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Remember when I used to talk about TV ALL THE TIME? Remember when LJ was something YOU HAD TO CHECK EVERY DAY? Yeah, well, I'm finally giving up. Well not entirely, but today I went to catch up on three shows and without MU around, it is next to impossible to get any episode more than two days old. So I have 3x11 of Modern Family and all of Leverage and... I guess whatever I can find OnDemand. Otherwise, unless it's something I'm currently caught up on (Whitney, Sherlock, Archer, Grimm, Hell on Wheels, American Horror Story) I don't know what's going on in my shows anymore. And I don't really have anything else to post about, heh.

I'm also starting to accept that LJ is dying. I still don't enjoy DW enough to go there, and Tumblr is too fast for me to keep up with at a normal pace (as much as I LOVE the Sherlock fandom I'm finding there), so I'll still be on LJ from time to time. But I barely check my flist, and when I do, I use my filter which isn't fair to those who aren't on that filter. I haven't read some of your posts since the summer.

So I'm doing some cuts, and nudging others. I'm also doing cuts elsewhere, but that's for the next post. The best place to keep in contact with me--in order of effectiveness--is Twitter, Tumblr, LJ, FB, Email, IM. I'm trying to get into Soundcloud, Youtube, and Streamzoo with mixed results. Oh, and AO3 but that's a whole other beast (a wonderful fic-vomiting rainbow beast of love, but still a beast). Also, if you feel like we have nothing in common anymore because our fandoms changed, defriend away! That tends to go without saying, but for the sake of thoroughness, I had to.
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Livejournal, you have returned! Except that.... you haven't. I can post but I can't read my flist. Boo.

This week flew by but was also interesting. Since everything I usually do is related to LJ in some way, down to watching TV that isn't live, I was on YouTube finally getting around to watching a bunch of things like A Very Potter Musical/Sequel and Echo Base CA-related videos, like all the guys' VEDAs and most of the music videos.

Let's talk about Starkid for a second. Darren Criss is cool, and I enjoy his dorkiness and creativity, but I don't really enjoy a lot of his original songs outside of AVPS/AVPS. His fans tend to annoy me on Tumblr and Glee is another issue. Joey Richter on the other hand is a beautiful, beautiful man that I prefer to just stare at while he speaks. He sort of reminds me of Samm Levine mixed with Jared Padalecki and a dash of teddy bear. Just look at him:

Under here )

Ugh, I love.

Also, I am addicted to "Stutter" and Joe Walker's Umbridge. I'm not sure why that's the character I walked away with the most amount of love for, but it happened. I do like Snape and Draco (LAUREN LOPEZ IS REALLY HOT, I DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW A WIG CHANGES THAT), too, but UMBRIDGE. <33 And I'm not sure if this is an unpopular opinion but I think the sequel is better if only because the songs are nicer and there are a lot more human moments in it than in the first one, which was sillier. And it is my plan this weekend to learn the dance moves to this:

Stutter at LeakyCon )

Now wizard rock. I'm really upset that I got this into wizard rock this late. I should've been paying more attention when I started downloading things back in 2007/2008. The Remus Lupins are apparently disbanded now and Alex is now in Ministry of Magic (my favorite group, so not all that bad?) and the Harry and the Potters are still going strong, but I just missed the Con Tour in early July and I feel like all the bands might be stopping now that the movies are over and there isn't more canon to come in any respect (except for Pottermore, maybe?). I mean, I can't even find the MySpaces of some of my older faves. At least I got to see a bunch of them at the Wizard Rock Festival in November and I'm seeing Harry and the Potters tomorrow. And I really wish I could go to wrockstock but it's too far. My consolation prize is that people like Jason Munday and Alex Carpenter are still making nerdcore music, so I have that, if I don't have wizard rock. I wish more fandoms had their version of wizard rock. Doctor Who has trock but I have tried various times to watch Doctor Who and it didn't grab me. I don't even have a major fandom right now, but I would dive into one if there was a music scene, probably. So right now, my biggest fascination is the guys from Ministry of Magic/Echo Base LA and their friends.

