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I hope anyone who watched Baron's show enjoyed it. I guess the Food Network isn't the Cooking Channel for me, because what was on my channel was something about diners and drive-ins.

Anyway, I'm back from Philly Con, which was pretty awesome. I want to say it was better than last year's because the layout was different (less of a line out the door for people who already had tickets), but we didn't do anything different. The biggest mess was around Chris Hemsworth's booth, but I got a decent shot of him from far away and then moved on.

I also went to see the encore screenings of the National Theatre's Frankenstein. I will say that the original casting made more sense. I liked Ben's creature more than Jonny's and Jonny's Victor more than Ben's. I expected more reflection of the different performances on the other actors, but the only relationship that was really different was Elizabeth and Victor. With JLM she seemed simply ignored, while Ben's Victor seemed more so obsessed with science that he forgot he had this woman at home, until right near the end when he says he loves her and it looks like he noticed her for the first time in forever. But I like that Ben's creature didn't learn to speak perfectly. JLM's creature wasn't completely eloquent, but he didn't have the hoarse voice and slurred speech. Also JLM's creature was more like a baby, and Ben's was more of a stroke patient. They said as much in the beginning featurette, but it's true. And I guess that's fair to have two different approaches to the roles. But then I started to wonder if they talked about things they discovered and how best to do certain parts of the role and why didn't I see certain things in each performance and that led to me wondering what parts were scripted and what were organic things that evolved over time and what were bits that got a laugh the night it was filmed and became more pronounced in later performances and that got me miserable and angry that I'm not in theatre at the moment. I miss knowing and watching performances evolve over the course of a run.

If I'm going to be technical, there were some annoying bits. Benedict continued his tradition of destroying his audio by blowing into his microphone at least three different times while he was the creature. In the reverse casting, right before the snow scene either Felix or Agatha's mics were getting interference and I was SO GLAD it wasn't the old man or JLM's because they probably fixed it before the next part. Also I missed the same three parts both nights because I was busy watching the circle in the floor line up and zoned out until I heard the audience laugh. Luckily it was just the bits where the beggars are eating, and where the Scotsmen are talking so it wasn't large bits of exposition that I missed. But I found it funny that I was distracted by the floor at the same time each night knowing that I had to pay extra attention because I'd missed it the night before.

Also, I know Tumblr seemed to love the song from when the creature first discovers nature, but I want the song from when the steampunkers come out and when the creature dreams his bride.

ETA: If you do a search for "Underworld" on iTunes, the album "Frankenstein" is actually the soundtrack to this! SCORE!

I would love to own the original casting though. I'd really like to be different and say, "Yeah, I originally wanted to see this because of Benedict, but he wasn't that great," but I can't. I mean, part of the reason I wanted to see it was also because of Boyle and Jonny, who I've loved for far longer. But now I will add the original cast bootleg to my short list of Broadway bootlegs that I will forever search the internet for. Benedict is just really awesome with characters like the creature. I mean, there's a reason why there were more close-ups of Benedict as Victor than of Jonny's Victor the night before. Benedict does so much of his acting with his face. He's definitely the more dynamic actor here.

Finally, I've forgotten how much I adore Naomie Harris, even though I'd recently re-watched Street Kings for Chris Evans I need to have a Naomie Harris night. <333

(Also whoever played that one soldier/guy looking for William is beautiful~~ I missed his credit both nights, too)

Okay, I'm going to get back to Torchwood and Primeval! REVIEW SOONISH (maybe Tuesday)?
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