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I hope everyone who celebrates it had a good American Thanksgiving, doing whatever it is that you do. It's hard to say lately, since sometimes people prefer to spend the day away from family and with friends instead, some people prefer to spend it giving back to the community, etc. Some people want the holiday to go away because of the racist connotations. To which I say, congratulations, almost every one of America's holidays have racist undertones. How about we evolve instead of dragging us back to the heydays. /random rant

I'm also overly cautious in the holiday season because things always tend to go to shit for someone close to me. So all of you stay safe because you are all my favorites and I don't want anything happening to any of you! <3333

Thanksgiving was okay for me. Spent the morning by myself watching the parade until everyone else woke up and/or came over and then ate. We did Boston Market this year again, so there wasn't too much to clean up but I regretted eating as much as I did because my stomach feels like it has a permanent cramp today. Thing is, I over-served myself and felt bad not eating all of the turkey because I hate seeing those "don't eat me" stuff on TV. I can't ever let turkey go to waste on Thanksgiving because of it.

Anyway, I got some online deals for my Christmas shopping today, but not too many. Mainly because most of my shopping is going to be gift cards and it's stupid to buy a gift card online when they are pretty much available at any store I go to anyway.

You know when you get stuck on a song and have to listen to it FOREVER on repeat? Last week was "Super Bass" and this week, amusingly, is "Love You Like a Love Song." Right now, collectively, "LYLALS" is at 27 plays on this computer. And yet, all day I've had "I May Lose Everything" by Ministry of Magic in my head. The contrast between the themes of those songs concern me a lot. I take a lot of stock in earworms. Then again, the song-on-repeat for the week up to Halloween was "Party Rock" and my earworms then were "Ievan Polka" and "Po Pi Po." SOMETIMES I JUST LIKE FLUFF.
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Tomorrow is Halloween and I don't have more than an idea for a costume. I'm past giving a shit at this point. With the recent snow I doubt it'll be warm enough for what I was planning, and given how it rains every time [ profile] splits_thesky and I meet up, it'll probably be wet, too.

There's so many movies out I want to see but I don't have the will to get up and go see them or the attention span to bother downloading older movies to watch here. This weekend has been pretty depressing for me. I've been productive, but I feel hopeless and lame. I'm looking forward to drinks tomorrow because I sort of need that right now.

There are some bright spots at work, but other things make it not so great. But what else is new.

Have a video:
Read more... )

Happy Halloween!
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My friending meme, the one I just sort of threw together and launched at you guys, is still going pretty strong! As is this one. GO. FRIEND. BE MERRY.

AND HELLO TO ALL MY NEW FRIENDS FROM BOTH OF THOSE MEMES! I promise not to scare you away... right away, anyway. XD

There is this sticky post that may help you get to know me/add me elsewhere and next entry I'll do some sort of "get to know me" meme that'll help, too.

It's New Year's Eve and I had plans for the first time in my life but since everyone in my house is sick with this super-flu thing I figured I'm needed at home. I think I'm finally catching the virus though, because I'm achy and my throat hurts. :/ My sister's working though, so there will be a lot of music happening in here. Just me and the dogs, OH YEAHHHHH.

AH 2010 I'M GOING TO MISS YOU. 2009 was so awesome and I was sad to see it go. But 2010 was the year of screenwriting! playwriting! creative writing! stage managing! DC! drunky times! concerts (outside and in)! Boston (♥)! Gay Bars! Quidditch! television production! charity events! I'm getting a little misty just thinking of it, not even going to lie.

When it came to the media challenge of the year, I failed miserably with the movies and worst with the games (;_;) this year, but reading-wise... is up to your interpretation. I went hardcore on manga and I... read a lot of the NYTimes on my phone? I'M SMART, TRUST ME. Also, I sort of... forgot about the movies after a while. I was so busy I went back and looked through my Miso account for some round-about dates on the last few months. So that may not be as accurate as last year's. Whoops?

2010 meme-y thing cobbled together from various ones I saw floating around )

Also, Britney Spears' new song is coming out on the 7th and I'd like to think that's my birthday present from the music world this year.

And from the tech world this post, specifically the part where he says MORE LIVE DIGGNATIONS!!! I WAS SO SAD THAT 2010 WAS THE LAST OF THEM. I'm so behind on that podcast but now I know there is still more to come!

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What better way to ring in 2011 than with new friends, yes? I've been meaning to do a friending meme for a while now and the upcoming NYE is as good an excuse as any! SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADO...

New Year, New Friends
Multi-Fandom Friending Meme!

Pimp at all your favorite comms (where allowed) and link back at your journal if you please!

Text link:

Le meme~ (copy and paste into a comment):

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I really want to try to remember all the holidays during the seasons from now on--maybe that'll be my New Year Resolution. I know I missed the boat for most of them this year. But for today, Merry Christmas to those who celebrate!
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I just went to do that Trick Or Treat meme I do every year, that's like a tradition at my journal... and it's gone. :( RIP AWESOME MEME. YOU WERE CRAZY FUN WHILE YOU LASTED. PLZ TO BE BACK NEXT YEAR?

