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So much to talk about, so little time.

Robert Schwartzman at Webster Hall )

THE WEEKEND WAS THE GREATEST. World Cup of Quidditch V. It started out already exhausting because I really needed rest after being at work all of Thursday and then having to wake up early Friday. Saturday (and sometimes Sunday, if I can get away with it) is my day to really enjoy sleeping in with nowhere to go. Instead I woke up at 7am, and left to pick up [ profile] splits_thesky at Penn Station. We walked up to Times Square, where they were re-creating Super Mario Land for the day. It was still pretty early so the crowd wasn't ridiculous and we were able to observe and leave quickly. I didn't realize until later that they were actually giving away the Tanooki tails and ears the volunteers were wearing. I wanted a pair. :(

Then Quidditch happened )

I'm like an episode away from being caught up with American Horror Story. THE HELL IS GOING ON.
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I really wanted to talk about the Rooney concert before the opportunity passes but I've been getting home late from work every day while my sister has been going to sleep early, so my time on the computer's been limited. Other things have happened that made me frustrated and angry and not wanting to deal with anything online, too, so it's been come home, scroll through LJ/watch TV, eat, go to sleep all week. Things, I mean, besides Tuesday's concert.

But this entry's about the concert )

And I didn't expect them to pull out another cover for the encore, but by that time I was like, "I'M EVEN SAVING THE BAR WRISTBAND TO THIS CONCERT. I LOVE EVERYTHING." I didn't buy anything though. I wanted a sweatshirt but they didn't have any I didn't own already on sale and the shirts on display were sort of lame. So now I'm on Tumblr every night watching videos of the rest of the tour. I love these guys. One day I will work on a show where I will get them on as guests. Or something. Everyone needs goals, right? Leave me alone.
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I was supposed to be asleep two hours ago. I will pay for this tomorrow when I fall asleep while my poems are workshopped. D:

ANYWAY. This happened. I KNEW SOMETHING WAS ROTTEN IN DENMARK, DIDN'T I? That's the first time a band member has left a band I'm actively interested in. When Wes left Limp Bizkit I was only moderately invested in their music. And the shifts in Cobra Starship and The Academy Is... happened before I got into their music. I'm not as distraught as the fans on the forums/Facebook seem to be (my initial reaction was "WHO WILL BE THE CREEPY SUNGLASSES GUY AT CONCERTS NOW?" and then "Well good for Matt! It could be worse news.") but it's still weird. Every time I see another tweet about it I've auditioned other bassists I know in my mind (ROONEY AND SISKY! ROONEY WITH GARBOWSKY!) and I can't picture anyone else on that side of the stage. I'm just hoping whoever they find is ready in time for this summer tour they're alleging. And that I have money by then to see them (in a related note: omg Twitter, shut up about Extinction). And that it doesn't fall apart from here on out with Ned being busy with Emmett (HOW ADORABLE A NAME, BTW, OMG), Taylor with The Roughs and Robert doing the Solobob thing. Ack.

The point of this post was this meme that I just snatched from [ profile] ewanspotter, never mind the five other ones I've been tagged for that I haven't gotten to yet:

The Find ___ Game!

1) Go to Wikipedia.
2) Click 'Random article' (on the left navigation bar)
3) From there, only using links in articles, navigate yourself to Holmes's page
4) Post your path!

Find Jason Schwartzman! (see, it fits this post!)

A JUICE BAR? Jason's six degrees from a juice bar. Freakin' vegan!vegetarian (I say that with love, you know this).

I have another thing to ask of you guys, but I'll make another post about it tomorrow. I want to try out ElJay's posting abilities on my phone. :P
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I was thinking too much this morning, so I threw away my little schedule and went all happy place.

Coconut Records/Rooney blah )

Month of December meme )

Have some links:
This is a beautiful slideshow of New York storefronts. Do people really not have Optimo stores elsewhere? There's so many here I thought it was a chain in itself! And Frank Bee's, that's where I used to get my school uniforms! I know that place is still there, at least. Never seen most of the others to know about them.

LOL this child's drawing of her mom's job. Honestly, before I even read what was going on or what you'd assume it was, it looked like a cashier kiosk and the pole that has the numbers of the lane on it.

