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I was trying to wait until I finished reading all the Sherlock Holmes stories, but I couldn't wait any longer. I'm only through to The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes and Tumblr and Twitter were driving me mad.

Coincidentally--and not to make light of it--but last Sunday someone fell into the orchestra pit of the theatre building at my school. It's about a two-story drop and she came away with only a broken rib. She's recovering, slowly, but there's real life proof that a drop like that can be survived. Sherlock's was only a story more, and people can survive a four-story drop. THE BLOOD PATTERN LOOOOOL. He somehow lands on his right side after falling face-first, but the blood is pooling out of his left ear. Also, that ball, but everyone's picked up on that already.

I'm also not sure why Sherlock was so frazzled by this stunt of Moriarty's. He tends to not care about his own life. The only time he was emotional in "The Great Game" was when John revealed the bomb strapped to his self.

And awww, Sherlock upgraded to an iPhone! I missed that one, before.

Other than that, ALL THE BAFTAS.

Right. I'm going to go watch Leverage's half-season that I missed.
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