I can't even go through all the favorite parts from their vlogs, but basically, here are their Youtube channels: < who is also friends with Ray William Johnson of =3? Weirdddd.

Some of them have channels strictly for their vlogs and/or music.

I also watched all of My Drunk Kitchen, finally and now I sort of want to vlog myself cooking. Not necessarily drunk, but she makes it look hysterical and fun...

I've spent today thinking of new layouts for all my social network accounts. I went and found fonts for a logo, color palettes from, design schemes from various Google searches, the dimensions and size of each image file I'd need.... and now I realize I don't really use Youtube, Twitter doesn't really need a professional background, LJ and Tumblr I just recently re-did and Vimeo doesn't do customizing. :/ So I just made backgrounds for Youtube and Twitter for whenever I decide I need to start using them. I did re-do my page and I'm still thinking of a better, more personal and unique background for that one, so it's just an artsy, hipster background for now.
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I have no real reason to post. I just felt like cleaning out the memes I've been racking up.

Also anyone have a Dreamwidth code? I'm not jumping ship, but Vox is closing down this month so now I only have one backup journal at InsaneJournal. I only really need one, but I've always kept at least two open. *OCD* Thanks, Kaci. FYI: My Dreamwidth account.

I'm still finalizing my fall TV schedule, lol. There's only about three new shows that I definitely want to watch. Everything else is just sort of "I'll watch and see."

Onto memes now, yes?

Under here~ )

Android users! If any of you download Wordfeud, add me so we can play! I've been playing random games with strangers all day. I've been dying for a Words With Friends wannabe to make it onto Android. My username is boheme06 (so shocking, I know).
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I'm in such a weird mood lately. Some days I just want to faceplant in my bed, others I want to go out and be with people except I have no peeps (not even marshmallow ones) or money, and others I just want to sit and read comment threads on other people's journals from entries I find while searching for things like "supernatural rps filk" and various keywords for fan fiction and make a night of laughing at things and making inside jokes with myself.

And then some days I drag myself out to be social with my family, even though I really wanted to sit home and read Big Bangs (which I've come to realize is totally my substitution for summer/beach reading/chick lit, except I don't leave my room). Like today I went to the Intrepid museum with my sister and nephew since she had discounts (and so did I, apparently, for being a college student) and between my mind going "I'm on a boat!" the whole time or going into the submarine thinking, "Hey can they take to craphole island!?" and my nephew randomly spouting things he learned on and discussing how Disney is darker than you'd think, it was a good time.

But once I got home I sequestered myself in my room and continued reading. I'm finally up to this year's Big Bang stories and I've just finished The Seahorse and Palace of the Brine, which are fantastic J2 MPREG AU stories that you've probably heard of already (The Seahorse is from 2008, and Palace of the Brine is the 2009 sequel), since it seems every search I made over the past five months has brought up links for them. I saved them for last in my original list of "toreads" because I figured they'd be adorable. I kinda wish they were movies. They read like a cross between Scrubs and Night at the Museum and Nine Months and Just Like Heaven (that last one in tone only) and I could definitely see it cinematically in my head. Too bad there's only like two MPREG movies in actual existence, because I think it would be amazing.

But then again, I'm never correct on the big movie fandoms, either. I expected Iron Man, and maybe Star Trek for the slashers but the others really surprised me when they exploded. The big fandoms do tend to be from May premieres, though. Star Trek, Iron Man, X-Men: The Last Stand, etc. all came out in May. Although the first Transformers came out in July and I remember there being a small explosion for that one.

