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The way Netflix has the episodes I thought I only had the finale to go, but the last episode of season six on Netflix is actually the Christmas episode. So although I'll probably update this with thoughts on that, here's my reboot!Who thoughts.

Nine will always be my doctor... )
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Cut for spoilers for a three year old episode/specials )

I am holding off on Eleven because I need to focus at work and I know I'd try and weasel out of things just to get home and watch more episodes. But I did watch Party Animals and Matt Smith is adorable (I've seen him in at least one other thing before, though), if nothing else.

NYC Pride (the ~March~ as it's now called) is tomorrow. Excited is an understatement.
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So I tried watching Doctor Who back during season one of Heroes because obviously, everyone was mentioning it because of Eccleston. I had heard of it originally because the Ewan McGregor forums I used to frequent were fussing over creepy David from Shallow Grave actually being a delightful comedic actor. And my dad worked at a place that printed DVDs and stuff so one day he brought home discs 1, 2 and 4 of season one. So I went about downloading some of season two and the episodes I was missing from disc 3 and went about watching it.

I expected a deep mythos and gritty sci-fi drama like Heroes. I was expecting small links to tie into a greater arc by the end of the first season. I expected to have a few quality characters and ships off the bat. Basically I thought it was the British Heroes. Suffice to say, IT'S NOT THAT. So I gave up. And then later on... I believe [ profile] riotgirl77 brought it up as she was trying to convert her friend. So I popped in the discs and got all the way to "The Impossible Planet" before I COULDN'T CARE ANYMORE. NOTHING WAS HAPPENING.

So then [ profile] splits_thesky got into Who for good (after a few tries of her own, I feel I should point out) and I was still lost. But then Tumblr happened (...because it's its own phenomenon?) and I read a post about how the key to enjoying Doctor Who is realizing it started as a children's show and knowing it'll never take itself seriously. It's campy and fun and always has that at the core. I can already tell that Moffat taking over changes that, just by the nature of his episodes, but I tried again.

I started alll the way back at Nine and just trudged through. I wanted to see Martha because I loved her on Torchwood. I wanted to see Torchwood grow (YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH I LOVE HEARING THE THEME IN THE BACKGROUND IN RANDOM EPISODES. I'M LIKE, 'OH THIS IS THE SONG OF MY PEOPLE'). I want to see Ianto one last time. I'm also sort of interested in Moffat-run Who and Eleven. And right now I'm justtt about to start the finale of S4 but I know this is the last time I'll see Ianto Jones and it's hurting just knowing that. I AM EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED TO HIM. OKAY. SHUT UP. I JUST LISTENED TO "THE DEAD LINE." THIS IS REAL.

Anyway. Yeah, Who.


...I think that's all? My dilemma after S4 is tracking down "Planet of the Dead" because somehow it is the one special Netflix doesn't have and I can't get past "The Next Doctor" until I see that.

Also I just watched the Children in Need specials and omg the one when Nine becomes Ten. *heart breaks*


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