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Haha, okay, so I've been on a bit of a Coppola kick lately. YOU CAN'T BLAME ME. Anyway, I'm trying to watch all these movies on my "must-watch" list before I succumb to a Coppola marathon. But then today I kept seeing references to them. They were playing Jason movies (random ones he's barely in like Hitchhiker's Guide and Bewitched), [ profile] wandersfound tweeted about Princess Diaries 2 (which is the wrong movie but whatever), and I found all this information about Sofia's new movie (which I'm actually excited about for once--cast!!!). So I had to slowly back away for a second before I ran and like, re-watched Bored to Death and Lick the Star again.

Instead I tracked down the Gunslinger Girls anime to watch. I saw the first episode at this anime and gaming club they had at Pace, but never got around to watching the whole thing. I know there were only two seasons but Blockbuster has a vol. 3, season 2 and a DVD collection all with three discs so I can't tell what is what. I found the first season elsewhere, though. I just need the second season. I'd get the manga too, but that's like 67 collections and lol, I'm not tracking all that down. I might, if I enjoy the anime more than I expect I will. I don't even watch anime! The last thing I watched in that genre was Appleseed. And I hate that it's considered a genre, because there's different anime. Like there's different animation. So that'll be my "thing to watch" for this weekend, when I'm done catching up on comics.

Month of December meme )

Anyway, I'm going to go watch Cole Hauser torture people or something. Whatever, Emmanuelle Chriqui has something to do with it.

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Month of December meme )

And Solobob has his own website now! If you sign up for the newsletter, be warned that the mp3 link isn't working. I don't mind so much because I ripped it from MySpace a while back and if this ever gets to being released, I will get that too. But the first email/letter you get for signing up is adorable. Apparently Roman Coppola helped him with the video shoot.

Oh, today I finally saw Fantastic Mr. Fox, and I haven't yet stopped thinking about it. :) It was me, my sister and some random dude at the back of the theatre. When the crowd is that small it's kind of awkward when someone isn't laughing at the same thing, but we were all laughing at the same bits so that was good. I'm still deciding whether I liked it better than Darjeeling, but it was better than Life Aquatic and that was Wes and Noah writing together too. I think I need to re-watch Life Aquatic or something. I know at least three people who say that's their favorite Wes movie and each time I immediately go, "lol. No, wait, really?!" But first, I have a zillion other things on my plate for this week.

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By way of [ profile] hegemony

An Open Letter to Eric Kripke

I couldn't have said it better myself, really. I'm usually one to completely miss these things on my tv shows but for some reason Supernatural makes it super-obvious and it really is my only gripe about the show (I mean, it's on CW but that's not really an excuse).

In other news, I will be listening to this for the rest of the day.

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So I'm planning out this girl!crush spam, right? But it's so difficult because apparently I can't figure out what the definition of a girl!crush is. Generally it's "girls I'd go gay for" or "girls I want to be/be friends with so bad".

But the thing is, with me, as is the case with the male celebrities, there's the people I champion like no tomorrow, there's the ones that I'm totally shallow about and then there's the ones I go see movies for just to support them because I'm a fan of their work elsewhere, but don't really champion them. I always have different levels of attraction and they mostly overlap and I want to represent all of them but I can never get everyone into the right genre or theme or what have you. I will prevail! I just... need to think about it. Picspams are serious business, apparently.

Anyway, I figured I might as well talk about TV. There's other things I wanted to mention but my time is not my own this week, clearly. Tomorrow I plan on hightailing it to the New York Public Library because 1) I don't think I've ever been there and 2) I just need OUT. I doubt there's wi-fi there (and I'm hoping there's tables and outlets to use) so it'll give me an excuse to just write the whole day with no distractions whatsoever. If it goes well that might be my twice-a-week spot for this "semester".

Leverage )

Royal Pains )

Psych )

Also IFC was playing R. Kelley's Trapped in the Closet the other day. What the hell, it's neither indie nor a film! Anyway, I watched it because I'd only ever seen chapters 1-3 and it was 3am and I wasn't sleepy yet. YOU GUYS. I don't think soap operas are that soapy. Plus, after 22 chapters it still ended on a to be continued! WHAT THE HELL.


P.S. Yesterday I saw a bus with a Bored to Death ad plastered on the side and it made my day. MLIA

Psych day!

Aug. 7th, 2009 02:59 pm
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I saw Funny People. It could've been deeper but it was just glossy, depressing and long. I still enjoyed it. Although Apatow's daughter can sing pretty well and that one bar scene with EVERY COMEDIAN EVER was amazing.

