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The good thing about this is that I'm finally going to try Doctor Who again. The last time I tried to watch it, I think Heroes was in the middle of its first season. There's considerably more to catch up on now, but I really like Martha Jones and pre-S3!Jack, so I'm going to trudge through for them.

And that one episode with Ianto.

But lengthier thoughts!

Gwen Cooper is the most annoying person ever. I couldn't deal with her in the first episode and was hoping she'd change or get tougher. But for the first few episodes everything she does is wrong. Break this, say that, go against this rule. And then they have to pick up after her, and somehow Jack is still all "GWEN IS THE GREATEST." Never mind that the rest of the team is doing overtime to do their jobs on top of what Suzie left behind. And Suzie! I LOVED HER. I was hoping something would happen where she'd come back. And then it did! And then she was batshit. And then, out of nowhere Owen does this one thing to save Jack and he's the bad guy suddenly. WHAT WERE THEY SUPPOSED TO DO. THEY DIDN'T HAVE TOSH, JACK. I hate the way that his logic was so flawed. In the very first episode they all do stupid things with technology they're not supposed to take out of the Hub. And they keep doing stupid shit but Owen's the one who gets called out on it. I mean, Jack did mention all the stupid stuff they did, but we don't get to see them called out on it. I don't even like anyone but Tosh in S1. But I hated that they were never called out on it. As much as Tosh was horrible at her job sometimes, she was the only one I clung to hoping she was going to stay around for a while. And quiet Ianto, who is barely there and does jack shit, really, suddenly has a cybergirlfriend and cries a river for her. I BARELY EVEN KNOW THESE CHARACTERS AT THIS POINT. WHY SHOULD I CARE. That episode is the sort of thing that goes down three seasons in when you think you know this character and then AHAH GUESS WHAT'S BEEN GOING ON ALL THIS TIME. But that wasn't even as bad as some of the other episodes (besides Ianto's crying. SO MUCH CRYING. EVEN JACK SHEPPARD'S IMPRESSED). The camerawork in "Meat"? All of "Sleeper"? "Random Shoes"? Yeah.

Also, I love how Owen and Gwen are together for like two episodes before Owen is BOOM SO IN LOVE WITH DIANE THAT HE CANNOT FUNCTION. And guys, he just needs to find her again! Which in turn I guess means that's the end of Owen and Gwen because after that it's all Owen/Tosh unrequited forever and ever. And it cracks me up how the flawed logic continues with the relationships. Jack/Ianto comes out of nowhere and Ianto honestly does NOTHING (before Cyberwoman, I was disappointed at how much he wasn't there because I wanted to like him! WHY AREN'T YOU AROUND, IANTO. And then he looks like a loner nerd with no friends and a bride of Frankenstein) and there was maybe one instance of Jack being like, "Hey boy~" before suddenly, "I'm just going to walk up to my errand boy who calls me sir and warned me about harassment and snog him. That's cool with everyone? Cool. Owen and Gwen, though, what even are you doing? Tsk tsk. Clearly the way to go is sleeping with subordinates, not co-workers." I was so against Jack/Ianto after that. They had a lot of explaining to do!

Also, omg, Captain Jack Harkness/Jack Harkness, guys. YES. I already ship Jack Harkness/Steve Rogers, but Jack/Jack is also a ship I will sail. I would assume I'm not alone because the internet and slash, but I never heard about this episode before, so maybe it's a tiny ship.

