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Happy Easter, if you're celebrating. Happy end of the weekened/spring break/Sunday to everyone else. Back to work tomorrow?

Meme from [ profile] hatsugami

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Right now I'm watching old SNL episodes that I'd been meaning to watch. I say "old" but I mean from the last two years. I haven't really laughed at many of them except Jesse Eisenberg's, but that was mostly laughing at him being adorable than the episode itself. I'll never understand people who say he's the poor man's Michael Cera because his films tend to be higher class/more pretentious than Cera's. And I think he's the better actor. SRY, CERA LOVERS.
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I woke up Friday feeling sluggish and by yesterday I was decent. Gargling with salt water, drinking a lot of vitamin C-enriched orange juice and eating/drinking anything with more than 30mg of protein equal = my new remedy. Honestly, all I ate this weekend: chicken soup, protein shakes, orange juice, egg yolks. It was a very yellow weekend on my plate.

But I woke up today and the remnants of the cold are trying to escape through my nose.

Anyway, I promised my new friends a meme that got to know me better. Except I didn't really have any I hadn't done so I googled (lol remember when I was like, "I LOVE YAHOO!, I WILL NEVER CALL SEARCHING "GOOGLING"--good times!) that seven layer meme thing and did that.

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Anyone know when Chuck comes back? I keep seeing March 1st at 8pm but that's a Tuesday, Chuck has always been on a Monday and I think most of my flist would go berserk if they moved it.

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My friending meme, the one I just sort of threw together and launched at you guys, is still going pretty strong! As is this one. GO. FRIEND. BE MERRY.

AND HELLO TO ALL MY NEW FRIENDS FROM BOTH OF THOSE MEMES! I promise not to scare you away... right away, anyway. XD

There is this sticky post that may help you get to know me/add me elsewhere and next entry I'll do some sort of "get to know me" meme that'll help, too.

It's New Year's Eve and I had plans for the first time in my life but since everyone in my house is sick with this super-flu thing I figured I'm needed at home. I think I'm finally catching the virus though, because I'm achy and my throat hurts. :/ My sister's working though, so there will be a lot of music happening in here. Just me and the dogs, OH YEAHHHHH.

AH 2010 I'M GOING TO MISS YOU. 2009 was so awesome and I was sad to see it go. But 2010 was the year of screenwriting! playwriting! creative writing! stage managing! DC! drunky times! concerts (outside and in)! Boston (♥)! Gay Bars! Quidditch! television production! charity events! I'm getting a little misty just thinking of it, not even going to lie.

When it came to the media challenge of the year, I failed miserably with the movies and worst with the games (;_;) this year, but reading-wise... is up to your interpretation. I went hardcore on manga and I... read a lot of the NYTimes on my phone? I'M SMART, TRUST ME. Also, I sort of... forgot about the movies after a while. I was so busy I went back and looked through my Miso account for some round-about dates on the last few months. So that may not be as accurate as last year's. Whoops?

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Also, Britney Spears' new song is coming out on the 7th and I'd like to think that's my birthday present from the music world this year.

And from the tech world this post, specifically the part where he says MORE LIVE DIGGNATIONS!!! I WAS SO SAD THAT 2010 WAS THE LAST OF THEM. I'm so behind on that podcast but now I know there is still more to come!

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I'm bored. There's a bunch of things I want to do but for various reasons I can't--so here I am on the internet.

Let's see what I can pull off from this folder of memes to do:

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I'm out of memes. :(

Any Android users playing Alchemy on their phones? I had it forever but hadn't played past 33 elements until yesterday when [ profile] squoctobird started playing and I had a reason to find Yoshi, lol. I can't seem to figure out knife. :/
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I should probably wait until tomorrow to post TV shows but I'm pulling the "my journal, my rules" card.

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What American accent do you have?
Created by Xavier on

Southern. Love it or hate it, your accent says you're probably from somewhere south of the Ohio River.

If you're not from the South, you probably were overanalyzing the questions. Take the quiz again but don't think so hard next time.

Take this quiz now - it's easy!
We're going to start with "cot" and "caught." When you say those words do they sound the same or different?

south of the Ohio River LOOOOOOOL, okay then.

ETA: Even at it's highest point I'm still above it.
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Last day of 2009! Complete with snow, apparently. It was amusing-- I stayed in bed for two hours or so just cuddling with Bijou. Then I got up and walked over to the window and everything was WHITE. It was only a few inches, so it'll be gone by the 3rd at most. But still, that was a random flash storm of snow!

Anyway, Happy New Year's Eve or New Year Day to everyone! Don't party too crazily! I'll be at home as usual, most likely watching CNN.

But before 2010 gets here, there's this list to evaluate.

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Dec. 24th, 2009 11:42 pm
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And I'm finally in the Christmas spirit. Better late than never? That's what midnight mass'll do to you, apparently (they had a donkey and a llama!!!).

Month of December meme )

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Last night I had another random dream.

Dream )

Anyway, I wasn't around last night because I got sleepy at midnight and got excited I was sleepy early. So here's that month meme.