TV this week-- loved Royal Pains and Leverage. I hate the stacked seasons on USA. Royal Pains is still going on, but Burn Notice is over, In Plain Sight's going to finish on Sunday and Psych and Monk are just beginning. I lik when they'd all end at the same time, right before my fall shows would start. Actually, I haven't seen this week's In Plain Sight yet. I was too busy with my layout to notice the time when they re-ran it yesterday.

Lake Bell's got a new series coming soon!! I love HBO. It's the only paid cable network I bother with, but employing my favorite B and C-Listers doesn't hurt.

Meme )

Changed my layout. It took me forever to do the banner because I wanted it exactly like it looked in my head, so I had to track down effect tuts, textures and brushes I didn't have. And then I changed Castiel's line of vision, but it's so small you can't even tell now.

Psych tonight! I won't be home when it premieres at 10, but I'll be back by the re-run. \o/

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I did nothing but catch up on TV and edit pictures all day.

Also, videos! I found that Digg video from last year, but no one I know is in it. This video of Joe Jonas made me laugh until I cried and this actual music video from Coconut Records that isn't just the song over video of some other dude doing skateboard tricks! Exciting.

TV yammering: The Unusuals, In Plain Sight and Royal Pains )

I'm gonna watch Burn Notice on my iPod since it's already tomorrow and I'm sleepy as it is.

An interesting meme or two )

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So I'm finally getting around to reading fic I've saved in my "to-read" folders and tags from the last two years. At ten fics a day (with the way my family runs) it'll take about a week. Excuse the years-late comments. The good thing is I'll be reading all the fic y'all post from now on, like I used to. So there's that.

Anyway. The whole Diggnation in NYC in June thing is part of the Meetup schedule (haven't kept up with Digg in the last year either, whoops) apparently, but they're coming to Webster Hall which is amazing, because I've always wanted to have an excuse to go there that wasn't for some random rave or whatever they usually do there. So next week! Just as excited as last year. Maybe this time I'll get decent pics of Prager and Hippie. I still want the TRS boys to come along, though.

In movies that I have watched recently, Night at the Museum 2 was entertaining and I totally didn't know all the cameos that were going to happen, nor did I know John Schwartzman was the DP. And he's not officially a Coppola, but he works a lot with Nic Cage and he's an alright cinematographer. When the inevitable two-movie pack comes out, I may buy that. I'm also finishing up on the Star Trek movies prior to the 2009 reboot and I'll talk about them as a whole when that's done (if all goes according to plan, First Contact, Nemesis and Insurrection will happen tomorrow). But at this moment in time, Voyage Home is easily my favorite. "I think he had too much LDS." XD Unintentionally insinuating Spock likes Mormons equals AMAZING.

And finally, I've started researching Castiel more for this fic I'm writing and I keep coming across video interviews of Misha Collins and I'm really starting to like the guy. I still get super-protective when someone doesn't understand fandom or reacts to fans like we're aliens, but it feels like he's trying his darnedest, so that's a plus. And he's amusing on Twitter.

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I feel like crap. Honestly, that pain near my heart has been bothering me all day and I feel really woozy. I haven't had anything besides English muffins and tea, but that takes me through a whole day at school and I never feel like this. I watched two movies with my legs elevated hoping that would help, and I think it has.

Whatever. More importantly, I finished Freaks & Geeks and Undeclared and saw Observe & Report and I Love You, Man.

Long drawn-out thoughts under here about the two shows )

And the two movies! )

Also, thanks to whatever gods decided to put the trailers to Year One and Funny People before both movies. YES, PLEASE. WOULD WATCH AGAIN ON A BIG SCREEN (HAI JACK BLACK AND SCHWARZTY, HAIIIIIII). The longer trailer to The Hangover looks hysterical as well and I will definitely be seeing that, omg. (And my free bag of popcorn-- which is still in my bag for some reason-- had I Love You, Man on it when I saw Observe & Report.

I never noticed until just now when I saw the Funny People trailer again at the new site, but apparently Jason Schwartzman did the music for the movie? LOLOLOL, PLEASE TO BE PUTTING OUT A SOUNDTRACK/SCORE. I WILL COMMENCE WITH THE BUYING, THANK YOU.

