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Nov. 9th, 2008 11:44 pm
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Last week I had mentioned that before class I decided to write down all my ships. I had meant to post them here, as sort of an FYI. But then last week was sort of a blur and I never did.

So let's do that now. Although, as a sort of disclaimer: my mind works in weird ways. I tend to ship people for different reasons. Sometimes it has more to do with the actors than the actual characters (but not in an rpf way, although I do have rpf ships) or writing, and sometimes I have really cracky ideas that I have no real desire to see play out, but entertain them nonetheless because they are so amusing and/or I can't unsee it. So not all of these are things that I think, "OMG IT MUST END THAT WAY OR I SHALL DIE."

Also, my fan fiction origins were in the *NSYNC fandom, but not so much in the slash way of things. I think that contributes to my high tolerance of RPF, but the idea does creep me out some. Eventually (although not always) I lose the fight!

Ship List '08 )

In other news:
YouTube FINALLY added something similar to the highlighter on and I'm pleased.

AND HOLY SNAP, THANK YOU YOUTUBE SUBSCRIPTIONS. COCONUT RECORDS, NEW ALBUM IN JANUARY 2009. \O/ (lol, my second thought after "OMGYAY" was "His family are like rabbits." I don't even know whose kids those are, but what the hell, Sofia had a kid last year! Although it could potentially be Sofia's kid and Kal-El-- but IDK if the extended Coppola family is that close-knit.)

And it looks like I accidentally missed Brothers & Sisters and Entourage tonight (there's a football game on and my parents are wrapped up in it, so I wasn't alerted to it ever being 10pm), so I guess that'll be for tomorrow's TV post of doom.

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I finally have my own copy of Psych season two on DVD. That was a long wait (for me, anyway). But I haven't even had time to watch it because I was out all day yesterday and today I'm supposed to go to see Wall•E. Except they just told me to look up the times but not what time I should except to leave so I don't know if I have time to turn on the computer and watch a few extras or episodes. So I'm sitting here flipping between The Holiday and Knocked Up on our new shiny 46" HDTV and itching to go on wifi battles on the Wii.

OMG, [ profile] splits_thesky! I wish I had gotten a photo of the tattoo (that would've been awkward but I should've done it), but there was this girl on the train yesterday with a tattoo that said 'Dimon'. I thought it said Damon, and joked to her about it being Johnny Damon and she said that no, it said Dimon with an 'i' but that the font is kinda of weird and the dot of the 'i' melded with the rest of it. And that it was her boyfriend's name. HOW EPIC IS THAT?

I saw Hellboy 2 yesterday. It ended abruptly but my love for Del Toro and Doug Jones is strong so it didn't matter. Also, not much character development but good overall. I kinda want beer now. Which reminds me Tecate has an Indio and a Bohemia brew WTH.

I adore the interview of Jack Black in the new Blender issue. I need to watch/own more of his movies.

And okay, this sounds completely random but I sometimes think of movie quotes and then I can't remember the movie. So last night I started thinking of this one scene of a movie where these guys are trying to pick up girls in a bar. The first guy always uses crude language and the second guy doesn't believe it'd work for him but he tries it and it works. And I can't remember what movie it was! I think it had to do with Ben Stiller or Adam Sandler and doing some odd accent but I have no idea. I was thinking about it because I can't stop thinking how bad I feel for guys who feel the need to compliment girls on something every time they see her, just to say something nice. All my friends do it and it's hysterical. I almost want to wear random stuff (like my blue hologram pumps-- one way they're butterflies and the other way they have sunflowers) just to see if they get complimented. Guys are under so much stress to appeal to girls, all girls have to do is show up. The only reason anyone ever dresses up is to look "cute" for their friends. And I have some damn honest friends so I don't really try anymore-- except then they just compliment me anyway.

Oo, wait. There's my sister calling for waaaall•e.

