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I feel like there are things I should talk about but nothing I really want to discuss. In general I've been feeling moody and unwanted, and that's never good. When I get home I just plop onto my bed until 1) I need to tend to Starly 2) Someone texts me and I have to reach for my phone 3) I remember something I needed to do on the computer I can't do at work 4) dinner or 5) I need to get ready for bed, if I get home past 10PM.

It's not good for all the plans I had to be productive this month, but what can you do.

Sherlock NYC Meetup )

The other exciting thing this week was the idea that "Fifty Shades of Grey" is on the NYTimes Bestsellers lists. And I don't actually care for Twilight or this book in general, but I love that it was a fanfiction story that was re-chopped and turned into a publishable novel and now it's getting a movie deal. That's HUGE! I wish it was another fandom because the Twilight fandom is enough facepalm and current media darling for even MORE attention on it. But I also feel like fanfiction is still looked upon as this dirty, smutty secret of the internet written by sad, little denizens of their parents' basements. And then this sort of validates fanfiction as a decent hobby. I mean, this old Naomi Novik article (I HAVEN'T READ TEMERAIRE BUT I PROMISE TO [...[ profile] splits_thesky], AS SOON AS I'M DONE WITH THE HUNGER GAMES, WHICH IN TURN IS HAPPENING WHEN I'M DONE WITH SHERLOCK CANON) and the comments represent the war I imagine happening between fandom and the mainstream media, and I think the success of "Fifty Shades of Grey" is a giant leap forward for fandom. Also, the fact that it's not even readily in print format, but still hit the bestseller list? AWESOME. I almost want to read it except that it doesn't sound like an AU I'd go for in a fandom I was in. Is it bad that I'm championing this? Whatever.

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Remember when I used to talk about TV ALL THE TIME? Remember when LJ was something YOU HAD TO CHECK EVERY DAY? Yeah, well, I'm finally giving up. Well not entirely, but today I went to catch up on three shows and without MU around, it is next to impossible to get any episode more than two days old. So I have 3x11 of Modern Family and all of Leverage and... I guess whatever I can find OnDemand. Otherwise, unless it's something I'm currently caught up on (Whitney, Sherlock, Archer, Grimm, Hell on Wheels, American Horror Story) I don't know what's going on in my shows anymore. And I don't really have anything else to post about, heh.

I'm also starting to accept that LJ is dying. I still don't enjoy DW enough to go there, and Tumblr is too fast for me to keep up with at a normal pace (as much as I LOVE the Sherlock fandom I'm finding there), so I'll still be on LJ from time to time. But I barely check my flist, and when I do, I use my filter which isn't fair to those who aren't on that filter. I haven't read some of your posts since the summer.

So I'm doing some cuts, and nudging others. I'm also doing cuts elsewhere, but that's for the next post. The best place to keep in contact with me--in order of effectiveness--is Twitter, Tumblr, LJ, FB, Email, IM. I'm trying to get into Soundcloud, Youtube, and Streamzoo with mixed results. Oh, and AO3 but that's a whole other beast (a wonderful fic-vomiting rainbow beast of love, but still a beast). Also, if you feel like we have nothing in common anymore because our fandoms changed, defriend away! That tends to go without saying, but for the sake of thoroughness, I had to.
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I'm doing a job search and trying to make business cards but I just scrapped the whole design I had spent a month on because I think I should wait until my production company has a legit name. And now I'm fighting between making cards just to give out to friends and people I meet and business cards for when people stop me when I'm on a shoot and wonder what I'm doing. Then I have to shop around for the best deal on printing a bunch of these babies. And possibly getting some cards, too. It's like being productive in the most off-handed way possible.