There should be a community like [ profile] fandom_secrets but for broadcasting things you want done. Because there's a few things I want to be like, "WHY DOESN'T THIS HAVE A MORE ACTIVE FANDOM?" but I'm not embarrassed by it so I don't feel like posting to [ profile] fandom_secrets. There's a lot of those broadcasting secrets sometimes, but I hate seeing them even if I agree because they're not really secrets.

Anyway, in terms of fanfiction, these are things I want to see happen.
- A Harry Potter AU of HSM. I just want to see Troy and Chad playing Quidditch.
- A HSM AU of J2. That damn "The Boys Are Back" segment in the third movie looks so much like Bobby's junkyard, but SPN!HSM doesn't work as well, so I want J2.

This post is so oddly shaped, idek. It's late? And this place is on fire tonight. NOSTALGIA!


P.S. Sometimes I think I'm secretly a music video director in disguise, because between this song I'm listening to and Lady Gaga's Poker Face I keep coming up with great concepts for the music video and then get frustrated there's no way to actually make a video unless I get super-crafty and pick apart videos from other artists over the years and make a fanvid.


Jun. 17th, 2009 02:26 am
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My thread


In other news, I'm in the process of writing the bones of a J2 fic that just popped into my head on Monday night. It's at 5,000 words right now and this is just the bones, what. Plus, I think I can incorporate the J2 fic I was working on into this big fic, so that takes care of two fics at once, or something. Or maybe I'll turn it into a verse. We'll see. I'm crazy.

It's late. And I've got to be up early tomorrow to clean my room, allegedly.

But right now, back to the writing. *writer's hat*


Lj Stats

Feb. 15th, 2009 01:30 am
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I was gonna watch a movie but then I got sleepy. And then I decided to do this. I'd been meaning to do this for a while and I just remembered now.

LJ comment stats! )

This was kind of useless and spammy. Have some comics.
Twitter loser
Face Recognition!

Is anyone else having problems with LJ Add-Ons? It works on my desktop computer but not the laptop. :/

And oh yeah, haha, New Jersey is the culprit of that maple syrup smell. I hate when they blame all the smells on NJ, but it's pretty funny when it's actually coming from there.

...'kay. Night.


P.S. I really wish there was a way for to scrobble my iPod correctly.
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I haven't been on LJ in a good three days, so I had major catching up to do. I've seen all my shows for this last week (haven't watched HBO tonight yet), but I can't recall anything amazing other than what passes as technology on Fringe continues to make me laugh hysterically.

I realize I've been a bit cynical and bitter lately on some of your TV reviews/commentaries and I want to apologize about that. I've tried to make friendly debate threads start in an effort to get some kind of conversation going, but sometimes that doesn't go over so well. I'm in a weird place lately, but that's no excuse for spreading that venom all over your journals.

In other LJ news, I'm going to go do a friends cut of dead journals and people who haven't updated their journal in five months. If anyone else wants to cut me and has been waiting for the right moment, for whatever reason, now's your chance.

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I am about to explode. I have been working three hours on this layout. What I usually do is save my journal's main page to my computer as an HTML file. Then I edit the CSS in TextEdit and save and refresh the HTML file in Firefox. Once I get it looking perfectly fine, I go into the file on my computer and copy the CSS part of it. I paste it into the custom CSS page on the customize your journal page on LJ, save and voilá. New layout.

It looked gorgeous at 10:20pm and everything was working correctly-- even the weird way it breaks on the flist page was fixed! But now that I applied it to my journal, there's white where it should be completely black, there's a thick border between the header (which wasn't even the finished version but I'm fucking tired now) and the navigation strip, the entry text is two point sizes bigger than it should be and the broken flist page is still there. WHAT THE FUCK.

You know what? My sister's taking me to see The Mummy 3 tomorrow and I've got two movies here from Blockbuster, along with the desire to re-watch the other Mummy movies (even though I have them both memorized). Oh yeah, and this week's worth of TV shows! So fuck you, smooth sailing. Goodnight.

If anyone wants to take a gander at the code and figure out what the fuck's the matter, be my guest.


