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I've been meaning to make a post since Friday. I'm horrible.

- I cut my hair! I really meant to make a post asking for options on which cut to get, but I never got around to it and settled on this, which translated to my salon as Rihanna meets Halle Berry. It didn't come out as epic as that girl's, but I like it. It's so much easier to maintain when I wash it and the breeze when it's windy is AWESOME.

Instagrammed photo under here )

- I'm going to Boston this weekend! Divya and I are going to the comic con. I'm cosplaying Ramona Flowers again just because I don't have anything else ready. But Boston! I love you and have missed you. The four hour bus ride I have not, but what can you do!

And now a bunch of local music reccs from my workplace )

- In other news, my sister and I are slowly working through the Harry Potter movies (she'd only seen the first three), and by slowly I mean we watched SS and COS on Sunday, POA and GOF Monday, and OOTP and HBP this last Sunday. It's fun to watch them grow up and it's almost impossible for me to not get wrock songs with lyrics that are direct quotes stuck in my head.

- Speaking of HP, if you're just getting Pottermore, add me! I'm fireboltlight136. I'm not on much, but I plan to be once the next book opens up! Or if you want to duel, because... points, amirite.

Oh, also this happened and is possibly the greatest cover of my new favorite song.I didn't think they could make that song work, but they did and it's still classic Goot and Sugg dorkiness and I love it a lot. #friendship!
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So much to talk about, so little time.

Robert Schwartzman at Webster Hall )

THE WEEKEND WAS THE GREATEST. World Cup of Quidditch V. It started out already exhausting because I really needed rest after being at work all of Thursday and then having to wake up early Friday. Saturday (and sometimes Sunday, if I can get away with it) is my day to really enjoy sleeping in with nowhere to go. Instead I woke up at 7am, and left to pick up [ profile] splits_thesky at Penn Station. We walked up to Times Square, where they were re-creating Super Mario Land for the day. It was still pretty early so the crowd wasn't ridiculous and we were able to observe and leave quickly. I didn't realize until later that they were actually giving away the Tanooki tails and ears the volunteers were wearing. I wanted a pair. :(

Then Quidditch happened )

I'm like an episode away from being caught up with American Horror Story. THE HELL IS GOING ON.
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I am in the process of uploading my Chicago vlogs (there are many, I'm sorry, IDK when I premiered a reality show, but apparently I have), but I also went to concerts last week and just got my Pottermore email (!!) so there are things to update about.

But I'm in the middle of Chapter One of Pottermore and was taking my time, but then it crashed while I was marauding around (see what I did there?) moment two, so I'm sitting here letting refreshevery and YouTube do their thing, and writing this entry. PRODUCTIVITY, I HAS IT.

Anyway, when Pottermore gets back up, I'm FireboltLight136. Add me! And at this rate I will get sorted in November. STAY TUNED.

So concerts, yes? )


I'M A RAVENCLAW!!!! OMG, I HAVE NEVER BEEN HAPPIER TO SEE THOSE BLUE RESULTS ON A PAGE. Also, I love how almost everyone in Ravenclaw has an owl. I ALMOST GOT A TOAD, HOW WEIRD WOULD THAT HAVE BEEN. My wands irl and in Pottermore don't match up, but I can TAKE THAT DIFFERENCE because the walnut wand on Alivan's is ugly.
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So guys! Now that Livejournal is back up and Russia and all them countries have their platforms back up, we can go back to fangirling to the fullest!

Especially me, because the Echo Base CA guys are back to doing daily vlogs, this time for Vlog A Lotta August. I was going to join them. but by the time I realized the month change it was the 2nd. I can still technically do "a lotta" but IDK if I wanna.

But also, I saw Harry and the Potters on Sunday with [ profile] splits_thesky and my friends Carlos and Mike. Read more... )

Afterwards I saw everyone off to their respective transportation before going home myself. I was tired and my "dogs were barking" as Carlos likes to say. It was a good time all around. And I converted non-Potterheads to wizard rock! WHO KNEW THAT WAS A POSSIBILITY.

Photos are on Facebook in my concert album. I have other things to say, but it'll have to wait for tomorrow because 1. This is long enough already and IDK that LJ is stable enough to post longer entries yet, and 2. It is bedtime for me. :P
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Livejournal, you have returned! Except that.... you haven't. I can post but I can't read my flist. Boo.

