I might as well return to writing and reading. Maybe Sundays and every other night hopefully. I'm going to make it a habit to jump into the kitchen at least twice a week and make a meal for everyone, too. They may not enjoy it, because it'll be mostly vegetarian dishes, but it's a start. A start at doing things for others finally and not always being all about me.

I have a few ideas for stories, too. Mostly based on RPF ships but AUs... which is basically original fiction anyway. So it comes full circle.

This post isn't really much of anything. Uh, for your time: my nephew turned me onto Ray William Johnson and his Equal Three show on YouTube and then onto Your Favorite Martian songs and this is one of my favorites from him. I've probably posted it before but I've been listening to Childish Gambino's "Rolling in the Deep" remix and this all weekend, so...
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I woke up Friday feeling sluggish and by yesterday I was decent. Gargling with salt water, drinking a lot of vitamin C-enriched orange juice and eating/drinking anything with more than 30mg of protein equal = my new remedy. Honestly, all I ate this weekend: chicken soup, protein shakes, orange juice, egg yolks. It was a very yellow weekend on my plate.

But I woke up today and the remnants of the cold are trying to escape through my nose.

Anyway, I promised my new friends a meme that got to know me better. Except I didn't really have any I hadn't done so I googled (lol remember when I was like, "I LOVE YAHOO!, I WILL NEVER CALL SEARCHING "GOOGLING"--good times!) that seven layer meme thing and did that.

Seven layer Meme )

Anyone know when Chuck comes back? I keep seeing March 1st at 8pm but that's a Tuesday, Chuck has always been on a Monday and I think most of my flist would go berserk if they moved it.

How I Met Your Mother )
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I feel like I should make an entry about TV this last week but I don't really have anything to say. White Collar was ADORABLE, Psych was decent and everything else was enjoyable for what it was. Actually, I haven't watched my Sunday shows yet. If there's anything to say about them, I'll update again. I doubt it.

I'm just sort of in a bummer mood. Work is over and there aren't any more summer events at my school. There's my trip to DC with [ profile] splits_thesky coming up, but three days seems so far away when you take it an hour at a time. And my legs hurt from all the running/walking/dancing/etc. I did this weekend. I've been lying around listening to music--which is the least active activity in my repertoire--and staring at the calendar.

/cool story bro
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Today was a great day. Got up and hopped straight onto the computer and stayed there. Caught up on TV, then started a because I wasn't annoying enough on Facebook, blipped every now and then and listened to other songs on there. Then I got the brilliant idea to take out all my old Now That's What I Call Music CDs and mix CDs I made back in high school for people I had crushes on, and listened to them all. Good times, let me tell you. I like that even back then I wasn't as mushy as a teenager should be. The mixes from freshmen year were a little on the pop side (Nobody's Angels, soulDecision), but otherwise my music tastes haven't changed too much. Hysterical. Then I made plans for the rest of this week.

And then I missed The Good Guys by ten minutes. :/ But I'll catch it tomorrow.

My Boys )

Hung )

White Collar )

Psych )

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From [ profile] sugareey: A LJ/social network user you should not befriend.

I need to change this layout but I have no inspiration other than what font and graphic style I want on the header.

Tomorrow I get to hang out with [ profile] splits_thesky again! And I get to see Rooney in concert again, although I haven't had time to even listen to Eureka all the way through so brb, listening to it in my sleep.

Tomorrow night I will catch up on TV shows. I promise.
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Everything I used to do before this last semester seems so stupid now. I turned on the computer today and was like, "What did I used to do all day?" I guess I have my phone to thank too. I don't have to wait until I'm home to read LJ or answer/check my mail. I guess I have fannish things to write and I haven't read fanfic regularly since January, so there's that to do. Tomorrow I'll be caught up on podcasts and then I can start on catching up on Chuck and start watching FNL, Human Target and The Mentalist and wrap up the four anime series I have waiting for me. And then I really want to finish all these games I said I'd finish last year but didn't. And I really want to get into the Bioshock and Assassin's Creed series and Heavy Rain before the new consoles come out, lol.