I've had Opposite Sex on my iPod FOREVER so now I think I'll watch those episodes before I dive into Touching Evil. And then I think I'll flip-flop between Mad Men, Doogie Howser and Friday Night Lights, since the last two are on Hulu in full and I don't have to worry about HD space to watch them. And by then, school will be back in session. D:


P.S. I love this moodtheme picture's scene. "The Ls go like that." I want a guy to make a font inspired by me! I have a very geeky idea of romance, but heck, yes. Also, writing a love letter within the coding of an app would be amazing.


ETA: Disney Templates. :O I noticed some of those, but wow, Disney. WOW.
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I realize I haven't spoken about Psych or BSG, but I don't think I'll be doing posts for BSG. I sort of missed the whole last half hour of Psych though. So I have to watch it again before I can actually talk about it. Whenever I get time before the next episode. I did watch Brothers & Sisters and Big Love tonight, along with that We Are One concert. I wasn't going to watch, but then I saw Jack Black, Rosario, Kal Penn and Steve Carell's names on HBO's site and suddenly it was on my schedule. I loved that little girl asleep behind Obama the whole day and also Obama grooving along, lolol.

SNL was a lot better yesterday. Twitter was hating all over it, but hey, at least Rosario sang and used some of her crazy Hispanic impressions. I love her impressions. I just wish they'd let NPH sing last week. But let's discuss my weekend of HBO marathoning!

Band of Brothers )

Generation Kill )


In other news: ON TUESDAY DAVY COMES OUT. That's the second album from Coconut Records. I have been listening to it non-stop since I downloaded it the other day, but because I only have digital copies of both his albums I don't have the credits and thank yous that comes in the liner notes of albums. That'll always grate me the most about downloading digital music, since I grew up pouring over the thank yous and writing credits of songs whenever I got a new album.

Anyway, there's this one song called "Drummer" that's definitely a downer but also the kind of song with little hints that I'm trying to figure out. So far I get that he mentions his dad dying, dating someone (I'd assume Selma Blair but hell if I'll ever understand how they fit together) and moving to New York. So now I'm trying to figure out who "West Coast" and "Back to You" were about. I always assumed they were random songs or about Zooey-- which didn't make much sense (such a Cali girl). And I'm pretty sure he never dated Kirsten Dunst and she's the only one I know that seems like she would live in NYC. I get too involved with these things. ALSO, I WANT TO KNOW WHO DOES WHAT ON THIS ALBUM AND IT'S DRIVING ME NUTS. I can't tell if I'm hearing two Jasons or Robert backing or if that's Louie on piano or Taylor's guitar. Ugh, damn you digital downloads for being so enticing. WHY ARE THE COPPOLAS SO TALENTED. And why is Nic Cage trying so hard to destroy that image. D:


P.S. Someone tell the possible UFO outside my house to go away. D: That whirling sound is bothering my eardrums.

Ship Ahoy!

Nov. 9th, 2008 11:44 pm
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Last week I had mentioned that before class I decided to write down all my ships. I had meant to post them here, as sort of an FYI. But then last week was sort of a blur and I never did.

So let's do that now. Although, as a sort of disclaimer: my mind works in weird ways. I tend to ship people for different reasons. Sometimes it has more to do with the actors than the actual characters (but not in an rpf way, although I do have rpf ships) or writing, and sometimes I have really cracky ideas that I have no real desire to see play out, but entertain them nonetheless because they are so amusing and/or I can't unsee it. So not all of these are things that I think, "OMG IT MUST END THAT WAY OR I SHALL DIE."

Also, my fan fiction origins were in the *NSYNC fandom, but not so much in the slash way of things. I think that contributes to my high tolerance of RPF, but the idea does creep me out some. Eventually (although not always) I lose the fight!

Ship List '08 )

In other news:
YouTube FINALLY added something similar to the highlighter on and I'm pleased.

AND HOLY SNAP, THANK YOU YOUTUBE SUBSCRIPTIONS. COCONUT RECORDS, NEW ALBUM IN JANUARY 2009. \O/ (lol, my second thought after "OMGYAY" was "His family are like rabbits." I don't even know whose kids those are, but what the hell, Sofia had a kid last year! Although it could potentially be Sofia's kid and Kal-El-- but IDK if the extended Coppola family is that close-knit.)

And it looks like I accidentally missed Brothers & Sisters and Entourage tonight (there's a football game on and my parents are wrapped up in it, so I wasn't alerted to it ever being 10pm), so I guess that'll be for tomorrow's TV post of doom.