While I'm doing that, I'm also going through all the new shows I have been wanting to check out. So far Revenge and Person of Interest and 2 Broke Girls are out (sorry Kat Dennings, I can't deal with how unfunny this is), Whitney is my new My Boys in terms of characters I relate to (also hai, Chris D'Elia, plz to be more places) and I'm thisclose to getting back into HIMYM and Psych because I miss the shows. Rather, I keep seeing ads for HIMYM while watching FX Shows and it kills me to not know what's going on with those crazy NY transplants and I saw a Psych trailer and I got angry that I wouldn't be seeing the new episodes it featured. Also out: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I watched six episodes back to back and didn't laugh once.

Next up is catching up on HBO shows: Hung, How To Make It In America and Bored to Death tomorrow, then Wilfred, Leverage and Alphas next week.
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I meant to watch TV today and instead got stuck reading fanfic I've been meaning to read. Then I cleared out my bookmark folders of TLDR links, all the fics I've been recced, organized my instapaper account so I can get to the fics on there faster, and started making a logo/brand for my production company that I've dreamed of making for a while. I'm not going to be able to move to San Francisco for my dream job and internet TV is cool, but what comes after that? So I'm focusing more on becoming a producer for a magazine/talk show or a writer for a comedy. We'll see how things go. Might as well do it myself, right?

Other than that, things are pretty chill. I'm entirely focused on this production company dream right now and clearing out all these stories I've been dying to read. I need to make a budget for:

- Robert Schwartzman CD/Concert (SURPRISE, I KNOW)
- The World Cup of Quidditch (btw, if anyone is coming to NYC for that and wants to make it a fandom meetup I AM ALL FOR THAT)
- Xmas and birthday gifts
- My new phone

...not necessarily in that order, but FALL, Y U SO BUSY.

I need to clear out my flist here, too. Not a cut, just... all the comms I skip lately. I need to do the same at Twitter and Tumblr, too.
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I have a lot of things to discuss and rant about, but for now:

Next weekend, Nov 13-14th is the World Cup of Quidditch! And it's taking place in NYC and I'm going! [ profile] sugareey will be there (albeit playing--I guess she's Ron in this situation), and I'm going to drag [ profile] splits_thesky along if she's around, but really who doesn't want to see a Quidditch match?

If anyone else is going and want to meet up with me, email/text/kik me (boheme06) and I'll try to find you. I wanted to set up an actual meetup but I don't have the time right now to manage one other thing so... this'll have to do. :/ But come anyway, if you can. I mean, QUIDDITCH, right?
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I think I'm slowly going to get out of fandom. I don't seem to care much anymore. I still want to read fanfic sporadically and discuss shows with everyone, but other than that, everything seems more annoying than it used to be. I'm tired of hearing about Lost. That ended three months ago. I don't understand the fascination with Inception. Supernatural and I are on the outs again. Psych is barely hanging on as my favorite series, and only because My Boys is back. Covert Affairs doesn't seem to know what its point is. I don't really enjoy The Good Guys. Entourage isn't what it used to be. Burn Notice is fun but annoying with the damsel-in-distress episodes (Fi's a big girl. Stop it). I haven't seen a Big Time Rush episode since the Jordin Sparks episode. I don't even care about new shows starting up, except for whatever one has Jason Ritter because I will always watch something with JR.

I have to talk in more detail about some shows, but I'm waiting until I can watch the ones that aired tonight. So that'll be tomorrow, most likely.
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Everything I used to do before this last semester seems so stupid now. I turned on the computer today and was like, "What did I used to do all day?" I guess I have my phone to thank too. I don't have to wait until I'm home to read LJ or answer/check my mail. I guess I have fannish things to write and I haven't read fanfic regularly since January, so there's that to do. Tomorrow I'll be caught up on podcasts and then I can start on catching up on Chuck and start watching FNL, Human Target and The Mentalist and wrap up the four anime series I have waiting for me. And then I really want to finish all these games I said I'd finish last year but didn't. And I really want to get into the Bioshock and Assassin's Creed series and Heavy Rain before the new consoles come out, lol.