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Title: White Elephant
Rating: NC-17
Summary: It’s nighttime on the set of The Departed. But where’d the stars go?
Fandom: RPS (Dimon)
Word count: 3032
Note/Warning: It’s over! This is longer than most fics I’ve ever written before. I‘m just happy to have finished a damn series, no matter how squicky. And geesh, why did it take so long to remember to post this! *fails*
Previous Chapters: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

If you’re not into RPS, don’t like the characterizations, whatever… don’t click. It’s that simple.

And obviously it’s all in jest.

Nobody had been sure how they had hidden their affair from everyone... )
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I'm so behind on TV. This hiatus had turned out being more excruciating than fun. Not on! And People need to stop whining about characters on TV shows going OOC two or three episodes into the new season. Seriously, calm the hell down.

On my way downtown today, I saw one girl reading DH and she was on chapter 36. And on the way home a man was on what looked like chapter seven by how far he was into the book. So even I am not the last to finish it in NYC. Awesomecakes. I really need to stop saying "awesomecakes." And my nephew will thank me when I forget "Not on!" as well.

Guess what fandom I'm completely caught up on (spoilers and such for the books and movies, so beware)! Now I just need to go read SBP yet again, now that I can understand wtf is going on.

Matt Damon really needs to stop giving me plot bunnies when I'm trying to finish other fics. Cease talking about living with men! And/or making movies where you walk around on rooftops.

PLUS, SKINWALKERS IS NOT PLAYING IN NYC. WTF IS THIS CRAP?! In all five boroughs!? *runs off to Canada*


P.S. I'm starving! I was promised lentil soup when I got home!

Not Today

May. 11th, 2007 10:05 pm
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Title: Not Today
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Matt finally confronts the silent Leo with surprising results
Fandom: RPS (Dimon)
Word count: 1913
Note/Warning: Angsty!Leo at the peak. Sorry about that. It ends well, I promise.
Previous Chapters: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

If you’re not into RPS, don’t like the characterizations, whatever… don’t click. It’s that simple.

And obviously it’s all in jest.

Leo was used to playing very emotional people... )
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Title: Marky Doesn’t Know (3/5)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Leo rides his angst wave a bit more, basically
Fandom: RPS (Dimon)
Word count: 1179
Note/Warning: I needed to get Marty involved in the plot more and throw Mark in. So that’s all this part is. I have no idea what the actual rehearsal process is like on a Scorsese film, so this is my random interpretation. The rating is for the language.
Previous Chapters: Part 1, Part 2

If you’re not into RPS, don’t like the characterizations, whatever… don’t click. It’s that simple.

And obviously it’s all in jest.

The liquid was brown... )
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Title: Slowly Creeping (2/5)
Rating: PG
Summary: Marty starts casting his next film, but Leo’s not sure how he feels about this…
Fandom: RPS (Dimon)
Word count: 1620
Note/Warning: I didn’t even mean for this to end the same way, it just happened. Dumb characterizations ran with it. The rating is for the booze. Also, I decided that since Brad Pitt is a producer of The Departed, that he was going to be Dignam before having to pull out of the project.
Previous Chapters: Part 1

If you’re not into RPS, don’t like the characterizations, whatever… don’t click. It’s that simple.

And obviously it’s all in jest.

Leonardo DiCaprio had been having the time of his life... )
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Title: Effects of Alcohol (1/5)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Leo and Marty go out for a drink after work where they learn some things just shouldn’t be said…
Fandom: RPS (Dimon)
Word count: 1290
Note/Warning: This damn thing was supposed to be three short fics. And then it evolved. Into five. It gets continually more angsty and slashy, this being probably the only part that generally anyone can read. The rating is for the language… and booze.

If you’re not into RPS, don’t like the characterizations, whatever… don’t click. It’s that simple.

And obviously it’s all in jest.

The extras were tired. )
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Title: What's in a name?
Rating: PG
Summary: Leo gets left out. And it's up to Matt to help.
Fandom: RPS (Dimon)
Word count: 597
Note/Warning: It looks angsty but it's fluff.