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On Friday they aired the ALMA awards on TV. Now usually, I could care less for any awards show that isn't the Oscars, Golden Globes or Primetime Emmys. But for some reason I decided these were important this year and I taped them. So I watched it Sunday morning, and I have to say I felt pretty proud. With the way society is still focused on white vs. black (and with good reason) in Hollywood, I tend to forget just how many Latinos there are in entertainment. I'd heard people say the reason Cane failed is because America wasn't ready to watch a show about a Latino family. But yet, Ugly Betty seems to be going strongly into their third season. There's not a lot of Latinos on the shows that I watch (by my count: James Roday, Jorge Garcia, Cristian De La Fuente, Dania Ramirez). But then I factor in all the other shows I'm not watching and-- well, you can make a two hour awards show with four nominees in each category, obviously. So there's a lot.

I also totally didn't realize Linda Ronstadt had Mexican roots, what. I love mariachi music, haha. I need to get that album.

Meanwhile, the film we watched last night in Latin American Cinema had SO MANY GRAMMATICAL ERRORS IN THE SUBTITLES I WANTED TO SHOOT THE TV. Just... no. I don't even know what they were saying, but hell, what's the point of subtitles when you can't understand them either?

And some random tidbits from my brain over the last few days:

- My connecting bus stop usually has HBO ads on it, (Sopranos, Entourage, John Adams, the Sex and the City movie-- now it's True Blood) so I'm suddenly really excited to start seeing Bored to Death ads.
- I think Jack Black has hazel eyes. I have never seen his eyes look green, but it seems like too much of a coincidence for both Lenny and Po to randomly have green eyes. CONSPIRACY!
- The restroom at my school reminds me of the restroom in one of the Tenacious D short films (this one-- NSFW, like any of the three are), so I can't stop laughing every time I pass the men's room (which I assume has the same style as the ladies') now. Which must look really mature, you know?

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This weekend has ended on a good note.

Leo (my cockatiel) is back to singing, although he's not really eating anything more than millet (which is essentially snack food) and still hangs out with his mirror image. I miss the chorus of the two but it's good to hear the song again. He's totally anti-social though, because I went by the cage to chirp at him and he just turned his back to me.

And right now I guess every Psych fan on here is at, but if you're not, GO! They have goodies from the S2 DVDs that are out on Tuesday (I'm getting mine Monday night). USA is finally playing promos for the new season and I'm so excited. I have to go buy pineapples soon, so I can make some Lassies.

I couldn't NOT talk about this. The sad thing is I'm already envisioning stalking the sets (because they have to shoot on location, mmkay?) and the LJ communities and the fandom in general. The pilot isn't even in production and I'm all excited. I'm determined that this will be more Entourage than John From Cincinnati in terms of ratings and stuff. HBO, I trust you can do it. JASOOOONNNNN. And Funny People starts shooting soon! *glee*

Since this entry is basically focused on "males that Lia loves" um... crap. Nothing exciting in Downey-land lately. Here? *fails*

WAIT. [ profile] kkissbbang started up a newsletter that focuses on news about Val Kilmer, RDJ and Michelle Monaghan and it's pretty awesome. The new "issue" is here. Not so much about RDJ this time but whatever. Like I said, it's quiet in Downey-land this weekend.


P.S. My iTunes LOVES me today!
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Alexander is the longest movie ever. I started watching it last Tuesday and it just went on forever. 39 chapters, and by chapter 24 there was still an hour and a half to go. Suffice it to say that no, I do not care for Oliver Stone, Platoon aside. Never bothering with him again. Sorry, Elizabeth Banks, I'm not going to be in line for 'W'.

Memes )

My Boys )

Fear Itself )

And it was Jason Schwartzman's birthday, but now it's Drake Bell's birthday. I was going to do a picspam but I'm too lazy/hungry/sleepy/uninspired and it's hard to find anything new of either since they both disappeared into oblivion this year. So uh, yeah. *confetti*

I can has July? And some S3 promos for Psych?

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First of all: RIP Stan Winston. I was pretty shocked to hear this. Hollywood won't be the same without him.

Yesterday was a crazy day all around. I ended up not going to the Rooney concert because I decided that seeing Kung Fu Panda and The Incredible Hulk were more worth my money, especially since Rooney had no new material to perform-- and I'd seen them in November which was relatively recent.

