Jun. 10th, 2012

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The good thing about this is that I'm finally going to try Doctor Who again. The last time I tried to watch it, I think Heroes was in the middle of its first season. There's considerably more to catch up on now, but I really like Martha Jones and pre-S3!Jack, so I'm going to trudge through for them.

And that one episode with Ianto.

But lengthier thoughts!

Torchwood through Children of Earth )

However, I do want to listen to the radio dramas. I already have Lost Souls from iTunes to listen to on my way home tomorrow. I'm trying to keep my spending money for, you know, eating so I'm holding myself back from just buying the rest of them. I'll have to check YouTube later.

I'm trying to also get into John Barrowman's music but I can't take his originals seriously and Gareth's Blue Gillespie is just hilariously bad in that they sound like Eric Balfour's Fredalba from 2007. I want to like them! I liked Fredalba! But you can't be serious. What year are you living in, GD-L. And what is that equipment. I cannae hear a word you're saying.

Okay, back to Doctor Who. I forgot how much I hated Jack when he first popped up. THIS IS REALLY WEIRD NOW.


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