I'm still surprised at how okay I am that Lost is over. I expected more tears because I remember Ally McBeal's finale. I was a mess for that and that wasn't nearly what Lost was for me. I related to Ally more than my favorite Lost characters, but that's about it. I wish someone had been able to tape my freakout though. That was some hysterical RANGE OF EMOTIONS IN FIVE SECONDS crying. I imagine my dad will enjoy reminding me of that in years to come. Not that I mind. It was "good times" and well worth it because I was so paranoid/confused at that moment.

I had other things to say about how Lost really seems to have given me this determination to actually write a TV series but that seems silly now. I don't know, I'm just floating in this era of things ending all around me. It's so odd. I'm going to go back to making a Smoke Monster ringtone now.

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I saw Valentine's Day yesterday, finally. If I hadn't been spoiled for the surprise by the big hoopla the internet made over a certain kind of couple in it, I think I really would've enjoyed it more. I did enjoy it, but I just... wasn't surprised like everyone else in the theatre. That said, the hoopla made me want to see it more. I really just went for George Lopez, who was in it more than I expected so that was cool. Half-way through the movie I realized there was three actors of Latino origins in it and I was like, "FUCK YEAH LATINOS." IDK, I saw The Black List a few week ago and since then I've been on a "positive ethnic pride" kick.

Anyway, I just caught up on TV. Here's some thoughts:

Big Love )

Brothers & Sisters )

How I Met Your Mother - now with 100% rant )

The Big Bang Theory )

How To Make It In America )

Lost )

White Collar )

Burn Notice )

I was going to watch Parenthood, but I got three minutes in before I realized it was an hour show and I can't watch some of those actors for an hour every week. Nor do I have the time for another hour.

Haven't seen Caprica yet, and I want to watch Psych over again before I talk about that because there were some specific points I wanted to talk about and I didn't write anything down.

Finally, it's [ profile] f_march_madness time! Last time I just voted for whomever I liked more, but this time if two fandoms I hate are up against each other (like pretty much the entire teen category-- seriously, where's Melrose Place? :( ) I don't even bother. But if there's a character I like more or like even without watching the show (like Cara, hellooooo), I'll vote for them. I don't understand why some of the older fandoms are still in there, like Saved by the Bell, X-Files, Farscape and Popular, but I do enjoy the whole process so I'm excited to see how things go (and I'm already impressed with how Gus is keeping up with this AD dude. YOU GO, GUSTER). Eventually I'll just be rooting for like, the one remaining character that I adore, but whatever.
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Day 12 → Whatever tickles your fancy
I just re-organized my photobucket of .gifs and macros, sooo...
.gif party! )

Day 13 → A fictional book
I assume they mean a fiction book, but I'll give you both anyway. ;)

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is good. I'm not done reading it (can't find it!) but you know, dystopian literature is awesome.

From Outer Space by Jose Chung. I really wish this one was real.

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I'm in such a weird mood lately. Some days I just want to faceplant in my bed, others I want to go out and be with people except I have no peeps (not even marshmallow ones) or money, and others I just want to sit and read comment threads on other people's journals from entries I find while searching for things like "supernatural rps filk" and various keywords for fan fiction and make a night of laughing at things and making inside jokes with myself.

And then some days I drag myself out to be social with my family, even though I really wanted to sit home and read Big Bangs (which I've come to realize is totally my substitution for summer/beach reading/chick lit, except I don't leave my room). Like today I went to the Intrepid museum with my sister and nephew since she had discounts (and so did I, apparently, for being a college student) and between my mind going "I'm on a boat!" the whole time or going into the submarine thinking, "Hey can they take to craphole island!?" and my nephew randomly spouting things he learned on and discussing how Disney is darker than you'd think, it was a good time.

