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Didn't go to that party from my last post. I couldn't find the address so after walking around for almost an hour and getting unhelpful texts from a co-worker I went home. My sister was gone this weekend though, so I had the room to myself. OBVIOUSLY THIS MEANS NETFLIX TIME.

Things wot I've seen so far:
Black Books
The IT Crowd (first season, gave up)
Stephen Fry in America (first three, will get back to eventually)
To The Ends of the Earth (I... fell asleep twice)

And a bunch of movies I half-paid attention to while I ran around AO3 a bit just to get them off my queue. Some I ended up really enjoying like Different for Girls, even if by that time of the night--after the really chase but also adorable The Decoy Bride--I just wanted to see them bone.

Speaking of The Decoy Bride (I didn't even know he was in it until he was the first one to pop up) I'm obsessed with finding everything Dylan Moran. I dug out Shaun of the Dead, which I own, and the S2 features of Black Books which I also own (randomly, thanks old job of my dad's) and downloaded Yeah, Yeah because it was the only complete Moran-related thing on the ihearts. BUT I NEED MORE. As for Black Books itself, I have so much love for it. I'm amazed at how funny and charming it was. I expected IT Crowd to be more of the same, but that one seems more like the sitcom from Extras. And while I don't exactly ship them, I would not be adverse to Bernard/Fran fic. Or more crappy puppet shows like the Black Dolls extra.

Why am I just getting into series that no one on Tumblr cares about anymore. It's like I don't even know my dashboard anymore. :(

I feel like I haven't spoken about other things I've done this summer because Torchwood/Doctor Who/NETFLIXXX so... bullets:

- Saw Brave, Magic Mike, and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. All great for their own reasons, even if Magic Mike showed me more of Olivia Munn than I wanted to see. And McConaughey. WHO EVEN LIKES HIM. I DON'T UNDERSTAND. PUT IT AWAY. Brave was sort of a B-list Pixar movie. It was nice but not their best. And AL: VH was fun and ridiculous and HE THREW A HORSE AT HIM.

- Went to Boston the weekend after July 4th because it was the only vacation my sister could afford and I have been there twice so I was their tour guide. By day two my sister had the hang of the transit system (coming from NYC, ANYTHING is decipherable). We heard "Payphone" almost three times a day so that was the theme song of the trip.

- Saw LeVar Burton at the Bronx Zoo a couple of week ago. He was introducing the Reading Rainbow app and posing for pictures. I wanted to talk to him but the line was long. I went around the zoo to all my favorite spots and rides instead.

- Saw The Amazing Spider-Man; it was cool. Refuse to see The Dark Knight Rises. I don't care.

- Tried learning basic Welsh phrases and changed my FB into Welsh for a while. Was confused as all fuck all around. I'm going to keep trying. I've always wanted a basic knowledge in Welsh, Gaelic and Mandarin. Japanese is slightly like Russian so I've got a foot in that door. I just need to decide on a Nordic language to complete my bucket list of languages.

- Went to The New World's Fair 2012 in Queens Saturday solely because it was at Flushing Meadows and I've always wanted to go to the park because of Men in Black. And then this year MIB3 came out and I felt like I just needed to go. But it wasn't like the grand expo my mind imagined the original to be. It was basically four tents and a stage and completely conspiracy theorists and hippie agendas. So I sat by the Unisphere for a while and then left. I'd tweeted/FB'd asking if anyone wanted to come to The Way Station but no one replied so I stayed in Queens and tried to go to the bar that was the Firecracker from The Black Donnellys. It ended up being packed so I went next door to a Thai shop for curry.

That's been my life lately. I can't complain. Now to get around to commenting everywhere!
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So last night was Blipfest '11. Going to a chiptune concert has been a dream of mine since I first heard of 8Bit Weapon on Attack of the Show allll the way back when it was actually a geeky show. /elitist

Blipfest's also tonight and tomorrow night but I could only go last night, and really I wanted to see Anamanaguchi and Talks to Animals the most. Zen Albatross was good, too. I thought his set was entirely too short. The others were okay--Crashfaster opened for Minusbaby, and I like him much more than Minusbaby so I was disappointed when they actually took the stage. Definitely checking out Zen Albatross when I can. Ralp was meh but cute while also looking like Kevin Pereira and I was confused throughout that set by my shallowness.

Anthony Carboni and the Bytejacker crew were there. I only saw him for a second and didn't know how to approach him (I did this last time I saw him too, actually) and then @babylonian passed by and looked right at me and I was basically the raisins meme for a good while afterwards. I tried to find Carboni later to say hi or whatever, but he was always either taking pictures, updating Twitter or interviewing people. :/ Later on I found out that Jon was there too (the old cameraman for Bytejacker) and also one of the regular video commenters, Sanskrit and I was like, "Noooo so many Bytejacker people and I met none of themmmmm." (I just.... have a lot of feelings about Bytejacker.) I did however, have the shortest tweetconvo ever with Sanskrit on the train back home. So... there's that.

Anyway, the setup time was so much shorter than regular concerts because, well, they're playing with modded Gameboys, right. No tuning really needed, just audio check. Although Anamanaguchi really took a while and that was pretty sad because I almost thought I would have to leave before their set was over. But they finished in time, yayy.

I really enjoyed the fact that there were people taking pictures with Game Boy Cameras and 3DSes. Really taking the lobit attitude to another extreme. Also there was a furry who was really weird at first because, well, he was a large blue goat, right. But then he started posing for pictures and was actually giving advice to people and having conversations and I was like, "DUDE IS AWESOME; ALWAYS BE MY FRIEND." But now I realize he was actually the mascot for dragonchiptune and lol, well, my noob is showing. He's still awesome but... innocuous now. AND I'M SORRY I THOUGHT YOU WERE A FURRY.

I wish I could go back. NEXT YEAR (or if they do one in December like they usually do), I SHALL. And wherever I'm working, I'm taking off the entire run of days. XD

ALSO TOMORROW IS BIG APPLE COMIC CON SPRING EDITION AND I EXPECT A LOT OF LOL AND FANTASTICNESS THEN AS WELL. My Jubilee costume isn't as great as I wanted it to be (I DON'T HAVE A YELLOW JACKET, SADFACEEEEE), but whatever. I'm done running all over the city looking for one. I'm still new to cosplaying, shut uppppp.

BRB, watching/listening to the live stream of tonight's Blipfest.

P.S. Random tidbit I learned about myself: I can drink a liter of water in 20 gulps or 30 secs.
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Last night I was alerted to the fact that Bored to Death was filming today/yesterday in Brighton Beach, so after much debating this morning I decided to go see if I could catch a glimpse of anything. I didn't, although a pair of pigeons got freaky under the boardwalk in front of me. I guess the whole sex on the beach thing isn't just for humans.

I got some ideas for summer jobs after over-hearing some extras who sat next to me on the beach, so the day wasn't a complete loss. And thanks to Cesar Millan's "Official Twitter" I'm researching drummers who have French bulldogs with social problems, because what are the odds of that combination?

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