This week flew by but was also interesting. Since everything I usually do is related to LJ in some way, down to watching TV that isn't live, I was on YouTube finally getting around to watching a bunch of things like A Very Potter Musical/Sequel and Echo Base CA-related videos, like all the guys' VEDAs and most of the music videos.

Let's talk about Starkid for a second. Darren Criss is cool, and I enjoy his dorkiness and creativity, but I don't really enjoy a lot of his original songs outside of AVPS/AVPS. His fans tend to annoy me on Tumblr and Glee is another issue. Joey Richter on the other hand is a beautiful, beautiful man that I prefer to just stare at while he speaks. He sort of reminds me of Samm Levine mixed with Jared Padalecki and a dash of teddy bear. Just look at him:

Under here )

Ugh, I love.

Also, I am addicted to "Stutter" and Joe Walker's Umbridge. I'm not sure why that's the character I walked away with the most amount of love for, but it happened. I do like Snape and Draco (LAUREN LOPEZ IS REALLY HOT, I DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW A WIG CHANGES THAT), too, but UMBRIDGE. <33 And I'm not sure if this is an unpopular opinion but I think the sequel is better if only because the songs are nicer and there are a lot more human moments in it than in the first one, which was sillier. And it is my plan this weekend to learn the dance moves to this:

Stutter at LeakyCon )

Now wizard rock. I'm really upset that I got this into wizard rock this late. I should've been paying more attention when I started downloading things back in 2007/2008. The Remus Lupins are apparently disbanded now and Alex is now in Ministry of Magic (my favorite group, so not all that bad?) and the Harry and the Potters are still going strong, but I just missed the Con Tour in early July and I feel like all the bands might be stopping now that the movies are over and there isn't more canon to come in any respect (except for Pottermore, maybe?). I mean, I can't even find the MySpaces of some of my older faves. At least I got to see a bunch of them at the Wizard Rock Festival in November and I'm seeing Harry and the Potters tomorrow. And I really wish I could go to wrockstock but it's too far. My consolation prize is that people like Jason Munday and Alex Carpenter are still making nerdcore music, so I have that, if I don't have wizard rock. I wish more fandoms had their version of wizard rock. Doctor Who has trock but I have tried various times to watch Doctor Who and it didn't grab me. I don't even have a major fandom right now, but I would dive into one if there was a music scene, probably. So right now, my biggest fascination is the guys from Ministry of Magic/Echo Base LA and their friends.

I can't even go through all the favorite parts from their vlogs, but basically, here are their Youtube channels: < who is also friends with Ray William Johnson of =3? Weirdddd.

Some of them have channels strictly for their vlogs and/or music.

I also watched all of My Drunk Kitchen, finally and now I sort of want to vlog myself cooking. Not necessarily drunk, but she makes it look hysterical and fun...

I've spent today thinking of new layouts for all my social network accounts. I went and found fonts for a logo, color palettes from, design schemes from various Google searches, the dimensions and size of each image file I'd need.... and now I realize I don't really use Youtube, Twitter doesn't really need a professional background, LJ and Tumblr I just recently re-did and Vimeo doesn't do customizing. :/ So I just made backgrounds for Youtube and Twitter for whenever I decide I need to start using them. I did re-do my page and I'm still thinking of a better, more personal and unique background for that one, so it's just an artsy, hipster background for now.
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- -- Originally [ profile] splits_thesky found this, and I got all excited about it but we need more people, I think, to be really sufficient. And now she might not even come? SO GUYS, C'MON, I REALLY WANT TO DO THIS. IF YOU'RE IN THE NYC AREA, LET'S DO IT.

- -- I was ranting at work about how having no insurance has led to sucky vision. I used to get my eyes checked every year, but since I haven't had insurance it's been three years since my prescription was updated. I was about to go to Cohen's Optical and get an eye exam and then use and, but I saw one negative comment about the occurrence of prism in zennioptical glasses and my right eye is already fucked up from being hit head-on in third grade. I don't want to fuck with them anymore. But one of my co-workers swears up and down by, so I think that's a better endorsement. Check them out if you need to!

- Wizard Rock Tour Resource -- There's a Harry and the Potters concert on the 31st and I'm excited. I've been meaning to go to more Wizard Rock concerts and I missed a few in July because I didn't know of a centralized place to look for concerts. I have my favorite groups, but I'm always willing to try out others. I never got around to mentioning the Wizard Rock festival from November but there were so many great bands I'd never heard of before that I need to start keeping track of. WRTR helps a bit. And the Harry and the Potters concert is $10 in advance and only two dollars more at the door.
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Saw Deathly Hallows part 2. I liked it. I'll refrain from saying I loved it because it didn't feel like a full movie. It just started where we left off and continued. And I only saw DH1 once, at midnight with a foggy brain. And I figured everyone would enjoy it and couldn't wait to see what everyone had to say online. When I got online and saw all the negative comments I ended up agreeing, too. So not a perfect movie and not a great translation of the book but a nice ending.