But once I got home I sequestered myself in my room and continued reading. I'm finally up to this year's Big Bang stories and I've just finished The Seahorse and Palace of the Brine, which are fantastic J2 MPREG AU stories that you've probably heard of already (The Seahorse is from 2008, and Palace of the Brine is the 2009 sequel), since it seems every search I made over the past five months has brought up links for them. I saved them for last in my original list of "toreads" because I figured they'd be adorable. I kinda wish they were movies. They read like a cross between Scrubs and Night at the Museum and Nine Months and Just Like Heaven (that last one in tone only) and I could definitely see it cinematically in my head. Too bad there's only like two MPREG movies in actual existence, because I think it would be amazing.

But then again, I'm never correct on the big movie fandoms, either. I expected Iron Man, and maybe Star Trek for the slashers but the others really surprised me when they exploded. The big fandoms do tend to be from May premieres, though. Star Trek, Iron Man, X-Men: The Last Stand, etc. all came out in May. Although the first Transformers came out in July and I remember there being a small explosion for that one.

There should be a community like [ profile] fandom_secrets but for broadcasting things you want done. Because there's a few things I want to be like, "WHY DOESN'T THIS HAVE A MORE ACTIVE FANDOM?" but I'm not embarrassed by it so I don't feel like posting to [ profile] fandom_secrets. There's a lot of those broadcasting secrets sometimes, but I hate seeing them even if I agree because they're not really secrets.

Anyway, in terms of fanfiction, these are things I want to see happen.
- A Harry Potter AU of HSM. I just want to see Troy and Chad playing Quidditch.
- A HSM AU of J2. That damn "The Boys Are Back" segment in the third movie looks so much like Bobby's junkyard, but SPN!HSM doesn't work as well, so I want J2.

This post is so oddly shaped, idek. It's late? And this place is on fire tonight. NOSTALGIA!


P.S. Sometimes I think I'm secretly a music video director in disguise, because between this song I'm listening to and Lady Gaga's Poker Face I keep coming up with great concepts for the music video and then get frustrated there's no way to actually make a video unless I get super-crafty and pick apart videos from other artists over the years and make a fanvid.
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The other night I couldn't sleep so I got around to finishing a bunch of fanmixes I've had sitting on my iPod forever. Mixes take me forever to do, because like everything else I do, I take them seriously.

My ~*~complicated fanmix process~*~, let me show you it )

In visual media news, I finally saw Brüno and Half-Blood Prince on Monday, but the real highlight of that day was discovering that they've renovated the cheap theatre in my neighborhood. There's actual stadium seating and new seats (the old ones were slashed open and lumpy from 20+ years of usage). The theatre still looks like it's from the '40s, which I always loved about it, but it's comfortable and actually worth the cheap prices now. I think the [ profile] m15m post about HBP sums up my feelings pretty well, and as for Brüno, it could've been a bit more... opaque.

Harper's Island )

I'm just about to start watching Leverage. I love Kane's music, even though I don't have a lot of it (three tracks?), but the minimum of his acting that I've seen has always been hysterically horrible to me. So I'm slightly concerned that he and Aldis Hodge are the main draws in this series for most of the fans, because I suspect it means the same thing as Harper's Island's popularity: It's a show with a bunch of people from Supernatural fandom! Which is a hypocritical thing for me to say, when I'll watch anything with someone from Firefly fandom (except Dollhouse). But I'm willing to give Leverage the benefit of the doubt, even if I wouldn't normally have given it a passing glance. Which says something, I imagine.

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I'm still in my reading/writing marathon, which is unfortunate for my body, since I could use some fresh air and exercise. But otherwise I am being productive! And that's something that I haven't been in a long while.

I'm actually going to read a bunch of long-ass fics too. I usually never read things past 5,000 words, because I reasoned that if I wanted to read novel-length fics, I'd just go read a novel. But I read one fic that I'll be reccing in the next few days that was 51K and it was amazing, so I'm going to at least read the first part of a few large fics and if I end them going, "BUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!!" I'll continue. I'm thisclose to thinking of counting them on my "books read" list, but that would be an insult to the other authors in my "to read" pile, no offense to the fic authors out there.