And then S2 starts and everyone is so much better. Ianto actually gets out of the Hub! Tosh isn't completely fail at times! Owen isn't completely a douche! He's actually better dead! How he does certain things while dead, I'm not particularly sure, but I liked the added supernatural feel. I hated the logic here too. Who gets to live? Will they bring Owen back? Rhys? Martha? Only Captain Jack has the power! If someone else is begging for it, no, sorry, they are gone forever. But hey, man, you need a doctor and some codes? I will finally go look for that glove we should've gone looking for and destroyed after the last one proved horrible. Let's not give his job away quite yet. Also how by this time Owen/Gwen is completely forgotten in favor of Owen/Tosh. I enjoyed it in S1! But then it got heavy-handed. And what happened to Owen being a flirt? He never flirts with anyone on missions or anything. That's all up to Jack. I did enjoy Out of Gas Fragments, as I usually enjoy those episodes. I'm upset they never did a rashomon episode. GUYS, C'MON. HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT HAVE BEEN. GFHDHDSGAWFSDFGULHIJO. At this point, Ianto and Jack had found their way into my heart (and also sort of past!John/Jack? I don't really like John Hart, but I bet he and Jack had some good times~) so I was all about their little moments, even if I felt like Jack still saw him as a boytoy and not actually his boyfriend. Ianto seemed like a puppy dog after Jack and while everyone made out with Jack in front of him and he never seemed threatened by it, like "that's just what he does," like he understood exactly what their relationship was. I liked that. But then there'd be moments where Ianto was like, *COMMENT ABOUT OUR MONOGAMOUS RELATIONSHIP* and then I'd get confused again. It was a nice try at something not so heteronormative, so I give the writers props for trying. It was really refreshing to watch them not be all domestic after one kiss.

Andddd then they ripped out my heart with Tosh and Owen fighting to the death. I have never been slightly spoiled by a score and then have to pause so many times during the scene because I couldn't watch anymore... except for how I had to eventually get through the episode. And then to know what happens in Children of Earth and know that's up next? ARE YOU SHITTING ME. I sat there for a good ten minutes like, "How do I possibly move on after this." It was pretty much like reading The Monster at the End of This Book all over again but with actual concern for the characters and pain in my heart. People talk about The Reichenbach Fall and say how that was sad, and how Third Star is sad and Cabin Pressure, etc. But no, this is quite possibly right after SGA's "Sunday" for me in saddest events ever. TOSHIKO. YOU WERE MY GIRL.

AND THEN. I was actually enjoying Children of Earth! It was a slight change of storytelling which meant less of the team, so I didn't like that too much. But it opened up the world and we got new characters, so that was cool. Gwen was actually a badass! When she shot out the tires on the operative's truck I was like, "WHERE HAS THIS GWEN BEEN." And I really enjoy Rhys being part of the team and not always being the boyfriend that's like, "Excuse you, my girlfriend is more important, I'm taking her away from here." I really wish Gwen hadn't retconned him about her relationship with Owen because I feel like he should know. He was fine with marrying her while she looked nine months pregnant; I feel like he loves her enough to understand and forgive. It wasn't the same series without the team; I kept wondering what the others were up to and then remembering. AND THEN IANTO DOESN'T EVEN GET TO DIE VALIANTLY. I was so sure that he died from a bullet wound or something, but no. He just slumps down in front of the 456 and if Jack'd been as prepared as Torchwood One he'd still be alive and just... dies. ARE YOU BLOODY FUCKING SERIOUS RIGHT NOW. I know he wasn't a all-guns-blazing dude (except for the times that he was) but that's how tea boy dies? THAT'S HIS BIG FINALE? ARE YOU BLOODY SERIOUS TORCHWOOD. WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING.

AND THEN. OH MY FUCK. Day Five. Nope. Ahahaha nope. Once that ended I went, "Fuck this," and decided I wasn't going to watch Miracle Day. No one is left. Jack is a completely different person. And I know he did some reprehensible things in his past. We've seen a few of them! But that was just... no. Fuck you, Jack. Torchwood is ready? WELL I'M NOT. GOOD DAY. I really like Gwen and Rhys but if I wanted domestic couples I'd be watching another show entirely. Sorry Mekhi Phifer and Bill Pullman! Maybe in three years when the pain subsides and I can forget that expression on Jack's face I'll be able to watch S4.

However, I do want to listen to the radio dramas. I already have Lost Souls from iTunes to listen to on my way home tomorrow. I'm trying to keep my spending money for, you know, eating so I'm holding myself back from just buying the rest of them. I'll have to check YouTube later.

I'm trying to also get into John Barrowman's music but I can't take his originals seriously and Gareth's Blue Gillespie is just hilariously bad in that they sound like Eric Balfour's Fredalba from 2007. I want to like them! I liked Fredalba! But you can't be serious. What year are you living in, GD-L. And what is that equipment. I cannae hear a word you're saying.

Okay, back to Doctor Who. I forgot how much I hated Jack when he first popped up. THIS IS REALLY WEIRD NOW.
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