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Uhh, hi!

Things are sort of up and down for me right now, but today was a good day. I spent it mostly just reading fic. Anyway, I'm trying to go back on my flist, but... suddenly LJ won't let me go anything past skip=100, even while filtered into just journals. So... anything between 4/25 and 5/7 I won't have read! Blame LJ. And link me!

Otherwise, I will try to be on more often. I just started a DeviantArt account mainly to drool over art because Tumblr isn't so great at bringing specific things to my eyes and danbooru can only do so much with western fandoms. So those of you over there can add me, if you want. My username is bohemu.

I'm making those fanmixes I mentioned a while back. Exciting!
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I feel like there are things I should talk about but nothing I really want to discuss. In general I've been feeling moody and unwanted, and that's never good. When I get home I just plop onto my bed until 1) I need to tend to Starly 2) Someone texts me and I have to reach for my phone 3) I remember something I needed to do on the computer I can't do at work 4) dinner or 5) I need to get ready for bed, if I get home past 10PM.

It's not good for all the plans I had to be productive this month, but what can you do.

Sherlock NYC Meetup )

The other exciting thing this week was the idea that "Fifty Shades of Grey" is on the NYTimes Bestsellers lists. And I don't actually care for Twilight or this book in general, but I love that it was a fanfiction story that was re-chopped and turned into a publishable novel and now it's getting a movie deal. That's HUGE! I wish it was another fandom because the Twilight fandom is enough facepalm and current media darling for even MORE attention on it. But I also feel like fanfiction is still looked upon as this dirty, smutty secret of the internet written by sad, little denizens of their parents' basements. And then this sort of validates fanfiction as a decent hobby. I mean, this old Naomi Novik article (I HAVEN'T READ TEMERAIRE BUT I PROMISE TO [...[ profile] splits_thesky], AS SOON AS I'M DONE WITH THE HUNGER GAMES, WHICH IN TURN IS HAPPENING WHEN I'M DONE WITH SHERLOCK CANON) and the comments represent the war I imagine happening between fandom and the mainstream media, and I think the success of "Fifty Shades of Grey" is a giant leap forward for fandom. Also, the fact that it's not even readily in print format, but still hit the bestseller list? AWESOME. I almost want to read it except that it doesn't sound like an AU I'd go for in a fandom I was in. Is it bad that I'm championing this? Whatever.

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Livejournal, you have returned! Except that.... you haven't. I can post but I can't read my flist. Boo.

This week flew by but was also interesting. Since everything I usually do is related to LJ in some way, down to watching TV that isn't live, I was on YouTube finally getting around to watching a bunch of things like A Very Potter Musical/Sequel and Echo Base CA-related videos, like all the guys' VEDAs and most of the music videos.

Let's talk about Starkid for a second. Darren Criss is cool, and I enjoy his dorkiness and creativity, but I don't really enjoy a lot of his original songs outside of AVPS/AVPS. His fans tend to annoy me on Tumblr and Glee is another issue. Joey Richter on the other hand is a beautiful, beautiful man that I prefer to just stare at while he speaks. He sort of reminds me of Samm Levine mixed with Jared Padalecki and a dash of teddy bear. Just look at him:

Under here )

Ugh, I love.

Also, I am addicted to "Stutter" and Joe Walker's Umbridge. I'm not sure why that's the character I walked away with the most amount of love for, but it happened. I do like Snape and Draco (LAUREN LOPEZ IS REALLY HOT, I DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW A WIG CHANGES THAT), too, but UMBRIDGE. <33 And I'm not sure if this is an unpopular opinion but I think the sequel is better if only because the songs are nicer and there are a lot more human moments in it than in the first one, which was sillier. And it is my plan this weekend to learn the dance moves to this:

Stutter at LeakyCon )

