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OH MY GOD. That finale was spectacular. Daleks! All the companions! Earth in crisis! It's like they went, "Hey, here is everything you ever wanted, plus DoctorDonna and Ten2, which you didn't even know you wanted. ENJOY." And I did. And Torchwood! K9! And GWEN. I didn't say this in my last post but I texted [ profile] splits_thesky about "The Unquiet Dead" saying that I'd enjoy Gwen more if she came from a long line of BAMFs. AND SHE DOES. AND IANTO AND GWEN BEING BAMFS ON THEIR OWN. OH MY GOD. TEAMMMMM I MISS YOUUUU. Also I really enjoyed Luke and Netflix needs to put Sarah Jane Adventures up soon because that will be on my list. Also the K9 series because how could you not enjoy that little mechanical ball of love. AFFIRMATIVE.

I want to crawl into a ball of squee and explode.

The specials aren't that great. "The Next Doctor" was cute, but I could take or leave it. I had to buy "Planet of the Dead" and I liked Christina okay, but it was the most one-shot episode ever. "Waters of Mars" was just as pointless, even though the end was crazy interesting. I am all ready for a darker Doctor. I was fairly certain all the Tumblr feels~ posts were people just digging far into the character, but no, this is actually really well-constructed.

BUT "THE END OF TIME!" MARTHA AND MICKEY. (JACK AND ALONSO! "I MET A SOLDIER IN A BAR ONCE...STRICTLY PROFESSIONAL." YOU LIAR.) 2005!ROSE. DONNA! And omg, I thought things were going south for Wilfred and I almost broke my laptop for that and then Ten did the right thing. Although why Wilfred bothered standing that close to him when they just had a whole conversation about the amount of radiation hie just absorbed, I don't know.

Also I love how they incorporated music into the mythos. The "dun dah dah dun" part of the theme song is the heartbeat of a time lord--and totally what the Master was drumming on the table during the gas attack back in S3! And I love the Ood song actually just being "allons y" over and over. The moments when the music got a little Giacchino took me out of it, but otherwise I do enjoy the music!

I am holding off on Eleven because I need to focus at work and I know I'd try and weasel out of things just to get home and watch more episodes. But I did watch Party Animals and Matt Smith is adorable (I've seen him in at least one other thing before, though), if nothing else.

NYC Pride (the ~March~ as it's now called) is tomorrow. Excited is an understatement.


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