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I was doing some research on all kinds of fan fiction earlier. I came across this: the Instant Drabble Generator.

It's better than Mad Libs!

Take a gander at what it produced!

Shawn/Gus )

Dimon )

J2/Padackles )


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My mom just called me into the living room because Bausch & Lomb is doing a re-call of ReNu contact lens solution, because it contains iron and could fck up your eyes. But then, this was the next story. LOL Who's a Supernatural fan out there?!?! LOOK, ROFL. I'll admit to sipping a bit of Holy Water back in the day when I had to and it tasted better than normal water for some reason, but this is a bit much.

If you saw the cracky fanmix I did a few posts back, and are a slash-type of fangirl/boy go download the first "song" which is like a minute in length. I recommend it. Plus, it has Manley Pope who was an awesome Roger from Broadway's Rent cast in 2002.

Speaking of crack, one of my friends mentioned that Matt Damon is hardly in any publicity photos, and that his IMDB photo page is really short. So long IM convo story short, in theory, he's the Jensen to Leo's Jared. \o/

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My cracky mind strikes again! LMAO, I was actually working on this all week. I made a "on-the-go" playlist as I scrolled through my iPod and then just narrowed it down from the 77 I had (at one point there was four Fiona Apple songs and a Hanson song). :-p And then I separated them into point of views, etc.

And then came the cover art. Which was actually easier than the fanmix itself, which I guess makes sense?

I over-analyze a lot. But it's still fun. Oh, and the bonus track? Started this whole idea. Best find ever.

Vortex: A Dimon fanmix ) I have no shame, why do you ask?

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So it seems I had a temporarily lapse of sanity last night. AT 2AM. I was sleep deprived and had HW still to do, ok?! It happens.

To prove how insane I was/insane I am, I actually woke up today thinking "WTF did I actually write in that post? Did I say that? Did I actually imply that DiMon is more important than Shawn and Gus?" They're not obviously because as much as I love Matt Damon, Leo DiCaprio will NEVER BE BETTER THAN ANYONE. So, problem solved. LOL I'm certifiably criminally insane, true story.

And onto TV that I am caught up on:


Lost )

Monk )

Psych )

^ Longest ever commentary/review/etc? Most likely. But it deserves it, mmkay.


P.S. The Departed deleted scenes aren't even scenes, ok? There's nine of them and half of them are just shots or one line. WTF. Marty fails at recognizing what constitutes a scene. And none have to do with Dignam! *whines*


Mar. 1st, 2007 09:15 pm
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Title: UST
Rating: G
Summary: DiCaprio and Damon have a moment on the set of The Departed..
Fandom: RPS (Dimon)
Word count: 118
Note/Warning: It all started with this post. And then this picture. This is what happens when you stay up past 2am! Short but cracky fics.

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ROFL. The Departed is the best movie ever. I'm watching it for the eighth time. There's just so much to love about it. And I can't even describe it. I usually don't like Scorsese movies. So if this is any indication of a turning point I'm in. Also, he didn't want to do this movie. Maybe he should care less?

And they're thinking of sequels! *fangirly*

And look! [community profile] departed_fic. I went just about mad when I found that. Motivation people, motivation.

Right, before I forget...... Happy birthday to Jensen Ackles! And belated ones to Adam Baldwin, Sean Astin and Robert Sean Leonard. :( I'm bad at looking at the calendar.

I have so much to post tomorrow/later on today. And I don't want to spam y'all so I might just make a index entry and backdate all the rest. Sounds good? OK. Be back later on with fics, icons, songs maybe.... (lol maybe. maybe not. maybe fuck yourself!) and a totally awesome "expressions" ripoff that most likely only [personal profile] splits_thesky will love or even understand.

[profile] spn_nyc is having a meet up! If anyone's interested, go check it out.... we've got four people so far.

OH YES. And I wanted to pimp this. That Figenshu Girl. This is my friend's sister. She's a comedianne, singer and actress. And she needs representation! So.... I figure I'd try and help out.