Anyway, in lieu of that, this:

Halloween Party! )

Some of those are pretty intense costumes and IDK how some of us are wearing more than one costume but lmfao, [ profile] splits_thesky and [ profile] xmindthegapx. <333
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Today was a beautiful day. I went with my mom, sister and nephew to go see Diary of a Wimpy Kid and I forgot why, but there was an awkward silence in the car. So I just focused on the people walking on the sidewalks as we drove. I used to do that so much when I was younger-- just watch people and wonder what their day was like: did they just have a bad argument with someone, did they remember to feed their dog last night, where were they off to looking so lost in thought or walking so sadly... I remember my freshmen English teacher telling us that was one of the things about growing up-- you stop noticing the clouds and when the seasons change, you lose contact with people you thought were your best friends in high school, etc. I'd like to think I still spend time watching the "wildlife" or the clouds but I've kind of lost contact with humans. It's odd. Back then I figured that would be the last thing to go.

Wow. ANYWAY. The movie was good, but it left out a few of my favorite parts of the book, and my nephew was clearly bummed that it didn't follow it exactly (lol I don't think he's ever read a book before seeing the adaptation). Tomorrow we're supposed to go see How to Train Your Dragon and I think my sister said Kick-Ass might be Saturday, but IDK. I want to see She's Out Of My League by Thursday though, because after that I know I might as well give up on it. And I refuse to not see a Nate Torrence movie in theatres (I haven't gotten around to seeing that one with Dane Cook and Jason Biggs but shhhhh).

Lost )

Melrose Place )

In Plain Sight )

Someone needs to tell me where is a good site to make playlists you can then listen back, because once you make it on you can't listen to them and doesn't have that expansive of a catalogue.

P.S. What was everyone's favorite pranks today? I haven't gotten tricked in ages, but I do enjoy how the websites change on us. I think YouTube's was better last year, and Google is losing their touch, but I liked and And on Twitter, the psychwrites account changed to mentalistwrites and started posting things like "did you spot the papaya in the last episode?" XD I LOVE THOSE GUYS SO MUCH.
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Last day of 2009! Complete with snow, apparently. It was amusing-- I stayed in bed for two hours or so just cuddling with Bijou. Then I got up and walked over to the window and everything was WHITE. It was only a few inches, so it'll be gone by the 3rd at most. But still, that was a random flash storm of snow!

Anyway, Happy New Year's Eve or New Year Day to everyone! Don't party too crazily! I'll be at home as usual, most likely watching CNN.

But before 2010 gets here, there's this list to evaluate.

2009 Media Challenges )

End of the year fandom meme )



Dec. 24th, 2009 11:42 pm
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And I'm finally in the Christmas spirit. Better late than never? That's what midnight mass'll do to you, apparently (they had a donkey and a llama!!!).

Month of December meme )

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This has broken my brain. Is he for real for real? Are they? I DON'T KNOW ANYMORE.

Also, there was this exchange:
psych_usa (Seriously? Can someone else please answer this... lol )RT @wineclubguy: No Christmas episode this year?
@psych_usa not for nothing but all usa gave us for christmas this year was a bittersweet monk finale and a crazy white collar cliffhanger :(
@boheme06 Well that certainly didn't sound bitter at all... LOL


Anyway, my mom came home today with this 3 foot "stunner" of a (fake) tree and decorated it just now. So we have a tree? I go in and out of feeling festive, so I'm not "FINALLY!" I tried listening to Christmas music and it worked for a day and then the feeling went away. Christmas is next week and I'm not excited or giddy, just "Oh, yes, that's happening." I'm more excited for my birthday in January, even though I won't be doing anything. I'm starting to like the feeling of "leveling up" as it were, so that's why.

Actually, the only festive-like things I'm enjoying right now are the 12 Days of Christmas going on at [ profile] capslock_spn and Markshakkah at [ profile] mishaland.

I realized I hadn't mentioned anything about TV on Monday, but HIMYM was being completely filler (and what's with that lately?) and Accidentally on Purpose was being funny yet still struggling. The real winner was The Big Bang Theory, so I'll cut those thoughts.

The Big Bang Theory )

Day 18 → Whatever tickles your fancy
Poseur Ink. I spent my morning on this site catching up on their webcomics. I don't have anything else to pimp...

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I guess I'll just be posting these things a day later than necessary. Whatever, I'm clearly a night owl.

BTW, that makes no sense. Most owls are nocturnal. If anything the anomaly would be a day owl. I just didn't want to say, "I'm a vampire," and then have to come up with a witty Twilight statement.

Month of December meme )

Also, thank you for all these virtual gifts you guys! Definitely made my morning. I don't know how I missed the gift memo, but thank you anyway.

Can anyone tell me if this actually says "love at first sight"? I want a pin for my schoolbag and a t-shirt and that design's obscure enough for me to like it, but I want to make sure it actually says that before I buy it.

Which reminds me-- people are starting to do those wishlists again. I don't think I'm making one this year (I can't even think of what to tell my family to get me, much less my flist) but if you've made one so far link me to them! [ profile] wandersfound and [ profile] xphoenixrising, I bookmarked yours already.