I'm still surprised at how okay I am that Lost is over. I expected more tears because I remember Ally McBeal's finale. I was a mess for that and that wasn't nearly what Lost was for me. I related to Ally more than my favorite Lost characters, but that's about it. I wish someone had been able to tape my freakout though. That was some hysterical RANGE OF EMOTIONS IN FIVE SECONDS crying. I imagine my dad will enjoy reminding me of that in years to come. Not that I mind. It was "good times" and well worth it because I was so paranoid/confused at that moment.

I had other things to say about how Lost really seems to have given me this determination to actually write a TV series but that seems silly now. I don't know, I'm just floating in this era of things ending all around me. It's so odd. I'm going to go back to making a Smoke Monster ringtone now.

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I've realized something. If I'm ever in a sour mood or my patience is wearing thin, I can just go get snacks and it makes my mood so much better. Yesterday I was angry and I grabbed some Cheeze-Its and I was all :DDDDDDDD. Same for just now when I went to watch a movie while munching on pretzels because I'd had enough of the internet. Also, pretzels and Ritz crackers are the only snack food that I eat one at a time. Everything else I grab enough to fill my hand. I'd say it had to do with the size of the individual food, but I eat two Saltine crackers at a time, so it's not that.

I JUST WROTE A PARAGRAPH ON MY EATING HABITS. WHAT. Here's a bunch of memes since the movie I watched was super-boring and I didn't do anything else interesting today besides eat.

Day 14 → A non-fictional book

The Art of Styling Sentences. I had to think about this one because I don't read a lot of non-fiction. But this was one of my textbooks back at Pace. We only got through the first two kinds of sentences before the class went full-spin into the drama aspect of the course (it was one of those joint classes). And I kept it, like I do with textbooks that interest me, and finally read it this summer. It really helped me as a writer.

Year in Review meme )

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I feel like I haven't posted in a while, but it's only been like four days and I've been writing. It feels good. But the writing's taken over my brain to the extent that last night I had a dream about writing four different stories at once. The weird thing was the stories were the plots of the fics I'm writing, except the pairings were all messed up so I was essentially editing the stories in my dream to fit the right pairings. Like a game or something. I don't know.

It was better than the dream the night before, which was just a flurry of people being mean for the sake of being mean. I woke up angry at my subconscious for subjecting me to that.

But I want to finish all these fics first so they don't get in the way of my school writing come January or February (so excited to go back). So tomorrow is about catching up on the TV that I didn't watch this week in lieu of writing, a post about my thoughts on them and then back to writing. *is determined*


P.S. I like how the term "fan fiction" went from "fan fiction" to "fanfic" to just "fic." Pretty soon we're going to be calling them "ffffff" and people will wonder why fandom is so ragetoon all the time.
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This week/weekend is not what I expected it to be, but it is a good thing. I'll talk about it when it's over but right now, a few things:

I'm almost done with my fanmixes, and I'll post them sporadically since there's six of them. But I really want to replace this one song, but I can't think of another song that fits as well. I think it's because I want more of a male perspective but a bit less acoustic/folky, but still in that "third act of the romantic movie" kind of feeling. Any ideas?

And what are your favorite fonts for text icons? I can't remember if I asked this recently, I've been meaning to.

TV! I tried watching Stargate Universe but I missed a few minutes in the second half-hour and then zoned out somewhere at the hour mark, so I have to re-watch it. But it didn't feel like Stargate to me so I might not get around to watching it again until after Psych ends.

Flash Forward )

The Office )

Supernatural )

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia )

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I did a few Kanye memes yesterday and two of them seem to be finding their way around Tumblr and a few others are garnering comments on an LJ comm and it's making my day.