So my sister, nephew, dad and I all went to see Kung Fu Panda, even though dad was like, "I'd rather see the Hulk!" And it was adorable-- better than I expected and funny to boot. I spend most of the time watching animated movies just marveling at how far they have come, both in storytelling and effects. It might just be my family, but a lot of these so-called "kid's movies" are more fun for the adults than the kids. During one particularly fascinating fight scene I glanced over and my nephew was snugged up to my sister, but my dad was on the edge of his seat and leaning on the seat in front of him, lol. Things like that are why I love my dad. He's never grown up, for better or for worse. I would've loved to have been able to by him a PS3 and a HDTV for Father's day like I wanted. But we bought him a power drill... for the home projects that he never does? IDK, it's hard to buy affordable stuff for a selfless man like he is. I hope everyone had a good Father's Day with whoever is their father figure.

Later on my dad and I went back to the movies to see The Incredible Hulk-- and two seconds before we left my aunt called to implore us to go see The Incredible Hulk XD My dad was like, "Actually, we're leaving right now." And it was good, but I wasn't floored by it or anything. I will say that Edward Norton does fit the Ultimates Banner much better and while I still don't see Liv Tyler as Betty, she did great. I'm sure [ profile] splits_thesky will approve.

In my mind I have this idea that Downey, Favereau, Howard, Leterrier, Norton and Tyler are all calling each other this weekend saying welcome to the club and that congratulations are being sent all around. I think the camaraderie of Twitter has taken its toll. That, or my mind is just thinking in Entourage terms again.

OMG, ALSO. THE CLONE WARS TRAILER. I am uber-excited. Shaak Ti!

Some links I found while clicking around the net:
Transporter 3 French trailer (Frank Martin! ;djks;afds)
First look at DragonBall Z movie (lol, Justin Chatwin)
New Apatow comedy (just look at the cast, you guys: Seth, Jonah AND JASON?)

And I meant to share this when it was on Diggnation ages ago, and most of you have probably seen it by now, but this video is long, yet awesome.

And this story might be of particular interest to [ profile] sparrowlove, lol.

I'm like, six issues away from the end of Y: The Last Man and I'm scared. And the fact that the director of the upcoming movie wants Shia LaBeouf to be Yorick annoys me. Yorick isn't a stuttering idiot. Shia can act tough, but he can't be tough. Yorick is more Sean William Scott or Bryan Greenberg. This feels like my very own version of the Twilight fandom's frustrations when they didn't get their Edward and Bella.

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I have discovered the creature that is dialogue fic. If someone had told me sooner that bunches of dialogue alone could constitute a fic, I'd have rolled out bunches more Psych fics by now. Anyway, I read this Barney/Robin fic and it was epic. Yeah, I think at this point this entire week is dedicated to How I Met Your Mother. I even decided I'm going to go see Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay on Friday, because of NPH. Although whether I want to spend the money to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall instead of Speed Racer is still debatable. The other $20 I have until I'm flat broke goes to Iron Man and Made Of Honor (my new girl!obsession, let me show you her).

Today's movies were Tombstone, Casablanca and Martian Child. The last one was the only one I truly liked. Even though I can't look at stars anymore without thinking of Psych. The other two movies were okay, but then again they were a western and a romance (so people say, I didn't see any chemistry at all), so my indifference was to be expected.

Speaking of romances (and Iron Man, haha) I've been reading the new interviews linked from and this one MELTED ME, OMG. I've never figured SJP to be an attractive woman but I respected her even during my fascination with Matthew Broderick. But lordy, the paragraph about SJP and Matty made my heart shatter. And then it repaired itself and got bigger so it could love Susan Downey & Indio even more. N'awwww. *draws hearts around the Downeys*

And then I read an old article from Blender about Britney Spears that almost made me cry when I realized Felicia no longer works for Britney. I don't want to talk about it, but that part made me sad.

So then I re-watched this adorably un-techie video, and that got me back on my happy feet. I MISS SCHWARTZY. He needs another movie or something. Did I mention that Rooney's coming back to NYC the same day that Kevin Rose is in town? FAIL, Robert Schwartzman, FAIL.


P.S. Psych casting spoilers. Discuss?

P.S.S. I'm the last person to care about Harry/Perry but seeing as there's no other fic in the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang fandom, they will have to do. And if this isn't spot-on Harry I don't know what is.


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