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Happy Thanksgiving all my fellow US-Americans! I made scones today, and I'll make stuffing tomorrow and the parade will be on and the family'll be here and FOOOOOOOOD. I love it. I did cut my finger washing dishes like the true moron I am, so now I can't scroll correctly on my laptop (you need two fingers and it's not recognizing my finger through the bandage). Such is my life.

My family has always been a huge fan of America's Funniest Home Videos (it's a Sunday night thing, I guess) and my dad sent me this video link. Mentos/coke bomb gone horribly wrong.

How I Met Your Mother )

Accidentally On Purpose )

The Big Bang Theory )


Modern Family )

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I never do these kinds of things, but I've been in a spammy mood lately and thought it'd be fun... and that's enough of excuses. So here goes my the top 10 obsessions of 2008. Mind you, these are people I was obsessed about in 2008-- whether they had something out this year or not. Although most of them did.

Let's get started! )


NYE 2008!

Dec. 31st, 2008 08:54 pm
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My Top Ten Obsessions of 2008.

End of year memes )

I already switched up my layout but there's still some tinkering to do. You know, next year. 2009, here we come!

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I still don't feel in the Christmas mood, but because it's tomorrow, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

And happy holidays for all who don't celebrate Christmas (Solstice, Yule, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa...). I'm a bit late on most of those, but I hope my intention still rings true.

Anyway, I'm putting the finishing touches on my presents for you guys. It's not a lot, but I hope you guys enjoy them. :)

ETA: The player is being weird, so the link is here.

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Before I get into everything, Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it. I'm quite thankful for all of you on here-- whether we're close or not. ♥

Anyway, my nephew is playing Strong Bad's Cool Game for Really Attractive People Episode 1 on my Wii. He keeps repeating this one episode of Teen Girl Squad and cracking up at the line, "RATS LIKE METAL.... apparently!" I love my nephew's laughter. :) I can't believe in a month he'll be ten. I remember being ten.

Our turkey for tomorrow smelled pretty rank, so mom threw it out (she would've returned it, had she been able to find the receipt). If dad can't find another one tomorrow morning, we'll just get something from Boston Market. The rest of the meal is going according to plan. Except... I had to use cinnamon in my pumpkin pie instead of pumpkin spice and I'm not sure I used the correct kind of whipped cream. RESULTS TOMORROW (possibly via Twitter).

A cute story with included recipe! )


P.S. AUGH, I THINK I'M CATCHING A COLD. Since this afternoon my throat's been sore and I keep drinking soda and alcohol and nothing works. IDK, it might be a placebo effect but I SAY IT WORKS. I'm going to go pop some Tylenol ( my mouth, I'm not doing any drive-bys on medicine).
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Entourage )

How I Met Your Mother )

Chuck )

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LOL. I wasn't going to post today (besides TV stuff later tonight). But I forget I hadn't done this meme yet this year, and after I saw my results I had to post them immediately.

Also, I'm not one for Halloween, but tomorrow I'm going to the Village Parade. I've always wanted to experience it at least once, and last year I watched it on TV and it wasn't as dangerous as my friends have made it seem in the past, so I'm going. And I'm going as a Runner. I was going to be specifically Ronon Dex but wigs are expensive, even for Halloween. The idea is to find some type of blaster/gun by tomorrow night, and if not I'll use face paint and go as a Reaver. Simple, geeky, low-rent.

I'm also going to miss the undeadjournal theme on LJ. I love it. Why can't we change theme colors like at Blue isn't really my color. ;)

Anyway, welcome to the party! )

At least I learned my lesson and didn't go by [ profile] justspaz's. Used tissues two years in a row? For shame, Sarah!


P.S. Kids are out trick or treating TONIGHT. LOOK AT THE CALENDAR, FOOLS.
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I just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year-- even if it already happened for you.


I've got nothing to watch tonight really, as I don't know who's supposed to be at what telecast tonight. All I know is that at 11:45pm, I'll be watching Dick Clark as usual.

Oh, and whatever the hell is going on on MTV2? LOLOLOL simultaneously the best and crackiest thing ever. And is Cobra Starship really playing MTV? I dunno if I want to sit through anything celebrating tabloid culture (that's what I call it) just for Gabe & co. Especially if I could just watch the video tomorrow.

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We went to Toys R' Us a while back, and we were all allowed to pick out our presents. The first moment I saw the Lego Jedi Starfighter from Attack of the Clones, I grabbed that. I've wanted a Lego Star Wars set for the longest (ever since they started making them, when I originally wanted the X-Wing and then the Naboo Starfighter), so this was my chance to get it. I wrapped it up today, and my nephew was laughing at me. Hey, we were told it was our Christmas presents, so I'm being good. lol, my mom wrapped up the coat she ordered from Land's End for the same reason. The whole thing makes me laugh because it's something you only understand as an adult. My nephew ripped open the game he bought that day the moment we sat back into the car and for the life of him could not understand how I couldn't have done the same.

ANYWAY. Time for some shows.

How I Met Your Mother )

Heroes )

K-Ville )

Supernatural )

October Road )

I'm still watching Cane, but there's only so much you can say about it.



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