P.S. Is Donnie D the Funky Bunch's DJ? Why is he always being mentioned!?

ETA: I'm going to stab Fan-sites. How am I supposed to update my site when it's down half the time?
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Bijou has taken to being with me at night. It feels strange to be loved again suddenly. She just spent the last half hour snuggled in my lap. And last night she actually went to sleep with me, after I put her in my mom's room since she hasn't slept with me since she was like 4 months old. I should make a new icon of her. [personal profile] moondropz, do you have a Boo icon? And if not, why not? LOL

OMG, I forgot to mention! I found Dutchman. The written play. And OMG, the tirade that Dulé Hill had to say is literally a page and a half long. The man amazes me. You can probably find the play in your local library. Since I have no life or friends, that's what I did today, peruse (and get fcking lost, why is the library three floors?!?!) the stacks. I wanted to find that and Spring Awakening. But I was so excited about Dutchman (which was buried in a book with the author's essays and poetry), I just went to copy it and then I did some HW. It's by Amiri Baraka (or Leroi Jones, he changed his name after Malcolm X was assassinated). I'm not one for Malcolm X type stuff, but I love this play. It might be Dulé, it might be the writing, but it works for me.

Spring Awakening, by the way, is awesome and hysterical. I've had "The Bitch of Living" on repeat most of this week. It's so wrong, but awesome. I must see the musical version. Whenever I get the time to upload another song share, I'll probably include some songs from that. Another song called "All That's Known", starts off with the guys chanting Latin. And I swear one of the declensions (I'm assuming that's what they're reciting) sounds like "eBay". Which is funny, because it's set in 1841 Germany.

I thought up three Dimon fic bunnies today, [personal profile] splits_thesky. ROFL, I don't know wtf is up with my brain today. I also downloaded Matt and Leo sims. >_< I'm so ashamed of myself for owning a Leo sim. But, I can always make a The Beach house and throw him in there. That I can stand having in ImagiNation. And I'm trying to get Sim!Sam Winchester to look more like S2 Sam.

EVERYONE STOP GETTING SICK. The Hell, half my flist is sick or on pills! Stopppp. Thanks. :-) (ROFL, don't you wish it were that easy?)

Damnit, HIMYM was new today. I thought it wasn't.

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OK, I think it's been obvious I've been looking for a crack OTP of my own. I was trying to ship Jensen with everything under the sun, and nothing was working. I was even heavy on Sam/Jo (which I still sorta am) for a while. Maybe I should make a whole entry once, sort of like a manifesto, on all my random ships and fandoms. Eventually. When it strikes me.

But now I have a bona fide crack OTP. Although it's RPS. And weird. But I've already written a fic on it! As the search continues for a crack OTP in a fandom, I'm sticking to Dimon. I should really get to watching that movie. The Departed, not Titanic. FOOLS. I shall never watch that! I've got my Poseidon "trilogy" if I ever need sinking ships. Plus, Poseidon doesn't have Billy-I stole Jason Statham's gf-Zane. And, pick one..... all three Poseidons have hot people.

I had a really scary Halloween dream last night.

The geese and squirrels are back on campus. And it looks like we were flooded, with all the ice finally melting. I feel scared if it should rain sometime next week. The geese will be able to float. Fck, I might buy a canoe and just paddle between class and the library.

I've also gotten spoiled by the SPN boys. I've forgotten how hard it is to find decent pictures of anyone else I love. Besides Ewan McGregor, Jason Statham and Eric Stoltz (I own ever picture of the first two anyway) it's HARD to find anything. But I did, and I'll have a new layout by tomorrow. What's up now is my lazy placeholder layout. :-p


P.S. My head hurts. I joined [profile] spn_iconathon and I might do a Insim contest. And yeah, I should play some Sims soon so I can update my beloved legacies.

P.S.S. Why can't my neighborhood be cool like that? Although, sorry [profile] sarahsaloser, I'd rather just the Winchesters. Which we have here.... and I should really snap a picture of tomorrow.


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