P.S. Why does Photobucket keep on deleting the pissed off moodtheme pics?! OMFG.
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I just cleaned out my flist of a bunch of communities that I wasn't interested in anymore, were dead or was pulling out my hair at what they'd become. I also re-joined two Firefly communities because I missed them.

Dishing about your own drama and crushes in your journal is fine. If I don't share your fascination, I ignore it when I comment on the entry, if I do at all. But when you take over communities, there's a problem. I can't have my IQ drained by morons who lose their brains whenever they see someone remotely attractive and spam communities with their glee. And community wars and elitism are not cool in my book. The only locked comms I'm in are sharing comms. I'm not about to comment and demand change when it's simpler for me to just leave and seek what I thought the community was about elsewhere.

In other news, I have become a social network fiend. :/ I deleted MySpace because I never used it, but in the past week I've joined Plurk (which I can't see any use for, when I have Twitter), Playfire, Friendfeed (which is useful as heck... if anyone I knew was on it), re-discovered (still have to rre-organize that), and found two cinephile social networks (Flixster and Filmcrave-- I'll be joining Flixster as soon as I post this entry). And now my friend invited me to BrightKite, which sounds like Twinkle's location detector for the non-iPod/iPhone crowd. I find it slightly creepy to be broadcasting my EXACT location at any time to the world but I'm all up for finding people near me. So I shall let you know how that goes. Of course there's also a lot of bookworm social networks like LibraryThing, and if I was anywhere near the bookworm I used to be I would join one. I wonder if there's a comic geek network. Oh, damn.

The thing about these networks though-- you need to know people on them to make them fun. That's why Twitter is more addicting to me now, as opposed to when I initially joined. Playfire... when I get a PS3 I know that's going to be an awesome site. Not sure about the rest of them. We shall see.

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I just twittered about Photobucket imploding, but you guys?

It was hacked. Check your links. It's some Turkish hackers group.

ETA (9:33pm): Now the main page is directed to, but images seem to be working. So links are fine, but you can't access the site yet.

ETA (12:37am): Everything's back to normal, but no news report. Except for the digg community.

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So it's past 12am here, so it's technically Sunday. But it's my LJ-versary! So I did a little meme to celebrate.

LJ meme )

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I just added about ten new people out of nowhere. Um, it was one of my New Year resolutions to be more sociable and also not be afraid of LJers who I think are pretty cool. So I just went around friending a bunch of people that I admire for one reason or another. I think they're all interesting and would like to have them on my flist so I could follow them closer.

No harm was meant, but if anyone wants me to de-friend them, comment here.



Oct. 23rd, 2007 12:39 am
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Everyone in Souther or general California, please stay safe. It looks dangerous out there and yeah, I want there to be a Cali when I move out there in the next 5 years or so.

Even still, a lot of you live out there now. I may not know you but I still worry. And I may not say it a lot but every one of you on my flist mean something to me and everything you say actually affects my life. So yeah, stay safe.


ETA: Holy Shit.
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So officially, I am back. I got a lot done; regained a bunch of my sanity. Sadly, I'll be losing some of you here, but I will keep in touch wherever you guys do end up. I myself am not leaving. Livejournal and I have not been at major odds and I have been dealt with worse by other journaling sites.

Some links:
LJ Add-ons. I'm sure most of you Firefox users know about this, and if you don't, then you should. It's a great asset. A bit addictive when first installed, but you get used to it.
Sexy Snape. I know I'm late to this, but I was hysterical watching it again last night. Right Said Fred is such a staple of early MTV. I miss my good!MTV. And the random Lockhart is hysterical. I'm going to go rip the songs from the Potter Puppet Pals now, if anyone wants any, let me know.

Memes )

Anyone up for a friending meme? I was thinking of starting one tomorrow, but now I don't know... with all the fuss over LJ.