Also Tumblr people keep posting pictures of Evan Rachel Wood from various phases of her life and her version of "It Won't Be Long" has been stuck in my head all day. I've never really had an opinion on her, but her voice is lovely.

There's so much I want to do this week (see Taking Woodstock finally before it disappears! See The Final Destination with sis! Finish the five things I have going on! Re-stock various supplies! Research new job direction! Clean!) but so little time. Arghhhh.

Melrose Place )

Bored to Death )

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I HAVE BEEN AWAKE SINCE THURSDAY AT 4PM. IF I DON'T SLEEP TONIGHT I WILL GO INSANE. I guess I've been home too long. I need to actually use the energy I'm gaining at night so I can actually get back on schedule. Maybe tomorrow, I need to do a few things and there's movies to be seen downtown.

Oh, by the way-- I made it back in July, but I spent a good while on Wednesday cleaning it up for the premiere. So I now declare [ profile] boredtodeath_tv officially open, for those interested. I'm not sure if it looks okay in IE because I only have IE 4.0 and it looks busted there. But hopefully it works in later versions.

Leverage )

Supernatural )

Psych )

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So I'm planning out this girl!crush spam, right? But it's so difficult because apparently I can't figure out what the definition of a girl!crush is. Generally it's "girls I'd go gay for" or "girls I want to be/be friends with so bad".

But the thing is, with me, as is the case with the male celebrities, there's the people I champion like no tomorrow, there's the ones that I'm totally shallow about and then there's the ones I go see movies for just to support them because I'm a fan of their work elsewhere, but don't really champion them. I always have different levels of attraction and they mostly overlap and I want to represent all of them but I can never get everyone into the right genre or theme or what have you. I will prevail! I just... need to think about it. Picspams are serious business, apparently.

Anyway, I figured I might as well talk about TV. There's other things I wanted to mention but my time is not my own this week, clearly. Tomorrow I plan on hightailing it to the New York Public Library because 1) I don't think I've ever been there and 2) I just need OUT. I doubt there's wi-fi there (and I'm hoping there's tables and outlets to use) so it'll give me an excuse to just write the whole day with no distractions whatsoever. If it goes well that might be my twice-a-week spot for this "semester".

Leverage )

Royal Pains )

Psych )

Also IFC was playing R. Kelley's Trapped in the Closet the other day. What the hell, it's neither indie nor a film! Anyway, I watched it because I'd only ever seen chapters 1-3 and it was 3am and I wasn't sleepy yet. YOU GUYS. I don't think soap operas are that soapy. Plus, after 22 chapters it still ended on a to be continued! WHAT THE HELL.


P.S. Yesterday I saw a bus with a Bored to Death ad plastered on the side and it made my day. MLIA
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I was so bored today. Life's not as fun when there's no movies to watch, E3 has no conferences and you're not in the mood to marathon TV. I did finally see all of CQ, but apparently I was only missing the last five minutes. WTF.

So I got started cataloging and re-naming all the macros I've saved over the last two years. IDK why I'm suddenly in "cleaning" mode for everything. Fic, links, macros, movies...

But I love macros. And I really love those pepper macros and I've been collecting the fandom ones like they were trading cards. I guess macros are trading cards for fandom, in a way. I wish there was a pepper macro for Steve Wiebe. I would do it, but I wouldn't know how to be random and witty like most of them are. And macros are best when they're funny. When they're not, well, YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG.

I also re-did my layout. I can't go without a smooth sailing layout for too long. It's just simpler to me. Plus, I did so much re-editing with this one that I don't think I can still credit the designer. I still am, though. Because I'll never be able to make a layout by scratch, I don't think.

LIVE DIGGNATION TOMORROW AT WEBSTER HALL. YOU BET THERE WILL BE A RECAP WHEN I GET BACK, OMG. I might even re-watch the Jimmy Fallon episode after (Bryan Brinkman's going to the live Diggnation too, lol) and picspam that as well, who cares knows.



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