I have a few random questions though:

1. What month/year was Cursed filmed and actually released? IMDB posts the date a movie was first shown to an audience, which could be any amount of time before its actual theatrical/DVD release (at festivals and private screenings, etc).

2. Does anyone have a HQ/Hi-Res picture of the first time Jared did that climb-on-Jensen (the one from this event?) Google is surprisingly lacking in this exact picture.

3. I know someone made icons of TV Guide's credit error (when they wrote "Jensen Padalecki") but I can't find the actual post anymore?

4. Who is Danny? Some RPS fics mention him (and it's not Danneel, it's a guy) and I don't get who he is.

Only watching one show on the CW network is confusing when reading fic. But I like it that way.

Another icon meme )

All the recs are gonna be Supernatural based from here on out. It's kind of ridiculous and I would be embarrassed at how much I've read in this fandom, except I really enjoy it. I don't even legitimately ship anyone on the show and I still enjoy some of the shippy fics. For example...

[ profile] moonlettuce: Because only you believe me and only you can set me free (Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, NC-17)

[ profile] tracy_loo_who: Breathless and Intoxicated on Triumph (Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, NC-17)

[ profile] tracy_loo_who: Missit Me Dominus (Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, NC-17)
The Dean/Castiel shippers have weird titles for their fics, and most of the time I can't read them all the way through. But these three are great and this last one is HOT.

[ profile] wandersfound: Heaven and Earth (Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, PG)
JIMMYYY. And the description of what Castiel went through when he was dragged back to Heaven is the best I've read so far on that subject.

[ profile] wandersfound: In Which the Screen is Blurry (Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, PG-13)
This one's just hysterical. Castiel trying to watch a 3D movie and Sam bitching about being a chaperone!

[ profile] martyred_wings: Until It Sleeps (Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, NC-17)
This one is pretty cracky, like a S1 fic would be, which is the only reason I mem'd it.

[ profile] serialkarma: But The Vision (Supernatural, Dean/Castiel/Jimmy, PG-13)
I always get stuck on the characters no one cares about. WHY AREN'T THERE MORE FICS WITH JIMMY?!

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So I'm finally getting around to reading fic I've saved in my "to-read" folders and tags from the last two years. At ten fics a day (with the way my family runs) it'll take about a week. Excuse the years-late comments. The good thing is I'll be reading all the fic y'all post from now on, like I used to. So there's that.

Anyway. The whole Diggnation in NYC in June thing is part of the Meetup schedule (haven't kept up with Digg in the last year either, whoops) apparently, but they're coming to Webster Hall which is amazing, because I've always wanted to have an excuse to go there that wasn't for some random rave or whatever they usually do there. So next week! Just as excited as last year. Maybe this time I'll get decent pics of Prager and Hippie. I still want the TRS boys to come along, though.

In movies that I have watched recently, Night at the Museum 2 was entertaining and I totally didn't know all the cameos that were going to happen, nor did I know John Schwartzman was the DP. And he's not officially a Coppola, but he works a lot with Nic Cage and he's an alright cinematographer. When the inevitable two-movie pack comes out, I may buy that. I'm also finishing up on the Star Trek movies prior to the 2009 reboot and I'll talk about them as a whole when that's done (if all goes according to plan, First Contact, Nemesis and Insurrection will happen tomorrow). But at this moment in time, Voyage Home is easily my favorite. "I think he had too much LDS." XD Unintentionally insinuating Spock likes Mormons equals AMAZING.

And finally, I've started researching Castiel more for this fic I'm writing and I keep coming across video interviews of Misha Collins and I'm really starting to like the guy. I still get super-protective when someone doesn't understand fandom or reacts to fans like we're aliens, but it feels like he's trying his darnedest, so that's a plus. And he's amusing on Twitter.

