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A while ago I planned on dyeing my hair bright red. I researched how much that would cost at a decent salon near me and realized my cousin dyes her hair crazy colors all the time, and asked her advice in DIY kits.

So I narrowed it down to Manic Panic, which apparently the entire world uses and Special Effects which [ profile] squoctobird recommended. But then I saw a girl on the bus with the same bright red-almost pink hair that I was leaning towards. It was comical. She looked like she was wearing a wig (she wasn't) and there were no low or highlights in her hair. So I decided against something so bright. But I don't want to have rusty red or to look like Moira from American Horror Story, because that color is too dark to me.

Basically, my first idea was this one:

And then I saw this and liked that, but it's pretty much what the girl on the bus had:

But I think something closer to apple red would be best, or something a little on the bluish sid, something candy apple/Ariel the mermaid without looking cartoonish?

You've probably never seen this image before

SO HELP ME PICK A SHADE. Obviously all these pictures were taken with different cameras and under different lighting, as I just pulled them from Manic Panic's site and Tumblr, but I have no idea what to do. HALP.

In case it helps: What me/my hair looks like now. And I've already bought the Volume 40 bleach I'm going to use so the color is going to look the brightest.

Here's the Manic Panic colors I'm looking into:
Pillarbox looks too pink from the first image, but further down looks AMAZING
Wildfire looks too bright from the first images, but then awesome from the lower ones.
Vampire Red looks a little more subdued, but still not asMoira from AHS red.

And the problem with the Special Effects galleries is that everyone mixes different colors so it's hard to see the real colors in some of the photos.
Candy Apple
Blood Red
Nuclear Red

The whole washing out thing isn't going to be much of an issue because I plan on chopping all my hair off in April (or May, I want to have it for at least a season so it depends on how fast I finally get to dyeing).
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