Now wizard rock. I'm really upset that I got this into wizard rock this late. I should've been paying more attention when I started downloading things back in 2007/2008. The Remus Lupins are apparently disbanded now and Alex is now in Ministry of Magic (my favorite group, so not all that bad?) and the Harry and the Potters are still going strong, but I just missed the Con Tour in early July and I feel like all the bands might be stopping now that the movies are over and there isn't more canon to come in any respect (except for Pottermore, maybe?). I mean, I can't even find the MySpaces of some of my older faves. At least I got to see a bunch of them at the Wizard Rock Festival in November and I'm seeing Harry and the Potters tomorrow. And I really wish I could go to wrockstock but it's too far. My consolation prize is that people like Jason Munday and Alex Carpenter are still making nerdcore music, so I have that, if I don't have wizard rock. I wish more fandoms had their version of wizard rock. Doctor Who has trock but I have tried various times to watch Doctor Who and it didn't grab me. I don't even have a major fandom right now, but I would dive into one if there was a music scene, probably. So right now, my biggest fascination is the guys from Ministry of Magic/Echo Base LA and their friends.

I can't even go through all the favorite parts from their vlogs, but basically, here are their Youtube channels: < who is also friends with Ray William Johnson of =3? Weirdddd.

Some of them have channels strictly for their vlogs and/or music.

I also watched all of My Drunk Kitchen, finally and now I sort of want to vlog myself cooking. Not necessarily drunk, but she makes it look hysterical and fun...

I've spent today thinking of new layouts for all my social network accounts. I went and found fonts for a logo, color palettes from, design schemes from various Google searches, the dimensions and size of each image file I'd need.... and now I realize I don't really use Youtube, Twitter doesn't really need a professional background, LJ and Tumblr I just recently re-did and Vimeo doesn't do customizing. :/ So I just made backgrounds for Youtube and Twitter for whenever I decide I need to start using them. I did re-do my page and I'm still thinking of a better, more personal and unique background for that one, so it's just an artsy, hipster background for now.
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I AM SO BEHIND ON EVERYTHING. It's almost 10pm and I have a laundry list of shows I need to catch up on. Ridiculous. I blame Burn Notice and Falling Skies for being more than an hour each (Fall of Sam Axe and the premiere, the 2-hour premiere and the third episode).

The starling is doing fine. I still haven't decided on a name but I think I'm going with Starly. I liked Bronx Strong but it's an awkward name for a bird. When he's a few months older I might change the name to Staravia. Staraptor is just an awkward name all around. I was thinking of calling it Starbuck (my Starly in Pokemon is named Starbuck and she is MY FAVORITEEEEEEEE on my team) but I am not a big fan of BSG and can't with good conscience call this adorable bird Starbuck. Today was a fun day. I decided he was big enough to learn to eat by himself and put him in a cage with food and water. Mostly I wanted to make sure I could leave for hours/days at a time and know he'd be able to feed himself if my mom couldn't get to him immediately. He didn't understand what the food was, but found the water and tried to take a bath in it. So my mom and I cleared the kitchen sink, covered it with a paper towel so he wouldn't slide about and let the water filter drip like it was a showerhead. He's dry and happy again now, but boy, did he enjoy that bath.

My phone just went haywire. The battery was stuck at 84%, the time at 5:54pm (it was 8:42pm), nothing was downloading and I wasn't getting any calls and texts. A reboot seems to have fixed it, but I'm due for an upgrade in November and it can't get here fast enough. The good news: while looking for my replacement charger cable (turns out my PS3 controller wire also connects to my phone), I found my camera's cable. I will get to uploading pictures from the last two weekends now, since it's too late to think of starting my TV catchup now.
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Happy early Memorial Day to my fellow Americans.

My weekend has been okay. Mostly me sitting around wishing I could go shopping but ending up just watching movies that were ultimately boring in every way. I'm craving tofu and I'm about to hop off the computer and just read. I've been meaning to read more this year and none of my other hobbies are pulling at me, so I might as well return to writing and reading. Maybe Sundays and every other night hopefully. I'm going to make it a habit to jump into the kitchen at least twice a week and make a meal for everyone, too. They may not enjoy it, because it'll be mostly vegetarian dishes, but it's a start. A start at doing things for others finally and not always being all about me.

I have a few ideas for stories, too. Mostly based on RPF ships but AUs... which is basically original fiction anyway. So it comes full circle.