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I have discovered the creature that is dialogue fic. If someone had told me sooner that bunches of dialogue alone could constitute a fic, I'd have rolled out bunches more Psych fics by now. Anyway, I read this Barney/Robin fic and it was epic. Yeah, I think at this point this entire week is dedicated to How I Met Your Mother. I even decided I'm going to go see Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay on Friday, because of NPH. Although whether I want to spend the money to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall instead of Speed Racer is still debatable. The other $20 I have until I'm flat broke goes to Iron Man and Made Of Honor (my new girl!obsession, let me show you her).

Today's movies were Tombstone, Casablanca and Martian Child. The last one was the only one I truly liked. Even though I can't look at stars anymore without thinking of Psych. The other two movies were okay, but then again they were a western and a romance (so people say, I didn't see any chemistry at all), so my indifference was to be expected.

Speaking of romances (and Iron Man, haha) I've been reading the new interviews linked from and this one MELTED ME, OMG. I've never figured SJP to be an attractive woman but I respected her even during my fascination with Matthew Broderick. But lordy, the paragraph about SJP and Matty made my heart shatter. And then it repaired itself and got bigger so it could love Susan Downey & Indio even more. N'awwww. *draws hearts around the Downeys*

And then I read an old article from Blender about Britney Spears that almost made me cry when I realized Felicia no longer works for Britney. I don't want to talk about it, but that part made me sad.

So then I re-watched this adorably un-techie video, and that got me back on my happy feet. I MISS SCHWARTZY. He needs another movie or something. Did I mention that Rooney's coming back to NYC the same day that Kevin Rose is in town? FAIL, Robert Schwartzman, FAIL.


P.S. Psych casting spoilers. Discuss?

P.S.S. I'm the last person to care about Harry/Perry but seeing as there's no other fic in the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang fandom, they will have to do. And if this isn't spot-on Harry I don't know what is.
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Here's a random picspam that may or may not have been encouraged by a select few of you crazies who are re-formatting hard drives, installing new software, etc, etc... and need spammage. I think this encompasses everything I've ever obsessed about on this journal.... almost.

300+ images;; definitely not for dial-up )
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Two and a half classes done! I'm going to miss my Geography and English teachers, but not the time the classes started and ended. I also got a lovely compliment on my speaking voice that just about made my night.

Today on my way home I saw a truck that read "SCHWARTZY'S MOVING CO." and I just about died. And my bus stop had an ad for Nation Treasure 2, and I couldn't stop looking down at John Schwartzman's name in the DOP section and grinning like a weirdo.

Year in review meme )

And that handwriting meme.

Now I'm going to get started on those spams I promised y'all (I cannot stop saying this lately! Even in class today), and your X-mas gifts. Then comes catching up on all the two weeks of TV I've missed. I think I have everything, but if you still want something or if I forgot something, let me know. I'm kinda excited about all this. It's kind of sad.

Holiday gifts
Psych Xmas fanfic, drabble, icons, banner and profile layout for [ profile] vampira34
Bandom header for [ profile] splits_thesky
Jam drabble for [ profile] rateth

Fandom spam
How I Met Your Mother


P.S. This cover owns my mind today. You can hardly hear Robert over Rufus, who's gobbling his mic up, and Sean who's the only one with a solo (rightfully so, regardless) but I love it. And Sean randomly looks like Masi Oka during the solo...
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I'm over here trying to summarize the last two days in a feasible amount of space and it is just not happening. First off, I don't even remember Friday morning other than I was bored out of my skull not knowing what to do that wouldn't cut into my nighttime and then so much happened Friday and Saturday (or you know, today) that this is my summation on Friday:

