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I hope anyone who watched Baron's show enjoyed it. I guess the Food Network isn't the Cooking Channel for me, because what was on my channel was something about diners and drive-ins.

Anyway, I'm back from Philly Con, which was pretty awesome. I want to say it was better than last year's because the layout was different (less of a line out the door for people who already had tickets), but we didn't do anything different. The biggest mess was around Chris Hemsworth's booth, but I got a decent shot of him from far away and then moved on.

Frankenstein Encore Screenings )

Okay, I'm going to get back to Torchwood and Primeval! REVIEW SOONISH (maybe Tuesday)?
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I KNOW, I KNOW... TV. But I really need to post about this week so I can record it for posterity~*~*.

It all started Saturday, when [ profile] splits_thesky came up to see the play I'm helping with at school. My dad and I drove down to pick her up from the train station and our car battery died? So we had to wait until a family friend came all the way out to give us a jump and then get to school with enough time for me to do my stage manager stuff. I got there later than I was supposed to--but earlier than the audience, so there was that.

The next day we drove her all the way home, which is always a fun ride, except the intermittent clouds made the roads very bi-polar and scary to drive on at times. My dad and I kept shouting at the rainbows we saw on the way home. THERE WAS A DOUBLE RAINBOW AND A HALF.

After I got back home [ profile] splits_thesky and I both realized I could have just stayed at her house because she was supposed to come back to NYC for the Rooney show yesterday ANYWAY. But we (mainly me) weren't thinking straight. Then that night's play performance was canceled because one of our cast members hurt their foot.

The rest of the week was a blur. I didn't do much except watch TV and laze about until Wednesday when I went back downtown to pick up [ profile] splits_thesky and see Rooney. We stopped at McGee's Pub, the inspiration for MacLaren's on How I Met Your Mother, got a little tipsy on Horse's Necks (me) and Gin & Tonics ([ profile] splits_thesky) and then somehow found our way to the Rooney show (there was a drunk!voicepost planned but I couldn't remember my passcode since I hadn't done a VP in AGES), where we both got another round of Gin & Tonics and tried to enjoy the show from various points in the venue. We were near the stage by the end though, which was what mattered.

I may have been inebriated, but I have duties at concerts. )

And then the show ended 20 minutes before [ profile] splits_thesky's train left NYC so even though we made a mad dash to get there in time, she missed it and had to crash at my place. By the time we got back to my house, the next train would have just been pulling into NYC (two hours after the train she was supposed to catch).

AND THEN WE ALMOST MISSED HER TRAIN AGAIN TODAY. But we made it by seconds, even though we were slightly hungover. And now [ profile] splits_thesky is now safely back at her own home, I made it to the play (and tech went on without a hitch even though neither lighting or sound was at the rehearsal yesterday), and had a fun day altogether. But now I'm just tired. TOMORROW, TV.

ETA: ALSO! When we were trying to get back to Penn Station for the train, one of the actors from that Enjoy play I saw recently was on the same platform and I had a small celebrity freak-out. :D


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