Does anyone use GoDaddy? I'm thinking of upgrading to a domain of my own (I need PHP desperately) and I want to base my decisions on something over than Kevin and Alex's fanboying, even as much as I adore them.

I don't think I'm going to bother with Monk anymore. It kind of lost itself for me. But there's still Psych. I need to go "manage" my icons. Because apparently userpics can be unruly.

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So tomorrow is my Livejournal's first birthday. I knew I'd dig my heels in here for a while but I didn't realize LJ'd be this addicting or this active. Fittingly, yesterday there was another Psych friending meme over at [ profile] psych_tv. Last summer's Psych friending meme was my first friending meme and probably where I met most of my oldest flisters. *feels cuddly*

Ha, [ profile] justspaz, you've already seen it but if you want a good laugh, go check out my first ever post. Really, past!Lia, wtf? I think I just needed a first entry and I didn't want to look too stupid talking to no one. Which, since my first comments came around late July (wow it was [ profile] short_chicka10, [ profile] wtfmatez & [ profile] plasticfruits), I was rambling for quite a while there. I also was using LJ for archive purposes, so that's why there's a few private entries back then.

And now I've got a paid account. So I'm here for a while longer. Yup.

Oh, and before y'all laugh: I always post a test comment on my blogs when I start them up... just to see what the comments look like. :-p


P.S. Lost tonight. I have no idea what to expect. The promos show Sawyer and someone in a bag. WTF?

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Well now. You can have private tags and friends-only tags that only the appropriate people can see. I'm looking at my LJ logged in on Firefox and logged out on Safari and I can see certain tags on Firefox I've used on friends-only and private entries (yeah, I make those. yes, I know it's sort of pointless but most of them are memo-type things, so you're not missing out) that aren't showing on the Safari page.

However, I just made a private entry dated June 2012 and it threw my calendar out of whack on Safari. So basically, if I tried making a sticky private entry you would all know I wrote something and you can't read it.

This random revelation brought to you by my procrastination.

I'm listening to some songs I made in GarageBand over the years. Hysterical. I'll upload them later so you can join the fun.


I love RSS

Jan. 15th, 2007 03:26 pm
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If you don't have [profile] overheardnyc in your flist, you need it. It's hysterical.

Case in point. Even the LJ comments are fun.

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I got through a day without posting. \o/ I think I posted at least once every day last week. Granted, today's Monday so I'll be doing posts about Heroes and Studio 60 and Housewives (when I get to watching it during the day).

And here's the part where I pimp stuff and everyone shouts "HURRAY!" lol

Studio 60 friend meme
Heroes friend meme
[ profile] lost_the_rpg
[ profile] psych_rpg

I'd wait until Wednesday for this, but it's too awesome:

I'm pretty certain I've posted that second one before, but in any case, that's where I got the word fishcuit and that's what I will be calling that from now on. :-)

And for those of you who give a crap, I will be making audio versions of my fan fictions (idea ripped from [ profile] ikaci) and posting them on my web site sometime during the week, while I'm updating the fanlistings there. I'll let you know when they're up.


P.S. Do you know I totally forgot there was such a thing as backdating? *facepalm* Oy.

Et tu, LJ?

Aug. 3rd, 2006 10:45 pm
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What NOW? First MySpace got seriously tormented in a blackout and twisted my lovely layout beyond oblivion. That took like four days for them to fix. I wasn't about to bust my ass for their wrong. And now there's just HUGE space at the top of my journal here. Where my header should be, there's tons of space and even more in between my flist posts. What. the. fck. Really? Really, LJ? RRREEEAAALLLYYY? GRROWR.


P.S. This was the shittiest day ever. Fck this week. Seriously. Go get a White Rabbit over at Sexy Sims 2 and do just that. Cos really... I can't even push out poems, which should be popping out every five seconds considering my recent state of mind. Dear GAWD...

But tomorrow's friday. :-)

ETA: New layout format to combat crappiness from LJ


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