Snape made me tear up and all my emotions for him, Remus, and Neville came back. So I'll probably be annoying for a while just getting wrapped up in this world again. Being late to the fandom, I can't say I'm devastated that it's all over. I caught myself yesterday saying something about how DanRad needs to stop yelling spells so much and I went, "Well, next movie! ....waaaaaaait." But besides that, I'm actually okay. I'd read more things in the universe but I think I'm okay with just the epilogue. And I actually thought that part was cute, although Ginny still looked oddly young. I want to go back and watch all the movies again, read the books again, read Shoebox, watch AVPM (which I'm finishing today--why is the first act SO LONGGGGGGGGG), watch AVPS, catch up on Wizard Rock and start paying attention to when artists I like are nearby, go to at least a few HP cons nearby... and that's about it. I sort of want to join a land comm or RP but I'm horrible at remembering a lot of things from this universe and wouldn't be accurate or much help. We'll see how long I can resist.

Also just bought the remaining bits of my Ravenclaw uniform. For at least one day for NYCC I will dress up like that.

Didn't go out last night. The bus took forever to get me where I was going and I would've been a half hour late to the play. But I have somewhere to go tonight and the play is only running Sat/Sun/Thurs. So I hope I can go Thursday night. Instead I watched Act 1 of AVPM. Tumblr has converted me into a Darren Criss fan. I won't watch Glee. But anything else D.Criss related, send my way.

Also, related to nothing else in this entry but it needed to be said: I'm officially done with my sims legacies. I haven't updated them in forever and no one cares about Sims 2 anymore. I still play them now and then, but I also have other families I started so it'd be 2022 before I reached the 10th generation on either legacy.
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I'm so behind on TV. I'm like a month behind on Sunday shows, a week behind on everything else. I spend all my time at school and I feel like every time I do anything extracurricular someone goes "LOL UNDO" and I have to waste another three hours of my time doing something that will be undone the next day.

The one light in my life was that this weekend was the World Cup of Quidditch and despite others telling me they would go, the only one who actually came along was [ profile] splits_thesky. She needed that weekend as much as I did, and it was joyous, omg. I uploaded pictures and videos (there are eight videos but only four are showing up right now?) on Facebook. I think I would enjoy hanging out at Quidditch matches from now on. I'm going to look into helping out with some local Quidditch Club. Something to do with my spare time (lol says the girl with none). Also I uploaded pictures from Boston and my visit to the Statue of Liberty in August because they were all on my camera and I just only found the USB cable this weekend. Eventually I will have time to think for myself and actually post that Boston entry I've had waiting in the wings.

I've decided I want to go to a midnight showing of Deathly Hallows on Thursday, despite having to work the next day. It'll just make my Friday harder but damn it, I get so little time to myself. I haven't chosen a theatre but two people who said they'd come with me. LET'S SEE WHO ACTUALLY SHOWS, EH? And I now have a Ravenclaw tie so heck yes, there will be reppin' happening. Or something.

Also, BTR is releasing a holiday EP or something and one of the songs is "All I Want For Christmas Is You" which is my FAVORITE MODERN CHRISTMAS SONG. Also releasing a holiday EP? Rooney. This Christmas is like eargasm central for me, CLEARLY.
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I have a lot of things to discuss and rant about, but for now:

Next weekend, Nov 13-14th is the World Cup of Quidditch! And it's taking place in NYC and I'm going! [ profile] sugareey will be there (albeit playing--I guess she's Ron in this situation), and I'm going to drag [ profile] splits_thesky along if she's around, but really who doesn't want to see a Quidditch match?

If anyone else is going and want to meet up with me, email/text/kik me (boheme06) and I'll try to find you. I wanted to set up an actual meetup but I don't have the time right now to manage one other thing so... this'll have to do. :/ But come anyway, if you can. I mean, QUIDDITCH, right?
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The other night I couldn't sleep so I got around to finishing a bunch of fanmixes I've had sitting on my iPod forever. Mixes take me forever to do, because like everything else I do, I take them seriously.