This post isn't really much of anything. Uh, for your time: my nephew turned me onto Ray William Johnson and his Equal Three show on YouTube and then onto Your Favorite Martian songs and this is one of my favorites from him. I've probably posted it before but I've been listening to Childish Gambino's "Rolling in the Deep" remix and this all weekend, so...
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Happy Easter, if you're celebrating. Happy end of the weekened/spring break/Sunday to everyone else. Back to work tomorrow?

Meme from [ profile] hatsugami

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Right now I'm watching old SNL episodes that I'd been meaning to watch. I say "old" but I mean from the last two years. I haven't really laughed at many of them except Jesse Eisenberg's, but that was mostly laughing at him being adorable than the episode itself. I'll never understand people who say he's the poor man's Michael Cera because his films tend to be higher class/more pretentious than Cera's. And I think he's the better actor. SRY, CERA LOVERS.
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There's a tie in the hot celebrity poll. A tie doesn't quite work when it's deciding the winner (or so I've decided), so click that back arrow up there to go to the last entry or just click here to vote, if you haven't yet. I'll check it tomorrow when I get home around 3pm.

I think this week I'm just going to watch a bunch of movies. I used to go to the movies at least three times a month, and my Media List this year is pretty pathetic. I feel pathetic right now, but that's neither here nor there.

This entry was mostly to alert you about the tie, so have a ridiculous trailer for the Beastie Boys' new album or something, I'm not really sure.
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Since I haven't been watching TV I've noticed the only shows I'm really missing are How I Met Your Mother, Archer and Psych. Archer just makes me genuinely laugh out loud each week. I stopped following the Psych accounts on Twitter and I don't miss it. However, someone mentioned watching Psych to me recently and I interpreted that as "watching the new season" and for a second I went, "IT STARTED WITHOUT ME?" before I realized they meant catching up on DVD. But I'm not excited for the new season and I haven't watched a new episode at 10pm in a while. I haven't marathoned it in ages and I don't really care about doing anything besides collecting it on DVD and waiting for it to finish/get canceled.

Eventually I will catch up with all my shows again--probably sometime within the next two weeks--but it's been interesting that the only spoilers I've been upset about reading (besides the Being Human UK finale because that was a big one and I inevitably won't react the same once I get there myself) are HIMYM spoilers.

In other media news, I downloaded Pulse for my phone. I realized that I get most of my news from Twitter now, but I never follow any news accounts because they invariably have a link to a story/video and I'm not following people to click on links (pictures, ok. videos with descriptions more detailed than "what", maybe). I want my news to be a one click progress. Pulse will download stories the night before and when I get up in the morning, yes it's one more thing to check, but it's also informative! I don't seem to take up more than half an hour just reading from Pulse and, if in the middle of the day I find myself constantly refreshing other sites to look at, I'll pull out my phone and read some NYTimes articles or the top stories from Digg or the headlines from Esquire or GQ. It's pretty cool. I'm still trying to decide how to function in this new world I live in that has no summer and winter breaks, long work days and small windows of time to unwind. Where TV, comics, movies, writing, fandom, games, web surfing, graphics, reading etc falls has yet to be seen.

At least music is something I'm always up on since I gave up on being current and following what I like a while ago. To be fair, listening to music has sort of fallen by the wayside as I catch up on all the video podcasts, but I generally still listen to at least an hour of music a day. Except that lately I've been all about songs from Film Riot's customized sponsor skits. All the Revision3 shows have their own sponsor bits, but most of them are just copy they read on camera. Sometimes they'll go into witty banter that the fans love (Dan reading about Netflix on TRS, Kevin not understanding how to read numbers on Diggnation/messing up codes), but Film Riot is unique in that they tend to make them into silly sketches. I think every Film Riot fan has their own favorite sponsor bits, but the Ford Fiesta one has been in my head the last two days.

Under here )

Also, I'm not sure I've ever shared this, but I'm upset that Inst Msgs was canceled and I've always loved this segment from it, so I finally threw it on my iPod.

Other stuff I'm into recently include the new Britney Spears and The Strokes albums (but anyone who knows me knows that's a given), Lykke Li's albums and Childish Gambino's stuff. This weekend was kind of blah for me, so I am glad to be done catching up with podcasts. I need to zone out to music.
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I'm bored. There's a bunch of things I want to do but for various reasons I can't--so here I am on the internet.

