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I never thought I'd see the day that I'd be too busy to post an update. And yet here we are...

I'm not really busy, honestly. I mean, there's stuff to do at work but I'm more interested in writing now. Of course now they're trying to give me other things to do. Yeah.... about that...

Whatever, Boston was phenomenal, as it was last time. We left on Friday and our Megabus didn't have outlets like they usually do--the bus wasn't even a Megabus bus. So we couldn't watch Netflix via our phones like we'd planned. We had music and Cabin Pressure and other things but ended up playing 7 Little Words on my phone, fighting my phone's GPS that was always off by at least an hour, and chatting and/or making each other giggle with misread/misheard moments along the way. As we do.

We stayed with Divya's cousin Syon again, who did his best to be around now and then even though it's finals or something now (IDK, college is so far away~~ to me) and his adorable dog Humphrey, who we ended up essentially making AUs for (The Humphs is his street name). Oh, and Syon's roommates. One of which I saw exactly once, and the other who we awkwardly met again during an impromptu discussion of Zelda and philosophy because he had the same book as I do.

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There were probably more in-jokes that we've forgotten and that will come up later.

Anyway, my sister decided Boston is where she wants to go for her July vacation with my nephew. I'll be going along as her guide. BOSTON, I WILL BE BACK.
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Meme answers time!

07. My favorite book.

I don't really have a favorite book. I like dark lit, though. It comes from the SPN fandom and their fucked-up fics that I really enjoyed, I think. I had this book of fairy tales for a class that was also really cool because guys, I know Hollywood is leaning towards fucked-up fairy tales for the Twilight set now, but original fairy tales are really fucked-up.

10. My favorite animal.

Sheep! Lambs, Ewes, Goats... I love them. Non-farm animal faves would be birds, in general. Except maybe Flamingos. Too flashy!

15. My favorite songs right now.

"Super Bass" cover by Chad Sugg, "Break Even (Falling to Pieces)" cover by Alex Goot, "Stay For the Weekend" by Alex Goot, "It Girl" cover by Alex Goot


19. My favorite ice cream flavor.

I go back and forth on this! Butter Pecan or Mint Chocolate Chip. Or Cookie Dough. Or Vanilla, if we're doing basics.

20. The one place I wish I was right now.

Chicago, or somewhere where Quidditch was being practiced today? OR IN A THEATRE WATCHING LIKE CRAZY.

30. What I would do if I won the lottery.

My answer is always the most boring one you can think of. It's the Ravenclaw in me. I'd pay off my loan, buy a house and put the rest in the bank.

31. What I love most about myself.

My sense of self. It's been a long road of discovery but I enjoy how "okay" I am with my life and how things turned out for me. I don't have major regrets and don't find myself sad and wishing I was living another sort of life or wishing I had a certain amount/kind of friends. I don't need people to be happy.

38. Where I would like to live.

If I could just move anywhere right now, I think I'd go to San Francisco? But I've also never been there so I might regret that. Chicago, maybe, because I do adore it. Or Boston, since I feel like it's close enough to New York that I could just come to NYC whenever I want.

39. The nicest thing anyone's ever said to me.

I know there was a specific comment that used to hold this title, but I can't remember it off the top of my head. It was about my writing back in school, though. I probably have an entry on it somewhere under my lehman tag.

41. What I can hear right now.

The birds chirping from the hallway, my nephew chattering about MW3 to my sister, the washing machine (I couldn't remember the name for a second and wrote "the laundry washer contraption") going CHUNKA-CHUNKA-CHUNK-WHRRRRR. As it does, because it does.


Also, I got a new phone :D It's a Epic II Galaxy S Touch named Macon Junday. The deal I got from Best Buy was $100 cheaper than going to upgrade at Sprint itself and I got a free blu-ray player that, when it ships, will be able to use my phone as a remote. The player is like $90 itself, so I basically saved around $200. WIN. Although most things transferred over, my backed-up apps from Astro File Manager apparently DID NOT so now I can't seem to play Skip-Bo on this phone (they removed the app from the store in March of last year, so I can't re-download it). Currently looking into how to rectify this. I NEED MY SKIP-BO. I also need to save it from scratches this week until the case comes in. Usually I buy cases at the store when I buy the phone, but they were $15 cheaper online and so was the screen protector(s). So I bought it online along with the rest of my Christmas shopping and didn't have to pay shipping costs! SAVING MONEY, I CAN DO ZAT.

And now suddenly we decided we're going to go see Puss in Boots so I have to finish this, post it and run!



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