Month of December meme )

Now back to Gunslinger Girl, which is depressing and slightly boring, but intriguing enough to for me to want to finish.


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Men of a Certain Age )

Day 21 → A recipe

Back in high school, I was obsessed with Ewan McGregor and decided, randomly, that I should learn to cook English and Scottish recipes. Only because I wanted to be different, and have my friends be like, "Of course you can't cook anything Spanish but you make [insert random Highland dish here]!" But it turns out a lot of Anglo recipes have to do with red meat, of which I am not a fan. So I learned things like shortbread and scones. And baking is supposed to be difficult, but I've never had problems with anything I've baked.

Simple Scones

2 cups all-purpose flour
1/3 cup sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 stick unsalted butter, frozen
1/2 cup dried fruit or nuts (raisins, craisins, dried pineapple, dried apples, dried blueberries, walnuts, almonds, pecans, etc. anything that won't immediately squish and make the flour marbled)
1/2 cup sour cream
1 egg

Adjust oven rack to lower-middle position and preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Mix flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda and salt.

Grate butter into flour mixture on the large holes of a box grater; use your fingers to work in butter, then stir in raisins.

In another bowl, whisk sour cream and egg until smooth.

Stir sour cream mixture into flour mixture until large dough clumps form. Use your hands to press the dough against the bowl into a ball. Don't add more liquid, work at it until it all comes together.

Place dough on a lightly floured surface and pat into a 7- to 8-inch circle about 3/4-inch thick. Sprinkle with a teaspoon of sugar. Use a sharp knife to cut into 8 triangles-- or like a pizza. Place on a cookie sheet (I use my mom's stoneware), about 1 inch apart. Bake until golden, about 15 to 17 minutes. Cool for 5 minutes and serve warm or at room temperature.

They're the best for breakfast because they're filling enough to last you until lunch, and great with tea, especially Earl Grey. :3

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This has broken my brain. Is he for real for real? Are they? I DON'T KNOW ANYMORE.

Also, there was this exchange:
psych_usa (Seriously? Can someone else please answer this... lol )RT @wineclubguy: No Christmas episode this year?
@psych_usa not for nothing but all usa gave us for christmas this year was a bittersweet monk finale and a crazy white collar cliffhanger :(
@boheme06 Well that certainly didn't sound bitter at all... LOL


Anyway, my mom came home today with this 3 foot "stunner" of a (fake) tree and decorated it just now. So we have a tree? I go in and out of feeling festive, so I'm not "FINALLY!" I tried listening to Christmas music and it worked for a day and then the feeling went away. Christmas is next week and I'm not excited or giddy, just "Oh, yes, that's happening." I'm more excited for my birthday in January, even though I won't be doing anything. I'm starting to like the feeling of "leveling up" as it were, so that's why.

Actually, the only festive-like things I'm enjoying right now are the 12 Days of Christmas going on at [ profile] capslock_spn and Markshakkah at [ profile] mishaland.

I realized I hadn't mentioned anything about TV on Monday, but HIMYM was being completely filler (and what's with that lately?) and Accidentally on Purpose was being funny yet still struggling. The real winner was The Big Bang Theory, so I'll cut those thoughts.

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Day 18 → Whatever tickles your fancy
Poseur Ink. I spent my morning on this site catching up on their webcomics. I don't have anything else to pimp...

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I was thinking too much this morning, so I threw away my little schedule and went all happy place.

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Month of December meme )

Have some links:
This is a beautiful slideshow of New York storefronts. Do people really not have Optimo stores elsewhere? There's so many here I thought it was a chain in itself! And Frank Bee's, that's where I used to get my school uniforms! I know that place is still there, at least. Never seen most of the others to know about them.

LOL this child's drawing of her mom's job. Honestly, before I even read what was going on or what you'd assume it was, it looked like a cashier kiosk and the pole that has the numbers of the lane on it.

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I'm actually missing the 10 year birthday cake, but I like this theme LJ's got going on too. Even if it's obviously Christmas and not like, aurora borealis.

Month of December meme )

Also this happened, so I have those to give if you want them. haha, I'm sorry for not being more festive about it. I just... today's not the day.

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Haha, okay, so I've been on a bit of a Coppola kick lately. YOU CAN'T BLAME ME. Anyway, I'm trying to watch all these movies on my "must-watch" list before I succumb to a Coppola marathon. But then today I kept seeing references to them. They were playing Jason movies (random ones he's barely in like Hitchhiker's Guide and Bewitched), [ profile] wandersfound tweeted about Princess Diaries 2 (which is the wrong movie but whatever), and I found all this information about Sofia's new movie (which I'm actually excited about for once--cast!!!). So I had to slowly back away for a second before I ran and like, re-watched Bored to Death and Lick the Star again.

