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100 Movies
Middle of Nowhere 1.1.12
Weather Girl 1.16.12
Season of the Witch 1.16.12
Night Watch 1.16.12
30 Minutes or Less 1.16.12
Nativity! 1.26.12
The Last Enemy 1.26.12
Ali G Indahouse 1.27.12
Hawking 2.2.12
Third Star 2.3.12
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy 2.3.12
Chronicle 2.4.12
Red Tails 2.11.12
The Woman in Black 2.11.12
Nightwatching 2.19.12
Creation 2.19.12
Wild Target 2.19.12
Take Me Home Tonight 2.20.12
Exit Through the Gift Shop 2.20.12
XXY 2.21.12
Christopher and His Kind 3.2.12
Confetti 3.2.12
Van Gogh Painted with Words 3.3.12
War Horse 3.3.12
Breaking & Entering 5.1.12
The Pirates! Band of Misfits 5.3.12
Iron Man 2 5.4.12
The Avengers 5.5.12
Bridesmaids 5.6.12
Stuart: A Life Backwards: 5.8.12
What's Your Number 5.8.12
Wreckers 5.15.12
Men in Black 5.28.12
Battleship 5.29.12
Puncture 5.29.12
Snow White and the Huntsmen 6.3.12
West Side Story 6.16.12
Goon 6.17.12
Me @ the Zoo 6.29.12
Brave 6.30.12
Magic Mike 6.30.12
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 6.30.12
The Amazing Spider-Man 7.9.12
Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil 7.13.12
Method 7.20.12
The Ward 7.20.12
Wolves of Kromer 7.20.12
Different for Girls 7.20.12
The Secret of NIMH 7.21.12
The Hebrew Hammer 7.21.12
The Hunger Games 8.31.12
The Strange History of Don't Ask Don't Tell 10.19.12
Paul 10.21.12
Country Strong 10.27.12
Cloud Atlas 10.27.12
Alien 10.28.12
21 Jump Street 12.28.12
Sucker Punch 11.2.12
Aliens 11.2.12
Alien Resurrection 11.2.12
Stuck on You 11.3.12
We Bought a Zoo 11.3.12
The Other Boleyn Girl 11.4.12
North 11.11.12
The Vow 11.11.12
Step Up 11.13.12
Haywire 11.13.12
Tomboy 11.13.12
The Muppets 11.13.12
Midnight in Paris 11.14.12
Prometheus 11.17.12
The Dilemma 11.17.12
Crazy Stupid Love 11.21.12
Wreck-It Ralph 11.24.12
Skyfall 11.25.12
Red Dawn (2012) 12.1.12
The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond 12.4.12
Beginners 12.4.12
The Hobbit 12.13.12
In Time 12.26.12
Gulliver's Travels 12.29.12
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island 12.29.12
The Thomas Crown Affair 12.29.12
Watching the Detectives 12.31.12
New Year's Eve 12.31.12
Happythankyoumoreplease 12.31.12
No Strings Attached 12.31.12
Red Dawn (1984) 12.31.12

25 Books

Brave New World 1.1.12
Citywalker 1.10.12
Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet 1.16.12
Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of Four 1.19.12
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 1.27.12
The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes 2.20.12
The Hunger Games 8.30.12
Temeraire 9.12.12
Why Gender Matters 11.25.12

10 Graphic Novels/Trades

(For the purposes of including every kind of comic book: 5 story arcs in single issues = 1 trade; a complete one shot story arc = one trade)

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 1.9.12
Biomega 1.11.12
Torchwood Rift War 10.29.12

10 Video Games Completed
(The main storyline, if not 100%)

Portal 2 12.29.12

TV Shows I Started
Sherlock (it was 12.30.11, but I'm including it because I can)
Game of Thrones
Earth's Mightiest Heroes (nope)
Doctor Who
Party Animals
Eli Stone
Black Books
The IT Crowd (nope)
The Mindy Project
Last Resort (canceled)

Date: 2012-06-16 03:27 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hello! I graduated from the same HS as you, but in 2001. I remember you, though we only talked a couple of times. I added you to my friends list, if that's OK with you. We have a lot of interests in common and you seem like a very cool person! (My name is Maureen by the way. Not sure if you remember me)

Date: 2012-06-17 08:34 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
ahaha, yes, I do remember you! How's life been?

Date: 2012-06-18 12:39 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It's been crazy to say the least!! I graduated college in '05, my son was born that year and my daughter was born in 08. I know, it's probably hard to imagine me as a mom. I am currently looking for work (I was laid off which sucks) and I moved upstate in 06. I hate it out here! I'm used to diversity and liveliness. The rednecks are starting to get to me lol. I'm not sure if you remember my sister Maggie (she graduated when you were a freshman I believe) but she passed away in 2008, and my mom passed away 2 months later. That was a very rough time in my life.

I'm still pretty much the same person as I was. I'm still a geek/nerd, still watch anime at 28 years old and I used to do the anime convention circuit but I haven't gone in a while. I miss cons.

I recently got back in touch with Lou Ellen thanks to Facebook. I saw you on her friends list so I'm going to add you if that's ok with you. My name is listed as "Seele Scheider" so be on the look out for it haha.

How has life been for you?

Date: 2012-06-18 01:38 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Wow, I think you would be a great mom, actually. I remember you being very lively. After you graduated the Halloween shows weren't the same. And I do remember hearing about your sister but not your mother. Sorry to hear that.

Oh man, I've only recently started going to cons and I love it. I was just getting into anime a few years ago but all my links went dead after megaupload went down and I haven't bothered to look things up since. I'm in the middle of a British TV invasion, actually. I'm gunning through Doctor Who right now.

Oh, definitely. You'll see how much of a con geek I am on there... I'm always cosplaying at some event. xD I'm not on Facebook too much lately, but I don't tend to hide much.

Life's been decent. Rather boring; college took forever for me because my school kept throwing a wrench in my schedule and such. I finally graduated last year and I've been working on campus at a television station since. It's fun but I've been looking into getting back into writing and doing digital graphic work on the side so I don't get stuck in a rut. My internet life is much more interesting, haha. LJ, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. Good times at the end of a long day.


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