Let's see what I can pull off from this folder of memes to do:

2010 Fandom meme )

Zombie Apocalypse Shuffle )

I'm out of memes. :(

Any Android users playing Alchemy on their phones? I had it forever but hadn't played past 33 elements until yesterday when [ profile] squoctobird started playing and I had a reason to find Yoshi, lol. I can't seem to figure out knife. :/
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Today was a great day. Got up and hopped straight onto the computer and stayed there. Caught up on TV, then started a because I wasn't annoying enough on Facebook, blipped every now and then and listened to other songs on there. Then I got the brilliant idea to take out all my old Now That's What I Call Music CDs and mix CDs I made back in high school for people I had crushes on, and listened to them all. Good times, let me tell you. I like that even back then I wasn't as mushy as a teenager should be. The mixes from freshmen year were a little on the pop side (Nobody's Angels, soulDecision), but otherwise my music tastes haven't changed too much. Hysterical. Then I made plans for the rest of this week.

And then I missed The Good Guys by ten minutes. :/ But I'll catch it tomorrow.

My Boys )

Hung )

White Collar )

Psych )

Royal Pains )
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I think I'm slowly going to get out of fandom. I don't seem to care much anymore. I still want to read fanfic sporadically and discuss shows with everyone, but other than that, everything seems more annoying than it used to be. I'm tired of hearing about Lost. That ended three months ago. I don't understand the fascination with Inception. Supernatural and I are on the outs again. Psych is barely hanging on as my favorite series, and only because My Boys is back. Covert Affairs doesn't seem to know what its point is. I don't really enjoy The Good Guys. Entourage isn't what it used to be. Burn Notice is fun but annoying with the damsel-in-distress episodes (Fi's a big girl. Stop it). I haven't seen a Big Time Rush episode since the Jordin Sparks episode. I don't even care about new shows starting up, except for whatever one has Jason Ritter because I will always watch something with JR.

I have to talk in more detail about some shows, but I'm waiting until I can watch the ones that aired tonight. So that'll be tomorrow, most likely.
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From [ profile] sugareey: A LJ/social network user you should not befriend.

I need to change this layout but I have no inspiration other than what font and graphic style I want on the header.

Tomorrow I get to hang out with [ profile] splits_thesky again! And I get to see Rooney in concert again, although I haven't had time to even listen to Eureka all the way through so brb, listening to it in my sleep.

Tomorrow night I will catch up on TV shows. I promise.
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Sometimes I get a hankering to play an MMO or a RPG pen and paper game, and I spend a day or two looking up games. Inevitably it turns out all the cool MMOs I'm interested in are either paid or only for PCs, and pen and papers always look too daunting. I'd play LJ/forum-style RPGs but I always seem to be the game-killer and I'd much rather the strategy and point system of a real RPG (despite the fact that I cannot stand turn-based RPGs). I also regret not delving further into the realm of Magic: The Gathering. I have a Portal starter set and I never did anything with it after my dad and I played two games. It's frustrating.

(Also, I have just found out about the world of dressing room RPGs. Will investigate that in depth later.)

Royal Pains and Burn Notice premiered today. I caught up with In Plain Sight, too. I love USA Network. Although I did a bit of "soul searching" after Lost ended, because I was just sitting there looking at the list of shows I watch and was like, "Which of these really matter to me the way Lost did?" I decided that I don't actually care that much about In Plain Sight or Royal Pains. But Royal Pains has enough mystery (lol sharks and daddy issues, Losties would be right at home) to keep me around, and well, IPS has Mary and Marshall.

I did a bit of link cleaning, too. I finally deleted my old blackdiamants site, for those of you who even know what that was. I tried importing it to my Wordpress but it didn't work out so well. I'm still not sure what to do with Wordpress though. I might just delete that too and revamp Tumblr. We'll see.
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Today was a beautiful day. I went with my mom, sister and nephew to go see Diary of a Wimpy Kid and I forgot why, but there was an awkward silence in the car. So I just focused on the people walking on the sidewalks as we drove. I used to do that so much when I was younger-- just watch people and wonder what their day was like: did they just have a bad argument with someone, did they remember to feed their dog last night, where were they off to looking so lost in thought or walking so sadly... I remember my freshmen English teacher telling us that was one of the things about growing up-- you stop noticing the clouds and when the seasons change, you lose contact with people you thought were your best friends in high school, etc. I'd like to think I still spend time watching the "wildlife" or the clouds but I've kind of lost contact with humans. It's odd. Back then I figured that would be the last thing to go.