Instead I tracked down the Gunslinger Girls anime to watch. I saw the first episode at this anime and gaming club they had at Pace, but never got around to watching the whole thing. I know there were only two seasons but Blockbuster has a vol. 3, season 2 and a DVD collection all with three discs so I can't tell what is what. I found the first season elsewhere, though. I just need the second season. I'd get the manga too, but that's like 67 collections and lol, I'm not tracking all that down. I might, if I enjoy the anime more than I expect I will. I don't even watch anime! The last thing I watched in that genre was Appleseed. And I hate that it's considered a genre, because there's different anime. Like there's different animation. So that'll be my "thing to watch" for this weekend, when I'm done catching up on comics.

Month of December meme )

Anyway, I'm going to go watch Cole Hauser torture people or something. Whatever, Emmanuelle Chriqui has something to do with it.

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I've realized something. If I'm ever in a sour mood or my patience is wearing thin, I can just go get snacks and it makes my mood so much better. Yesterday I was angry and I grabbed some Cheeze-Its and I was all :DDDDDDDD. Same for just now when I went to watch a movie while munching on pretzels because I'd had enough of the internet. Also, pretzels and Ritz crackers are the only snack food that I eat one at a time. Everything else I grab enough to fill my hand. I'd say it had to do with the size of the individual food, but I eat two Saltine crackers at a time, so it's not that.

I JUST WROTE A PARAGRAPH ON MY EATING HABITS. WHAT. Here's a bunch of memes since the movie I watched was super-boring and I didn't do anything else interesting today besides eat.

Day 14 → A non-fictional book

The Art of Styling Sentences. I had to think about this one because I don't read a lot of non-fiction. But this was one of my textbooks back at Pace. We only got through the first two kinds of sentences before the class went full-spin into the drama aspect of the course (it was one of those joint classes). And I kept it, like I do with textbooks that interest me, and finally read it this summer. It really helped me as a writer.

Year in Review meme )

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Day 12 → Whatever tickles your fancy
I just re-organized my photobucket of .gifs and macros, sooo...
.gif party! )

Day 13 → A fictional book
I assume they mean a fiction book, but I'll give you both anyway. ;)

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is good. I'm not done reading it (can't find it!) but you know, dystopian literature is awesome.

From Outer Space by Jose Chung. I really wish this one was real.

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Month of December meme )

And Solobob has his own website now! If you sign up for the newsletter, be warned that the mp3 link isn't working. I don't mind so much because I ripped it from MySpace a while back and if this ever gets to being released, I will get that too. But the first email/letter you get for signing up is adorable. Apparently Roman Coppola helped him with the video shoot.

Oh, today I finally saw Fantastic Mr. Fox, and I haven't yet stopped thinking about it. :) It was me, my sister and some random dude at the back of the theatre. When the crowd is that small it's kind of awkward when someone isn't laughing at the same thing, but we were all laughing at the same bits so that was good. I'm still deciding whether I liked it better than Darjeeling, but it was better than Life Aquatic and that was Wes and Noah writing together too. I think I need to re-watch Life Aquatic or something. I know at least three people who say that's their favorite Wes movie and each time I immediately go, "lol. No, wait, really?!" But first, I have a zillion other things on my plate for this week.

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Month of December meme )

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I guess I'll just be posting these things a day later than necessary. Whatever, I'm clearly a night owl.

BTW, that makes no sense. Most owls are nocturnal. If anything the anomaly would be a day owl. I just didn't want to say, "I'm a vampire," and then have to come up with a witty Twilight statement.

Month of December meme )

Also, thank you for all these virtual gifts you guys! Definitely made my morning. I don't know how I missed the gift memo, but thank you anyway.

Can anyone tell me if this actually says "love at first sight"? I want a pin for my schoolbag and a t-shirt and that design's obscure enough for me to like it, but I want to make sure it actually says that before I buy it.

Which reminds me-- people are starting to do those wishlists again. I don't think I'm making one this year (I can't even think of what to tell my family to get me, much less my flist) but if you've made one so far link me to them! [ profile] wandersfound and [ profile] xphoenixrising, I bookmarked yours already.

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Day 01 → Your favorite song
Day 02 → Your favorite movie
Day 03 → Your favorite television program
Day 04 → Your favorite book
Day 05 → Your favorite quote

Maybe not my favorite quote, but I like it enough.

Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know. - Ernest Hemingway

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Last night I watched this movie called After Sex. I LOVED IT. It's a series of vignettes of couples talking right after sex. If you liked Waking Life or movies like that where it's all just talk (I call them "straight plays on film" even though most films can technically be called that), I recommend you seek it out. :) It was only on my radar because Emmanuelle Chriqui was in it but the rest of the cast is pretty good, as are the conversations. Also, James DeBello was never really on my radar much before (creeper from Swimfan!), but in this movie I realized he looks like a cross between Seth Rogen and Brendan Fraser and that kinda blew my mind.

THERE'S A NEW PSYCH COMMERCIAL, EVERYONE. Apparently they can't officially upload it until January due to licensing or something but omg, I love this showwwww. I just wish Henry was in it too. There's six people in the original video. :/

White Collar )

Monk )

Month of December meme )



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