• "Chuck" and "The Big Bang Theory" sort of solidifies what my friend mentioned to me over the summer about my geekdom. I seriously thought most people knew random things like the differences of grammar and the types of R2 droids.
• "Journeyman" the series kind of solves its dilemma in the pilot, so I don't know why anyone needs to watch beyond that.
• "Life" has no unique point to it, the guy is so zen and he's a detective. So he was in jail. OOh. But he's out AND cleared now, so... what?
• Thomas Ian Nicholas is a pretty good performer! I need to get out more.
• Clive Owen is awesome and Paul Giamatti is weird, but whoever wrote Shoot 'Em Up clearly had no plot in mind. I can't remember the dude's name (and too lazy to look it up on IMDB) but he wrote 100 Girls and dude, that was actually decent considering the type of move it was. So's Shoot 'Em Up, but you learn f- all about the characters and I was kind of looking for a lull in the story to explain some things. Cool movie, cheesy lines but too much like Crank: the lite version.
• The package of the ATHF movie says "Includes 80-Minute Deleted Movie." And it actually does, on Disc 2, LMAO.

And today:
• I'm running on three hours of sleep today!
• Sometimes rocks have urges, but the results are AWESOME.
• Coal mines are creepy but cool. Not someplace I'd rather be daily and those people who do go in there have my respect. Not for nothing, but the PD and FD risk their lives for others, you know?
• Passing by Sparta (lol imagine when 300 came out there?), Allentown (...) Scranton (Oh, Dwight can you hear me?), Lodi (while "Carry on My Wayward Son" plays and a white Chevy Impala passes you?!), and just Pennsylvania in general.
• Stopping in a town that single-handledly reminded me of Cars (a gas station with a tow truck and a VW Wagon), Skinwalkers and House of Wax and on a highway that reminded me of Wrong Turn IS CREEPY.
• My brain's awesomeness for randomly grabbing some chapters of [personal profile] shoebox_project to read on the way to and from the field trip (IT WAS A GEOLOGY AKA ROCK STUDY FIELD TRIP)
• I have more memes and picspams in progress than graphics or fics. Huh?
• I keep meaning to throw in some polls now and then, but I post so much and that somehow deters me from doing the polls. I dunno.
• My CafePress order shipped! By Weds. I'll have a decked-out with mini button schoolbag.

I AM SLEEPY. G'day, er, night.

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Sorry for not being around lately. I had another wonderful day running around at my college trying to get everything solved before 6:30pm today, because that's when registration ended.

I have one class so far. But late registration is Monday, so I'll go back then and throw bunches of other classes into the mix, and be a very happy, fulfilled college student (with a class on Saturdays even) for the first time since last May. *confetti*

Then I came home and watched a few movies, or parts of movies that I never want to watch in full again: Sandstorm (Jared Padalecki in Flight of the Phoenix), CMM's horrible sing/howling (Freaky Friday), Chris Kane being a dick to Jolie (Life or Something Like It) and Julie Gonzalo and Jordana Spiro as a slutty co-worker and a ditzy date (Must Love Dogs). Actually, FOTP isn't so bad. Neither is Freaky Friday. But I haven't had the urge to watch any of them since I got them.

It is also Dean Winchester's birthday. Apparently all the celebrations have gone on while I was out being stressed to my limits, so *shoves together remainders of confetti and throws again* happy birthday, sexy fictional man.


P.S. Note my new icon. It is of Max/Maggie from the cancelled "Still Life". Had the show actually lived I think my ship would have been Jake/Maggie (yes, I know Jake is dead.... but you know there had to be flashbacks coming), but Morena Baccarin's hair in this series reminds me of my curls and she is gorgeous. And so is long-haired Jensen. The end.
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*waves hands around at the sky like a Sim*


I just got inspired to finally re-do that damn banner on my layout, but now I want an X-mas feel. I've already sorted out all the colors and such. Just, does anyone know where the hell Dulé Hill and James Roday are hiding? Because I can not find new pictures of them for the life of me. The point was to have all my fandoms great couples up on the banner decked out in Christmas/winter attire. I found Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki and Milo V. in sweaters (it's close enough, OK?). Everyone else is pretty easy to find, but WHERE IS THE PSYCH DUO?!?!

I even checked the Canadian versions of the search engines, thinking that was going to help me XD



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