Wow. ANYWAY. The movie was good, but it left out a few of my favorite parts of the book, and my nephew was clearly bummed that it didn't follow it exactly (lol I don't think he's ever read a book before seeing the adaptation). Tomorrow we're supposed to go see How to Train Your Dragon and I think my sister said Kick-Ass might be Saturday, but IDK. I want to see She's Out Of My League by Thursday though, because after that I know I might as well give up on it. And I refuse to not see a Nate Torrence movie in theatres (I haven't gotten around to seeing that one with Dane Cook and Jason Biggs but shhhhh).

Lost )

Melrose Place )

In Plain Sight )

Someone needs to tell me where is a good site to make playlists you can then listen back, because once you make it on you can't listen to them and doesn't have that expansive of a catalogue.

P.S. What was everyone's favorite pranks today? I haven't gotten tricked in ages, but I do enjoy how the websites change on us. I think YouTube's was better last year, and Google is losing their touch, but I liked and And on Twitter, the psychwrites account changed to mentalistwrites and started posting things like "did you spot the papaya in the last episode?" XD I LOVE THOSE GUYS SO MUCH.
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It's already Monday and I haven't even posted about last week's TV. I barely remember what happened. Let's see...

TBBT was a one-trick that was stretched for the whole episode and simultaneously the most mainstream geeky they could get, I didn't watch HIMYM, The USA network finales continued to be mind-meltingly good (I said I was going to revisit the last two Psych episodes on here but by now they're irrelevant) and I'm wondering where Lost is going with all this. Big Love was over too soon but on the right note, Modern Family wasn't as hilarious or sweet as it usually is, but I'm awaiting the episode they filmed recently. I didn't realize how much I missed Melrose Place until a link showed up in my inbox (insert ship glee here and lol at the ending) and Archer and Important Things were just okay.

The Pacific started yesterday on HBO but I was still doing things when it started so I missed a bunch. How To Make It was good but it seems to be mini-tv shows in one bigger show. Rene's in the Sopranos, Ben and Cam are in Entourage, Rachel's in Sex and the City or summat.

I was watching Aoi Hana but it's boring me, so I'm going to work on my writing... and making playlists for abstract ideas since I've lost my fandom muse altogether.
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I have no words on TV this week other than Psych was okay, but not as good as the last two weeks. And a certain guest star on The Deep End. Mainly I'm just posting to recommend that everyone go hunt down The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson with Stephen Fry as the guest (here be an article with YouTube links to it). I'm sure most have already seen it because you're fans of one or the other, but I didn't watch it live because I was busy. My dad, however, watched and told me I'd enjoy it so I put it on my list of things to find to watch today. And now I recommend it to you guys.

Now I'm going to go watch movies for class. It's funny how now that I'm required to do so, I'd rather just sit in a corner with a book. I woke up today wishing for a ban on all electronics. Irony, I see you there.
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I've realized something. If I'm ever in a sour mood or my patience is wearing thin, I can just go get snacks and it makes my mood so much better. Yesterday I was angry and I grabbed some Cheeze-Its and I was all :DDDDDDDD. Same for just now when I went to watch a movie while munching on pretzels because I'd had enough of the internet. Also, pretzels and Ritz crackers are the only snack food that I eat one at a time. Everything else I grab enough to fill my hand. I'd say it had to do with the size of the individual food, but I eat two Saltine crackers at a time, so it's not that.

I JUST WROTE A PARAGRAPH ON MY EATING HABITS. WHAT. Here's a bunch of memes since the movie I watched was super-boring and I didn't do anything else interesting today besides eat.

Day 14 → A non-fictional book

The Art of Styling Sentences. I had to think about this one because I don't read a lot of non-fiction. But this was one of my textbooks back at Pace. We only got through the first two kinds of sentences before the class went full-spin into the drama aspect of the course (it was one of those joint classes). And I kept it, like I do with textbooks that interest me, and finally read it this summer. It really helped me as a writer.