My ~*~complicated fanmix process~*~, let me show you it )

In visual media news, I finally saw Brüno and Half-Blood Prince on Monday, but the real highlight of that day was discovering that they've renovated the cheap theatre in my neighborhood. There's actual stadium seating and new seats (the old ones were slashed open and lumpy from 20+ years of usage). The theatre still looks like it's from the '40s, which I always loved about it, but it's comfortable and actually worth the cheap prices now. I think the [ profile] m15m post about HBP sums up my feelings pretty well, and as for Brüno, it could've been a bit more... opaque.

Harper's Island )

I'm just about to start watching Leverage. I love Kane's music, even though I don't have a lot of it (three tracks?), but the minimum of his acting that I've seen has always been hysterically horrible to me. So I'm slightly concerned that he and Aldis Hodge are the main draws in this series for most of the fans, because I suspect it means the same thing as Harper's Island's popularity: It's a show with a bunch of people from Supernatural fandom! Which is a hypocritical thing for me to say, when I'll watch anything with someone from Firefly fandom (except Dollhouse). But I'm willing to give Leverage the benefit of the doubt, even if I wouldn't normally have given it a passing glance. Which says something, I imagine.

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Don't mind the blank space above my layout or the new default icon. I got tired of the Ravenclaw/Luna thing, but I haven't had time to mess around with layouts and no inspiration/obsession has struck me to re-do it. The default icon is a painting by Thomas Eakins called "The Swimhole." I've been in a [ profile] shoebox_project mood since Saturday and I love swimming holes and such (even though I can't swim) so I cropped that one for a makeshift icon.

Before I get into my little rant, I wanted to rant about something smaller, and this goes to show how I can get to thinking from the smallest thing. I was watching Accepted earlier and The 40-Year-Old Virgin yesterday with my dad. And Jonah Hill pops up and I noticed how he was a bit heftier than he was in Superbad or Knocked Up. So I said, "Wow, I didn't realize he'd lost weight in between those movies. And considering [Justin Long's] hair, this was made before Live Free or Die Hard." And my dad said that he thinks that Jonah Hill's going to continue to lose weight as he gets to be a bigger star. And I starting thinking that honestly, I'd prefer he stay that weight. As long as he's fit and his health is in good condition, who the hell cares? Yeah, Hollywood isn't the real world and Hill most likely will lose weight even though there's the double standard about weight in Hollywood that needs to die anyway. But I'm one for people looking real. Like that Cheetah Girl (Bryans, is it?) on DWTS last night. The girl can move and she also looks like she ate something. I pine for a time when we see realistic shapes in mainstream media.

And btw, all these people on the net saying they adore these new geeks on shows need to stfu. You only love them because they're in your screen and not near you. If you saw a real geek you'd not be inclined to jump 'em. You'd do what everyone else does and laugh your head off and/or poke fun at them and call them losers with no life. This isn't against anyone in particular, but just something I've been wanting to say.

And now for a long and winding thought process on writers and their creations. )

I just needed to get that out. I probably will head straight to bed after Cane, so I'll talk about that tomorrow along with my thoughts on Dirty Sexy Money and my official schedule for fall tv.

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My dad almost bought me a Ravenclaw tie yesterday. He remembers my house! That's pretty cool. And I swear I haven't been all "OMGHP" to him, like I usually am with my fandoms. I know he's the least likely (besides my nephew) to ever read the books so I take pity. I don't know why I didn't think of going to FAO Schwarz to check out the HP stuff. I still want that Neville and Snape shirt from Hot Topic. I want to hold off on the tie and scarf until we know when the movies premiere, because I'm not going to wear a tie no one will see under a coat and I'm not going to wear a scarf in the summer. And then I have to track down fans that will actually be obsessive-fan with me, all decked out, so I don't feel alone.

And BTW, thanks to everyone for all this Wizard Rock. Which... I'm not listening to now, because this DAMN SONG IS IN MY HEAD. But when I skadaddle in two minutes, I shall revel in all the non-Muggleness.

Psych )

Big Brother )

Entourage )

It is so hot for no reason! And my TV's volume continues to die down when Entourage starts, but blares back up when FotC comes on. Not on, I don't care about those dudes!


P.S. The Sims 2 Seasons is kind of boring. At least the summer season, I haven't gotten to the others yet. I tried killing Eileen Prince with hot cocoa in the summer but she stayed alive. I'm not really a fan of the whole gardening thing either... I have Harvest Moon for that.
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So officially, I am back. I got a lot done; regained a bunch of my sanity. Sadly, I'll be losing some of you here, but I will keep in touch wherever you guys do end up. I myself am not leaving. Livejournal and I have not been at major odds and I have been dealt with worse by other journaling sites.

