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So I tried watching Doctor Who back during season one of Heroes because obviously, everyone was mentioning it because of Eccleston. I had heard of it originally because the Ewan McGregor forums I used to frequent were fussing over creepy David from Shallow Grave actually being a delightful comedic actor. And my dad worked at a place that printed DVDs and stuff so one day he brought home discs 1, 2 and 4 of season one. So I went about downloading some of season two and the episodes I was missing from disc 3 and went about watching it.

I expected a deep mythos and gritty sci-fi drama like Heroes. I was expecting small links to tie into a greater arc by the end of the first season. I expected to have a few quality characters and ships off the bat. Basically I thought it was the British Heroes. Suffice to say, IT'S NOT THAT. So I gave up. And then later on... I believe [ profile] riotgirl77 brought it up as she was trying to convert her friend. So I popped in the discs and got all the way to "The Impossible Planet" before I COULDN'T CARE ANYMORE. NOTHING WAS HAPPENING.

So then [ profile] splits_thesky got into Who for good (after a few tries of her own, I feel I should point out) and I was still lost. But then Tumblr happened (...because it's its own phenomenon?) and I read a post about how the key to enjoying Doctor Who is realizing it started as a children's show and knowing it'll never take itself seriously. It's campy and fun and always has that at the core. I can already tell that Moffat taking over changes that, just by the nature of his episodes, but I tried again.

I started alll the way back at Nine and just trudged through. I wanted to see Martha because I loved her on Torchwood. I wanted to see Torchwood grow (YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH I LOVE HEARING THE THEME IN THE BACKGROUND IN RANDOM EPISODES. I'M LIKE, 'OH THIS IS THE SONG OF MY PEOPLE'). I want to see Ianto one last time. I'm also sort of interested in Moffat-run Who and Eleven. And right now I'm justtt about to start the finale of S4 but I know this is the last time I'll see Ianto Jones and it's hurting just knowing that. I AM EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED TO HIM. OKAY. SHUT UP. I JUST LISTENED TO "THE DEAD LINE." THIS IS REAL.

Anyway. Yeah, Who.

The third time's a charm, I guess, because I definitely enjoyed Nine much more knowing it was supposed to be dorky and silly. I love the Daleks. I love how they are hilariously non-threatening and so ancient Lost in Space robots and yet THEY WILL KILL WITHOUT REMORSE. I was pretty fond of their episodes immediately. I didn't care about Rose's dad always popping up every time they hit a parallel Earth. And I really started to like Nine. I missed "The Christmas Invasion" the first time around, which helps with enjoying Ten. But Ten is so much like a puppy at first, at the same time that Rose is, and I missed Nine being the grounded one. But Ten grows on you. I realized that Who can only either do total camp episodes like "The End of the World" with no real consequences to its plot or dark, rich storylines like... well, pick a Moffat episode. They haven't so far been able to find a happy medium. The Daleks come close, but I guess part of the problem is being able to take the campy moments seriously, which is hard.

I didn't get upset when Rose left, either. Ten was obviously shaken up, but I didn't get it. I don't see how Rose or Martha are in love with the Doctor and after seeing how Jack just bolts out of Torchwood at the end of S1 I worry that perhaps they all have Stockholm Syndrome. But I'll get to Jack later. Rose is competent. I expected her to be more whiny than I noticed her to be, and I hate the way she acts like the Doctor is her special friend~ I know he tells her she's important, but he literally says that to anyone who says they're ordinary or invisible in some way. I don't know how she even assumes she's the first companion. I hate the way she treats Sarah Jane and Mickey--although I feel like Mickey can be very annoying and we just don't see the moments that makes Rose treat him the way she does. Mickey, who for all he's worth, is also a competent companion! I liked him! I was hoping he'd show up during The Doctor's time with Martha and maybe stay a while longer. I also really liked Adam, who is pretty much as problematic as Gwen Cooper or Rose in "Father's Day." But he gets left behind and never seen again. Yeah, okay.

Martha was refreshing because she wasn't always worrying about her family until suddenly she got a phone and then it was all about leaving them behind. Mind you, Rose's mom was all alone. Martha's family at least had each other. But no, Martha, because the Doctor doesn't love you like he loved Rose, you have to invent a reason to stay behind. The Doctor has no one if you leave, but go stay with your family. But I liked how Martha was basically The Doctor's Watson and used her knowledge as an actual doctor to do things Rose couldn't. And also she went around saving the world for a year! So the world could come together and believe in fairies The Doctor! I don't think Rose could last that long, without her mom or her Doctor~ And Martha never acted like the Doctor was ~*~hers~*~ alone. When Jack pops up again, she's like, "Oh cool, more to the party! Let's continue on." No bitching and no sass. She's more the sort of companion I'd imagine myself to be. A passenger and not an equal. And okay, maybe the Doctor could have been nicer to her. But he didn't owe her anything. He, I guess, because that's all S3 seemed to tell us, loved Rose. And then lost her. So sorry, maybe you're a sort of rebound, but what about all the others beforehand? Why are you upset about being the new, shiny one he picked?

Here's where I have to remember that it's a children's show, so a kiss means ~*~TRUE LOVE~*~ because otherwise, the kisses the Doctor shared with Rose and Martha were forgettable.