Year in Review meme )

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I did a few Kanye memes yesterday and two of them seem to be finding their way around Tumblr and a few others are garnering comments on an LJ comm and it's making my day.

Also Tumblr people keep posting pictures of Evan Rachel Wood from various phases of her life and her version of "It Won't Be Long" has been stuck in my head all day. I've never really had an opinion on her, but her voice is lovely.

There's so much I want to do this week (see Taking Woodstock finally before it disappears! See The Final Destination with sis! Finish the five things I have going on! Re-stock various supplies! Research new job direction! Clean!) but so little time. Arghhhh.

Melrose Place )

Bored to Death )

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I'm in such a weird mood lately. Some days I just want to faceplant in my bed, others I want to go out and be with people except I have no peeps (not even marshmallow ones) or money, and others I just want to sit and read comment threads on other people's journals from entries I find while searching for things like "supernatural rps filk" and various keywords for fan fiction and make a night of laughing at things and making inside jokes with myself.

And then some days I drag myself out to be social with my family, even though I really wanted to sit home and read Big Bangs (which I've come to realize is totally my substitution for summer/beach reading/chick lit, except I don't leave my room). Like today I went to the Intrepid museum with my sister and nephew since she had discounts (and so did I, apparently, for being a college student) and between my mind going "I'm on a boat!" the whole time or going into the submarine thinking, "Hey can they take to craphole island!?" and my nephew randomly spouting things he learned on and discussing how Disney is darker than you'd think, it was a good time.

But once I got home I sequestered myself in my room and continued reading. I'm finally up to this year's Big Bang stories and I've just finished The Seahorse and Palace of the Brine, which are fantastic J2 MPREG AU stories that you've probably heard of already (The Seahorse is from 2008, and Palace of the Brine is the 2009 sequel), since it seems every search I made over the past five months has brought up links for them. I saved them for last in my original list of "toreads" because I figured they'd be adorable. I kinda wish they were movies. They read like a cross between Scrubs and Night at the Museum and Nine Months and Just Like Heaven (that last one in tone only) and I could definitely see it cinematically in my head. Too bad there's only like two MPREG movies in actual existence, because I think it would be amazing.

But then again, I'm never correct on the big movie fandoms, either. I expected Iron Man, and maybe Star Trek for the slashers but the others really surprised me when they exploded. The big fandoms do tend to be from May premieres, though. Star Trek, Iron Man, X-Men: The Last Stand, etc. all came out in May. Although the first Transformers came out in July and I remember there being a small explosion for that one.

There should be a community like [ profile] fandom_secrets but for broadcasting things you want done. Because there's a few things I want to be like, "WHY DOESN'T THIS HAVE A MORE ACTIVE FANDOM?" but I'm not embarrassed by it so I don't feel like posting to [ profile] fandom_secrets. There's a lot of those broadcasting secrets sometimes, but I hate seeing them even if I agree because they're not really secrets.

Anyway, in terms of fanfiction, these are things I want to see happen.
- A Harry Potter AU of HSM. I just want to see Troy and Chad playing Quidditch.
- A HSM AU of J2. That damn "The Boys Are Back" segment in the third movie looks so much like Bobby's junkyard, but SPN!HSM doesn't work as well, so I want J2.

This post is so oddly shaped, idek. It's late? And this place is on fire tonight. NOSTALGIA!


P.S. Sometimes I think I'm secretly a music video director in disguise, because between this song I'm listening to and Lady Gaga's Poker Face I keep coming up with great concepts for the music video and then get frustrated there's no way to actually make a video unless I get super-crafty and pick apart videos from other artists over the years and make a fanvid.
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I had all these things I wanted to do tonight (write, read fanfic, upload fanmixes, watch movies) but last night I had these disjointed dreams that don't make sense and those always make me feel like I didn't rest properly. So I've been scatterbrained all day-- jumping from one topic to another, making no sense in conversations, stumbling over my feet... it's been bad.

It probably doesn't help that I've been slightly hysterical over certain things and haven't eaten more than once a day in the last two weeks.








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