Some links:
LJ Add-ons. I'm sure most of you Firefox users know about this, and if you don't, then you should. It's a great asset. A bit addictive when first installed, but you get used to it.
Sexy Snape. I know I'm late to this, but I was hysterical watching it again last night. Right Said Fred is such a staple of early MTV. I miss my good!MTV. And the random Lockhart is hysterical. I'm going to go rip the songs from the Potter Puppet Pals now, if anyone wants any, let me know.

Memes )

Anyone up for a friending meme? I was thinking of starting one tomorrow, but now I don't know... with all the fuss over LJ.

Does anyone use GoDaddy? I'm thinking of upgrading to a domain of my own (I need PHP desperately) and I want to base my decisions on something over than Kevin and Alex's fanboying, even as much as I adore them.

I don't think I'm going to bother with Monk anymore. It kind of lost itself for me. But there's still Psych. I need to go "manage" my icons. Because apparently userpics can be unruly.

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I'm so behind on TV. This hiatus had turned out being more excruciating than fun. Not on! And People need to stop whining about characters on TV shows going OOC two or three episodes into the new season. Seriously, calm the hell down.

On my way downtown today, I saw one girl reading DH and she was on chapter 36. And on the way home a man was on what looked like chapter seven by how far he was into the book. So even I am not the last to finish it in NYC. Awesomecakes. I really need to stop saying "awesomecakes." And my nephew will thank me when I forget "Not on!" as well.

Guess what fandom I'm completely caught up on (spoilers and such for the books and movies, so beware)! Now I just need to go read SBP yet again, now that I can understand wtf is going on.

Matt Damon really needs to stop giving me plot bunnies when I'm trying to finish other fics. Cease talking about living with men! And/or making movies where you walk around on rooftops.

PLUS, SKINWALKERS IS NOT PLAYING IN NYC. WTF IS THIS CRAP?! In all five boroughs!? *runs off to Canada*


P.S. I'm starving! I was promised lentil soup when I got home!
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Wow. The net is DEAD. I'm half amused, half saddened. Why don't I have friends like that NEAR ME, damnit!?

And now I want a video of Snape singing the theme to Fresh Prince. :/

EW YOU SLAY ME. Attack of the Show is watchable? Pereira and Munn are adorable? GAG ME NOW. And no one gets away with saying Pereira can have tough-minded conversations with anyone. I cannot take you seriously anymore, TV section. And now I don't feel so bad that you snub Psych every week.

Entourage )

Big Brother )

Damnit, I missed Monk and they didn't give it at 12am, and I'm not watching it at 2am. :P Tomorrow.

Psych )

Anyway, the five of you who aren't packed away reading a book this weekend! You should totally check out The Kill Point on Spike TV starting this Sunday! :) It's a mini-series but it still looks awesome. (And written by Todd Hartan, the other writer of Skinwalkers.)

Which brings us to Skinwalkers! If you're looking for something to watch this Friday at the movies, SKINWALKERS. That is all.


ETA: I love how I'm on hiatus but have managed to post at least once a day for half of this week.
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In general )

Sorcerer's Stone )

Chamber of Secrets )

Prisoner of Azkaban )

Goblet of Fire )

Order of the Phoenix )

Half-Blood Prince )

Deathly Hallows )

The Movies )

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Are you kidding? Best name for a drink ever. Damn straight I'm making that tonight.

And my mom made Piña Colada out of nowhere today. As in, I didn't ask and there's no special occasion (in her mind, that I know of.) Today's just pineapple-y goodness. I'm so freaking giddy about tonight/Friday night. This is insane.

Also, I'm halfway through HP: COS. I just took seven different "Sorting Hat" quizzes online and got Ravenclaw. So... I guess I'm in Ravenclaw. Is that where you think I would be? I think when I was younger I remember being Hufflepuff. Out of the seven quizzes, four of which I took a couple of times, I got Ravenclaw five times and Hufflepuff twice. I'm so lost with all this. *cowers*

(Hey, btw, apparently Chris Parnell reads Harry Potter on the train and Leo and Bar are waltzing around mid-town-- why does this never happen when I'M downtown!?)

If you don't watch Psych, read this! Friday night at 10pm, everyone. BE THERE.

You know I will.


P.S. New webisodes!!!!!!! *dies*


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