OKAY CAN WE TALK ABOUT JACK HARKNESS. Ugh, I don't understand how he got a whole series based on those five episodes or so. What is so great about this dude? Originally I found him really rude, the way he hits on Rose almost immediately. I mean, I know he's charming so it's fine and he's harmless (mostly) so it's okay, but... alien dude who tries to seduce you after rescuing you and not returning you to your friend immediately? The fuck is you on? (Also trololol on Moffat's part, he has a chula ship!) Anyway, I grew to like him but I don't understand how Torchwood came out of that. Also, I'm bitter after CoE: Day Five anyway, so Jack... would be dead to me. If that was possible for him. I'm also irrationally bitter that of all reasons for his immortality it's due to fucking Rose Tyler. And I'm pretty sure that goes against continuity in Torchwood but I can't seem to figure out where and every wikia page I check doesn't seem to know.

Also for all that I heard of The Master, he's barely around! I did enjoy his reveal though, because I had not been spoiled for that! I didn't realize he was another Time Lord, I'd assumed he was ... ~the Master~ like, the actual creator of Time Lords or a Gallifreyian god or something. Now I see why Ten was so distraught when he died in that .gif because I was pretty sure The Master was a big bad and I was fairly certain The Doctor never cried over a Dalek.

I COULDN'T STAND DONNA AT FIRST. She was brutal for no reason and her character was a real sad sack of a person who just elbowed her way into this wedding that didn't happen. And then she got a bit more delightful. I like that she and The Doctor have an understanding that's basically, "Hey, let's not let emotions get in the way, yeah? OKAY, BROSHIP." Donna's the first companion that had lines that made me crack up out loud. "I"m waving at fat!" I feel bad for her but she's really cringeworthy sometimes. Also she got some of the best worlds. Here are some of my favorite parts of history: Roanoke, Pompeii, the Mayan civilization, 1900s England. DONNA GOT TO GO TO POMPEII. I'm a little irked at Frobisher from Torchwood being in it, but whatever. Hey Phil the cabbie from Sherlock! Also, more Ood (I like them!) and River Song and "Turn Left" -- I like alternate timeline episodes. Sometimes they're good for exposition but I didn't expect this one to do much because the Doctor is always like YOU MATTER~ YOU'RE SPECIAL~ YOU'RE HERE FOR A REASON~ YOU'RE IMPORTANT~ like he's Mr. Rogers so sure, let's have an episode about how much this one person matters to drive home this point you've beat us over the head with for four seasons. But I actually really enjoyed that episode. I'm not sure how the fandom feels about it but by the end I was like, "WHHHAAAAATTTT. WHY IS THIS SO EXCITING??" Also "Midnight" which was a weird one and not a sort of episode I really enjoy. Here's the thing: when I was in elementary school we read "The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street" which is an episode of the Twilight Zone. It was really great at the time (I'm sure it's not so much now), but whenever an episode deals with hysteria and fear I'm like, "YOU CAN'T JUST COPY THE TWILIGHT ZONE." Shows do it all the time, but I get really defensive over that one episode/script. So for half of "Midnight" I was upset and half happy to finally see Colin Morgan in something and for the other half I was like, "IDK WHAT'S HAPPENING BUT THIS HAS MY ATTENTION." I started the episode on my side of the bed and ended watching it standing in front of the TV.

In order of companions so far: Martha, Sarah Jane (why isn't she around more! I have an old Who DVD that she's in and I'm excited to watch that after I'm done with S6), Rose, Mickey, Adam, Jack, Donna. I hear people liked Sally Sparrow--and she was okay--but I would prefer Elton from "Love & Monsters" because he is my favorite forever and ever. I can understand why people would hate "L&M," especially while watching it live and getting that after you've waited for your download to finish. I've certainly gone through Lost episodes and SGA episodes only to rage and later come to enjoy what the episode brought to the mythos.

Also I want to know how the world goes from things like "Aliens of London" and "The Christmas Invasion" to Torchwood's Children of Earth and still act like aliens are not a real thing! I know Torchwood's ready out there retconning people but the Doctor isn't, so how does large populations forget events like that enough to freak out the next time it happens?


"Boom Town" -- Honestly any episode that took place in Cardiff or mentioned Torchwood made me go, "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" but in this one Rose and Mickey are on the docks right outside the real Torchwood Three! JACK IS PROBABLY IN THERE RIGHT NOW TALKING TO MY BB TOSH.
"The Girl in the Fireplace" -- I am HUGE on things that just punch you in the gut in the end. The Doctor's all, "I WILL BE RIGHT BACK!" And then... dude, it takes five years in between.
"Love & Monsters" -- Shirley Henderson! ELO! Elton! WHERE IS THE BAD
"Daleks in Manhattan" -- mainly for Bambi, but also DALEKS~ FUCK YESSS.
"Human Nature"/"Family of Blood" -- I have... I'm not sure if it's a trope or kink or whatever, but it's bulletproof... for sci-fi in the 1900s.
"Voyage of the Damned" -- I don't really care for the Titanic so I was going to be upset but then it became The Poseidon Adventure and guys you don't understand I own all three Poseidon movies I love Poseidon and the Towering Inferno and omg the moment I realized what was happening in this episode I curled into a ball of squee.
"Fire of Pompeii" -- POMPEIIIIIIIIIII.
"Silence in the Library"/"Forest of the Dead" -- River Song! Her screwdriver is sort of derpy, but I won't pass judgement on it until later on.
"Turn Left"

...and "Utopia" gets a special mention for the Ten/Jack moments.

...I think that's all? My dilemma after S4 is tracking down "Planet of the Dead" because somehow it is the one special Netflix doesn't have and I can't get past "The Next Doctor" until I see that.

Also I just watched the Children in Need specials and omg the one when Nine becomes Ten. *heart breaks*
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